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How to install an alternative keyboard on iPhone and iPad


Since 2014 logo Apple - that very bitten apple - turned into an archival thing. Now the Cupertinians use it directly in the names of new products! A striking example is the smart watch  Watch. This is both an elegant and practical solution - the icon is much more visible and immediately replaces 5 letters.

One trouble - if on Mac "Portray" an apple from Cupertino is not difficult, then on the keyboard iOS such a symbol can not be typed with all desire. If you still want to use the "apple" logo in correspondence with iPhone or iPad - Below we offer simple instructions on how to add the знак sign to your smartphone or tablet from Apple.

All you need to do is send the character to your iPhone / iPad by email and add it to the number of keyboard shortcuts for the iOS keyboard.

How to install an alternative keyboard on iPhone and iPad

Step 1. Go to the “Settings»On your iPhone or iPad

Step 2. Select “The main» → «Keyboard» → «Keyboards»

Step 3. Go to the menu “New keyboards»

Step 4. Select the third-party keyboard you just downloaded

Step 5. Click on the line with the name of your third-party keyboard Step 6. On the page that opens, activate the “Allow Full Access»

That's all! Now in each application you will have access to your new alternative keyboard. For the convenience of its use, you can remove the standard keyboard layouts in the menu "Settings» → «Keyboard».

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How to add language to the keyboard on iPhone

We spend most of the time on an iPhone in order to correspond with our relatives and friends. Sometimes it may be necessary to add a new language to the keyboard.

Of course, this happens quite rarely, but if you started to learn a foreign language and you just need the practice of communicating with people who communicate in the target language, then the rarity of changing the keyboard becomes a necessity.

How to change the language on the iPhone keyboard

Since Apple cares about the comfort of its users, the keyboard is one of the most convenient on mobile devices.

Changing the keyboard language on any iPhone is quite simple. Everything is done literally in seconds and to complete this task you will need to follow these steps:

    tear off the shortcut on the main page Settingslooking for a string with the name The main,

sheets a little down to point Keyboardgo to paragraph Keyboards,

see the point below New keyboards ..., select the desired language from the list (for example, take Spanish),

Now it has appeared in the list above and the next time you print the text, it will be available.

It is just as easy to delete, just delete from the list of available languages ​​in the Keyboard item and that's it, it will no longer bother you.

How to switch the language on the keyboard on an iPhone

Many users who are just starting to use their iPhone are often interested in information about switching the language when they type on the keyboard.

There are several ways, and each of them has its advantages. Usually people use this or that switching depending on a situation.

First way. It’s worth using when you have on your phone few languagesThen it is quite effective.

Just click on the globe icon and the keyboard will automatically change depending on which one is next in the list.

If you have more than three languages, then you will be tired of constantly switching four times. Therefore, there is a second option.

The second way. I have been using it since I learned about it. Convenient in the case of a large number of languages.

We clamp the same globe until a list appears in which we select the desired keyboard. Simple and convenient, do not have to spend a lot of time.

That's all I wanted to say about switching and adding languages ​​to the keyboard on a regular iPhone. I know that iOS versions are constantly changing, but intuitively thanks to this instruction you will understand where to look.

The process is very easy if you know exactly where to look. Again, again, usually only new users of Apple devices face this problem.

Change keyboard settings

You can change the settings of the device’s built-in keyboard and add input languages. This also changes the dictionary used for auto-correction, the number of letters on the keyboard and the location of the keys. Keyboard language also defines the language of the dictionary used for predictive typing.

To change the keyboard settings:

  1. Open a program that uses a keyboard, such as Messages or Mail.
  2. Press and hold or.
  3. Click on Keyboard Settings.
  4. Then change the settings as needed.

Change physical keyboard layout

You can choose between several keyboard layouts adopted on physical keyboards. You can also use an alternative layout that does not correspond to the keys on the physical keyboard.

To change the physical keyboard, you must first pair it with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. To put the keyboard into pairing detection or pairing mode, follow the instructions provided with them. After pairing with the keyboard, go to Settings> General> Physical Keyboard and select a layout.

Learn how to set up and use a Bluetooth accessory - such as a keyboard - on your iOS device.

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