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Through prayer, you can contact God or talk with him. This is a ritual practiced by many people in different religions. Regardless of whether you are a Christian or a Muslim, you can thank God for being near you, ask him for enlightenment or salvation, and pray to him. Even if you don’t know how to do this, a few simple things can help you. A prayer to God is just a conversation with him, and perhaps you will get some idea of ​​the process if you write a prayer letter to God.

How to write a note or letter to the Lord God

You sit and think: I will write to the Lord God! It is possible that this thought has just appeared, or it may be that you have been thinking about this for some time. This service and site allows you to do this very simply and quickly. This article below describes in the most detailed and detailed way how to correctly write a message, note and letter to the Lord God to any person on the Internet site for free. It is important to understand that God will definitely hear your message if you can follow some simple practical recommendations that have been collected from various sources, both scientific and religious, and subsequently carefully processed by experienced specialists on the issue of direct communication with God.

In order to write a note or letter to the Lord God, you need to take a few simple steps:

  1. You register on the site (registration is simple and will take no more than 1-2 minutes),
  2. Fill out your Profile, post a few photos and an avatar, indicate the place of work and studies on the map so that people living in your region can see you and write you a letter of support,
  3. Go to the section of the site Letters and create a new letter, indicating the addressee - God,
Immediately after registering on the site, you will receive 500 Absolutme coins in your wallet, with which you can raise your letter to God at the very beginning of the general list so that as many people as possible can read it. Thus, you can correctly write a note or letter to the Lord God, as well as attract the attention of all visitors to the site, which means that these people will help you with your thoughts and your request will come true much faster, as hundreds and thousands of people will support you.

The first thing you need to understand right away: God will receive your detailed letter, a short message, or just a short note in any case, since he is omnipresent and omniscient (this is stated in all religions).

Most interestingly, you can be anyone: a Christian, Orthodox, Catholic, Muslim, Buddhist, Hare Krishna or atheist, but God will still hear you (all people are equal before God, since they are his creations, the most important thing is your psycho-emotional state, in which it is necessary at the time of writing such a letter).

This site is extremely practical and useful for someone who wants to write a prayer to God, that is, the resource does not apply to any one religion or church (the site was created so that your prayers are answered anyway, so that you learn how to pray correctly in the end, so that your desires come true).

If you want to write a letter to God online, then you simply register on the site, leave your entry, and then it remains in your profile. You can make your entry invisible to others, or you can show it to everyone in the world, because your appeal concerns global issues (for example, ending the war in Ukraine or Syria).

If you wanted to learn how to write a note to God so that he would definitely hear you, then our website will tell you about this step by step, and also show examples of other people who receive calls from you almost instantly, so that everyone can learn from them this skill (teach close to fellowship with God, to share this knowledge with them is a great and useful business for everyone).

You can write a letter to God in Jerusalem, for which you do not even need to go anywhere or pay someone any money. Everything is in one place, which is very convenient for any user. You study and train, your letters reach God, your desires come true, you begin to understand all the nuances of communication between God and man.

Our task is to show all materials as clearly as possible, give practical simple and clear recommendations, useful tips and, as a result, teach everyone who really wants it, how to write a note, letter, prayer or appeal to the Lord God online in such a way that it certainly fulfilled.

You must understand that in order to correctly write a letter, appeal, note or prayer to God you must remain in a harmonious and harmonious state. Choose a time specifically for this. Sit a bit calmly and think about what you want to write to God. You must create the necessary atmosphere for communication with God. It can be any objects of the religion that you profess or an ordinary lit candle. It is important to understand that all this creates the necessary psycho-emotional atmosphere for you.

The first thing you need to start with: You need (mentally or aloud, as you prefer, that is, as you wish, as you prefer) turn to God with simple words, as if to father or mother. To say that you are in such a situation and can not cope with it alone. Ask in any form for forgiveness for the fact that you yourself can not solve your question. It is best that these words be as soulful and sincere as possible.

The fact is that when you ask sincerely forgiveness, you turn off various internal programs (pride, envy, take off social roles, that is, you are freed from what is bothering you in communicating with God). Some indicate that the best will be a psycho-emotional state, like a drowning person: you have no more strength, and you do not know how to swim. Allow enough time for this place in your prayer, since it is the preparation for the prayer that will be crucial. Do not be especially sad if it doesn’t start immediately. In this matter, it is important to simply go further and not stop, even if nothing happened for the first or twentieth time.

Any person on the site who will study all the materials and find out how to write a short note, a detailed and large letter, a hot prayer or a simple message to the Lord God online, sooner or later will see that God began to hear him and fulfill all desires. When you are writing your letter or prayer to God, you need to remember a few interesting points. If you ask with a pure heart for someone, then such a wish will come true much faster. When you, having completed all the above procedures, invited a few more people to your prayer, and all these people really turned to God hotly, this conversion comes true much faster and brighter. In this case, a few words should be given to this effect.

The fact is that any person has a brain. There are neurons in the brain. In the process of mental activity, brain vibrations arise, that is, the smallest electrical discharges. When a person prays correctly, brain vibrations become such that they reach any point in the universe instantly. That is why it is so important to get into the right psycho-emotional state before the prayer begins. If several people (the bigger the better), but depending on what purpose) they start to pray in the same way and correctly, then there will be a synergistic addition of their energy, that is, 1 + 1 = not 2, and the number can be anything - this means a synergistic effect. All this is pure quantum physics, that is, science. All this has been scientifically proven and described in various sources many times. We are pointing you to these facts so that you can begin to understand how to pray to God correctly.

One cannot wish for destructive things. The laws of God or the laws of this World, as well as the laws of the universe, are all the same. These laws must be known and understood so that your actions within the system are correct. When you want the wrong things, at least nothing will work out and you just wasted your time and energy. At maximum, you can get back the same negative as you wished for another. This is a law and you need to know it.

When you ask God, you must understand that this system is inert, that is, it lives according to its own laws and rules, where time is perceived differently than in the human world. From our point of view, God usually needs some time to fulfill your desire or request. This should be taken into account as one of the laws. You cannot set conditions for God. When a person, turning to God, says that if this and that happens, he will do one or the other. This condition is called pride, that is, a person sets conditions for God.

In such a relationship of events, no human desire can be realized. We can say that a person himself put a ban on his desire or request. On the other hand, if a person began to deliberately limit himself to anything (religiously, to bring austerities), then, according to certain laws, such a person will necessarily receive compensation from the World, from God. It turns out that if you really want something, you can begin to limit yourself and according to the laws of causation, which in Hinduism is called karma, you will definitely get compensation.

Learn more about the predicted new political leader of Russia, which will soon be brought to power in the country by the Lord God Himself!

How to write a letter to Santa Claus in Veliky Ustyug

Many of us were children or still children, so we all believe in Santa Claus! On this site you can learn how to write an online letter to Santa Claus for free on the Internet in Veliky Ustyug for the 2017 New Year so that your wish will certainly come true. Everyone should simply understand that everything is very serious, and Santa Claus will definitely receive your letter. It may contain a request for a gift, for something very bright and festive to happen in the New Year, useful for someone from your family or friends. You can not limit yourself and write a whole essay about it to Santa Claus, because you are not limited by anything, and everything depends on you.

Of course, if you are writing for the first time, you still don’t know exactly how to write a letter to Santa Claus, so you need a simple and clear example. Below is an example text of a letter about a request for Santa Claus, which you can write yourself, having slightly changed the meaning, but leaving the appeal and the meaning of its content.

Everyone knows that Santa Claus loves honest and well-bred children and adults. That is why at the very beginning of your letter, when you were about to write a letter to Santa Claus in Russian or English, introduce yourself. Just write your first name and first letter of your last name. You can also write any designation convenient for you or nickname on the site. In any case, in the future it may be for you or your friends, if you only want it yourself, find your letter much faster.

It may happen that your appeal to Grandfather Frost will gain a huge number of views and likes and you will become famous and popular, so introduce yourself anyway.

Then you can write a literally short story about Santa Claus about yourself, about your family, about your parents, friends, school, or any other situations that you like, care about and care about. This will help to more colorfully present you and your life, your attitude to it and the issues and problems that surround you.

It is not superfluous if you want to learn how to write to Santa Claus correctly, ask only forgiveness very sincerely for all that you have done recently. This must be done, because then Grandfather Frost will see that he is being written by a good boy, girl, or an already uncle or aunt.

Grandfather Frost fulfills the desires of only good children and adults who honestly talk about their lives, about where they were wrong, so as not to repeat their mistakes in the future and correct themselves, becoming better and better every year. After you have introduced yourself, told about yourself and asked for forgiveness for your possibly not very good deeds, you can safely proceed to ask Grandfather Frost about something most intimate and desired.

It is important for everyone to understand what can be written to Santa Claus and what cannot be written. If you have a strong sincere desire, if you need something so much that you can’t even live peacefully without it, then such a wish will be fulfilled by Santa Claus much faster.

At the very end, after you read everything and found out exactly how to write a letter to Santa Claus in Veliky Ustyug for the New Year 2018, register on the site, compose your letter and send it, you can thank Santa Claus, and to all other users, there is someone like you, wish good luck and speedy fulfillment of all your cherished desires.

How and where to write a letter asking for financial assistance and moral support

When you want to write a letter about financial assistance or moral support, especially if the situation you are in is critical, you will make this request anywhere: to Putin, Zhirinovsky and even the President of America. It is important to understand exactly how to correctly write a letter of help and where exactly to send it, so that the answer follows and in general there is a result. If you really want to write a letter to President Putin, the State Duma deputy Zhirinovsky or just all the indifferent people of Russia, it is best to contact both the official website and the reception of a certain figure, as well as duplicate your letter here. Just post your letter of financial assistance or appeal for moral support in the Letters section of this site. By posting this kind of “open letter”, you attract the maximum attention of all visitors to the Internet to your problem.

In order to write a letter of help, all you need is:

  1. 1. Register on this site
  2. 2. Fill out the User Profile by posting a photo and providing other information
  3. 3. Go to the section of the site Letters and create a new letter, indicating the addressee

After registration, 500 Absolutme coins will be created in your wallet. With the help of them you can raise your letter up in the general list of other letters and appeals.

If you do this on a daily basis, a huge number of people will be able to read your appeal, which means that among them there will most likely be someone who can help you, or someone who has exactly the same problem. You can combine your efforts and solve your problems together. In any case, it will become much easier for you, which in itself is already a huge benefit from the point of view of psychology.

Sample: how to write a letter of help

If you want to see an example for your letter, then it is best to look at the following sample

How to write a letter to your ex-girlfriend, girlfriend or wife, as well as ex-boyfriend or husband

Any breakdown or termination of communication is certainly a pain! However, so that this pain subsides as soon as possible, and life begins to sparkle with new colors, it is simply necessary for your mental health to write a letter to an ex-girlfriend, girlfriend or wife. In this letter, whatever it is, you express your unexplored emotions. This is the main meaning of such a letter.

Remember that the whole procedure is really crucial for you. If you feel such a desire, it means that your unconscious, as it were, gives you hidden advice so that you express all your unexposed emotions towards this person. Such emotions result from the fact that the relationship was terminated toxicly or had many unsaid to each other.

It can also be noted that most likely the other person also experiences certain emotions towards you. If you talked and were together, your relationship would not end, but your connection still remains for some time, and it happens that forever. The latter is due to the fact that a person is tormented and suffering, simply not knowing what he needs to do in order to express unexposed emotions.

In this article, everyone is offered a very effective and simple tool that will help you stop thinking about your "former" or "former" once and for all. You just need to follow this advice in order to radically change your life for the better and stop losing life energy for an empty reflection on your past relationships.

First of all, at the very beginning it is best to decide on the goals. If you plan to return your ex or ex, you can openly write about it in your letter. Indeed, such a letter published in the public domain on the site will show how loving you are. Everyone who reads such a letter will see your deepest soul. Your feelings will no doubt echo in the hearts of other people.

Secondly, You should understand that by and large it doesn’t matter what feelings you express in the letter. Just try to write about what is living in you right now. In one letter, concentrate on feeling alone. Describe it, because it can be pain, annoyance, bitterness, resentment, and perhaps a strong feeling of love for this person. Focus on one emotion and state it in a letter.

When other people read your letter, they will also read your emotions and experience them. Thus, the excess and unnecessary tension, which is now tearing you apart, will gradually disappear through the emotions of other people. It turns out that writing a letter to your ex-girlfriend, girlfriend or wife and posting it in the public domain on this site is an effective mechanism for expressing unmanaged emotions. Agree that it was successfully invented:

  1. You write about your unlived emotions
  2. Post your letter on the site in the Letters section
  3. Other people read your letter
  4. Your unlived emotions leave your system
  5. You start living free and easy

This is how this free service works. Now you understand why you need to write such a letter. You can advise you to write every day according to such a letter, until the unexposed emotions finally let you go. We can definitely say that if you follow this advice from a community of professional psychologists, then our free service will help you in the shortest possible time.

So, in order to completely get rid of obsessive thoughts about the "former" you need:

  1. Complete quick and easy registration on the site
  2. Fill out your profile so that the people who will read your letter see that you are a living person - so they will want to help you
  3. Write a letter and place it in the Letters section in accordance with the addressee (Former / Former)

Thus, it is best to write a series of letters, that is, write each time as soon as such an idea appears in your head. We guarantee that in the very near future all your unmanaged emotions will leave your consciousness and you will begin life from scratch. When registering, you will receive 500 Absolutme internal coins in your wallet, with which you can raise your letter in the general list so that as many people as possible can see and read it, which means that all your unexpressed emotions and suffering will go away much faster.

How to write and send a letter to yourself in the future: a sample

After you have registered on the site and filled out a profile so that all visitors see that you are a living person, select "create a letter" in the right menu. Before you write a letter to yourself or to yourself in the future, realize why you are taking such a step. For those days, weeks, months, and possibly years that your letter will be on the site, a huge number of other users will see it. If you decide to write a letter frankly and sincerely, then all of them will feel your thoughts and desires, which means they will internally direct their energy to the realization of your plan. Now you understand how this free service works.

To correctly write such an unusual letter and send it to yourself in the future, it is best to look at the sample that is presented below:

So now you know one little secret. If you want your innermost desire to be fulfilled, you need to attract as much attention as possible from site visitors. To do this, you go through registration, fill out a profile, mark yourself on the map and create a letter indicating in the address “People of Russia”. Write from the bottom of your heart, try to show your most secret desires, dreams, incredible plans - all that will not leave indifferent hundreds and thousands of readers of this site. Just open your soul. In return, you will receive everything you dream of.

How to write a letter and prayer to Jesus Christ?

If you decide to write a letter to Jesus Christ, then most likely you are a believer. The concept of God is not an empty phrase for you, and your faith lives within you. This is wonderful and amazing when a person in his life made personal contact with Jesus Christ. In addition to writing, many Internet users are looking for the answer to many other questions regarding one of the greatest prophets, paving their way to God. It also happens that a person has this or that problem. He could not solve it. For a successful solution to this problem or situation, a man in his prayers turned to God Jesus Christ. The time came and the very day came when a man saw that Jesus Christ had fulfilled his request. A person in response to this wants to find out and find a sample letter, that is, how best to write a thanksgiving prayer to Jesus Christ.

The most important thing that you need to understand for yourself is that your faith and direct communication with God is absolutely reality. A good step, after Jesus Christ fulfilled your cherished desire, is to write about Jesus Christ, to tell many people around all the details of your story. Use the simplest words for this. Make your story fascinating so that it begins to motivate all those who do not yet know or do not yet believe how it works, so that they begin to try to establish a connection with Jesus Christ.

It is important to understand when you are looking for the best way to write a letter or appeal to Jesus Christ online on a website on the Internet, that you should trust the experience and skills of those people who have already made contact with God. Agree that it is useful to learn how to do this or that action from someone who is a specialist in this. That is why we have gathered in one place the experience of various people of different ages and with different backgrounds, representatives of traditional religious faiths where Jesus Christ is worshiped, as well as the experience of those who look at the process of communication with God as a fact that has been proven many times.

To summarize all this experience, in order to write a letter to Jesus Christ it is necessary:

Set up for this process. Calm down. Sit silently. Make less light if your communication takes place in the evening or in the early morning. Configure that a direct connection between man and God awaits you. If this is more significant for you, you can put an icon with the image of Jesus Christ in front of you and light a candle. Use any aids to create the right atmosphere. The psycho-emotional attitude is important here. Next, turn to the Savior with words of forgiveness for all the actions that you may have completed recently. We are all human beings and we make mistakes. Among them there are large and small, for which we feel ashamed and not very. Turn to repentance. This will help bring your soul to the necessary condition for better communication with God. If you strongly and ardently want to write a letter to Jesus Christ, then ask not about money, cars, houses or material benefits, but about the skills with which you yourself could get all this and earn it. We came to this world to develop, so God will gladly fulfill any request that is associated with the development of new qualities and skills, as simply the sum of money can relax you or lead to banal laziness.

LETTER TO GOD (Christmas story)

This happened at the end of the 19th century.
Petersburg Christmas Eve. A cold, piercing wind blows from the bay. It spills fine, spiky snow. The horses hooves clatter on the cobblestone pavement, the doors of the shops slam - the last purchases are made before the holiday. Everyone is in a hurry to get home faster.
Only a little boy walks slowly along a snowy street. Every now and then he takes out his reddened hands from the pockets of a dilapidated coat and tries to warm them with his breath. Then he pushes them deeper into his pockets and moves on. Here he stops at the bakery shop window and looks at the pretzels and bagels displayed behind the glass.
The store door opened, releasing another customer, and pulled out of it with the scent of freshly baked bread. The boy frantically swallowed saliva, trodden on the spot and wandered on.
Imperceptibly the twilight falls. Passers are becoming less and less. The boy pauses at the building, in the windows of which the light is on, and, rising on tiptoe, tries to look inside. After a moment, he opens the door.
The old clerk was late in service today. He has nowhere to rush. For a long time he lives alone and feels especially lonely on holidays. The clerk sat and bitterly thought that he had no one to celebrate Christmas with, no one to give presents. At this time, the door opened. The old man looked up and saw a boy.
- Uncle, uncle, I need to write a letter! The boy said quickly.
- Do you have money? The clerk asked sternly.
The boy, fumbling a hat in his hands, took a step back. And then the lonely clerk remembered that today was Christmas Eve and that he really wanted to give someone a present. He took out a blank sheet of paper, dipped his pen in ink and deduced: “Petersburg. January 6. Mr. ... "
- What is the surname of mister?
“This is not a master,” the boy muttered, still not completely believing his luck.
- Ah, is that a lady? - smiling, the clerk asked.
No no! The boy said quickly.
“So who do you want to write a letter for?” - the old man was surprised,
- To Jesus.
“How dare you mock an old man?” - the clerk was indignant and wanted to point the boy at the door. But then I saw tears in the eyes of the child and remembered that today is Christmas Eve. He felt ashamed of his anger, and in a warmer voice he asked:
“What do you want to write to Jesus?”
- My mother always taught me to ask God for help when it’s difficult. She said that the name of God is Jesus Christ. - The boy came closer to the clerk and continued: - And yesterday she fell asleep, and I just can not wake her up. There is not even bread at home, I feel so hungry. ”He wiped his tears from his eyes with his palm.
“How did you wake her?” The old man asked, rising from his desk.
“I kissed her.”
“Does she breathe?”
- What are you, uncle, do you breathe in a dream?
“Jesus Christ has already received your letter,” said the old man, hugging the boy by the shoulders. “He told me to take care of you, and took your mother to Him.”
The old clerk thought: “My mother, going into another world, you ordered me to be a good man and a pious Christian. "I forgot your mandate, but now you will not be ashamed of me."

author: Boris Ganago

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Wonderful somehow! different letters to God, but they are all letters about one thing: about help. - His God, although they may be directed towards the neighbor - for God: marvelous are the miraculous works of Yours, Lord.

With joy! for Easter. - Red, with God: Christ is Risen.

Wonderful somehow! different letters to God, but they are all letters about one thing: about help. - His God, although they may be directed towards the neighbor - for God: marvelous are the miraculous works of Yours, Lord.

With joy! for Easter. - Red, with God: Christ is Risen, some joy.