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How to draw a turtle in stages


Turtles are unusual animals, they differ from others in a strong shell-house, which has a beautiful, relief pattern. This animal is not easy to portray. But we have selected for you the most interesting and simple instructions that will help you understand how to draw a turtle with a pencil in stages for children.

Sample drawing for kids

Drawing animals is very interesting. We suggest starting with the simplest example. It is designed for small children who are unlikely to refuse to draw this interesting animal. What we will use in drawing:

  • a simple pencil
  • eraser,
  • felt-tip pens or multi-colored pencils.

How to draw a turtle in stages:

  1. First, draw an eye on the top of the sheet. It will be round. Inside we’ll arrange two smaller circles for the pupil and another very small one for the highlight. Draw an arc over the eye.
  2. From the arc, draw the top of the head. Make this part protrude forward to form a nose. Round off this detail below and get a mouth. In the background, in the form of an arc, draw the second eye. Draw the back of the neck and finish the front.
    With the help of a small droplet, we depict a nose.
  3. Now you need to draw a shell. To do this, use the wavy lines to draw the edges. With the help of a large arc, we will bring out the top of the carapace; you do not need to make this part perfectly even.
    We will decorate the shell with a pattern in the form of uneven semicircles.
  4. Draw the paws of the turtle. We draw two lines for each foot, the distance should not be narrow. At the tips of the paws, be sure to add triangular claws. Enough of three on each paw.
  5. Based on the obtained legs, draw the lower part of the carapace. It should have a slightly rounded shape and divided by stripes. If this part is ready, draw the remaining paws in the background. It remains to add the tail of the turtle.
  6. You can move on to coloring. In our figure, green, lime and marsh color was used. Lettuce color the body of the animal and the central circles on the shell. We paint over the lower part with the swamp, and everything else with bright green.

Done, how to draw a turtle with little children figured out.

Draw a turtle with a pencil

Another simple bug that will appeal to little artists. Drawing will be done only with a simple pencil. You can immediately start drawing:

  1. Draw a large arc. This is the basis for the shell. At the bottom of the edge we will connect one more, but this one is not so curved. Add edges to the shell. On the sides we make two roundness and connect them with a line. The extreme detail should not be wide.
  2. Let's draw a head. At the shell, draw a rounded shape. In front of it, you need to make it curved and thin. So, we have a nose formed. Draw thick paws and claws.
    Note that the claws here have a different shape. We draw them using semi-ovals. Add the bottom of the shell and tail.
  3. Now let's make our turtle more interesting. In the lower part of the head with the help of the semi-oval we will depict a mouth. He will be half open, and our turtle will smile.
  4. Add oval eyes at the top. Let's draw a pupil. Draw an arc above the eye and add the outline of the second eye in the background. Decorate the shell. Use shapes for this.
  5. How to draw a turtle with a pencil figured out step by step. To make the picture brighter, you can circle it with a black felt-tip pen. We did not paint the drawing, but you can decorate the animal with any bright colors.

The turtle looked like a cartoon one. And if we touched on such a topic, we can’t ignore the favorite cartoons of children and adults in which these animals are present.

Turtle from the cartoon about a lion cub

Adults will probably remember this cartoon and if your children have already watched it, it's time to try to draw, and will describe the process in detail.

Before making such a picture of a turtle for children, prepare:

  • a simple pencil (can be replaced with a black felt-tip pen),
  • eraser (if using a pencil),
  • felt-tip pens, paints or colorful pencils,
  • sheet.

Let's move on to drawing:

  1. We draw two small ovals. Add small pupils inside. We draw a thick nose. Circle the eyes with large circles.
  2. From the eye, which is located in the foreground, we begin to withdraw a long curved neck. Below, under the nose, we draw the lower part of the mouth, and from it we draw the second part of the neck.
    Please note that for this character the neck should be not only long, but also thin.
  3. From the bottom of the neck we draw a long arc for the top of the shell. Immediately add its lower part.
  4. Decorate the shell, draw two lines on its top. Add a wavy pattern at the bottom. Between the upper and lower decoration we will draw another pattern, it resembles curved circles.
  5. In front of the turtle add rounded claw legs. Draw the paws on the back. Focus on the sample, this turtle has its hind legs looking down.
  6. It's time to color the picture. We need a green, yellow, dark and light brown pencil. The shell is painted with brown shades. The turtle itself will be decorated in green, and the glasses and the part of the head behind them will be yellow.

So you can draw a turtle for a child. But you must admit, you cannot surprise a modern child with old cartoons, so we suggest portraying a modern turtle.

Turtle Aunt Motya

What kind of turtle can be attributed to the modern one? Of course, this is a delicate and intelligent aunt Motya from the cartoon about Luntik.

To draw this turtle for a child, prepare: a sheet, a black felt-tip pen, colorful pencils or crayons.

If you are drawing for the first time, it is better to use a pencil and an eraser. The picture for brightness can be brought with a black felt-tip pen. Getting started:

  1. We draw a semi-oval for the head. Closer up add a semicircle for Aunt Moti's nose. Below we add two more smaller arcs. With a thick felt-tip pen, add glasses with a bow.
  2. "Dress" Aunt Motya in a hat. We draw small pupils, and put freckles on the nose.
  3. Draw the torso. From the head in different directions we draw two lines. They should expand downward. In the center we draw a vertical line, the end of which is connected to the sides. The jacket turned out. She will also act as a shell.
    With the help of the rectangle under the jacket, we will depict the skirt.
  4. Below under the skirt we will depict thin and short legs. Add shoes. And at the ends of the sweatshirt we draw our hands. Thin stripes denote fingers.
  5. Decorate the shell with the help of figures of different shapes. You can make them layered. That is, in a larger figure draw the same, but less.
  6. The basis of the drawing is ready, now we color the turtle with multi-colored pencils step by step for the children. Take a green wax pencil, paint over the head and legs.
  7. Make Aunt Moti's hat yellow. For shell we use lime. Shade the skirt with a brown pencil.
    To get the volume, you can use a dark green shade on the jacket. Circle the contours of the figures and the shell itself. We will make the patterns on the shell brown and the skirt a little darkened with black.

The drawing of your favorite character is ready. Now let's move on to the complicated instructions that will help you learn how to draw a sea turtle. It can be painted on the shore of an exotic island, for example, with palm trees.

Sea Turtle Painting

We already learned with you how to draw turtles with pencils and markers step by step, now it's time to move on to working with paints.

In work we will use:

Let's move on to the creative process:

  1. So that during drawing the paper does not slip on the working surface, we fix it with tape. The blue color is strongly diluted with water. With this color and a thin brush, we will make the markup. By the way, it can be made with a simple pencil.
  2. Around the center of the sheet, we outline the approximate position of the carapace. Initially, its silhouette is similar to an eye or a grain.
  3. On the right side we draw a neck and a rounded head. These two parts should be about half the length of the shell.
  4. Now note the part in which this turtle is different from the ordinary. This animal has fins. We draw them using curved lines, the ends of the fins should be rounded and narrowed. Add turtle hind legs. The markup is ready.
  5. Now we will do undermining. Use a large brush and mix white and blue gouache. We will cover the water around the turtle. Neat strokes completely paint over the background.
  6. Mix white, green and blue paint. The resulting shade paint over the tortoise shell. You need to make a dense layer. Add blue and black to the color used. This shade needs to close the remaining parts of the turtle.
  7. We proceed to work with the middle brush. We will take care of the design of the water near the turtle. Mix blue, green and a little white. Start marking the shadow areas with simple brush strokes. They need to be scattered all over the sheet.
    No concrete figures need to be drawn; everything must have been applied arbitrarily so that the emphasis remains on the turtle.
  8. Add more white to the color used. To the strokes made earlier, add new light ones. Be sure to make smooth transitions.
    Add white again and continue to paint strokes on the background. Add white until the blue completely disappears from the paint. We are working on the background, we can depict corals.
  9. Red continue to exhibit corals. They can be drawn using small strokes around the background, as shown in the sample. We bring whitewash into the paint and draw light areas. Thus, the sea bottom can be decorated with green and yellow paint.
  10. We begin to draw a sea turtle. Mix blue with green and on the carapace draw cells of different shapes. Add white and yellow to the color. You should get a light shade.
    We begin to mark the shadow areas. We make strokes inside each cell. We bring in even more yellow and make the finishing touches in the cells in bright colors.
  11. In white, we add white and select the contours of the cells on the shell. Make shadows and highlights with a thin brush and dark green. With the same color using spot drawing, draw fins, the back of the turtle and the head. Decorate your neck with dots and brown paint. Draw an eye.
  12. To make the animal look naturally add a drop of green to white. Draw the outlines of the dots on the fins and head.

Done. We got a real abstract picture with a sea turtle. If you decide to study the underwater inhabitants in detail, we suggest that you learn how to draw a dolphin and other fish.

Lesson materials for drawing

Let's start painting our colored turtle with a shell. We take a simple pencil and draw a curved line (the base of the shell). From above we cover it with an arc, like a rainbow.

We have a shell, for which we will come up with an interesting pattern of circles and polygons. With a simple pencil, we start our pattern from the top. Due to the fact that we look at the turtle from the side, we do not see the side patterns completely. Check out the animation below, which shows in which order the geometric shapes on the shell are drawn.

How to draw a panda in stages? - read here.

The next step is to draw a head with a muzzle and flippers. We will have a sea turtle.

We color the whole turtle with colored pencils. And the sheet is tinted with a blue pencil.

Also, the turtle can be decorated with wax pencils, and for tinting use watercolor. Then it will be possible, they’re not afraid to call on the object, and remove the excess with a napkin.

Give it a try! Imagine! Do it! Share your work and creation stories! The most interesting will be posted on our portal!

Sea Turtle Facts

A fairly large reptile that lives in the ocean. What is most interesting, unlike land relatives, sea turtles cannot drag their heads and limbs under the shell. It’s not enough to land on land, they can develop decent speed under water. Turtles breathe air. But if she is resting or sleeping, then she may not rise to the surface until 7 o’clock.