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Fairy houses for children in the country


Such a charming house can be made from peeled rye flour.

Classic dough recipe: 300g flour, 300g Extra salt, 200ml cold water.

Further, the author of the master class writes:

“Knead the dough, put in a plastic bag and overnight in the refrigerator. The next day, we begin to create. We take a little dough from the refrigerator, let it warm up for about an hour.

〰Create an invoice on a rolled dough with a hard brush, cut out the blanks and stack to create an imitation of bricks, cut windows, make simple decor from stripes of the same test.

Since the house is “stone”, then the decor should look appropriate.

We attach it with a light wetting brush with water.

Leave to dry. When the front side of the workpieces dries, carefully turn them over and make the window layout with thin flagella of dough, also attaching them with a wet brush.

There should not be much water. We periodically turn over the blanks so that both sides are evenly dried.

〰The walls are already quite dried up, you can collect what we got. Using the flagella of the dough we fasten the walls and leave to dry until tomorrow. Now the roof.

Add brown, red and yellow acrylic paints to the desired shade in the wheat flour dough. We cut out the workpieces, allow to dry on both sides and also glue with the flagella of the dough, not forgetting to moisten the joints.

〰 We glue our house with PVA glue on a support made of thin foam (in this case it is a ceiling tile), its lower side is covered with a thin layer of rolled dough. We close the stand on top with a thin layer of dough.

And then the fun begins. We decorate, decorate at our discretion, make our house alive, inhabited.

Leave to dry, then cover with acrylic matte varnish and admire what we got. The final drying is 5-7 days, during this time you can come up with a couple of houses, there will be a collection that no one has.

1. It is better to make colored dough the day before and send it to the refrigerator, let it soak well. It should be remembered that when dried, the dough becomes lighter.
2. Store the dough only in the refrigerator in the storage room. package.
3. Fasten parts with a moistened brush
4. Dry dough makes a dull sound when you tap with a fingernail, dried-up voiced.
5. If the details are voluminous, for example, tree crowns, it is better to put a crumpled foil inside.
6. Vanilla, cinnamon, and ground nutmeg can be added to the dough. ”

Important nuances to consider when building

If you decide to create a beautiful house from improvised materials with your own hands, then re-read fairy tales for children where fairies or gnomes are mentioned. Little fabulous creatures can be not only good, but also evil, ready to constantly intervene in people's lives. A ringing bell will help to guard against such misfortune. His ringing will scare away evil forces.

Build a fabulous clay house with your own hands. A good fairy will surely settle in it. For children, this building will provide an opportunity to travel to a fairy tale. When choosing a material, it all depends on your imagination. Unusual projects can be built from almost anything:

An example of fabulous wooden children's houses

  • plastic bottles
  • Chipboard
  • Fiberboard
  • containers
  • empty containers
  • cement
  • stones
  • branches
  • acorns
  • nuts.

A small fabulous house can be put on a flower bed. To it you need to lay out a narrow path made of pebbles. From the polymer clay, fashion the figures of fairies, elves and gnomes. For children, such a miniature building will be an excellent incentive to develop imagination and imagination. It is better to create a project in a special program before starting work. Then the matter will argue faster.

Unusual children's house in a tree stump

To draw a project means to come up with a form and decide on the parameters of the structure:

You need to decide how the house will be inside. Whether you make it full or not depends on your desire. There must be windows and doors. The building needs a roof.

The best place on a summer cottage for a house

Fairy-tale buildings, created with their own hands, look great on the flowerbed, where daisies bloom with a lush carpet. They can be located near an artificial pond or pond. They will become an attractive element on an alpine hill. The decorative fountain perfectly fits into the fabulous scenery. You can create your own pond and alpine slide.

Now, for children, each visit to the country will be associated with the opportunity to visit a fairy tale.

The simplest projects of unusual houses

The house can be a box that is easy to craft with your own hands from drywall. Reliable fastening provides use of brackets for furniture. For the manufacture of the roof using a sheet of cardboard. They just bend it in half.

In this position, it is attached to a drywall box with cut out windows and a door, and on top it is covered with a solution of concrete.

Coat unevenly to create a tile effect. Color the finished product and add accessories.

Several options for simple children's houses

For the house, you can take a plywood base. And the walls are made of thick cardboard of any color. For a roof, two identical parts are cut out of cardboard. Inside the structure, you can conduct electricity. LED light sources can serve as the original backlight.

A small hut is easy to make from acorns and cones. With your own hands you will make a unique creation with which the child will be ready to play for hours. Juice bottles can also be used for houses. To build such designs for children means to go briefly to childhood. You can ask your child to help you.

A small fairytale house that will help make decoupage techniques

For original products you need plastic bottles, PVA glue, napkins, cardboard, colored paper, yarn.

  1. Take the scissors and cut the Activ bottle into two.
  2. Tint the halves using the decoupage technique. PVA glue is applied to the blank. It is wrapped in a strip from a paper towel, the width of which is equal to the height of the cut part from the bottle.
  3. Wait a little while allowing the workpiece to dry. Place it on the neck of a liter plastic bottle.
  4. Make a roof. Take a compass and draw a circle with a radius of 5 cm. On a circle, make notches with a compass. Connect the marks. It should be a hexagon. Cut one regular triangle: what remains is a blank for the roof. Connect it with a plastic bottle wrapped in a napkin.
  5. Make windows and doors. To do this, you need to prepare a stencil. A rectangle with a width and length of 3 cm and 4 cm, respectively, draw on cardboard, round the top and cut. This is a stencil for windows. For the door, the stencil will also be a rectangle. Its sides are 3 cm x 6 cm. Round the top and cut the resulting shape.
  6. Stencils are applied to colored paper, circled and cut. We glue the finished windows and the door on a homemade product.
  7. To create the effect of 3 D interesting for children, colored threads are glued to the contours.
  8. The product is ready. This hut can be placed in a flower pot.

If you cut a tree in the garden, and now an unsightly stump rises above the ground, it can be turned into an original magical palace. From above, you need to fix the plywood as a roof, and paint the stump with brushes and paints. You can depict open windows, and in them the inhabitants of a fabulous country.

Bright decor looks attractive and interesting. For creativity, you can use polymer paints that are not afraid of the cold. They allow you to create elastic coatings.

The construction of a house with children

Joint creativity with parents for children is a real celebration. Plant a little tomboy next to you. Let him mold from his polymer clay his beloved fairy-tale hero. You can put this little man in a new miniature housing. While mom and dad will show their creative abilities, their kids will be able to fantasize as much as they want.

Soon, the entire garden will be inhabited by small magical creatures made by children. To create a house it is enough to take pieces of clay from ceramic pots. Lay the composition and plant the flowers inside. The magic palace for children is ready. And the queen of flowers lives there.

Composition of a children's house made of clay

The fragments of clay will receive a second life, the landscape will be redesigned, and the child will receive a sea of ​​plots for their exciting games. Stimulate mental activity and speech activity in babies.

Exciting design ideas can be found nearby. If you want a real resident to live in your house, make an original birdhouse. Paint it and paint with water-based paint. Various ideas can serve as plots for the house:

  • Sunflowers in the field
  • Medieval castle,
  • Blooming garden.
Several options for birdhouses in the form of a children's house

The new tenant will certainly be able to thank you and help in the destruction of harmful insects. You can paint in bright colors. To make the design original, you can attach a mini canopy next to the birdhouse, under which a log of wood will be stored. Create castles, towers, huts that enliven landscape design.