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How to push a man to marry without stepping over your own pride


This article is for girls who dream of hearing beautiful words: “Beloved, marry me!”, And the partner is in no hurry. I hope these tips come in handy:

1.When you are already better acquainted with a man, try in the form of an easy dialogue to find out what he thinks about marriage. As an example: “Dear, what do you think about the possibility of creating your own family?” This is appropriate to do while watching the melodrama, which ended with the wedding of the main characters or after talking with a happy family of friends. The psychological readiness of the partner to marry is very important, if for some reason he is not ready, your relationship may be delayed.
2. A man should feel that he is No. 1. One way to do this is to learn to say compliments. One that can emphasize its significance will wait for the proposal. Show that you are a grateful, attentive girl.

3. Try to please his relatives, especially his mother, they can influence his decision.

4. Never show your partner that you are ready to be there for any of his wishes. Be a little inaccessible. Create the fear of loss, the desire to possess you always.

5. Unobtrusively convince a man that it is profitable for him to marry you, just from the point of view of happiness. That you know how to serve his goals and values, his life will become better. As if push him to make you an offer.

6. Try to show the man that you are happy. Love yourself, take care of yourself, realize your desires. Show an example of how to love you. There is a rule: "If a woman does not love herself, then others will not love her, much less a man."
But the opinion of a man with life experience, not a psychologist, my cousin Alexander Fomichev, his practical advice:

“In my opinion, the following circumstances can motivate a man to get married:
1. A looming opponent. In this case, the peasant is anxious that you can lose your loved one and you need to do something to protect the union.
2. The determination of women. A woman should understand that who does not risk, he does not drink champagne. The man must be shaken, unbalanced. He lives relaxed, having some kind of comfort. The woman poses a question with an edge, saying that she cannot go on like this anymore, she is already uncomfortable with her parents, relatives and friends who have long been married. A man who has fallen from the couch begins to realize that he will have to make a decision, otherwise he will have to wipe the TV himself again, there are fried eggs in the morning and dumplings in the evening.
3. Social maturity. When a man wants children, the condition should be the birth of a child only in a legal marriage.
4. Respect for the woman. If a man understands that a woman has betrayed her youth at stake, then after a maximum of 5 years she is obliged to make a decision - either to leave and therefore lose her woman forever or give the woman a sense of stability and security in marriage.
A man must be skillfully pushed so that the decision to commit an act is ripe in his head, and he should be the master of the decision. In no case do you need to blackmail a man, such as pregnancy. A man may think that he is being driven into a stall. A child must be desired. Although this method probably works in some cases. ”

It is important to understand that a man is always looking for a woman with whom he will fall in love and marry. If you hear excuses: “It’s too early for me to get married. Not ready yet ... ”, which means he doesn’t love you, he just uses it.

How best to make an offer

Yes, traditionally the initiative to create a family belongs exclusively to a man. But in recent years there has been a very active interpenetration and even the merging of traditions. The holiday of all lovers, once alien to us, has taken root on our soil. Why not remember that, besides him, in European countries there is another tradition that has been more than a thousand years old. February 29, the day of St. Oswald, every girl or woman has the right to make an offer to the man she likes.

But the next leap year has to wait three whole years, so why not use Valentine's Day for an explanation? Moreover, the romantic atmosphere of this holiday helps to promote relations to a new level. And if your chosen one expresses surprise at your decisiveness or you realize that he is still not ready to accept your proposal, you can always take a step back and say that you could not figure out how to congratulate him on the holiday, and you found such an unusual a way to say about your love. She is so strong that you even agree to connect your life with him. And now let him get out and tell you about his love. However, recognition can be made on any other day, without waiting for a special date.

Everything is thought out and planned.

If you still decide to take this crucial step, first carefully analyze everything so that it is clear if you are in a hurry. Before you ask your beloved man the most important question, it is advisable to be at least 90 percent sure that he will answer “yes”. And to be absolutely sure that you want to connect your life with this man. Is your love really so strong or do you just want to get married?

If you

  • long time together, love each other, you have a very warm relationship and both of you are happy
  • live together, and life unites you, and does not become an occasion for debate and resentment
  • learned to listen and hear each other, became a support for each other in any situations
  • They talked about the future many times, and those around you understand that you have one in common,

You can make an offer to your man, because the question of your wedding has long matured, is in the air - and it makes no difference who exactly says these cherished words.

But if you

  • you hope to “attach” it to yourself with your proposal
  • want to check how serious he is about you
  • trying to save your incomprehensible or shaky relationship
  • afraid to be alone

in no case take the initiative on yourself. Firstly, he can say “yes”, but this will not correct your relationship and is unlikely to add happiness to your life together. Secondly, if there is no love and the relationship collapses, it is better to leave without exposing yourself to the end as an idiot.

"Yes or no"

You know your lover well, you know his life principles, therefore, if you think well, you can accurately predict his reaction to your proposal. And I must say that, no matter how fabulous your relationship may be, many men believe that the marriage proposal is often a male prerogative, and women’s initiative is not welcomed in this matter. Think about whether your chosen one will be glad to hear from you a marriage proposal? Or maybe your initiative will anger or scare him? Consider the possible reaction when making a decision.

Choose a moment

To surprise your lover, you need to know his tastes and passions. Think about what he might like: your marriage proposal at a winter picnic surrounded by friends or in an intimate setting during a romantic dinner. When planning a script, try not to be based on your idea of ​​how you see the perfect offer, but on the fact that you are making a surprise for your loved one.

The best setting for such a crucial moment is calm and relaxed, in which you both feel comfortable.

  • Remember how your romance began, choose a place that both of you evokes pleasant memories. For example, the very cafe where your first date took place, put on the same dress, order the same song - such a scenario will certainly be appreciated by a romantic.
  • If he is an active person who loves sports, spur his emotions with a good shot of adrenaline: invite him to take a ski trip to the forest or to a party in a bowling club, and then suddenly tell him exciting news.
  • To a lover of everything unusual, buy some extraordinary little thing and make an inscription on the gift: “Let's get married!”
  • For lovers of adventure and puzzles, you can arrange a “treasure hunt” - notes with your proposal.
  • If he likes to be in the spotlight, make a confession through the radio station that he constantly listens to. Or order an advertising banner with his photo next to the road on which he drives home from work. The main thing is that he understands that you did it for him, because you love him, and felt like the happiest person in the world.

How to behave so that a man wants to get married

When thinking about your recognition scenario, keep in mind that simplicity and surprise are important for success. Do not invent sophisticated multi-paths, if possible, do not use the help of others, especially many people, do not think over a lot of thin and small details. Your plan should work regardless of circumstances (bad weather or traffic jams). And if such things can interfere with you, it is better to abandon this plan.

Another taboo is the presence of loved ones. Some ladies use relatives as a safety net, but in this case your recognition will be like twisting your arms. Suddenly you made a mistake in the calculations, and he does not want to accept your offer, but he will be forced to agree, so as not to disgrace you, not to disappoint your relatives and not to be in a stupid situation when you have to somehow explain your refusal.

Words for marriage proposal

A lot depends on which words you choose for your sentence: the simpler they are, the easier it will be for you to say them, and for him to hear. For example: “I love you so much, I feel so good with you that I agree to marry you and share with you all the joys and sorrows” or “You are so dear to me that I do not want to part with you even for a minute. Let's get married and always be together. ”

Try to avoid phrases like:

  • "Marry me",
  • “I want to be your wife,”
  • "Marry me"

When men make an offer, they are not so assertive, they humbly wait for an answer and even give time for reflection. To defuse the situation, giving your beloved a moment to navigate the situation, you can use Celentano's know-how and ask: “What will be your positive answer?”

Everything went wrong

If your man’s reaction is not what you expected, don’t panic. In reality, he might like to say yes, but at this moment he simply feels taken aback. Gently hug him and try to soften the atmosphere. Return to conversation after emotions settle down.

The greatest risk that a man has been proposing to his lady in all ages is failure. Do not think that you are completely insured from it.

When undertaking an explanation with a man and making an offer, you should be prepared for the fact that this is, perhaps, your last meeting. If he does not understand your initiative, perceives it as a hint of his indecision or feels pressure on your part, it is unlikely that your relationship will continue at all. Even if he is indecisive and does not give a direct answer without saying “yes” or “no”, you will have a reason for a serious discussion about the prospects of your relationship.

Do not be afraid to seem funny, pushing a man to the wedding. If true love binds you, your chosen one will not only accept it, but will also breathe a sigh of relief that you have relieved him of doubts and several unpleasant minutes in anticipation of your decision. And since they always doubt taking the future of your relationship into their own hands, you will understand that his joy and gratitude knows no bounds.

How to push a man to the wedding: 7 tricks

A wedding is what every woman dreams of. Even men want to marry the one they can call the only one. That's just in all of this there is one snag: a man does not particularly strive for a wedding.

Love and the stamp in the passport have no connection. The predisposition should be for both lovers. If a man does not want a wedding, then there is no need to insist, although we will say further how to do it correctly. The psychology of love does not fit in with the legal subtleties.

Why a man does not want to marry

Remember that a wedding is just a celebration for guests, a formality. The stamp in the passport will not change anything, absolutely nothing. There is no difference in how you celebrate the wedding - modestly, with your family, or magnificent, spending a tidy sum.

The man understands this, clearly realizing the consequences of making such a decision. It is a tremendous responsibility and tremendous work to organize all this. Many simply do not want this. So, these are the main reasons why men do not want a wedding.

Fear of the unknown. Yes, this is a weighty argument, because at a young age, men simply don’t know what will be there, beyond a single life. Even worse, if a man has never lived with a girl, but marries, leaving his father’s house. Men are not ready for such risks. It’s scary to understand that you go headlong into the water, in which anything can swim.

I do not want to organize a holiday. This is a big responsibility, and men do not have weddings every month. The first wedding is a tremendous stress, because a man needs to think about many things, spend a lot of time and money.

Common sense. Think about it yourself, is there any difference how you will get married - magnificent with a million guests, or together, just signing up for the registry office? There is no difference, because a holiday can be arranged modestly, together with loved ones, at the table, quietly and calmly. If you need to register your relationship, then do it like any other legal formality - just go where you need to, sign the papers. The money that you would spend on a wedding can be spent on traveling, buying something important. A man thinks exactly so, and therefore does not offer you to get married.

He is not sure about you. This is an overwhelming majority of cases fixable problem. Perhaps you have lived together too little or have not yet gathered at all. In this case, one need not be surprised. You need to gain the confidence of a man, not just make an impression. Of course, sometimes this is enough, because people are different. Someone gets married a month after they meet, and then lives their whole lives together, while someone gets married after 7 years of marriage, and after a couple of years they diverge. Life is unpredictable.

He is not ready. He needs freedom. He has not walked enough yet, so he does not want to marry you. If he is, say, 20 years old, then what kind of wedding can we talk about? The thinking of girls and guys is different. He does not see the world like you.

He doesn’t want to part with mom. There are men who love their mother more than anything else. This is good, but mothers sometimes tie their sons so tightly that it borders on insanity. In such cases, even just dating a man is difficult, not to mention a wedding.

You push on him. Do not constantly repeat that you want to get married. So a man is only more convinced that he does not need it. Under pressure, only a weak-willed person or a person who does not care about anything will marry. Even if you succeed, you will lose automatically.

He does not want to marry you. This is worth considering at the very least. Simply put, he does not really love you. He has a love, craving for your body, but his soul is not ready to merge with yours. Perhaps he knows you little or is simply disappointed with something. There can be many reasons, but most likely you will not succeed in correcting the situation.The worst thing is that you will not be able to find out the truth from him, because he is now well, because he will not directly tell you that he does not want to marry you. If you are sure that there is no other reason, you will have to understand what exactly stops him. Maybe you have some sins in the past. It is worth analyzing yourself, asking people who can tell you everything honestly about your behavior and actions.

How to marry a man

The trick is first: want to get married for real. Think about the reasons for your desire to quickly put the ring on your ring finger. If you are pursuing some vile goal such as tying a man to you, running away from your parental home, finding new emotions (the most common reason), because of the stereotypes that it is time to get married, otherwise it will be too late, then you better Do not offer a man a wedding and do not agree to her. Do not look for reasons and reasons - find someone who wants to marry for real. The one with whom you want to stay forever near. The man will feel it, be sure.

The second trick: do not tell him about it. This is perhaps the only stereotype that is really good. Let him make an offer. If you at least somehow hint at a wedding, a man can immediately smell something wrong. Even if your goal is bright and blameless, try not to put pressure on it.

Trick three: give him unforgettable emotions. This applies not only to bed games, but to life in general. Do what other girls will not do for him. If all his life he was surrounded by female attention, then you need to find a way to reduce it. You need to find a reason why you can see less often. Work will be the perfect reason. If he is jealous, do not make him jealous, do not enrage him. Give him what he expects. Be unusual - it’s not so difficult

Trick Four: Prove your loyalty. You need to do this carefully when the time comes, and not so that you point to another man, saying how cool and good he is, and then you turn to your man and say: "Anyway, I love you." After such words, you’re not just not getting married, you won’t even earn his sympathy. Fidelity is checked by time. The trick is to trust you. Give him access to all accounts on social networks, to mail and so on. This is a very powerful argument. A man will like this because he will see that you can be trusted.

Cunning fifth: indifference to the wedding. If you accidentally get into a conversation about a wedding, then express yourself very briefly about what you think about marriage. Say that you are absolutely indifferent whether you will have a stamp in your passport. This will greatly raise you in the eyes of your chosen one. This position is very "masculine", very rational. Show that you know how to think with your head, and do not rush into the pool.

Trick Six: Put His Fear Down. Plan things for the future together more often. Be one. Spend as much time as possible together, but don't get imposed. Do what a man wants. Express your protest and thoughts diplomatically. This will increase your chances of marriage. He is afraid that you have no future. Be patient, show him that you are not afraid of the future and know how to do everything together.

Seventh trick: win the heart of his mother. This is just golden advice for every woman who wants to get married, but soon. Any man’s mom is a potential rival. We have already said above that for many guys or men, the opinion of the mother is the law. If you want to get married, then make his mother think that you are the perfect party. Pretend that you are very pleased to communicate with her, even if everything is quite the opposite. Thus, you can very easily increase your chances of success. If the mother herself tells the mother that he should marry, he will not be able to resist.

So you sit and think that your love requires development, you need to go to a new level. No no need. Enjoy the presence of a person nearby. No need to splurge girlfriends, because you just want to outshine them all. This is the wrong motivation. Learn to love a man correctly. It is not as difficult as it seems. Good luck and don’t forget to click on the buttons and

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