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How to remove a magic spell?


If you read this article, you are obviously looking for answers to some questions. Maybe you feel that you have been cursed, damaged, or you are under the influence of black magic. Black magic in the form of a curse, spell, or black magic spell is based on the evil will of the caster towards you. You made him angry with something and he feels that you deserve to be punished. He does not understand that if someone deserves punishment, he will receive it in due time, this is not their job. Causing damage to you, they only do that they give you the opportunity to punish them yourself and, this time, this is your job.

Signs of a charmed person

Before you start removing the love spell, you must make sure that it is really done. Certain signs may suggest that a magical love action has been made.

There is a fixation on one person, an obsession, health is worsening. There is a breakdown, headaches, exacerbated chronic diseases, changing the mental background of a person. Aggression, a tendency to violence, irritability are accompanied by attacks of impotence, emptiness, Man.

Buy the seven-shooter icon. Light seven candles near her. Lock the door and do not open it to anyone until you read the prayer and forty times the recitation of the spell on loneliness.

There are many prayers in honor of the miraculous icon "Seven-guns". They are read on the softening of evil hearts and the pacification of warring.

Oh, the long-suffering Mother of God, Exceeding all the daughters of the earth,
In His purity and in many sufferings,
You on the land of those who were transferred
Take our painful sighs of ours
And save us under the shelter of Your mercy.
Another bo refuge and
Warm betrayal Do not you vems,
But as having boldness to those of you born,
Help and save us with your prayers,
Yes, we will unobtrusively reach the kingdom of heaven,
Even with all the saints we will sing in the Trinity to one God
Now and forever and ever. Amen.

And now the lecture on the spell of loneliness:

The word is bad, damned, evil.

You can remove a spell that was accidentally cast even at home, but let's figure out how you can protect yourself from the undesirable manifestation of magical powers.

First of all, you must understand that any word spoken by a person has its own power and contains a certain energy charge that directly reflects on the aura of the person who says these words. If you lament for a long time, talk about unhappiness, you can be 100% sure that it will happen. No wonder the people say - "Do not be dashing while it is quiet." Rather than fear troubles and constantly think about them, it is better to live a calm, measured life and think only about good.

To remove the spell at home, you must correctly pronounce a simple spell. However, in some cases, to save you from your own conspiracy under the power, exclusively practicing magician. An example of such slander can be rash desires.

Magic accompanies humanity from the very first day of its existence. A long-proven fact is that even in ancient times, people actively resorted to various rituals and rituals. Already then there were people endowed with a special gift from above. They were subject to the forces of nature, they could heal the sick, could help in love and attract wealth.

However, a person is so arranged that for him such feelings as envy, anger, hatred are not alien. Therefore, magical powers began to be used not only for good, but also with the goal of harming oneself - to take away health or even life, for example, by spoiling, by love spell, breaking the will of another person.

This section contains a huge number of articles that will reveal the wonderful world of magic for you. Here you can not only learn how to distinguish light from dark forces. You will find practical advice on identifying and removing spoilage, the evil eye, and cleansing of negative energy. Placed with us.

In the waning phase of the moon, you need to buy a bird (female) without bargaining. It’s worth buying a bird so that later released into the wild, it can survive without human help. There are many such birds in the bird market, the size and price paid for it do not matter.

After the waning moon, after midnight, the bird cage is covered with a new white scarf. Then they drive a lighted candle over a cell covered with a scarf, counterclockwise. They circle the covered cell 12 times, while reading a conspiracy to remove the spell on eternal solitude:

“How do you fly yourself, you don’t know troubles, you make a nest, so do I, the servant of God (name), fly everything, with a cute twitter, make a nest, I don’t know troubles and needs. I open the window, fly to the sun. I open the seal from the feet, from the hands, from the head and from the warm heart of the servant of God (name). Amen".

After reading the plot, a candle is burned out on any icon. For the rest of the night, a bird cage.

Corruption, spell, evil eye and all that. This is a common problem! The difficulty lies in the fact that if you turn to the magician to resolve issues such as removing damage, evil eye, curse. The magician should be as conscientious as possible, if the magician undertakes to remove damage cheaply or for free, then this is suspicious, since the work is time-consuming and dangerous.

These types of work are best done on their own, it will be easier for you and reliable and hundreds of times cheaper. And the result will be at least as if the ordinary mage did the same. The structure of the ritual that I published in the book “The magic of what to do with it” will allow you to make good results, I’m 100% sure that it’s even better than your local magician.

The book comes with the free application "The magic of the treatment of corruption" 309 conspiracies, two or three dozen I have listed below:

If you yourself have jinxed yourself, how to save a dying man from spoilage, remove the spell, bring charm. If a.

So that when treating and removing you, it is not bad, first read this amulet, but so that the patient does not hear, does not see.
"Swamp evil spirits, submarine evil spirits,
from blue fog, from black dope,
where is the rotten spike, where is the gray hair,
where is the red rag, the shaking little shrimp,
I’ll go the wrong way, go to the church gates,
I’ll light a candle, not a wedding, but a funeral candle,
I remember the evil spirits behind the repose.
In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen"

I will give one of the ways to remove damage. To remove the damage you need to read the following text several times: “I am clean. Let all the evil that was directed at me turn into light. Let all the negativity and love spells directed at my subtle bodies turn into light in the Name of God, in the Name of Jesus Christ, in the Name of the Virgin Mary. I am clean". Next, mentally imagine that a disc is falling on top of you and, passing through your body, you are filled with energy. If the disk.

If a person was able to determine the effect of the enchantment on himself or another person, then advice on how to remove the plot can help him. However, you need to understand that sometimes it is almost impossible to do if the ceremony included black love spells or spells. Therefore, before proceeding with the removal of charms, it is advisable to find out:

Who performed the rite How he did it The meaning of the conspiracy (on the mountain, on blindness and the like).

The danger of black conspiracies

Black magic is always associated with the dark side of the universe and absolute evil. In the Slavic world, such witchcraft originated in the time of Ancient Russia. All rituals, without exception, involve seeking help from the forces of the Dark World. Therefore, it is very difficult, and often impossible, to oppose something to the conspiracies of black magic.

The danger of black magic is that the dark forces that the magician resorts to help always charge. If a black conspiracy reaches its goal, the person to whom this conspiracy is directed can be seriously harmed physically and mentally. In this case, the magician will stain his conscience and denigrate his soul. If the conspiracy is committed ineptly, the order of actions is violated or the time is chosen incorrectly, the power of the black energy of the conspiracy turns against the magician himself, which can lead to his illness or mental disorders.

Experienced magicians rarely make mistakes and know how to divert the backward wave of negativity from themselves. For example, they conduct additional ceremonies, and, collected after negative ceremonies, pour out or throw them along with certain attributes to the intersection. It is in such cases that absolutely innocent people can suffer.

Conspiracies of black magic are very diverse. They turn to different forces of the dark side and use different magic means and methods. Conspiracies differ in guidance and power. For independent conduct, preference should be given to simple rituals in order to reduce the risk of a possible mistake.

There are a huge number of rituals of black magic of various kinds. You can speak almost anything in any sphere of life. Conspiracies of black magic are a powerful tool and can solve any problems in a short time. But when deciding to take advantage, one must be aware of all responsibility and be prepared for unforeseen, and sometimes very terrible consequences.

Corruption Rites

Black magic offers a large number of rituals for inducing damage to make a person suffer. And very often this method is used for their own protection. That is why there are rituals that, although they relate to black magic, but have minimal consequences, if they are carried out in order to protect themselves.

The most effective way to remove enchantment

This is an appeal to a professional wizard. A real magician, even without the presence of the spellbound, will be able to determine how the rite was performed, and whether it was at all. Indeed, sometimes with the action of the conspiracy one can confuse ordinary depression, and a person who is too suspicious will perceive its manifestations as magic.

In addition, the professional will be able to independently conduct the rite and even give clear instructions on what the charmed should do. He can also make a protective charm to prevent this from happening again.

They put a person facing east, spray with holy water and say:

Pershim at once
Holy hour
In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.
I'm starting to read, read,
To use a spelling word.
With the three holy fathers,
With three holy faces,
With the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.
I'm not flying, the Lord helps.
I do not help, the Lord heals.
Get off and go, curses
Spells and all curses:
Ventilated and door,
Loud and whisper
With scarlet blood and without blood.
In the old month and in the new
Kinship and alien
Worldly and witchcraft,
Old men and women
Well done and young people,
Secret and Explicit
Hidden and open
Other than the witch boasts
And what is silent about
What in a whisper speaks.
What has been done both in the eyes and for the eyes,
What has long been said
And what can not be said.

An ordinary person knows very dumb about magic, regardless of whether he believes in it or not. But many people do not even suspect that magic can invade their lives, whether they want it or not.

If someone thinks the word “magic” is too much from the world of fairy tales or fantasy, then this phenomenon can be called differently, for example, some kind of energy capable of influencing a person. Such energy can be both positive and negative and act on a person for good or evil.

A simple example of the impact of such energy can be the evil eye or spoilage - this is an example of the impact of negative (black energy) that causes harm to people. An example of the action of positive (light energy) can be the deliverance and protection of a person from negative energy, strengthening his spiritual strength, physical health and much more.

Now consider the damage. This dark energy, introduced from the outside by someone’s evil intent, can very much harm a person and even.

With a handkerchief

So, a handkerchief can be used to direct damage to the enemy if someone has done harm to you or your loved ones and made you suffer, wipe your tears with a white handkerchief and wait for a dark, moonless night.

At midnight light a black candle and say three times:

(The victim of this conspiracy can be either a man or a woman - “he” changes to “she” and so on). The conspired handkerchief must be thrown to the victim - in his pocket, in his bag, in an apartment or in any other place with which the victim is constantly in contact.

On the funeral candle

To bring about damage, which, first of all, will destroy human health, you need to use a funeral candle. To do this, you need to bring such an unburned candle from the church, quietly taken from the memorial place. But instead, in the temple, a new candle should be put in the same place, mentally asking the deceased to whom it was intended for forgiveness. In addition, when visiting a church, you must leave a mention, for example, cookies and sweets.

For the ceremony, you also need to have a photo of your enemy, whom you plan to spoil. In the modern world, getting a picture is absolutely easy. For example, you can do it using a mobile phone. Having retired to a separate room at night, you should put a photo of your enemy on the table and place a memorial candle on it. After that, you need to light a candle from a match.

And while the match burns to speak the words of the conspiracy:

The words of the spell should be repeated four times, after the match has burned out. Then the burnt match, from which the candle was set on fire and the melted cinder itself, must be thrown the next day under the threshold of the house of your enemy. If you don’t know where your foe lives, then you need to throw out the attributes at the intersection and leave it there.

After such a rite, it is very important not to recall your enemy, and it is advisable not to be interested in his state of health. It is better that he, at least for a while, simply disappear from your field of vision, even if you have to leave for this.

In conclusion, once again I want to note that if you are going to use black magic conspiracies to achieve your goals, remember that in your hands is a terrible weapon, extremely dangerous for both the victim of the conspiracy and for you. Think again if your goal is worth pursuing it with such means. And most importantly, it should be understood that conspiracy of black magic can only be effectively used by a person who has a strong will and naturally powerful energy.