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Effective New Moon Rituals


Rituals for the new moon contribute to the development of the internal potential of the person and serve the accumulation of their own energy flow. His right direction can be used for the benefit in all spheres of life. Despite the brief period, the new moon has incredible energetic pressure on human nature.

The effect of the new moon on man

What can be done on the new moon

What can not be done on the new moon

Signs related to the new moon

Rituals and rituals

Money Rituals

Rites of love

Sacraments for the fulfillment of desires

Rites for the preservation of beauty

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Darkmoon Days

This period falls on the first quarter of the month of the lunar calendar.

In 2019, new moons fall on the following days:

  • January 17, 2019 05:17:12,
  • February 16, 2019 00:05:08,
  • March 17, 2019 16:11:52,
  • April 16, 2019 04:57:12,
  • May 15, 2019 2:47:31 p.m.,
  • June 13, 2019 22:43:15,
  • July 13, 2019 05:47:56,
  • August 11, 2019 12:57:37,
  • September 9, 2019 9:01 p.m.: З2,
  • October 9, 2019 6:46:59 a.m.,
  • November 7, 2019 19: 01: 5З,
  • December 7, 2019 10:20:21.

The effect of the new moon on man

At a time when the young moon is renewing and gaining strength, many people, especially the very sensitive ones, experience emotional and physical decline.

This can manifest itself in the following conditions:

  • apathy
  • hopelessness
  • unreasonable anxiety,
  • Depression

However, skillfully using the energy message of the new moon, you can get not only a powerful surge of vitality, but also transform it into the implementation of specific fateful plans.

What can be done on the new moon

The new moon is a good time to say goodbye to various kinds of dependencies:

  • smoking
  • alcohol addiction
  • gambling and other burdensome habits.

Putting order in the home and in the workplace will help to renew life in general and strengthen new positive habits.

Preparation for the new moon is recommended to be carried out the day before its onset. Cleansing procedures should be carried out both externally and internally. It is worth listening to the world of your soul, returning peace to her, saying goodbye to old insults, the bitterness of loss and defeat. Also, this is the best period for the end of a relationship that does not bring satisfaction and positive emotions, whether personal or professional.

What can not be done on the new moon

The period of the new moon is considered very unfavorable for various endeavors, whether it is a professional activity or the conclusion of a marriage contract. Large acquisitions may turn out to be useless or bewilderment with a lot of problems with breakdowns, malfunctions, errors in the documentation.

It is also recommended to postpone complex surgery or reschedule them. Due to the fact that this time is characterized by emotional instability and a surge of unmotivated aggression, it is worth limiting all kinds of disputes and clarifying relationships.

Signs related to the new moon

According to a number of signs, one can judge whether the Universe favors plans and undertakings during this period. In common people, this phase is called the “time of the dead moon” and is associated more with planning than with active actions.

Signs for the new moon associated with a love relationship are as follows:

  • a bird that flies in the window of an unmarried girl symbolizes imminent marriage,
  • wedding anniversaries are not celebrated on the “dead moon,” since according to a long-standing superstition, this portends a close family breakdown,
  • to see a shooting star at this time to a happy personal life,
  • salt sprinkled in the new moon to a quarrel with a loved one,
  • receiving or giving a gift on the new moon symbolizes a quick marriage.

The last sign was the reason for a long rite: in order to push the man to the proposal of marriage, during the new moon he was presented with a gift made by himself.

Signs in the new moon, promising prosperity and warning against financial losses:

  • find a small coin - to a big monetary fortune,
  • you can’t borrow or lend, it promises prolonged lack of money,
  • moving to a new place of residence promises a constant, growing wealth.

Signs that will make everyday life easier and more enjoyable:

  • notice the new month for the first time on the right - to success and good luck, the left side - threatens with problems and all kinds of troubles,
  • if the new moon falls on Saturday, the next twenty days are expected to rain,
  • people born at this time are distinguished by their enviable longevity,
  • to clean and throw away old things - to cleanse yourself of negative and attract positive energy for the whole month.

Money Rituals

Effective wealth rituals:

  1. So that the cash flow does not run dry and there is always money in the house, you should "show" them to the month. On the new moon, several large bills and coins of "golden" color are laid out on the windowsill. This set remains until the advent of the new month. Subsequently, bills can be spent saying to oneself: “I’ll let go of it, I invite you to visit with friends!” Spent funds will not only be returned, but also multiplied thanks to such magic.
  2. At the new moon, you can make a "magic bait" for money. A note is enclosed in an envelope card with a beautiful pattern of notes and coins. It says the following: “I am attracting money to a call! May they come in good ways! And those who leave - come back a hundredfold! ” A postcard with a note is stored along with the money in a safe, box or box, increasing their own wealth.
  3. The next rite is very simple, but nonetheless effective. Every evening, starting with the new moon, a purse or purse of the owner / mistress with money is placed on the windowsill on the right side. In the morning it can be picked up and used as usual. In the evening, again put on the windowsill. This procedure is carried out until the full moon. Subsequently, money begins to come from the most unexpected sources.

A wonderful new moon ritual by Natalya Pravdina.

To attract and return love

If necessary, to attract or renew love relationships, the following simple rituals were performed:

  1. If the narrowed one has not yet been found, you can use such a ritual. A happy friend or relative takes a cup in which a ring is placed, a red ribbon and nine rice grains. It is exposed at night, on the windowsill from the new moon to the full moon, and is put at the head of the bed for the day. After the full moon, the ring should be put on and worn without taking off. Feed the grain to the birds, and use the cup daily, and the narrowed one will certainly appear.
  2. If a family breaks out, then this same ritual can be used to return warm feelings in a relationship. Married rings are put in a cup at night, and in the morning they are dressed as usual. Very little time will pass and the relationship will surely improve.

On fidelity

The following ritual is intended to arouse interest in the opposite person and is carried out as follows:

  1. Two apples (not bought, but donated or exchanged for something) are cut into small pieces and mixed.
  2. Sprinkle the sliced ​​apples with sugar and say the following words:

How not to become apples from different trees whole and not roll apart, so dear not to leave me, not to part with me. The bitter sourness will go away, the sweetness will fall in love, it will never be forgotten!

The mass can be added to jam or jam, and you must treat the recipient until the next full moon.

Sacraments for the fulfillment of desires

During this period, you can also carry out rituals for the fulfillment of desires:

  1. You should buy a beautiful new notebook or notebook and pen with several colored rods. On the day of the new moon, you need to enter all your most cherished dreams and desires there, but be sure not to mention the words “I want”, “I want”, and also the particle “not” in the present tense. Gradually, all wishes will be fulfilled, and with the advent of the next new moon, new ones can be recorded.
  2. For the sacrament to quickly fulfill the cherished dream, three sheets of laurel tree, paper and a red pen or pencil are required. At the new moon, you need to write a wish and roll up the note along with the bay leaves. Sound the desired three more times and secure with any known prayer. Further, the note is hidden in a secret place and after the execution of the hidden is burned.

The video from Dima Tankov shows another rite to fulfill wishes with the help of a candle.

Rites for the preservation of beauty

Preservation and enhancement of beauty is one of the hottest desires of many women and the new moon period can be used for magic rituals and rituals.

  • the water consecrated in the temple of heat
  • three church candles
  • a glass with honey.

On the night of the new moon you need to light candles, read the following words:

As the life-giving mother earth feeds moisture, it removes all sorrows and ailments, so the honey on the lips of the eyelids is sealed in bins.

Honey should be eaten with water.

Prepare 7 apples for the new moon, each should be eaten in the evening before going to bed, saying the following words:

Just as the rosy apple was simple, it became young, so am I, with every new day, a good young one!

Then read any prayer.

A few more effective conspiracies for the speedy meeting of the narrowed, preserving the beauty and fulfillment of desires from the Mystery of the Priestess channel.

Rites under the moon

For a long time people have noticed that the moon, depending on the phase, affects nature and man. Ancient magicians performed different rituals also depending on the position of the earth satellite in the sky, and came to the conclusion that the moon plays a big role both in the open world and in the world of the mysterious and supernatural. The Earth satellite has traditionally been associated with a woman. Each period was compared with one of the life cycles.

Witches rituals and hypnotic sessions are carried out according to the phases of the moon, and sorceresses adjust the work to the menstrual cycle. After thinking about the three phases of the moon and the traditions of worshiping the female gods, we find that the moon has power and mystery, as well as its inherent one wisdom, which tells of the Divine Mother of the universe.

Lori Cabot "The Power of the Witches"

In ancient Rome, the moon was called Selena, and in China she was associated with yin (female energy). Traditionally, all rituals that are associated with beauty and the feminine are attributed to lunar magic. The lunar cycle is divided into stages:

  • new moon - the beginning of the calendar (the first two days when the new month is not visible). This time is called days. Hecatewhen it is recommended to make plans and to call on new things with the help of rituals,
  • the growing moon (two weeks from the new moon to the full moon). This period is considered active, and the young moon is strong. Plans are not just being built, but are being actively implemented,
  • full moon (three days of the full moon). This is the time for the realization of the accumulated forces. An energetically charged period when the planet is at its zenith. Beginners are not recommended to practice magic at this time,
  • waning (two weeks from the full moon). The period when the forces gradually decrease, and the level of vitality decreases. During this period, rituals are performed to rid, reduce, and divide.

New Moon Magic Rituals

Hecate's Days use to prepare for the entire next month. For example, make moon water. It is useful for beauty ceremonies. This is the time for preparing the ingredients that will be used in future ceremonies.

Among the popular rituals that are done on the new moon are rituals to increase cash flow, the emergence of romantic relationships, and to attract positive events. Talismans are advised to do when the moon has ascended and is fully visible in the sky.

Wealth rituals

Below is one of the conspiracy to increase income. The ceremony is performed outdoors. They take twelve of any coins with them. Say:

Everything that grows and lives multiplies from sunlight, and money from moonlight. Grow up. Multiply. Add up. Enrich me (name), come to me. Let it be so!

  • white dish
  • Seven coins
  • wheat,
  • a piece of fabric green or white.

Cover the plate with coins and wheat with a cloth, pour water through it every three days. And say these words:

Mother wheat, you feed both young and old, and the poor, and the bar. Give me, God's servant (name), money to be born, like this wheat. She grows night and day, does not let her die of hunger, May my money grow like that, they feed me. God bless. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen!

Plant the wheat when it sprouts, and carry charged coins as a talisman in your bag or pockets.

Rites for the search for love

At the beginning of the lunar month, say:

I love myself, I love the whole world, and I am the source of love and happiness, the light of love burns in my chest, I am ready to meet my beloved man, I am a powerful magnet for happiness, for love and good luck. I draw the perfect relationship into my life, I am loved, for I have been chosen by love, may there be peace and light for heaven, may there be peace on earth, may peace be on water, may there be peace on all beings, may there be joy on all beings, may there be happiness on all beings . Amen.

And this ritual is known as Slavic. The girls used him to meet her fiancé. Rite is held before sunrise. Cut a ripe pear into two halves and say:

As the whole is divided, as the whole is disconnected, so I am sitting, sad alone.

Poke both halves with three matches and say:

As the different parts came together, turned into one, so I will find my soul mate, drive away sadness and longing! Let it be so!

After the ceremony, wrap everything in a cloth and bury.

Wish rituals

It will take paper and two candles.
Write a wish, and then carefully burn a piece of paper with the last letter in the sentence. And say:

Today I burn the letter "...". From the curses, corruption, evil eye, the Holy Spirit will deliver immediately.

  • all rituals are performed with pure intentions,
  • Do not tell anyone about the rituals performed,
  • You must not touch the objects of the ceremony.

Every 28 days, the new moon provides an excellent opportunity to plan and fulfill your cherished desires. Do not miss the chance and use rituals during this period to plan and quickly achieve what you want. Carefully observe the conditions described in the rituals, and soon you will get what you want.