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What is the danger of crows in the infield


Crows on the site can cause a lot of trouble to the owners. Roaming in packs, they tear up garbage bags and spoil trees. After the appearance of one crow, you need to expect a whole regiment. To get rid of it, you have to make a lot of effort.

Raven Invasion Prevention Methods

The main thing is to create conditions for birds unsuitable for life. If there is no open garbage in the territory, the crows will fly around its side. Keep in mind that birds can tear garbage bags with their beaks, so packaging made from cellophane is not considered reliable. It is better to purchase a garbage container. It should always be tightly closed by a lid: crows are able to get into even a small gap.

Having chosen a source of food, birds will visit him every day. You can get rid of the raven, depriving them of the slightest chance to feast on. So that the crows do not get into the container, a latch is installed on it. Birds can try to knock it over, so you need to bind it with pegs fixed in the ground.

Crows can even feed on compost. When using fertilizers, it is important to hide them from black snoops, covering them or storing them in a separate container. There is no need to worry about the safety of decayed leaves and branches - they do not attract birds.

To protect the plants, it is advisable to purchase a special grid in the store of household goods. A flexible grid with 10 cm cells is suitable. It should be thrown onto a bush or tree and firmly fixed.

How to create adverse conditions

If there is a bird feeder in the yard that attracts a raven, dispose of it. It is better to buy a special design that automatically closes when the size of the bird is too large. The place under it must be cleaned daily from food debris so as not to seduce the raven.

If a crow finds a nest with a brood of miniature birds, it will certainly eat offspring. In the future, the predator will visit there annually. To stop this, you need to make sure that in the birdhouses the distance from the inlet to the bottom is more than 15 cm.It is necessary to remove the perch on the building in front of the entrance, as a crow can sit on it to drag the chicks when they appear from the birdhouse.

Raven flocks are always looking for a place for nests. If you cut dry branches without leaves on the trees, the ravens will have nowhere to stop.

You can get rid of crows in the yard by installing special spikes on the fence and roof. They have the appearance of strips and assemblies and do not allow birds to sit on them.

Transparent gel is sold in household goods stores, which are applied to tree branches. He scares away the birds. The glue is non-toxic and does not affect the appearance of the site, unlike spikes.

At night, crows seek a source of light. If in the courtyard at night the lights are on, they should be turned off. So the site will be less attractive to birds.

A special invasion of the raven is observed in the spring. Since they migrate and fly, in March all measures must be taken to scare away the birds. Then they will not be able to nest on the site.

You need to drive them away at dusk. In the evening, they are looking for a calm environment, so they will not like the chaos.

What is the difference between crows and ravens

Although crows and crows belong to the same Corvus species, despite all the similarities, they are very different from each other. A distinctive feature of ravens is the characteristic plumage around the throat, as well as a wedge-shaped tail. They soar a lot in the air and often make unusual pirouettes. One of the main differences between these bird species is croaking. The usual croaking of a raven cannot be confused with a strong deep call of a raven, somewhat reminiscent of a lowing of a cow.

What do crows eat and where do they live?

Crows eat almost everything, but tend to feed on the ground. They eat all insects, earthworms, small animals, seeds and fruits. Birds often delve into the garbage, do not disdain carrion and the abduction of chicks from nests.

Birds live in open spaces where they can use trees as a perch, and where there is enough food. In winter, they join in flocks with hundreds of their relatives.

Being very socialized birds, crows are most often held in groups. They are omnivorous, which can bring considerable benefit, because they are natural orderlies, cleansing the territory of dead animals. However, they can also attack your chickens. Then the presence of black birds begins to become a problem.

If you find that your seedlings, for example, corn, are torn from the ground, then most likely crows have wound up on the plots. In addition, these birds may be involved in the disappearance of chicks from chicken coops and the scattered litter around garbage cans.

How to prevent the appearance of a raven

Crows kill weak young chicks. Keep this in mind when constructing nest boxes: make sure that from the inlet to the bottom of the box at least 10 cm. Do not put any ledges and poles on which the crow could sit and wait for the prey to appear.

Use feeders that are too small for crows but large enough for other birds.

Now you know a little more about these dangerous birds. A few of the simple methods described by you will allow you not to be afraid for a flock of young chickens walking in the sun, and also help to secure plantings from unwanted encroachment of feathered pests.

The most effective scare methods

Scarecrows are a popular way to scare away unwanted guests. Particularly common designs in the form of animals. You can buy fake ravens and hang them upside down. Real birds will not like this. Some owners use figures of owls, snakes. But such scarecrows are just a short-term measure. Ravens are smart, therefore, over time, they recognize a fake.

As an auxiliary tool, you can buy a laser beam. He will make the birds fly away for a short while. But if you persevere and shine on them at every opportunity, they will soon move to a quieter place.

Crows are afraid of moving luminous objects. You can buy garden scarecrows that reflect light, or a luminous ribbon. In the garden you need to fix the poles, decorate them with fluttering stripes or stick the stripes on the fence. To prevent black guests from suspecting fraud, periodically you need to change the position of the elements. Also help:

  • unnecessary CDs
  • aluminum cookware for baking,
  • shiny items or decorations.

Birds do not tolerate loud noise, therefore, it is useful from time to time to include sounds of sirens, howling, knocking and explosions in the country. It is worth considering that this method of scaring away may not appeal to residents of neighboring houses. When you see a raven, you should make noise every time. You can imitate the sound of scared birds or predators that hunt them - owls, hawks.

For greater effectiveness, it is recommended to use several scare methods. Then they are guaranteed not to cause anxiety.