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How to create a chest in Blockheads


Mod Cooking for Blockheads gives players 3 different recipe books that help to cook various dishes in Minecraft. The first book is the main one: it contains recipes for dishes that are made only from what is in your inventory. You will see the available dishes. If you click on one of them, a recipe will appear in the left column.

The next book is an improved version of the previous one. It allows you to make a dish when you click on it. By clicking once, you will see the recipe, by double-clicking, you will make a dish.

The last book lists all the recipes available in the game, and it doesn't matter if you have the right ingredients in your inventory or not.

This mod also allows you to create a full kitchen. You can make refrigerators and kitchen racks in which you can store ingredients and food. A block of chess tiles will help to complement the atmosphere.

An oven is an improvement on a standard oven. It allows you to cook up to 9 dishes at a time and queue another 3 dishes that will begin to cook when the previous ones are cooked.

Please note a few points:

  • We do not make any changes to the Minecraft modification files, they are completely original, do not contain viruses and parasitic programs.
  • To download the mod, only official links provided by the authors of the modification are used.
  • Some links lead to the page of the developer's site, from which you can download the version you need.
  • Leave fashion feedback in the comments - this will help make Cooking for Blockheads better.

You can download the Cooking for Blockheads mod at this link: click

This Wiki about BlockHeads Edit

This wiki is dedicated to the wonderful game The Blockheads, in which the life, development and joy of the character depends on each of your actions. Do it! Equip at home! Build farms! Have fun! Ride on the engine! Make friends! Ride a donkey!

The Blockheads game for mobile devices on iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) and Android.

Craft Chest in Unturned

In addition, you will need 6 wooden crosses:

  1. Get 12 sticks. They can be found at the post office, construction site or sawed out using branches or planks with a hand saw.
  2. From sticks to make a wooden beam.
  3. Put together a wooden cross from two beams.
  4. Repeat the second and third paragraph several times until there are 6 crosses.

Finally, you can proceed to the main thing! But how to make a chest in unturned? Very simple, this requires:

  1. Take 2 wooden frames and 3 crosses.
  2. Craft a box.
  3. Add 3 crosses to the received box.
  4. Get a chest.

You can put all the extra items into it. It is worth saying that in the chest the stack of items is unlimited. In addition, other players will not be able to inspect this store. And if they want to break it, they will have to seriously sweat, because It has good strength.

The Blockheads Hack on Android:

  1. Era Of Time Crystals $ 9.99 - PY_gDnRQJsIvC
  2. HD Texture Pack $ 2.99 - EW_DhpOR3yIIb
  3. Epoch Of Time Crystals $ 4.99 - AV_sSBiXlgXKT
  4. Double-Time $ 2.99 - JN_bg49udJn9v
  5. Eon Of Time Crystals $ 24.99 - GD_9IGi2texME
  6. Age Of Time Crystals $ 0.99 - HW_MV4FKmVr48

Hacking The Blockheads on iOS:

  1. Double-Time $ 2.99 - ZQ_tkuJHTAaOB
  2. Era Of Time Crystals $ 9.99 - SR_uz26rKTBW0
  3. Epoch Of Time Crystals $ 4.99 - YX_Aar5oh8UjE
  4. Age Of Time Crystals $ 0.99 - RJ_vkbAQHBCPF
  5. Eon Of Time Crystals $ 24.99 - VF_apCojxgsBq
  6. HD Texture Pack $ 2.99 - RE_dv26ZcIylV

These cheat codes are provided by Majic Jungle Software, the developer of The Blockheads. Hacking is already used by quite a few players, at the moment the most popular Cheat is this "HW_MV4FKmVr48", with which you can get Age Of Time Crystals, and other players buy it for $ 0.99 and so advance in The Blockheads. Hacking is very simple to use, you don’t even need to download any programs, just entered the code and got what you want.