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Gift baskets of products for men and women: how to fill a delicious basket


Gift baskets not only look very beautiful, but also cause a lot of pleasant emotions. The wicker product is filled with fruits, flowers, toys, depending on who it is addressed to. There are a huge number of design options for gift baskets: from corporate “serious” to cute children’s and romantic. You can give a basket for any occasion: New Year, birthday, Easter, professional holiday. You can make gifts without reason, just wanting to please your family and loved ones with a pleasant surprise.

Gift Basket Making

You can buy a gift basket without much difficulty, since there are plenty of them in stores. But there are many craftsmen who make them with their own hands. In fact, this is nothing complicated, you just need to get the material, apply a little imagination and patience, and the basket is ready. So, let's start with the material. For the manufacture of gift baskets willow branches, fern roots, vine or thick rope (jute) are used.

When choosing the design of the basket, one must proceed from the following considerations: gender and age of the hero of the occasion, occasion, level of the event. For a friendly party, you can prepare a small basket of twigs, by March 8 - an elegant piece of paper and fabric, for a celebration - a large, solid basket.

To design gift baskets using colored paper, ribbons, artificial flowers, berries and other elements. You can wrap the product with ribbons, or you can leave it in its original form. A basket decorated with ribbons is a romantic option, suitable for a woman. The natural vine looks good in combination with the "courageous" filling - expensive alcohol, fruits.

Separately, it should be said about wedding baskets. They should be decorated perfectly. Gift items in the shape of a swan look very touching (wings are made of wire and decorated with white ribbons). Like the whole wedding entourage, they are decorated with lace, rhinestones, artificial pearls, satin fabric.

Both form and content are important

The first prototype of the gift basket was an antique cornucopia. Let's remember what the cornucopia was filled with? Right, fruits and fruits. Therefore, a traditionally wicker basket is filled with products. The choice of products depends, again, on the occasion and personality of the hero of the occasion.

  • Gift baskets for men are filled with expensive alcohol, cigars. You can add a package of good coffee, a jar of olives and something from the office (notebook, pen) to the men's set. Beer lovers will appreciate a set of several cans of your favorite beer and something salty (in the package) for a snack.
  • Women are traditionally given flowers, fruits and sweets. Everything here also depends on the occasion. You can put a bottle of champagne or expensive wine, candy in a basket. The beloved will be delighted if she finds a neat box with jewelry among sweets. A basket for a business woman should be decorated very stylishly, so that it would not be embarrassing to put it on the table of a demanding and capricious lady. If we are talking about a gift for a birthday or Women's Day, then you can choose perfume and cosmetic filling.
  • A children's basket can be filled with everything a little: put candies, fruits, toys. Children love variety, so for them the basket will turn into a box with surprises. You can supplement the set with a disc with your favorite cartoon or a small picture book. It is very simple to please children, therefore everything here depends on the budget and imagination. Easter baskets - themed gifts filled with pastries and sweets - came into fashion.

A tea or coffee set is a great gift basket option for both women and men. You can complement it with delicious pastries or sweets.

The gastronomic collection is coming to the New Year. It can consist of a bottle of good alcohol, a jar of olives, a jar of seafood, caviar, rare cheese and expensive sausages.

How to present a basket

To collect and arrange a basket is half the battle. You also need to know how to hand it in correctly. The gift basket itself is a very convenient accessory that does not require additional packaging. If we are talking about the celebration of the New Year, then everything is simple: put a basket under the Christmas tree and give your family members the opportunity to find a gift on their own.

A corporate event dedicated to the anniversary of the company is a good reason to present small but pleasant gifts to employees of the company. Subordinates receive them from the hands of the head or may find such an original surprise at their workplace (in this case, one of the company employees arranges the baskets in advance).

A birthday present must be handed in person. On this day, a person needs the attention of others, so he expects the warmest congratulations from relatives and friends. Present a basket filled with flowers, fruits or other tasty and healthy things to the birthday person, accompanying her with a congratulation and, possibly, a kiss.

As you know, the best gift is the one in which a person puts his soul. You need to try to choose for their friends and relatives what they really want to receive. Dear and soulless presents look sad. The right gift should bring joy to both the giver and recipient, telling without words about love, respect and care.

Ideas: what to give a girl for a year of relationship. How to sew a toy with your own hands as a gift, you will find in this article.

Gift basket of products for men

The composition of the male grocery set, as a rule, includes meat, cheese and alcohol products.

A meat basket as a gift - great option Presentation for a real man. Now you can purchase a ready-made gift set or make it yourself. Since meat products do not have a very long shelf life, it would be better if you prefer the second option. In addition, this is how it will become possible to choose the range of products that a particular man likes.

Make it very simple. You should pre-purchase a gift basket and necessary products. You need to fill the basket with sausage so that it looks crowded. To do this, if the container is very deep, you can put a piece of foam on the bottom or lay bread with loaves and loaves. It will come in handy at the festive table.

Between loaves of bread place different types of sausages: sausages, sausages, uncooked sausages. If you want to make a cheese set, add them to the basket. You can choose beautifully designed options: for example, cheese "pigtail" or a whole cheese head is suitable. Sausage cheese is also useful. Decorate the set with greens.

Gift basket with deli meats

Complete the present greeting card or tag. Pack the finished product in packaging cellophane, collecting it above the handle in a "tail", like a candy. Complete the composition with a beautiful bright bow. Do-it-yourself sausage or cheese basket.

If a man is vegetarian, this does not mean that he needs to be deprived of a wonderful presentation. Choose a different composition. So, you can include in the grocery set: nuts, exotic fruits, different varieties of honey, tea, pickles, mushrooms and much more.

A ready-made food basket with filling usually contains a standard set of products, but if you make it yourself, you can diversify the composition. Include in it what the person who presents is especially fond of. It can be a jar of your favorite coffee or a bottle of luxury cognac.

A delicious set is a rather peculiar gift, so you can make it for each individual person

Give a beer lover a basket with felted fish and cans of a foamy drink, sweet tooth - collect a candy-chocolate set, a person who cares about his health will like honey and herbal preparations.

When choosing treats for a gift, pay attention to their shelf life. Choose only quality products. It is also not worth doing it in advance. You will be able to make a present quickly in a few hours. In hot weather, store a gift in the refrigerator and do not forget to warn the owner that you need to eat it as soon as possible.

This is not only an original and tasty present, but also very useful. Perfect for a festive table as a treat for guests.

Photo of a grocery basket as a gift to a man

Gift Grocery Basket for Woman

If you need a gift for a woman, you can collect the food basket yourself, using it favorite foods. Typically, women's grocery sets include chocolate, cakes, wine, fruits, or champagne.

As an option, make a vegetable basket as a gift. Such a present will be an ideal gift for a city dweller from relatives who have their own household. Use raw vegetables and greens or pickles to recruit. For example, in the spring, please her with a harvest of radishes, cucumbers and first greens, in the fall make a practical set of potatoes, carrots, beets. In winter, you can use cans with pickles and mushrooms.

Beautifully arrange all the blanks in a container, pack in transparent cellophane, decorate the finished product with a bright bow. To make the gift look festive, you can put branches with leaves or berries in a basket. In the autumn present, add rowan or viburnum branches with bunches of berries. It will turn out very colorful and unusual.

Vegetable basket with herbs "Vegetable Cornucopia"

A basket with berries is a wonderful summer gift. Any kind will do: strawberries, strawberries, currants or raspberries. Decorate the filled container with berry leaves. If the presentation is large, the hostess will be able to make various preparations from the berries. A very useful gift.

Basket with berries and kumquat "Arabesque"

Even in late autumn, you can make such a berry basket by filling it with sea buckthorn or viburnum. Berries have healing properties, they make a variety of decoctions, make cosmetics or freeze and use during colds in winter.

It is important to remember that the berries deteriorate quickly, so you should hand it immediately

Present an Italian food basket as a gift to a foodie. Its composition includes:

  • different varieties of pasta and Italian pasta,
  • olive oil,
  • seafood,
  • Tomatoes
  • cheeses
  • wine,
  • ketchups
  • jars with olives and olives.

Italian food basket as a gift

Or do youth option and add the pizza. Depending on the composition of the basket, its shelf life can be quite long. If you, for example, get wine, pasta, oil - it will be stored for a long time. It can be presented to a woman on the road or brought from a trip as a souvenir. Cheeses and pizza, respectively, you will need to eat quickly.

A basket of delicious food is more than just great gift, but also humanitarian aid to relatives in difficult situations. The grocery set can be handed over to elderly people or a young family.

Presentation versatility in that it can be composed in a variety of ways, depending on who the gift is given to. To choose a standard set for a stranger or to give your favorite treats to a close friend will be possible for everyone, as far as his material capabilities are.

You will learn how to collect a fruit gift basket by watching the video:

How to make a DIY gift basket in a step-by-step workshop

Weaving from paper tubes is a very creative and entertaining business. And most importantly - almost no cost. After all, there is material for work in every house - these are old newspapers, magazines. Before, you could just throw them away, and having mastered the technique of weaving from tubes, you can create an amazing craft with your own hands. So, to make a gift basket from paper, we need:

  • A4 paper (newspapers, magazines).
  • Scissors.
  • A sheet of thick cardboard.
  • Liquid glue (PVA, stationery for paper).
  • Acrylic paints.
  • Shape (glass jar).

We make paper tubes. To do this, cut strips of 4-5 cm wide from paper or newspaper. Using a knitting needle or skewer, twist the strips into a durable tube. We fix the end corner of the newspaper strip with glue. We harvest such tubes as much as possible so as not to interrupt during weaving. Some of them can be glued together in advance to obtain long tubes.

Getting to the bottom of the gift basket. From thick cardboard we cut out two identical circles of the size you need. We lubricate each cardboard circle on one side with glue, put short tubes (they will serve as struts) in a circle in the form of a “sun” on one of them, as shown in the photo.

On top we put the second cardboard circle, greased with glue, and cover with something heavy, for example, a stack of books.

After about 40 minutes, when the bottom is completely dry, put a mold on it (for example, a glass jar or a jar from under the washing powder), raise the rack from the tubes up and fix with an elastic band.

Using glue, we fix the first tube, which we will weave, on one of the racks.

We braid in the most usual way: we pass the tube either under the counter or above the counter. Thus, weave until a basket of the height you need comes out.

If the racks are long, we cut off the excess length, bend the tips inward and glue them. The result is such a basket.

We make a pen. We take two short tubes, wrap them long. Glue to the basket.

Now the last step: staining. In several layers, paint the basket with any color using acrylic paint. This paint does not soak the paper, does not deform it after drying.

We give a basket of paper time to dry. If desired, you can varnish on top. This will give the basket not only additional strength, but also make the craft more aesthetic and easy to care for.

Our do-it-yourself paper gift basket is ready to use.

Let's analyze the popular options for design and content of the basket

To make a wicker gift basket beautifully, you will need a satin ribbon (for a bow and a pen decoration) and a set of gifts that you will give.

First of all, decide on a set of gifts. What will you fill your basket with? Of course, the choice of products depends on the occasion and personality of the hero of the occasion, as well as your imagination and financial capabilities.

So, gift baskets for men can be filled with elite alcohol, cigars. You can add a jar of good coffee, tea, a jar of caviar, olives to this set. Beer lovers will appreciate the selection of your favorite beer cans and something salty for a snack.

It is customary for women to give fruits, flowers and sweets. It also depends on the occasion of the celebration, the tastes and lifestyle of the hero of the occasion. You can put in a basket a bottle of champagne or wine, a box of your favorite sweets. You can not just confine yourself to sweets - for the holiday on March 8, perfumery and cosmetic filling (hand and face creams, shower gels, etc.) will be a good option.

In a basket for newborns put a package of diapers, rattles, baby socks, booties, a set of diapers, towels, various baby care items. It is advisable to choose objects in the same color scheme. For a boy - blue, for a girl - pink.

Once you have decided on the set, start laying out gifts from the farthest edge of the basket. Place the largest and tallest products at the edge. Lay out the medium-sized ones in the middle of the basket. Lay out the remaining small gifts throughout the basket in free places.

We handle the basket handle with a satin ribbon and tie a beautiful bow. The basket is ready for delivery!