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Jelly Shots with Rum


1st layer: Put pineapples on the bottom of the mold, and pour gelatin prepared from a mixture of water and pineapple juice. Put in the cold until completely solidified.

2nd layer: Grind cottage cheese with sugar, cream, ground nuts and lemon juice.

Add gelatin to the crushed curd (for better solidification). When the first layer is ready, carefully spread the curd mass, level it and put it back in the refrigerator.

3rd layer: Melt the butter in a microwave oven or on a fire (DO NOT bring to a boil), mix with crushed cookies until smooth. I am carving cookies in a comvine.

Spread the prepared mass on top of the 2nd layer and put it back in the refrigerator.

Gently turn the frozen cake onto a serving dish and decorate as desired. Serve with cream or ice cream.


  1. Mix 250 ml of chilled White Rum in a bowl and 250 ml of plain water.
  2. We put the bowl in the refrigerator for complete cooling (good cooling of the mixture is very important, otherwise with further mixing, the alcohol will evaporate quickly and the jelly will turn out less strong).
  3. Pour 250 ml of water into a saucepan (+1 tablespoon - a reserve for boiling). Let’s boil.
  4. Pour 2 sachets (170 g) of jelly with the scent of lime or orange into boiling water and mix thoroughly until completely dissolved.
  5. Now pour the chilled mixture of water with rum. Mix everything well.
  6. Lightly grease the shots with vegetable oil, so that it would be easier to remove them after solidification. For the same purpose, put ice cream sticks or skewers, plastic spoons in glasses.
  7. Pour jelly, approximately 30 ml into each shot.
  8. We put the tray with glasses in the refrigerator (only not in the freezer) for 2-4 hours, i.e. until the jelly hardens completely. Keep jelly in the refrigerator until serving.

When using another alcoholic beverage, it should be remembered that alcohol has a different strength and in order for the jelly to freeze, it is necessary to observe approximately the following proportions:
-Lax alcohol (

20%) - 390 ml per 90 ml of water (26 tablespoons of alcohol per 6 tablespoons of water),
-strong alcohol (

45%) - 300 ml per 180 ml of water (20 tablespoons of alcohol in 12 tablespoons of water),
-very strong (

90%) - 180 ml per 300 ml of water (12 tablespoons per 20 tablespoons of water).

We bring to your attention the options for the perfect combination of alcohol and jelly:
-vodka with cranberry, orange, strawberry, cherry, banana and lemon jelly,
rum with coconut, lime, mango and pineapple,
- whiskey with apple and lemon,
-Gin with peach and kiwi,
Brands with orange and cherry
schnapps with peach, orange and raspberry,
-sake with lime and cranberry,
Cognac with apple, peach and orange
tequila with lime and lemon
champagne with strawberry, strawberry,
Amaretto with orange, apricot
Malibu Tropicana with banana, strawberry,
-Triple Sec with lime, orange and lemon.

What you need to make alcoholic shots

  1. To begin with, the party owner should decide which products he will use to make jelly. For the alcohol base you can take champagne, wine, vodka, rum, tequila or liquor. You will also need gelatin and jelly semi-finished products of different tastes.
  2. Sweet cherries, strawberries, canned pineapples and peaches are perfect for decorating alcoholic jelly. But it is worth considering that the addition of fruits should emphasize the taste of the dessert or match it. For example, cherry shots are combined with kiwi or cherries, and lemon or orange decoration can be made from zest.
  3. Crockery, small silicone molds or elegant glasses can serve as dishes. The size of the containers depends on the concentration of alcohol in the recipe: the stronger the main ingredient, the smaller the portion of the dessert should be.

The best homemade alcohol jelly recipes

To date, many options for combining jelly with alcohol, however, it is important to remember that alcohol should be of exceptionally good quality. And there is also a small list of the most successful combinations of jelly and alcohol:

  • vodka - with cherry or orange jelly,
  • cognac or whiskey - with apple,
  • tequila - with lemon,
  • gin - with jelly with the taste of peaches or kiwi.

The most optimal combination of the proportions of liquid jelly and alcohol is considered 2: 1, respectively. If there is more alcohol - the dessert will be strong and not very tasty.

Universal alcohol jelly

The recipe is very quick and easy.using conventional ingredients. Jelly is better to choose according to alcohol.

For dessert you need:

  • 20 gr. gelatin
  • 80 gr. hot water,
  • 50 gr alcohol (vodka, tequila, gin or whiskey),
  • fruit and berry slices, food coloring for decoration.

How to cook:

  1. Dissolve gelatin in hot water in accordance with the instructions.
  2. Cool to 35 ° C and mix with alcohol. Add dyes (optional).
  3. Pour the workpiece into small containers and put in the refrigerator until it solidifies, and before serving, let it melt a little for 5 minutes.

Unusually, different types of jelly will look in one cup. To get this effect you need to wait for the thickening of one layer, and then fill it with the next.

Alcohol jelly shots

Dish, cooked according to this recipe, will surprise guests with an unusual appearance and excellent taste.

For dessert you need:

  • 1 pack lemon gelatin
  • 230 gr. tequila or vodka
  • 450 gr hot water,
  • 230 gr. cold water
  • lime for decoration.

How to cook:

  1. Dissolve gelatin in hot water in accordance with the instructions.
  2. Mix thoroughly with cold water.
  3. Pour in alcohol, mix.
  4. Pour the mass into molds and put in the refrigerator until it solidifies.
  5. Before serving, garnish dessert with lime slices.

Step 1: Cooking Margarita Jelly Shot

To prepare all the jelly shots, first of all, it is necessary to completely dissolve the gelatin in warm water, then mix with cold and add your chosen alcohol.

When cooking Margarita jelly-shot, the first thing to do is to mix sugar syrup with lime juice, add gelatin and set it on a fire to heat until it (gelatin) is completely dissolved. Then add the tequila.

Divide the mixture into 2 servings. Add watermelon liquor to one, and apple to the other. Pour into molds, pierce the jelly with candy sticks and put in the freezer.

Champagne jelly with fruits and berries

Difficult to prepare, but very delicious dessert, which is perfect for champagne.

For dessert you need:

  • 350 gr Sahara,
  • 20 gr. granular gelatin
  • 0.5 l champagne
  • 200 gr. any berries and fruits.

How to cook:

  1. Sugar (50 gr.) Mixed with 1 tbsp. l water and simmer for 4 minutes.
  2. Add berries and fruits to the syrup and heat for another 3 minutes.
  3. Allow the mixture to cool at room temperature.
  4. On a small fire, heat half the champagne to 40 ° C, combine with the remaining sugar and stir.
  5. Pour gelatin granules and the remains of champagne into the mixture.
  6. Again, mix and pour in the tins with fruit and berry syrup.
  7. Let the dessert cool in the refrigerator for about an hour and a half.

The easiest jelly with vodka

The easiest way to make alcoholic shots. Vodka in the recipe can be replaced with any drink no weaker than 40 degrees. It can be rum, tequila or strong tincture.

For dessert you need:

  • 250 gr water,
  • 125 gr. alcohol
  • 1 pack finished jelly.

How to cook:

  1. Jelly gradually diluted in hot water. Stir the mixture until the grains are completely dissolved.
  2. Cool to 55 ° C, pour in alcohol and mix thoroughly.
  3. Pour the workpiece into small containers. It can be small piles or ice molds.
  4. Put the dessert in the refrigerator until it hardens. Before serving, shots can be taken out and arranged in plates, garnished with orange zest, lime slices or canned peaches.

Jelly bears with vodka

In this simple recipe you can use not only vodka, but also any other strong drinks, and the bears can be replaced with other jelly analogs, for example, sweet marmalade.

To prepare a dessert, it is enough:

  1. Pour the jelly figures into a deep bowl and completely pour vodka to the top.
  2. Cover the blank with a film and put in the refrigerator for at least 2 days (cover the dessert with a film so that the figures do not absorb all the aromas of the refrigerator).
  3. After this time, you can try dessert. If you are satisfied with the taste, then the bears are ready, otherwise, you will need to add more alcohol and remove again for impregnation in the cold.

IMPORTANT: The duration of the pickling depends on the quality of the bears. The denser the composition, the longer they need to insist.

Beer Jelly

For cooking you need:

  • 1.5 liters light beer
  • 160 gr Sahara,
  • 40 gr ginger root
  • 75 gr. instant gelatin
  • 250 gr water.

How to cook:

  1. Bring the beer to a boil and add sugar along with ginger sliced ​​into thin slices.
  2. Remove from heat, allow to cool and add gelatin swollen in hot water.
  3. Stir the resulting mass thoroughly and pour into beer glasses, underfilling 4 cm to the edge.
  4. Remove dessert for 1 hour in the refrigerator.
  5. Beat the rest of the beer mixture until lush foam is formed, spread over the hardened beer jelly and put it back in the cold for another 3 hours.

Color shots with alcohol

This original dessert has a composition more complicated than described above, and the cooking process itself will require some skill and accuracy. But as a result, you will hit the guests an interesting dish that will not leave anyone indifferent.

For dessert you need:

  • 250 gr vodka
  • 25 gr lime juice
  • 50 gr cherry juice
  • 50 gr orange juice
  • 35 gr instant gelatin
  • sugar syrup (water - 40 gr. and sugar - 20 gr.),
  • 10 berries of cherry with ponytails.

How to cook:

  1. Dilute gelatin in hot water, mix with sugar syrup and cool.
  2. Add vodka and divide the mass into 3 servings.
  3. Mix one of them with cherry juice, pour into molds and refrigerate.
  4. Pour orange juice into the second portion, and combine the third with lime.
  5. Pour the mass with lime onto the frozen cherry jelly and garnish with cherry berries on top.
  6. When the second layer hardens, pour it with orange and send to cool again.

Cooking alcoholic shots, as we see, there will be no difficulty, while you can diversify the recipes described above as you like, based on the preferences of the guests and their own tastes. Do not be afraid of home experiments in the kitchen, especially since as a result you can create a true masterpiece that will conquer all participants in the party.

However do not forgetthat an outwardly attractive dessert, reminiscent of yummy from childhood, is a very strong alcoholic delicacy for adults and its excessive eating can cause the same hangover syndrome as the use of ordinary liquid alcoholic drinks.

Step 2: Cooking the Northern Lights Jelly Shot

Here we need fresh cherry. We will prepare this jelly shot in layers. The first layer will be opaque. To do this, mix a glass of pineapple or orange juice with gelatin, put on fire and cook for 5 minutes, stirring constantly. Then add vodka.

After that, pour the mixture into molds and put in the freezer for about 30 minutes.

Now prepare the second, transparent layer. To do this, mix a glass of white grape juice or a glass of sprite with gelatin. Cook for 5 minutes on fire, and then set to cool for 15 minutes in the refrigerator. We get the molds with an opaque layer, put the cherries and fill the second layer, and put them back in the freezer. After 20-30 minutes the dessert is ready!

Step 3: Cooking the Rainbow Jelly Cherry Shot

> This is a jelly shot we will also cook in layers. The first layer is red. To prepare it, we need to mix a glass of water with two bags of strawberry or cherry gelatin. We put on the fire to cook for 5 minutes, then add 50 g of vodka and put in the freezer. The second layer is yellow. To do this, do everything the same way as the previous one, only with the addition of lemon gelatin. Then fill it in a tin with a red layer and put it back in the freezer.

And finally, the third layer is blue. We cook according to the old scheme, with the addition of blue dye to gelatin. After cooking, put the cherry between the red and yellow layer. Fill the blue layer on top and put in the freezer for 2 hours. (Colors can be filled in any order)

Step 4: Serve Alcoholic Jelly Shot

And now our alcoholic jelly - shots are ready. Serve them cold. Alcohol is similarly absorbed more slowly and most of your guests will not even notice how much they ate, so you can play pranks and use more water and less alcohol, which will help to avoid unpleasant situations and spend a relatively cultural time.

I think your guests will appreciate your efforts.

- It is better to put jelly shots from the refrigerator in advance so that they melt a little.

- Before pouring alcohol into the jelly mixture, let it cool for 5 minutes and add cold water or juice. This is to ensure that alcohol does not evaporate.

- All the above recipes are very approximate, so you can give free rein to your imagination and experiment with juices, syrups and any type of alcohol that you like.

- Jelly does not have to be layered; you can use one color, then the cooking time will be significantly reduced.