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How to make strong coffee


We appreciated it even in the days of carefree youth, when preparation for exams required a clear head and long-term performance. As part of our international educational institution, there were several Syrian children. It was they who taught us how to make a strong and very invigorating drink. Then, in adulthood, similar coffee was treated in Istanbul, and then in Dubai, friends from Iran shared their recipe. We liked the name that we heard on one of the trips. The recipe for the strongest coffee is called "Insomnia", and it is quite simple to make at home. That’s what we’ll do now, the good and the time is right. Insomnia is never so romantic as in early spring, when new dreams, feelings and plans disturb the heart.

What is required

The ingredients are the simplest, we don’t need anything exotic.

  • Ground coffee - 4 teaspoons with a slide
  • Chilled water - 120-130 ml
  • Brown sugar or honey to taste.

Our regular readers know that we respect the natural taste of the drink and always recommend drinking it without sugar. But for this recipe we still use a sweet supplement.

Of the additional accessories you will definitely need a small strainer.

If he is not on the farm - it does not matter, take advantage of the experience of his ancestors and take clean gauze.

How to cook Insomnia

We pass to the exciting process.

  1. Put 2 teaspoons of coffee in a warm Turku. This is not a mistake - you really need at first exactly half of the declared amount of coffee.
  2. Fill with water.
  3. Put the Turk on the slowest fire.
  4. Cook before raising the foam and immediately remove the dishes from the heat.
  5. Transfer the foam into a prepared and heated cup.
  6. Stir the coffee in a cezve and strain it through a strainer or cheesecloth into another cup.
  7. Turk does not need to be washed!
  8. Put the remaining coffee and sugar in a cezve, stir.
  9. Pour strained broth and mix again.
  10. Put the dishes on the fire and wait for the appearance of foam.
  11. Remove from heat, and not allowing it to cool and settle thicker, pour coffee into the prepared cup where you previously placed the removed foam.
  12. Add half a teaspoon of very cold water to the cup. You can get an ice cube from the freezer in advance and let it melt, add this melt water to the cup. We strongly recommend not to put ice.

Your insomnia is ready!

This drink can be served with thinly sliced ​​strips of candied fruit, candied fruit, and kozinaki. Of European sweets, pudding, cream and panacotta are good.

For those who find this recipe too strong, we recommend pouring another spoonful of dry ground coffee on a strainer before filtering and level it. Pour the drink in a very slow stream through the resulting powder layer. Next, proceed as indicated in the recipe. Your manipulations will help to further increase the strength of coffee.

Coffee of this strength must be consumed with caution. As they say, you need to know the measure in everything, even in the use of your favorite drink. But lovers of a strong and rich taste may well occasionally treat themselves to such an unusual recipe.

Coffee recipe

Take two small spoons with a slide for every hundred grams of water, put coffee in a Turk. Warm the turkish bottom above the stove or tray with sand, so that the aroma of coffee reveals itself more.

Pour water into the Turk to the narrowest point, the water should be cold and clean. You can add sugar to taste.

Put the Turk on a stove or in very hot sand, brew the drink on the quietest fire, because the longer it brews, the more interesting and brighter its flavor.

During heating, coffee particles with upward flows of hot water tend to go up, forming a dense crust. When the water is close to boiling, small air bubbles at the edges break through the crust, forming a delicate coffee foam. In order not to spoil the taste of the drink, do not let it escape.

When a foam forms at the edges of the coffee peel, remove the Turk from the stove or remove it from the sand. Boiling water contributes to the decomposition of essential oils, the destruction of the crust and kills the taste of the drink, adding an unpleasant acidity.

After you remove the Turk from the stove, add spices to your taste. It can be cinnamon, vanilla, pepper, nutmeg or ginger.

Put the coffee back on fire for a short while, until the foam again rises to the surface.

After that, the coffee is ready. If you want to get a very strong and bitter coffee, brew it again, but do not bring to a boil. If desired, the drink can be supplemented with lemon, milk or sweet liquor. Take out a coffee cup, warm it up a little, transfer from a Turk to a cup of coffee so that the foam appears on the surface of the drink in the cup.

Turkish coffee is served with a glass of clean water.

Coffee must be poured into a warm cup, cold can just spoil the whole taste.

If you are not sure about the quality of the water, use boiled water. Making real tasty coffee requires inspiration, do not try to make it quickly. Instead of sugar, you can add honey or chocolate at the brewing stage, of course, it will be non-traditional coffee in Turkish, but this variation will not affect the coffee strength, and the taste may seem interesting to you.

Instruction manual

If you are interested in how to brew strong coffee in a Turk, you need to find the optimal ratio of water to ground powder. Often, 2 teaspoons with a pile of ground grains are taken per 100-150 grams of liquid. They are poured along with sugar, after which they are poured with cold water to the narrowest point on the neck. This technology will help to saturate the drink with aroma. An important nuance is a very slow fire. The longer the cooking, the richer the taste. The sequence of actions is described below.

  • Preheat the container.
  • Pour ground mixture and sugar.
  • Pour in cold water, mix.
  • Put on the stove, warm, remove from heat.
  • Let stand a little and repeat the procedure several times.
  • Allow to settle.

Remove the container from the fire when a brown foam appears on the surface. Strictly control this process to prevent the liquid from boiling. When the water reaches a temperature of 92-96 degrees, remove the drink from the heat. Boiling destroys the foam and decomposes essential oils. Spices are added to taste at the current stage, after which the drink is adjusted several times until the foam rises. For variety, use lemon, milk, or liquor. The cup will need to be warmed up to maintain taste.

The strength is also affected by the caffeine content in the grain. This parameter depends on the height of growth, the variety of coffee tree, climate and many other conditions. The component has no aroma, but has a bitter taste. The rules listed above will allow you to adjust the level of the substance, especially with regard to the extraction time. Sometimes between the returns of the drink to the fire, it is stirred in order to saturate it with oxygen. Some recipes involve the addition of powder between the stages of removal from the fire. Such manipulations also increase the strength level well.