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How to download subtitles from YouTube: free programs and services using the service or browser


The world's most popular video hosting YouTube contains not only videos about cute kittens and dogs. There are a lot of good foreign films in the original language and really useful videos, for example, lectures, reports, educational content. Often they are posted by foreign users in a foreign language, therefore they are accompanied by subtitles with translation. Listening to them in the background, as many are used to doing with Russian-language videos, is impossible.

It’s better to save the clips to your computer, so that you can then calmly watch them anytime, anywhere. In this article, you will learn how to download videos from YouTube with subtitles, and how to save only one subtitle without video.

Subtitles are the accompaniment of a video sequence to text that transmits the audio content of the video. They are used to fully watch videos without sound or to translate into your native language what the film speaks in a foreign language.

Downloading some subtitles or video with them may become necessary:

if you are going to watch the video in the original (in a foreign language) offline,

if you only need the text content of the video, and the video is of secondary importance,

if you are learning a language and you need to constantly refer to the same video in order to analyze the dialogues in detail.

The program "4K V> It helps to download video from YouTube with subtitles, but only if they are embedded in the video. With this program, you can save the entire movie completely, or separately one subtitle. But first install the “4K Video Downloader” program on your computer. It is suitable for any operating system:

download the installation file from here,

install the program following the step by step instructions

open the video with subtitles in the browser. Important: they must be embedded. This is indicated by the inscription "SS" below,

copy the address of the video you are interested in from the address bar,

open the “4K Video Downloader”, select the “Settings” icon (top right). If you need to save only the subtitles, skip this step and the two following it,

check the box next to “Embed subtitles in video file if possible”. So the video is downloaded immediately with subtitles,

Now close the "Settings" by clicking the cross in the upper right,

click "Insert Link" ("Past Link") in the upper left and paste the link to the desired video there,

select picture quality

bottom right, open “Download subtitles” and select a language,

click "Download" ("Download"). The video starts to download.

Upon completion of the download, open the folder in which the files are saved. There will be either video or only subtitles, depending on what you choose.

Dvdv online service We recommend using the Dvdvideosoft website. It will be useful to those who do not need the video sequence, but only the subtitles in text format are interesting:

going to the service page, you need to insert a link to the video in "YouTube",

Before starting the save process, select a language,

if you are interested in subtitles only to the part of the video, set the time interval in which they are located,

in the Preview window, you can evaluate the result, and then either save it in .txt format or copy it to the clipboard and paste it into another text editor.

The service page has detailed instructions.

Via third-party web services

A simple and effective method for downloading subtitles is to use the DownSub online service. On the main page of the site, enter a link to the desired video and click the "Download" button. You can use both a personal computer and a mobile phone. Subtitles are downloaded in the original language. You can save and automatically created translation. Compliance with grammar standards is not guaranteed, but the text will be understandable to the user. Information is downloaded in SRT format. Such a file is opened by most media players.

If you need to download a video with subtitles, you can use the YouSubtitles service. It is not much different from the previous one, however, textual support is loaded with the video.

Online service “DownSub”

DownSub works on the same principle as the site described above:

you need to copy the link to the video from YouTube, paste it into the search line of the service, click "Download",

after processing “DownSub” offer you to save subtitles. At the same time, it is sometimes possible to choose a language (but it depends on the source video). If in the list of languages ​​you don’t need to save, try downloading the translation that is automatically generated,

subtitles are saved in SRT format. It is played by most media players.

Save subtitles directly from YouTube

There is another way to download subtitles from YouTube without having to download video to your computer:

open the video you need with subtitles (not built-in),

click on the icon in the form of three horizontal dots directly under the playback window,

select "View video transcript",

a window opens on the right with full textual support for this video. You just have to select everything (CTRL + A) and paste it into any text editor and save.

Download subtitles using a browser

If you use Google Chrome, try the following:

go to YouTube and open the video you are interested in,

then go to the "Additional Tools" directly in the browser and click on "Developer Tools",

now click on the subtitle display button, and then on the “Network” tab at the bottom of the screen, enter the word “timedtext” in the search box,

the browser will find the file to be opened in a new window. This file will contain all the subtitles for this video.

You can use this method in other browsers:

call the "Developer Tools" section with the command CTRL + SHIFT + I,

in the tab "Network" or "Network" in the search bar we drive in "timedtext",

repeat the last paragraph from the previous method.

Now you know how to download subtitles from youtube, and how to save video with subtitles to your computer. We examined the main ways from which you can choose the most convenient.

Using browser features

The method allows you to save videos with subtitles created automatically or manually. All web browsers are equipped with tools for viewing and changing page code. Using them, you can copy any information. Sometimes users customize output in multiple languages. Information is generated online, it can also be extracted.

To do this, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the code viewer by pressing Ctrl + Shift + I. You can find the right tool in the browser menu.
  2. In the block that opens, there are tabs containing information about the web page. Files are found using the search bar in the Network section.
  3. Download video information from a web browser. Data is saved in XML format, which is not suitable for embedding in video. It is difficult to read such text due to the presence of many code elements. To convert the file to a suitable format, use online converters.

How to download subtitles from YouTube using the Save Subs online service?

The service offers 2 download options - full (video and text accompaniment), partial (only subtitles). The URL of the video is inserted into a special line in the Save Subs site. Information from the playlist is downloaded in SRT and TXT formats. Subtitles can be translated into any language, so the file will contain the original and user options.

Combining picture and text

Video and test accompaniment can be saved as separate files. For ease of use, the blocks are combined. For this, special software is used, for example, Renee Video Editor. The application overlays the text on the video.

To do this, perform the following actions:

  1. Download the selected video file. You can pull it out using the explorer.
  2. Add the desired SRT file.
  3. Perform the settings. At their request, they change the localization of the inscription, color, size and type of font.
  4. Click the "Save" button.

If the data is downloaded in a format that is not recognized by the program, they are converted using Internet services.

Processing and Editing

Stored material often requires processing, so you need to watch the video before combining files. If necessary, improve the image, adjust the sound and remove unnecessary elements. To do this, use the VideoMONTAGE program. The application has a convenient interface and many video processing tools. There is the possibility of creating a new project.

The functionality includes the following actions:

  1. Recognition of most video formats. You can get files with a resolution of MP4, AVI, 3GP. The material being converted acquires HD or FullHD quality.
  2. Create a movie from several videos. To do this, the fragments are placed on the line and set the transition duration.
  3. Removing unnecessary items. The rest of the video is limited to markers. To create a full-fledged movie add a screensaver and captions. You can use ready-made layouts or create your own.
  4. Adding effects. The program has several filters to improve the image quality and give it the right tone. Perhaps the imposition of lighting effects. You can combine several settings to create your own processing style.

The Chroma Key function is intended for combining 2 videos in 1 frame. The object is shot on a plain background, and then replaced with another in the editor.