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10 simple rules on how to look young at 40


When the 18th birthday is already behind, and before the age “berry again” still needs to live and ripen, the woman begins to wonder how to look good after 40. Losing weight after 40 is even more difficult.

Suddenly, it turns out that everything she knew before that no longer works, but most often works against her.

  • Sexy clothes suddenly add another ten years, the usual makeup gets clogged in pores and wrinkles, and your face in the morning looks like you didn’t lie down at all.
  • Even proven diets do not work.

Yes, after 40 years, you need not only to love yourself insofar as, but to treat yourself with the deepest respect: feed healthy, put on beautiful clothes, take care of skin and hair, using all the achievements of the beauty industry.

  • Some things are permissible only for mature ladies and looks ridiculous on young girls. As well as vice versa, which is fair, agree?
  • For example, you can wear expensive jewelry during the day, even diamonds. Tastefully selected, of course. Buy yourself a fairly stylish fragrance with character. Dear, enveloping and able to declare her mistress.

So, what to do and how to look good after 40 so that age does not turn into a nightmare that haunts you, but helps you to collect your thoughts and become the one they say "prettier over the years."

To look good after 40, you need to take care of your health

What used to be the norm, for example, not to sleep all night, to work in two shifts, to eat on the run - should remain in the past. A minimum of bad habits, good, proper nutrition, physical activity - all this, no matter how trite it sounds, and answers the question of how to look good after 40.

Get enough sleep, you are not at the age when you could have fun with friends all night or lay a screaming baby, and wake up in the morning with a fresh and rested complexion. Such a number will no longer pass. Do not need. You can already afford to go to bed early and sleep sweetly all night.

Losing Weight After 40. Pitfalls and Difficulties

Of particular note is weight loss after 40.

  • A full woman after 40 is not only not aesthetically pleasing, but also dangerous to her health. Extra pounds can cause cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, diseases of the skeletal system.
  • However, at this age, metabolism slows down significantly, in connection with this excess weight it becomes incredibly difficult to fight, but it is recruited very easily.

In this regard, many women consider losing weight after 40 a utopia and completely stop taking care of themselves, thereby significantly reducing not only their “woman’s age”, but also their life expectancy.

So, what should be considered a woman after 40 in order to lose weight.

  • First of all, think about your health and do everything for the health of your body.
  • Do not try to look as if you are still 18, respect the changes in your body.
  • Determine your new ideal weight, not the one that was 18, no one doubts that you looked great in it, but now you are different.
  • Proper nutrition is the best way to control a woman’s weight after 40. No newfangled diets, do not experiment on yourself and your body. Eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, fish, dairy products.

Rule 1. Nutrition

How to look young at 40? To do this, you need to competently eat. However, this does not mean that you must constantly go on a diet and exhaust yourself with starvation. Nutrition should be balanced, filled with useful trace elements and vitamins. As much as possible you need to consume fiber, dairy products and boiled vegetables. You also need to replenish the body with sufficient water. If possible, salt, sugar, flour, carbonated drinks should be excluded from the diet. It is also important to remember that it is necessary to help the body eliminate toxins that are harmful to the skin. To do this, you can consume fresh berries, spinach, pepper, drink tea.

Rule 2. Physical activity

The next piece of advice on how to look young at age 40 is to exclude a sedentary lifestyle. And even if you have to sit at the workplace all day, you need to take a rest every half an hour or an hour: walk around the office, do a little warm-up for arms, legs, neck and back. In the morning, you need to accustom yourself to do exercises. And after a working day, you must definitely walk for at least an hour in the fresh air (preferably in a park, away from roads and highways). It is also good to go to the gym from time to time, go to fitness or yoga.

Rule 3. Bad habits

What else can be advised to women who want to know how to look young at age 40? Completely eliminate bad habits. Alcohol and cigarettes simply kill the body of every person, and a woman is also greatly disfigured. If a woman does not smoke, it is better for her to completely avoid those places where other people smoke. After all, even cigarette smoke (second-hand smoke) can cause terrible harm to the lady's body.

Rule 4. Sleep

Be sure to say that the lack of rest and sleep negatively affects not only human health, but also on its appearance. Therefore, the next advice on how to look younger than your 40 years: sleep enough time. As for the framework, they are individual for each person, however, on average, an adult's body should rest at least 7 hours a day. Ideal: eight.

Rule 5. Mood and Mood

The next tip on how to look good at age 40 is to avoid stressful situations and always be in a good mood. After all, if a person is angry or constantly nervous, this negatively affects his health, and, accordingly, his appearance. As for stressful situations, scientists have proven that they are the main factors in the aging of any person. If we talk about the mood, it is no secret that a smiling girl automatically becomes a beauty, no matter how old she is.

Rule 6. Wardrobe

It is also important to say that every lady should know how to look stylish at the age of 40. Indeed, one clothing can not only lose a couple of years, but also throw a dozen. What should a lady not forget?

  1. It is better to choose a classic style of clothing that is always appropriate and appropriate for age.
  2. In clothes, youth movements, too open and bright outfits should be avoided, they can only make a lady funny, but not young at all.
  3. Shoes must be comfortable, despite the length of the heel. A woman who goes raskoryaku on 12-centimeter stilettos, looks just awful!
  4. Accessories are very important for a lady. They should fully suit the style of clothing.

Rule 7. Appearance

The next piece of advice on how to look young at age 40 is to look after your face. No need to think that all auxiliary equipment will be needed only after 30 years. You need to start taking care of your face as early as possible. In adolescence, you need to competently deal with problem skin, properly clean it. Every night before bedtime you need to completely get rid of makeup, from time to time to give the skin a rest. It is also important to correctly choose cosmetics.

1. Do not go to extremes

The most important and important rule that many women violate with sad regularity is to go to extremes. This means that one puts on a short top with the image of Mickey Mouse, and the other - grandma's gray skirt to the floor. Know the measure: short shiny shorts will not make you younger, and an old lady's blouse will only aggravate the situation. The right decision is elegant silhouettes, classic styles and the absence of strange decor elements.

Rule 8. Special Body Parts

What gives a woman's age? Face, neck, arms and chest. So, these parts of the body require special care. So that the skin on the neck does not look flabby, you need to do a simple but effective set of exercises daily. As for the chest, simple exercises are also needed here that will help the ladies neckline to be always in excellent condition. You need to take care of the skin of your hands, it’s elementary to wash the dishes in gloves and do not climb into the garden with your hands without protective equipment.

3. Clearly define what to show and what to hide

It is natural that your figure is not as taut as 20 years ago. This does not need to be afraid, because of this, you do not need to be upset. Just learn to emphasize strengths and hide weaknesses. Do you have beautiful calves or an attractive neckline? Wear knee-length skirts and V-neck blouses.

4. Wear pastel colors

First of all, you need to understand what colors suit you. Perhaps you had enough time to figure it out. For example, pale blue instantly makes you younger and more attractive, and yellow is strictly forbidden. From this and build on. Meanwhile, if you are a little over 40, stylists recommend paying attention to light pastel shades: beige, ivory, brown, white, gray.

5. Say a solid no to shapeless clothes

Returning to the question of a beautiful and elegant silhouette. Forget about hoodies, strange stretched sweaters, insanely wide trousers. Only size to size and only semi-fitted things (but not tight!)

6. Choose prints with care.

We do not claim that after 40 years you cannot wear bright prints, but it is better to choose them with extreme caution. Pay attention to something muffled, unusual, non-shouting. It can be geometric shapes, and flowers, and abstraction, but with the condition that the print does not look too childish. Moreover, without funny kitties and red lips.

7. Do not forget about heels

Does heel shoes lie in the closet and “walk” only on solemn occasions? This is the wrong approach to business. Just buy at least one pair of really comfortable and stable mid-heeled boats.

9. Find a beautiful fitted coat

Have you bought a cool fitted coat of a gentle shade? Pick up ankle boots for him and consider that you are ready for spring and autumn. Forget black or gray and don't be afraid to get dirty - a light coat will make your look great.

10. Add stylish details.

If in clothes we advise you to adhere to the classics, then when choosing accessories you can include fantasy (in moderation, of course). For example, sometimes wearing a beautiful hat or large jewelry, adding an unusual brooch or bright shoes to the image. In general, be original, this will benefit your style.

11. Do not get carried away with jewelry

Another extreme, in which sometimes women fall into age. To wear many, many expensive jewelry at the same time and turn into a Christmas tree. We understand that jewelry is an indicator of wealth and luxury, but nevertheless it is better to stick to modest accessories for everyday style. At least without diamonds of 20 carats.

13. Buy only quality clothing

We think that you have already come to the realization that it is better to buy several high-quality and expensive things in the basic wardrobe than to buy all the lurid blouses with protruding threads on sale. A woman after 40 cannot afford to wear poor-quality clothes that will not last more than 1 season. Dear bag, good coat, cool shoes - we select the perfect option and enjoy for several years.