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Men's perfume: rules for selection and use


The world of perfumery is multifaceted, its rules apply. There is no fragrance that would suit everyone and always. You should have at least a couple of different flavors in your collection: deep for an evening date and neutral for an office, stable winter and light summer. The stability and saturation of perfumes depends on the concentration of essential oils. Depending on the specific volume of the aromatic component, the perfume is divided into perfumes, water and cologne.

The most powerful and lasting fragrance does not give cologne, as many people think, but perfumes. The aromatic substances in the mix of oils, ethyl alcohol and water are about 25%. Therefore, perfumes are a winter option, in hot weather they will be redundant and harsh. It is worthwhile to select perfumes with care and apply correctly to fully reveal the aroma. A drop of perfume on the wrist, in the region behind the earlobes, in the interclavicular hollow and on the inner fold of the elbow is enough. It is better to apply the aroma with the applicator, do not rub it between the wrists with your hands, otherwise the molecules will break down and the impression of perfumes will be distorted. Especially strong are the notes of a plume of spirits - the most subtle and sensual, they hold on the skin for up to seven hours.

Perfumed and toilet water

In the perfumed water of essential oils - not more than 20%. The smell is also stable, but lighter and more transparent. This option is suitable for a summer day, but more saturated, deep bouquets are well perceived in the winter. Eau de Parfum can be applied in the morning, and its imprint will accompany you all day.

The most popular variant of perfumery is toilet water. The concentration of the aromatic composition in it is low - 8-10%. Because of this, the price of eau de toilette is even affordable for luxury brands. The top and middle notes sound bright, and the train quickly dissipates. Eau de toilette without a too exotic bouquet is suitable for the office, you will have to take it with you to periodically refresh the aroma, which lasts 3-6 hours. In the evening, you can change the bouquet to a more sensual, deep.

It is correct to apply water with a dispenser by spraying a cloud above itself. The fabric absorbs and retains odor well, but gives it poorly. The molecules will open more fully if you use perfume after a shower, when the skin pores are opened.

Cologne is a classic after-shave skin care product. This is the easiest type of perfumery, which lasts only a couple of hours. It can be used for disinfection and freshness in the morning, before a date, after the gym. Apply the tool with a cotton pad. With sensitive skin, it is better to use colognes-creams.

Fragrance Care

Many perfume houses produce a line of fragrance, which in addition to the main perfume also includes deodorant-perspirants and care products. They do not conflict with each other and more fully reveal the aroma. If you use a single perfume, care must be chosen with a neutral smell, so as not to create dissonance.

How to choose your fragrance

Anyone who has ever been to a perfume store knows how difficult it is to compare different perfumes. After several bottles, our sense of smell no longer perceives odors, and they become similar to each other. Risking to buy is not at all what you expect. So in search of something new for yourself it is better to get acquainted with 3-4 aromas at a time, no more.

To get a first impression, you need to apply the product on a paper strip. Sound interesting? Then we try it on to our skin - we apply it on the wrist or elbow bend and wear it for several hours. While you can walk around the mall or return to the boutique next time. The bouquet does not open immediately, and on each it plays differently. How to try four perfumes at once? One on both wrists and elbows. If you don’t feel the aroma on yourself, it doesn’t irritate, and if you inhale it closely, you still like it after a few hours - then it suits you.

The choice of perfume depends on many factors - age, season, decor. Light water, citrus, floral aromas are good for daily use, they are versatile and do not irritate others. But the sea breeze will be too weak for the winter, when smells are weaker. Woody, earthy, spicy bouquets are more versatile and exotic. For daily use, choose them in the format of toilet water.

Perfume Price

Our narrow-minded mind is accustomed to thinking that the high price for a perfume necessarily confirms its quality. In fact, some of the popular fragrances of recent decades have been made using relatively simple technology. The price of a perfume reflects not so much the quality of the raw materials from which perfumes are made, but rather the history of the brand, identified with the image and a certain way of life. Therefore, the conditional Ralph Lauren will always be more expensive than an unfamiliar perfume, even if the latter has a little worse aroma.

How to choose a men's perfume

Scientific studies confirm that a person naturally chooses the fragrance that best matches his natural body odor. In other words, only you know which aroma suits you, and therefore it is better to decide on your own when choosing a perfume. And let this fact put your girlfriend in a somewhat difficult position on the eve of February 23. Choosing a men's perfume is a man’s business.

Of course, it’s worth listening to the opinions of others, but only for the sake of confirming your decision, or if the flavor of your choice is unanimously recognized by others as a threat to environmental safety in the region.

The main thing is not to smell the smell with paper testers. They allow you to feel only the top notes of the perfume, and not how it will smell on your body.

What size should the bottle be?

Usually men's perfumes are sold in bottles of different sizes. But most often its volume is from 30 to 50 ml. If you try a new fragrance for yourself, then it’s logical to buy a smaller bottle, so the risk is reduced that you will have to use non-liking perfumes for a long time. In addition, your taste may change, or the old flavor will get bored. Therefore, a small bottle makes it possible to frequently update its smell.

Perfume storage rules

The fragrance does not have immortality. Sudden fluctuations in air temperature cause perfumes to lose their aromatic properties. It follows that the bathroom is not the best refuge for your perfume. Sunlight gives about the same result. Therefore, remove your Gucci from the windowsill and put it somewhere in a closet, cabinet or other place protected from light and moisture.