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How to inflate bubble gum properly?


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Blowing bubbles from chewing gum is a favorite pastime for children and adults who have preserved the soul and heart of a child. This activity can be a lot of fun! Blowing bubble gum is not such a big deal. All you need is to master the correct breathing technique and learn how to handle chewing gum skillfully. Everyone is able to inflate a large bubble of chewing gum. A little practice, and you will succeed!

We buy chewing gum

It would seem that this is complicated: I went to the store, bought any chewing gum and that’s all. But here lies the first mistake, which consists in the fact that at the moment there are a huge number of different tastes, and if you choose the one that you don’t like, the further event will lose its meaning. Therefore, in order for your bubble from chewing gum to turn out as it should, you should choose only those chewing gums whose taste qualities are familiar to you. In addition, there are several types of chewing gum. For example, there are those that are not intended to inflate a large bubble, which nullifies all the fun, and others are generally too sticky, which, in turn, will greatly complicate the removal of them from the face if the bubble suddenly bursts.

Preliminary preparation

As you know, in order for something to turn out at the proper level, one desire is not enough. Therefore, in order to no longer think about how to inflate bubbles from chewing gum, we start small.

We unpack the package and take only 1 plate from it, and not the entire package, as most people do. Then, slowly, we chew this plate until we feel that it has become soft and smooth. In addition, it is especially recommended not to stop until all sugar crystals are completely dissolved. Be prepared for the fact that this process may take some time (from 2 to 10 minutes). But here you should not overdo it, since if you tighten this process much, the chewing gum will become very fragile, which, in turn, will not allow you to inflate even the smallest bubble.

And here the fun begins.

When the preparatory phase is completed, we proceed to the main thing, namely to the process of inflating the bubble from the chewing gum. As practice shows, in order to get the largest bubble of chewing gum, you need to follow the above plan:

  1. Twist the chewing gum into a ball. To do this, we use the central part of the language, in which we hold the chewing gum until it becomes the desired shape.
  2. Move the resulting ball as close to the front teeth as possible and use the tongue to change the shape of the ball to a flat circle.
  3. We place the formed circle behind the front teeth and begin to push the tongue through it until it is covered with a thin layer of chewing gum.

Remember that before you blow bubbles from the chewing gum, you need to carefully and accurately perform all of the above actions, as one careless movement - and everything will have to start all over again.

Finishing touch

After the required layer is ready, carefully pull out the language from it and start to blow very easily. Feeling the movement of air, carefully remove the chewing gum from the mouth, forming a small ball. It is very important to blow, using air from the lungs, and not just the lips, as ordinary breathing will not be enough to get a big enough bubble. Then we do not stop until the bubble bursts.

Remember that there are many tips on how to blow bubbles from chewing gum, but nothing can replace ongoing practice. After all, everyone knows that by trial and error you can achieve a lot on your own, most importantly, you want to.

How to inflate bubble gum bubbles?

Chewing gum throughout its history did not stand on the sidelines, but evolved as it could, acquiring new forms, sizes, color and taste. And yet, had they not been so resilient, humanity would not have solved the mystery of how to blow bubbles out of them, and the modest, unremarkable Susan would never have got on New York television.

So, for those who do not know how to inflate a bubble of chewing gum, we offer a quick guide.

  1. To get started, get a chewing gum, preferably one that chews and inflates well. According to the experience of seasoned "tricksters", children's "Orbit," Love is "or" Hubba Bubba "have good properties. However, almost any modern chewing gum will allow you to inflate yourself to a decent size.
  2. Chew gum thoroughly, turning it into a viscous, viscous and uniform mass. Then, without opening your mouth, form a lump from it.
  3. Compress the resulting lump using your tongue, front of the palate and front teeth. You should get something like cakes. To do this, simply press the ruminant lump against the palate with the tongue. Of course, these manipulations are done with a closed mouth and closed teeth.
  4. Next, place the tortilla on the inside of the front teeth. And then begin to slowly and gently press the tip of the tongue into the middle of the cake, as if pulling the chewing gum on the tongue. When you feel that the tension is optimal, remove the tongue and begin to blow slowly into the stretched area. In this case, the lips should be like a kiss - slightly open and stretched forward.
  5. If you do everything right, you will see how a treasured bubble is inflated before your eyes. If you can’t inflate the bubble the first time, do not leave attempts. To succeed in this matter, you only need practice!

Helium and chewing gum - a sweet and hilarious couple

Today, almost everyone who has purchased a chewing gum industry product is interested in knowing if a bubble will fly if it is inflated not with air from the lungs, but with helium. How to inflate bubble gum from helium? And most importantly, will such a wonderful bubble fly?

If regular rubber balls are inflated with helium, then why not inflate the biggest bubble of the chewing gum with it and plug it into American Susie’s belt, then?

Helium and chewing gum - a noteworthy combination of a record book! And some people were seriously joking (or for the sake of jokes?) Thinking about how to blow bubbles from chewing gum with helium. Of course, you can’t fly on such a bubble, since heavy-duty chewing gum has not yet been invented (or is it still invented? - see video). But you can try to amuse your friends with flying chewing gum.

Demonstrating “magic”, do not forget to mysteriously say the coveted “Wingardium of Levios!”.

How to inflate chewing gum (instructions)?

1. So, you decided to learn how to blow bubbles from chewing gum and for this you purchased it in a store. First you need to start chewing it and chewing it until the sweet taste weakens. This will take several minutes before all sugar crystals dissolve in the mouth. But don't overdo it. If you chew for too long (for example, half an hour), then the chewing gum may lose its elastic properties and become brittle, hard. And from such material it is unlikely to be able to create bubbles.

2. After chewing gum, it should be twisted into a ball (it is advisable to learn not to use hands in this, but to do everything with the tongue itself). To give the chewing gum a rounded shape, use the central part of the tongue. As a result, you will get a formed small ball. It is not necessary that it be perfectly round.

3. Place the created chewing gum ball behind the front teeth. Use your tongue to level it into a small flat circle. And use the surface of the teeth at the back as a support to give the chewing gum ball a flatter appearance.

4. Gently push the tip of the tongue into the middle of the flat circle. At the same time, chewing gum stretches on the tongue. Slightly open your lips and continue to push the chewing gum with your tongue forward until the tongue is completely covered with a layer of chewing gum. Do everything carefully and slowly, as any risky move can lead to the collapse of all your efforts. The chewing gum will burst and you will have to start the whole procedure of inflating a bubble from it from the very beginning. In this matter, practice is very important. The more you try to take this most difficult step, the more you will get over time. You can practice and study in front of the mirror. With its help, you can easily notice how correctly you position the chewing gum.

5. Start filling the chewing gum with air, creating a bubble. Blow gently. Many people make the mistake of using their own lips to inflate the ball, not air from the lungs. Try to blow a little harder, as normal breathing is not enough to form a good and big bubble. Deep exhalation using the diaphragm breath will help you inflate the “balloon”.

6. As soon as the process of formation of a bubble in the mouth begins, pull the tip of the tongue out of the chewing gum layer. Keep the chewing gum in the desired position with your teeth. Blowing a bubble, exhale slowly. With parted lips, it will be easier to inflate a bubble. Therefore, keep your mouth open.

7. Continue to inflate the bubble until a little cotton pops and pops. Thanks to the even and slow exhalation of air into the chewing gum, you can inflate the bubble. Inflated chewing gum and subsequent cotton will be your reward for your efforts.

8. If you are lucky with high-quality chewing gum (it turned out to be very elastic), then you can inflate the bubble to large sizes. Practice and study better in a room in which you will not interfere with sunlight or wind. Hot air can make chewing gum too sticky and soft, and the cold wind will interfere with the process of inflating the bubble. Well, if you are unable to inflate the ruminant bubble immediately, try again and so on until you succeed in inflating it. If after long efforts to inflate the chewing gum it did not work out, then think about changing the gum itself and buying a better one. Tips for choosing it will help you further.

9. Dispose of chewing gum. After the chewing gum has already become unfit for inflation (it has become brittle and hard), you need to get rid of it - throw it in the bin or garbage bag. Do not throw anywhere and do not litter nature. Also, do not swallow. It is unlikely that your stomach will like such a rubber inedible "gift."

The main thing is not to give up after the first unsuccessful attempts. Practice and you will surely succeed!

Bubble Gum Tips

Chewing gum can be purchased at almost any grocery store or stall. Preference should be given to baby chewing gum, such as Bazooka or Double Bubble. It's all about their best elasticity. If you find a picture of an inflated bubble on the chewing gum wrapper, feel free to get this chewing gum. It is just designed to blow bubbles.

Video about how to inflate chewing gum. Watch and learn.

I wish you success in inflating large ruminant bubbles!