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Yes, we cannot live in complete isolation, because we are social animals. We need empathy, compassion and positive incentives to survive in the jungle. The Muz4in.Net website has listed ten types of toxic people that it is best to exclude from your life or, at least, try to avoid.

1. Those who absorb your time like a sponge

It can be family members or friends who take your time, like bank robbers! They sing the same song and are accustomed only to take, giving nothing in return. Friendship, however, requires mutual concessions. As soon as you are convinced that they do not want to help or cannot offer you the necessary support in return, then perhaps the time has come to reduce communication with them to a minimum or even break off relations with them. They will waste too much of your time, if you allow them. However, it is impossible to get rid of family members. Try several tactics, for example, turn off the phone at certain times of the day or ask them to call and send messages only if this is really necessary. We all need to be alone from time to time.

“I think it’s very cool to spend time alone. You need to learn to be alone and not depend on another person. ” - Oscar Wilde

2. Those who criticize you too often

There is nothing wrong with honest, fair feedback. But when you realize that certain people are constantly raining a barrage of criticism on you, it may be time to take action. When criticism is not constructive, you can hint to them that your friendship will end if they continue in the same vein. You can also tell them that constant criticism does not help, but only upsets you.

3. Those who constantly portray the victim

These are the masters of the charges. They never take responsibility for their own shortcomings or mistakes. They are victims, and, of course, this is not their fault! Colleagues or upbringing, which never gave them a chance, are to blame. Such people should be avoided at all costs, so as not to be drawn into their game of accusations.

4. Those with negative thinking

Such people spread negativity like a contagious disease. Avoid them at all costs. They are trying to drag others into a negative downward spiral in which they find themselves. These are people who are always alarmed, worried, pessimistic, depressed and complain a lot. You need to get rid of them if you want to live longer, because a positive outlook on the world adds years to your life. According to a study by scientists at Yale University, a positive attitude toward life can extend it by as much as seven years.

5. Those who lose their temper and drain your energy

These are people who drain you. Why should you endure their stupid, sometimes childish impulses? We all have difficult moments, but we need to learn to control ourselves. Allowing people to let off steam is fine, but why should you endure lunges in your direction? Hot-tempered people are psychologically underdeveloped, their emotional intelligence fluctuates around zero, so you do not need to be in your environment.

6. Those who show no sympathy or compassion

You do not need such people for the simple reason that they are not able to show empathy or understanding when you most need it. They have personality problems and show narcissistic tendencies. They cannot put themselves in the place of another person. And this is the key to social interaction and healthy, ethical behavior. That is why you need to exclude them from your circle of friends.

“Love and compassion are essentials, not luxuries. Without them, humanity will not survive. " - Dalai Lama

7. Those who are not honest and lie to you

“Lies are not only words, but also silence.” - Adrienne Rich

Suppose you shared something secret with a person, and after a while you found out that he told this to everyone he could. You get angry and decide to end the friendship. However, dishonest people can do harm in many other ways, for example, to lie about their debts or that they have problems at work. They can also be insincere and lie to you about what they think of your behavior when you ask them to provide honest feedback. These people can only spoil friendship, because trust, sincerity and honesty are the most valuable qualities in any relationship. If they do this, they are not worthy of your friendship.

8. Those who manipulate and use you

There are people who maintain relationships only for the benefit, for example, to get acquainted with your help with some influential person. They use gossip as a weapon, and they always have a hidden plan. Manipulators know how to get the right information or identify your weaknesses, which they can then use against you. They will use your generosity and conscience, rarely giving anything in return. These people should be avoided because they use you.

9. Those who deliberately hurt

These people have a number of tactics and comments that can be very offensive. It may be your parents who do not like how you raise their children, while your upbringing was far from ideal. Sometimes people make sharp remarks that make you doubt your honesty, diligence, or ability. You should not put up with offensive tactics. Friends and family members who use them undermine relationships, instead of showing warmth, affection, and support. That is why they need to be disposed of.

10. Those who are stressed

Do you know that people are programmed to think negatively, and they are always worried about safety, health and survival? From an anthropological point of view, this makes sense, because in the days of cavemen, life was much tougher than now. Surprisingly, this built-in stress is still with us today. That is why when stressed people meet or call us, we must be prepared to confront them. And there is no shortage of these people, since from 75% to 90% of all visits to a doctor are associated with stress! Studies show that any exposure to stress in the long run will affect our brain and performance.

We have enough of our own stress, so there is no need to communicate with people who are constantly in a stressful state. To survive, we must distance ourselves from them.