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How to make a paper cone 🎄 Cone-based crafts


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Paper cones can be used in various home projects. Need a sharp nose for a paper rocket or snowman? Want to make a festive cap? Paper cones have great potential in terms of appearance, and besides, they are quite easy to make. Having a ready-made cone in your hands, you can go further and decorate it in every possible way.

How to make a cone out of cardboard: a scheme of work

In order to create an even conical frame, you can use both color and white cardboard. The choice of material directly depends on the purpose for which it is manufactured. The design itself is quite durable, due to which it can be widely used.

In order to create a conical frame, you can use both color and white cardboard

  1. With a pair of compasses, draw a circle on the cardboard and cut it out.
  2. Using a ruler and pen, divide the circle into four equal parts. To this end, draw a pair of perpendicular lines through the central point.
  3. Fold the circle first vertically and then horizontally so that four folds form.
  4. One of the four segments is cut off.
  5. Roll up the truncated circle and fix the model with a stapler in the lower part in order to keep the scan in shape.
  6. Lubricate joints with glue.

Tip: if you need to make more than one shape, but several at once, it is recommended to use the first cut circle with deleted segments as a template.

DIY cone-based Christmas tree

A volumetric cone-shaped Christmas tree is made very quickly and simply. And if you still do not draw the model of the future figure yourself, but simply print it and transfer it to cardboard, then this process will become even simpler.

  • cardboard,
  • wrapping,
  • double-sided and regular tape,
  • scissors,
  • decor elements.

The volumetric cone-shaped Christmas tree is made very quickly and simply.

  1. Form a funnel from cardboard and after gluing it, wait until it dries.
  2. If any irregularities remain, then be sure to remove them with scissors or a clerical knife.
  3. Cover the finished structure with wrapping paper. To do this, lay it out on the work surface and attach the tip to the crown of the base with tape.
  4. After that, scroll the cone slowly, thereby wrapping it in bright paper.
  5. When the figure is completely wrapped, cut off the remaining paper.
  6. Fasten the ends with double-sided tape.
  7. Glue buttons, beads or beads to the Christmas tree, thus imitating Christmas toys.

What can be done from whatman

Whatman paper most people associate exclusively with the school wall newspaper. In fact, this material can serve as the basis for many crafts. For example, from it you can make an amazingly beautiful box in the shape of a heart.

Whatman paper most people associate exclusively with the school wall newspaper

  1. From a Whatman paper cut a pair of identical hearts.
  2. Exactly the same details are cut from colored paper.
  3. Now cut out whatman stripes should be about seven centimeters wide, and the length should correspond to half the volume of the heart.
  4. Bend each part about a centimeter from the edge and make small cloves with scissors on this thin strip.
  5. The same four parts, but without denticles, are cut additionally.
  6. Glue parts with teeth to the bottom of the future box.
  7. Attach the tape to the cover.
  8. On the inside and outside, glue the sides with colored paper.

In addition, decorate the box with lace, beads and ribbons.

Craft-based Santa Claus: do it with the kids

From simple materials with preschool children you can make a beautiful Santa Claus. The craft is unusual and festive. With its help, you can create a fabulous atmosphere on the eve of the New Year holidays.

  • red and white colored paper,
  • cotton wool
  • glue,
  • scissors,
  • the pencils.

From simple materials with preschool children you can make a beautiful Santa Claus

  1. From red paper cut a circle with a diameter of about twenty centimeters.
  2. Fold it in half and cut.
  3. Fold the semicircle in the shape of a cone and glue it.
  4. Now on white paper draw a circle with a diameter of four centimeters.
  5. Cut a circle along the line and glue just below the tip of the main figure. This will be the face of Santa Claus.
  6. Draw on a small circle eyes, mouth and nose.
  7. Cut small parts from red paper and stick them on the sides - these will be hands.
  8. Attach a small piece of cotton to the tip of the cotton wool.
  9. Also fix small cotton balls on the bottom of the small circle, creating a beard.

Cone Based Cock: Step-by-Step Guide

A fabulous cockerel made of colored paper is a simple and very funny craft, which even very young children can do. The main thing is to help kids form the basis - a geometric figure that is still difficult for them.

  1. Draw a circle on cardboard and cut it out.
  2. Fold the workpiece in half and cut.
  3. Roll the semicircle, creating a cone.
  4. Glue the base and let it dry.
  5. Cut a small part out of paper and form a beak from it.
  6. Glue this element to the figure.
  7. Cut a thin strip and stick it on top of the workpiece.
  8. Glue the same strip in several more places. It turns out a funny scallop.
  9. Cut also three droplets and fix them just below the beak, forming a beard.
  10. Cut five stripes of different colors.
  11. On one strip according to the same principle as the scallop, fix on the sides - wings are obtained.
  12. From the rest of the stripes, make a tail, tighten every detail with scissors.

Simple cone manufacturing instructions

Making a cone based on paper is very simple. All the work takes up to five minutes. It is enough to make a correct drawing before work and roll up the material in the right way.

Simple cone diagram

For the first work you will need:

  • A4 sheet
  • a compass with an inserted pencil,
  • long ruler
  • scissors,
  • stapler or glue.

How to make a paper cone step by step:

  1. We take the paper. Determine the center of the sheet. We mark the place.
  2. At the marked point we put the tip of the compass and draw a circle. Cut out the drawn figure. On the resulting blank from the edge to the already established center, draw a line. We make a cut along this line.
  3. From the made circle with a cut, we turn the funnel. We fasten the edges of the figure with a stapler or glue.

The cone is ready. The finished figure can be used for a variety of crafts. And if you add a ball to our figure, you get a craft for an exhibition on a geometric theme.

Making a cone without a compass

It happens that there is no compass or you don’t want to use it, but you need to urgently make the right cone. will tell you how to make a paper cone without using a compass.

To work you will need:

Getting started:

  1. From paper we need to cut a triangle. The figure should have a long bottom, and identical short sides. It turns out the so-called sweep of the cone.
  2. Fold the corners of the paper so that the edge of the workpiece is located in the middle. We also turn the second corner. Wrap this part of the shape around the previous corner. You should already have something similar to a cone.
  3. Have the product well, but align the edges. Gently and carefully tighten the corners. We do this so that the figure does not fall apart.
  4. If you notice that extra pieces of paper stick out from the product, this means that initially the triangle was made incorrectly. The situation can be corrected by redoing crafts, cutting off excess areas with scissors or simply bending the remains into the product.
  5. It remains to fix the figure so that it does not lose its shape. Take the tape and glue the workpiece from the inside.

The cone without the use of a compass is ready.

Pattern cone

If you need this geometric figure for future crafts, but none of the above options describing how to make the right paper cone is suitable for you, there is a way out.

What you need to make:

  • thick paper
  • PVA or scotch tape
  • scissors,
  • pencil,
  • template.

Getting to work:

  • download the template that we prepared and print it,
  • you can cut the blank according to the template or just immediately use the material for the cone and print the template on it,
  • we turn the material, we fasten the edges in a way convenient for you (with adhesive tape or PVA glue).

When bonding, be sure to keep the bottom edges flat. To do this, place the material not yet collected on the table and then bend it. After bonding. Check if the figure is even. She should not swing.

Bottom for cone

How to make a quality cone, we figured it out. But it should be noted that each of the above manufacturing methods needs one small refinement, of course, if it involves future crafts.

Your cone may need a bottom. Now we will tell you how to do it right.

Second option

This method is slightly different from the previous one. How to make a bottom using this method:

  • measure the width of the bottom of the figure,
  • subtract three millimeters from the resulting number,
  • draw a circle on another sheet, taking into account the obtained indicators,
  • make an allowance on the image and cut the already prepared workpiece,
  • bend the allowance, apply glue and glue the product to the bottom of the cone.

This way you get an accurate geometric layout.

What is the cone used for?

We examined in detail the simplest options for making the right paper cone. What is this craft used for? Her directions are very different:

  • geometric exhibitions
  • voluminous crafts
  • making fancy hats.

Your imagination will tell you where else the cone can be applied. And we will help you get inspired with the help of a simple conical Christmas tree crafts.

Cone tree

It will require:

  • cardboard,
  • Gift paper
  • Scotch,
  • decorative items
  • scissors.

At the heart of the product, as you already understood, is a cone. Make it according to one of the instructions above.

Next, we work according to the scheme:

  1. The resulting cone, wrap with paper for gifts. We fasten the tip of the material to the top with tape and gently wrap the paper according to the figure. Cut off excess material.
  2. We fix the ends with tape.
  3. You won’t believe it, but the Christmas tree is ready. It remains to decorate it like a real one. Buttons, large beads and miniature Christmas toys may come up for this purpose.

You can make holes in the tree. And if it is wide enough, put New Year's lights inside the cone. In the dark, they will be pleasantly flickered, creating a pleasant atmosphere.

Schemes of different cones

The part to be cut off is highlighted in white on the diagrams. Well, from the pink part you need to twist the cone. Accordingly, each presented diagram shows which cone in width will turn out in the end.

Schemes of different cones.

Well, now you know how to make a cone out of paper. You just need to choose one of the options presented above and boldly bring it to life. All methods are working and repeatedly tested by time. We also recommend that you look at how to make a sleeping mask and slippers. Successful homemade, and see you in the next reviews!