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Custom wedding cakes prices: what is the price of a cake in 2019?


Desserts and wedding cake are the most delicious and long-awaited part of the banquet. They are looking forward with great impatience to both small and adult guests of the celebration. But the fact that these goodies take away the lion's share of the budget should also be remembered. How to please all guests, surprise the whole world and not overpay? Learn how to save money on wedding treats with our portal!

What factors affect the price of a wedding cake?

It would seem he had a cake in Africa as well. But no, the cost of wedding baking is affected by a lot of nuances, the knowledge of which will save a couple of hundred rubles:

  • The form. Layered and layered cakes are much more difficult to make, and therefore they will cost much more.
  • Decor If you are even a little versed in cooking, you should understand that the creation of wedding treats is a complex and painstaking process. Here you will have to pay for each sugar petal, rose and curl. Decide whether the expensive type of cake is so important to you? Maybe enough and excellent taste?
  • The size. The size of the cake is estimated by pieces - so many guests, so many pieces. But do not rush to perceive this as a dogma, because not everyone will "live" by the end of the wedding banquet, and even with such an abundance of refreshments, not everyone will be lucky for the cake. You can safely order a “sweet table” a little smaller.

How to reduce the cost of the cake?

We will tell you a few secrets, thanks to which you can reduce the price of treats without much harm:

  • Experts do not recommend serving the whole product on the table. Cut it into portions - there will be much more.
  • You can increase the size of the cake with the help of a fruit layer, a decor of berries, all kinds of ribbons and other decorations.
  • How to save on a cake? Buy two at once! Yes, do not be surprised! One is small, but very elegant and stylish. You will cut it for wedding photos. The second is average and without any frills. This is ideal for treating guests.
  • A small cake surrounded by huge flowers will be the best composition of the table.
  • Move the accents to a beautiful baking stand.
  • Rectangular and square products are cheaper than curly, and their taste is no less pleasant.
  • Would you really like to impress with a unique decor in the form of a car, a ball or a pair of swans? Order a regular cake, the top of which will be decorated according to your desire.
  • If your family has culinary experts, entrust them with wedding baking. And with a cafe and a restaurant you can agree!
  • Give preference to classic fillers. Believe me, raspberry cream and red velvet are no better than our usual chocolate, lemon or vanilla.
  • A budget alternative to mastic is glaze. It is applied much easier, therefore it is cheaper. If you really want to, ask the confectioner to decorate the product with mastic balls - they look like real pearls.
  • Is it possible to cut costs by as much as 40 percent? Of course! It is enough to replace many small flowers with one huge flower.
  • Handwork is appreciated at all times. But do you really need lace on a wedding cake?
  • Instead of a sophisticated pattern, decorate the pastries with ribbons and a brooch.
  • Powdered sugar floral decorations can be safely replaced with fruits coated with melted chocolate.
  • Refuse custard products, fruit cakes will be cheaper.
  • Choose berries and fruits by season - save at least 15 percent.
  • The icing on each cupcake is too sweet. So thinks the majority!
  • Buy marmalade, sweets and other sweets in bulk.
  • And if you serve brownie or macaroon on the table !? They are baked easily and cost a penny.
  • Cupcakes are another way to surprise and save. In addition, one cupcake can be cut into 12 pieces.
  • Choose a cake on one, but wide enough cake.
  • Pay attention to the donuts - a novelty of culinary with great taste and not too high price.
  • Do not like baking? Fruits in chocolate will make your menu more varied.
  • Cupcakes should be full size. Otherwise, each guest will eat not one cupcake, but two, maybe three.

Do not hesitate to discuss with the manager of the bakery all the nuances and details, because the baker's job is to pay you.

Custom wedding cakes

A cake to order can be issued at a private pastry chef or in cooking, everyone chooses for himself. But the main thing you need to know: the cake is ordered at least a week before the celebration, and preferably even earlier. Especially in the summer, when there are many weddings, and the pastry chef may not have free time.

How much does it cost to order a wedding cake, because its size depends on the number of guests and the size of the holiday itself? Dessert can be modest, about 3-5 kg, and can be truly grand and reach a weight of 50 kg.

To make it convenient to calculate the cost, the price per kilogram is indicated, and not for the finished dessert

Thus, it turns out that the cost of the cake depends on how much does the filling and cakes weigh. Each confectionery determines its prices per kg of wedding cake, depending on experience, culinary skills, products spent and complexity of execution.

Average the actual price of a wedding cake reaches from 600 to 1500 rubles. per kilogram. But do not forget what is required additional expenses:

  • dessert delivery - 300-500 rubles.,
  • figures of the newlyweds - from 600-700 rubles.,
  • cake stand - about 1000 rubles.

The cost of a cake without mastic will be significantly lower. Firstly, it will take less time to prepare a dessert. And secondly, mastic is a very heavy product. The finished cake can weigh about 3.5 kg, and the edible part will turn out 1-1.5 kg less, since many do not eat mastic, and it serves only as a beautiful wrapper.

Wedding cake with mastic

Photo of an inexpensive wedding cake

Cheap wedding cakes

To economically approach the issue of dessert, you can order a cake cheaply beginner private pastry chef. They can make good discounts to attract customers and gain experience.

But you should not buy at too low a cost, since the process of making a cake is a long and very painstaking work that cannot be estimated very cheaply

Naked cakes, in which cakes are not hidden under a layer of cream or mastic, are gaining more and more popularity. They are minimally decorated with whipped cream, fresh berries or fruits. To prepare such a dessert will take less time, materials, and hence its cost will be relatively lower.

Cream cake, unlike mastic, will weigh slightly lower with the same volumes. So, it will be cheaper. The filling can be made from an almost weightless souffle by adding to it a curd layer, fruit juice or berry jelly. But there is a nuance: such a dessert cannot be multi-tiered, as the cakes cannot withstand their own gravity. therefore souffle cake Suitable for a small wedding for 20-30 people.

Cheap wedding cake doesn’t mean ugly. A professional pastry chef with the help of a light, tasty cream can decorate a dessert with different colors, butterflies, hearts, and even draw figures of the bride and groom.

Often the top of the cake are the figures of the newlyweds. They can be edible, from mastic or gingerbread dough. Or made of plastic - at a cost this option will be budget, unlike manual work, because work on figures alone can take a confectioner a whole day.

Open wedding cake with owls

Inexpensive wedding souffle cake

Expensive and original wedding cakes

The cost of wedding cakes increases depending on the chosen decorations, the filling and the height of the structure. If you divide all the cakes into 5 categories according to the complexity of execution, then in 1st place there will be a minimalistic dessert, and in 5th place - a 3D cake, gold leaf.

If the price for a simple cake is 500-600 rubles / kg, then for a complex figured cake the price will start from 1500 rubles / kg

There is a separate category of wedding cakes, which prepared entirely by hand only by individual order - the price for them starts from 3500 rubles / kg. This dessert will amaze and delight both guests and newlyweds.

Author's cakes are usually prepared in many tiers or made hanging and become a real highlight of the wedding program. If you want to produce the effect of an exploding bomb, you should prepare for high prices. The price of the author’s cake starts at 30 thousand rubles. and can increase indefinitely.

Photo of an expensive wedding cake to order

Custom wedding cake

Among the expensive wedding cakes are popular desserts topped with metal color decorgold or silver. The treat is covered with a special edible paint, which makes the dessert resemble a real metal coating.

Will surprise guests at the wedding cake with exotic filling. In a biscuit you can hide a delicate mousse from overseas fruits: passion fruit, mango or other fruit unusual for our country. The main advantage of this filling is that it is lighter than butter, which will delight already satiated guests.

A wedding cake, like any other element of the holiday, should correspond to the general concept of the evening and harmoniously fit into the general atmosphere of the holiday. Choosing a beautiful and unusual decoration for dessert, you should not forget about the composition, because the cake should impress not only with its appearance, but also with its taste.

We save on decoration, transport

Further, you can save on a wedding for everything: decorating porches, apartments, and even a banquet hall. If you do not order the design right away, just by seeing the advertising brochure, and think a little, it is possible to save significant sums of money.

The cheapest and most spectacular design of banquet rooms, motorcades, as well as apartments, porches is the design of balloons.

If you do it yourself, without the involvement of professional designers, it is possible to save a decent amount of money. Now on the Internet there are a very large number of lessons on the manufacture of various compositions from balloons.

In addition, to decorate the wedding as a whole, you can limit yourself to seasonal flowers and thus save your budget. Moreover, without losing the appearance of the event. In addition, there are styles in floristry that are very interesting and save money - for example, rustic style, eco style, boho style.

It is necessary to plan your carriers and transport for guests as early as possible, possibly even before submitting an application to the registry office. In addition, it is precisely to ensure that transportation does not take up a very large part of your budget, it is necessary to carefully plan a trip for the young.

Significant savings will be realized if you refuse the operator and the photographer in the registry office, bring your own there. According to the law, registry office employees are not allowed to prevent your photographer from solemnly registering marriage.

Save on trifles

Significant savings come out and if you ignore such trifles as a marriage certificate folder, a pillow for rings, a clutch for the bride - these accessories are absolutely useless during the wedding.

Often people spread far more than one thousand rubles for a pillow for rings, which will appear on one or two wedding photographs, and then everyone will safely forget about it.

Clutch for the bride in our culture is absolutely useless, it will only make this day even harder for you.

In America, brides put money donated by guests for a wedding into it, and our brides use it as a handbag. But on such an important day for yourself it is not necessary to carry such a weight.

Save on wedding dresses

Savings are possible on wedding dresses, although, of course, every girl wants to be a princess at her main ball and the groom also needs a very stylish costume. But, if your beliefs allow you, then you can often rent clothes that are even more suitable for the occasion than the one you can afford to buy.

For example, not everyone decides to buy a tailcoat for the groom, but the reason is quite worthy for this form of clothing.

If you devote a proper amount of time to the search for a dress, then the bride can find a wedding dress very worthy in quality and at a very reasonable price.

You need to think through your wedding attire to the smallest detail so as not to lose money on it. It is not necessary to buy a bride and a diadem, and a veil, and even small boutonnieres with fresh flowers as a headdress - such an abundance will not look beautiful, but even funny.

The boutonniere to the bridegroom also does not bear the financial costs, it is often attached to the bride’s wedding bouquet for free, you just need to go to the florist on the very day when such an action is offered.

Save on wedding scenarios

You can save on reducing the number of wedding ceremonies and rituals, or simplifying them. For example, buying a garter for the bride just to throw her into the crowd of groom’s single friends is not necessary. You can throw a boutonniere and it has the same absolutely effect.

When redeeming the bride, you can agree in advance with the host or witness that the redemption will not entail financial costs on the part of the groom, and the tasks will be focused on competitions, laughter and knowledge of the bride.

The symbolic shedding of young rose petals can be successfully replaced by the shedding of young rice, small sweets. A few handfuls of rice and a little caramel are much cheaper than packages with rose petals, which florists often sell very expensive.

You can save on the scenario of the event. You should not invite a whole string of actors of different genres, because the guests that day came to you, and not watch the concert.

Often the numbers of the artists are not even remembered, no one notices them during conversations and eating, but such numbers are expensive. You can negotiate with the photographer and the video operator about the hours of shooting, because it is not necessary to shoot empty guests and empty wedding tables. The limited time of the photographer and cameraman will definitely save your wedding budget.

We save on a banquet

You can save money at a wedding party. First of all, there is such a restaurant nuance that few people know. Often, in order to calculate the minimum amount of money that will be spent on a banquet, people ask the average bill for a guest of an institution.

This is wrong, you need to ask the minimum closing price of the hall. This figure will be the beginning of calculations for you. This is the amount less than which you cannot pay for a guest.

A wedding table set in the form of a buffet is much cheaper than a traditional banquet. A variety of receptions will also save a lot of money.

In America and in Europe, it is customary to celebrate a wedding - to set up buffet tables for guests, separate sweet tables, and so on.

If children will be present at your wedding, then ordering dishes for them follows from the children's menu. In cost, it is always much lower than an adult. And you can also save money decently when making a wedding cake.

Sometimes at wedding banquets they make a special so-called “sweet table” and they put the wedding cake there. As a rule, a restaurant allows you to bring dishes from private confectioners in this case, and then - for the best quality dishes, and to save money - you should use this offer.

In addition, a wedding cake does not have to be huge. By the time of its submission, as a rule, guests are already full, because the wedding cake is not needed too big, but it must be beautiful.

This is the only requirement that is presented to a wedding cake always. But this does not mean that the confectioner must decorate it, it can be flowers, and some kind of family jewelry, and ribbons. The decor is simply removed when slicing the cake.

Of course, you can never save on the quality of food and drink.

There are wedding things that you simply can’t save on. This is what will remain for you from your wedding forever:

  1. Rings
  2. Photos and videos. The more time passes from the moment of your wedding, the more expensive these things will seem to you.