Useful Tips

How to survive a fire indoors


Different situations - different actions

The expert notes that it is important to familiarize yourself with all safety rules in advance. Save yourself wisely without making typical mistakes. For example, people try to save their property, losing precious minutes, run to the parking lot, thinking about the car, and not about their life. They try to put out the fire in the apartment - with water, open the windows so that the smoke leaves. But at the same time, oxygen still inflates the flame.

“Situations are different, and this also needs to be taken into account,” the rescuer explains. - It’s one thing when something in the apartment caught fire and another thing when you are in some institution or surrounded by a crowd. The fire may be somewhere out there, or it may cut off your path to the exit. That is why it is important to periodically reread all the rules and recommendations, including the importance of conducting a training evacuation from time to time. Employees of institutions should know how to do in the event of a fire, where to run, how to help visitors, as “our father”. Do not be afraid to ask where the fire exit, fire extinguishers, whether the alarm works, whether the doors are open. Be prepared for different situations, because it is about your life. ”

Another piece of advice that experts give is to know the rules regarding crowd behavior. Panic and stampede can kill more people than smoke and fire. First, we must move along with everyone. In no case do not stop and make every effort so as not to fall. Secondly, if you fell, then quickly get up in all ways, clinging to others (if necessary). Thirdly, be vigilant, go around corners, poles and any other obstacles so that you are not pinched and crushed. Try to cross your arms over your chest, with your elbows forward and holding your shoulders in case you are still squeezed (it will be easier to breathe).

Rules of conduct in case of fire:

  • Call firefighters and rescuers by phone "01", "112",
  • try to extinguish the fire on their own at the initial stage of combustion: pour water, cover with sand or earth, cover with a thick cloth, fill with the contents of the fire extinguisher. Tear off burning curtains, trample the fire with your feet, pour water on it or throw it in a container of water,
  • turn off electrical and gas appliances. In the event of the fire of the TV, it must be quickly disconnected from the power supply, covered with a wet, damp cloth or filled with water through the ventilation holes,
  • close all windows and doors,
  • find and bring out small children who are hiding in closets, under tables, in toilets,
  • help old people who have suffered
  • bring documents, money, valuables,
  • quickly, without crowding, leave the danger zone of the fire, along the previously studied safe route, using emergency exits, fire ladders,
  • beep constantly
  • do not lock the front door with a key,
  • do not use the elevator.

Signs of a starting fire:

  • Smoke odor
  • slight fire
  • the presence of a characteristic smell of burning rubber or plastic, a decrease in voltage in the power supply network, a power outage are signs of burning electrical wiring.

In case of fire in the elevator

Press the cab button “Call” and report the fire to the dispatcher. Wait for the elevator to stop and leave the door quickly. Leaving the elevator car, lock the door. Call the firefighters by calling 01. Try to eliminate the fire on your own. If the elevator car stops between floors, inform the dispatcher about this, constantly call for help, try to open the car door yourself and go outside.