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How to create a personal diary on the Internet, Blogging


Personal diary in a notebook or notepad? This has long been old-fashioned and not interesting! Everyone can read such a diary with ease, and writing secrets into it is very dangerous! Everyone has long known that the best diary is a diary with a password!

We suggest you keep a personal online diary on our service! Come up with any username and password, and no one can ever (except you, of course) be able to read your notes!

Now you can finally write absolutely everything that you think! Attach any drawings, photos and write all your thoughts! Your diary on our service is a reliable and loyal friend who will never let you down! To start keeping a diary, register now!

Now your diary will always be beautiful and will never be rumpled or spoiled by juice, tea, or anything else spilled on it!

It's no secret that the diary in the notebook deteriorates over time, grows old, becomes wrinkled and decrepit, and the entries in it are becoming worse and worse. Well, if something is accidentally spilled on him, then there will be a catastrophe! But this will not happen with us!

Even after 20 years, you will also open your diary, read the notes that were made a long time ago, look at the photo and remember everything in all its colors!

Some people think that it’s better to keep a diary by downloading and installing it on a computer or phone. However, this is not so! Firstly, such a diary can be easily found and read while you leave for a couple of minutes, and secondly, it is very dangerous because the diary is tied to the device on which it is kept!

Sometimes computers / phones / tablets break. And with them you can lose all your notes forever. Yes, it is very sad, but it is! Many, unfortunately, have already felt this on themselves.

We suggest you keep a diary with us and not worry that it may disappear! Even if a computer or phone breaks down, you will still go into your diary later from any other phone or computer. The main thing to remember is the address of our site, your username and password.

Today, more and more often, people want to write down their thoughts in a personal diary, which only they will have access to. After a few years, it’s nice to remember, read, mourn with your diary, which is always next to the person who writes it and is his best friend.

You can entrust everything to such a friend and he will never condemn and betray! He will understand everything and keep all secrets, all joy and sorrow, creating an excellent memory of past days.

Where to make a personal diary

I recommend using the Blogger platform (one of the Google services), because

  • Is free.
  • Reliably.
    • To enter the account you need to confirm the entry with a password and SMS arriving on the phone (see about two-step authentication).
    • All entries can be downloaded to a computer (see how to save the contents of a blog to a computer).
    • Blogger has a huge audience, it is constantly being developed and developed.
  • Conveniently.
    • Simple admin. panel.
    • Records are arranged by date in reverse chronological order.
    • Entries can be grouped by topic using shortcuts.
    • The old record can be found using the search form.
    • The service is interconnected with YouTube and Google+: you can add both video and images.
    • You can change the appearance of the blog without special programming skills.
    • There is an official app on Google Play. There is a mobile version of the blog.

Blogger Sample Blog

The simplest template: see the blog "Appendix 17".

The “blogger cheat sheet” also stands on Blogger, only it has its own domain and a redesigned appearance: the service allows you to change HTML and CSS code.

The blog "Appendix 17" is open to all, so you can take a look at a working example. When switching to a resource that is closed to outsiders, the visitor will see a message asking them to log in to their account: see the “Appendix 18” blog.

Or maybe still have a public blog?

You can start a personal and public blog at the same time.

On the Internet you can be anyone: a 10-year-old Vasya, a teacher Marya Ivanovna, and the owner of the plant Pyotr Vladimirovich, and Anonymous. You can wear any masks, come up with any aliases. And do not report them to relatives. But by maintaining a public blog you can find support or advice from readers.

I am considering the following blogging platforms:

Blog AssignmentPlatformSpecialist. knowledge
For business See main project +
To make money on advertising Wordpress or Blogger +
For communication Learn (you can register by the link) -
For personal use. Blogger -

Under the special. knowledge means that in the process of blogging along the way you will need to learn how to promote sites on the Internet, HTML, Photoshop and more.


Life Goes Nothing new for me. But the "blogger cheat sheet" is your excellent, I often use it. Sergey Balabin I kept a blog for one year, reached 700 places, then I realized that it was purely for communication and a waste of time. No one is buying links, Adsense isn’t delivering. And in order to earn money, you need to be on the top, which is very difficult and you need to invest money in Learn.
In short, I just spent time.
Now on Blogger, the blog has a mind for a year and a half and is very happy about it. And it’s very interesting to try to promote it in a search engine, by the way)) NMitra Life Goes, thanks, I try to be useful. I will post my article writing strategy a bit later. Without this page, I would have been in no way.

Sergey Balabin, thank you for the comment! Learn from the inside, I almost do not know. It was interesting to read a review about him. Life Goes NMitra, I’ll ask the question a little off topic, I have a purchased domain on a blogger, don’t tell me how to buy it for 5 years, and not get paid for it every year. Sergey Balabin NMitra, I once wrote about LiveJournal, I think that it is necessary to update the article, as thoughts have already been updated in my head and the information there is outdated). NMitra Life Goes, when renewing, you can write to the registrar and deposit a large amount. Domain RU can be renewed only for a year. Andrey S. Thank you so much. I am pleased to read your articles. It was they who thought me up to make blogs on a blogger. NMitra Andrey S, thanks!

From the blogs of copywriters I like There is something that I like - examples. You look: yes, it became so interesting.

Your blog, it seems to me, lacks colors. You don’t need to make a Christmas tree from your blog, you can increase the font of the headlines, the space of the headlines, try to highlight the main thoughts with the background. Although it is not for me to give advice - the designer of me is terrible.

Modern diary in Word

This diary format is chosen by many people. It is convenient for those who spend a lot of time at the computer and are unaccustomed to handwriting. The advantage of such a diary is that you can put a password on the file, and no one else will see the entries made inside it.

Such a diary is also good because the set of tools in the Word program is quite wide, so you can use different styles, fonts, colors in the design. If necessary, you can insert a photo or picture that describes the emotion. Using the “table of contents” tool, you can create diary content by date, then it will be easy to find the desired entry by simply clicking on it.

Creativity: Power Point Presentation

If you want to create and be creative, you can go even further. Creating a diary in Power Point is extremely rare, but because of this, this method is attractive for those who like to be different. Its advantages are that it will be interesting to view it, and if a person likes to show imagination in everything, then the entries in such a diary will turn into a kind of hobby. You can select the background for the slide, thus indicating your mood. For this, the usual fill with color or the choice of a picture or photo is suitable. When the time comes to look through the diary, it will be like scrolling through an album or book about your life.

Strict and ascetic Excel file

This option is suitable for people who are not used to writing a lot, like orderliness and minimalism. There are much fewer tools for manifesting imagination, but you can draw up a mood chart, a diagram of good and bad days or achievements. This will greatly help in introspection, will provide an opportunity to understand what should be changed, and in what to develop.

Completely do it yourself

How to make your personal diary truly personal? You can create it completely with your own hands. For example, the cover can be made of velvet paper, the pages can be stitched with thread. It can be ordinary white sheets or multi-colored, proline or clean. Pages are better numbered so that there is no temptation to wrest them on emotions.

New diary for every year

One can imagine that every year is a new volume of a book called Life. What does the book need? Of course the name. It is better to leave a place for him until the end of the year, and in December, after reading his pages, name them accordingly. To have enough space, it is better to take a larger notebook for this, a clerical book is suitable.

By the way, if there is no risk that someone will read the diary, you can also print a computer file, make holes in it with a hole punch and fasten it with tape or tape.

It is optional to write in the diary

If writing is unnecessary, what can be done in your personal diary? Paint! If the day turned out to be so heavy that you don’t have the strength to write about it, you can simply shade the page in gray, pour out a bad mood with black paint. If, on the contrary, positive is in full swing, you can depict a sun or a smiling emoticon on a sheet. The craft will help to convey the romantic mood, for example, if a romantic date has passed, you can paste several petals from a gift bouquet or a movie ticket on the page, describing your impressions with just one line.

Mistakes to be

If the diary is written by hand, sometimes blots, errors, crossed out lines appear in it. This is an absolutely normal reaction. A person sometimes does not like what he writes, or thoughts, in his opinion, are set out incorrectly, the diary turns into a manuscript of a displeased author. Strikethroughs are best avoided by reassuring a little internal criticism, but if they do appear, take them for granted. No need to tear out sheets or scold yourself for untidiness, each entry, each page is important.

Casket with secrets

An unusual way of keeping a diary is in the form of notes. These should be small pieces of paper. Sometimes they can be unusual: a piece of newspaper, a napkin from a cafe, a torn sheet of paper. The main thing is that you always have a pen at hand, then you can record emotions immediately. You need to take the box in which these notes will be stored, for example, a year. On each scrap, the date should be indicated, and you need to write only on one side, at the end of the year it is better to stick notes in a notebook. Such a diary will turn out creative and original, will reflect the true mood at the time of writing.

Letters from the subconscious

If you are thinking about how to make your personal diary unusual and interesting, then another rare, but quite curious way to keep it will help. Create two new mailboxes. Give one the name “Your subconscious”, “Your inner world”, “Your Self” or something similar, personal. This will be the sender. The second name at your discretion, write yourself letters and send to him. Check your email periodically. It is important to use these boxes only for communication with yourself. By the way, if you really want to answer a letter from the subconscious, doing this will also be useful. You can even create a separate branch with a dialog.

You can do the same, but in paper form. Here, at will, you can even send letters to yourself by mail, and then put them in a separate box.

The main thing is that keeping a diary gives him pleasure and is comfortable. Choosing how to make a personal diary, you can begin to work. Let the first record be inspirational and intimate, inspiring a desire to write in a diary in the future.

1. You will spend less time on the web

Many of us promise ourselves more time to "live offline", but what really is? We constantly hang on the Internet during business hours, even if our work responsibilities do not provide for this. We come home - history repeats itself. We come to visit our parents, decide to meet friends or just go for a walk - the picture is the same, the Internet is always at hand in our smartphone.

Given that in order to share your thoughts and describe everything that happened to you in a day, you will need an average of 30 minutes, a paper diary is a great way to spend less time on the World Wide Web and just at the computer.

2. A paper diary is always at hand

The hindrance of the Internet connection, the low level of charge of the gadget just when there is no charger at hand, or just at home so inappropriately turned off the electricity. You may encounter all these problems when maintaining an electronic diary. But sometimes the necessary thought disappears in a matter of seconds, so you need to act quickly.

A notebook and pen are always nearby, and technical problems will never stop you from writing down all the most important things.

3. Your personal diary is really personal

Yes, of course, an electronic diary can also be made private, closed from prying eyes. But no one has canceled hacking accounts, accidentally left open tabs on the computer, in which the curious eyes of your household or friends strive to look into it. You can always carry a paper diary with you and be sure that its contents will not be known to other people.

1. Paper diary is easy to lose

Yes, a defenseless paper diary is so easy to lose: forget it on a park bench, accidentally leave it on the subway, drop it from a backpack during a morning run for a minibus. It may be inadvertently thrown out by one of your family members during the next spring cleaning. And if you are a student who likes to write down his thoughts mainly in boring pairs at the university, then you may accidentally forget your secret store at one of the desks in the temple of knowledge.

An electronic diary is more reliable than a paper one. Even if you forget your username or password, you can recover them.

2. You may just be too lazy to write

“It's just too lazy to write” - an excuse that can negate the noble desire to replenish your diary daily with entries. Remember how in the school and university years after the summer holidays, in the first lesson or the first pair, we told our classmates or classmates: “I forgot how to write in the summer?” Here is the same story.

We are all used to knocking on the keyboard and we don’t consider it hard work, but to take a pen with paper and start writing is simply too lazy for many.

3. Diaries require a place in the house

If you are going to keep your diary in good faith, daily replenishing it with full-fledged entries, rather than unsubscribing, then in a couple of years you will accumulate several impressive notebooks in volume for which you will have to look for a place in the house.

In this, the paper diary loses to the electronic one: if the electronic diary is weightless and imperceptible, then its paper counterpart is more trouble.

4. Limited content

In a paper diary, you will collect words from letters, you can even print photos and attach tickets, leaflets, calendars and other paper trifles to your diary, which remained from a momentous event sweetheart.

But you cannot insert a gif, audio or video clip into your paper diary, which now accurately reflects your mood.

1. You can share your thoughts with others

Sometimes we want to share with people even personal information: we want to talk about our victories, share successes and achievements, sometimes even problems, we want advice or support. Sometimes we want to get an assessment of our creativity.

This is the plus of the electronic diary: we can give access to it to other people whose opinion is important to us. In addition, having entered the taste, you can make your own blog from a personal diary.

2. The electronic diary cannot be forgotten or lost

The paper diary, as we explained above, is very easy to accidentally lose. With electronic this will not work.

In addition, the paper diary can be accidentally forgotten at home, in the car, but anywhere, and when you need it, it may not be at hand. It’s easier with electronic: even if there is no laptop nearby, then a smartphone or tablet is suitable.

2. It’s easy to “leave for someone else’s forest”

Setting ourselves the task of daily replenishing your electronic diary with at least one new entry, we can easily find workarounds - we begin to share the recordings we like, favorite poems and other extraneous, but close to us content, without accompanying it with our own thoughts.

On the one hand, we are fulfilling the task before us to regularly replenish our diary with notes, and on the other hand, we will skip, do not do the main thing - do not share our thoughts and impressions, but throw out, albeit dear to the heart, but still foreign content.

4. It can be expensive

You may want to buy a domain name (especially if you plan to turn your personal diary into a blog), the diary application you like may be paid, plus some resources may have restrictions on downloading media files that can’t be bypassed without a fee.

Each form of diary has its advantages and disadvantages. Summing up, I want to note that no matter what your diary will be - paper or electronic, the main thing is the action, that is, do not throw your diary on and regularly replenish it with entries.

And which diary do you keep - electronic or paper?