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10 best gourmet and culinary gifts


Each person has his favorite dishes, and some of us have a special, unlimited love for food. Therefore, many birthday people are not averse to receiving a delicious culinary delight as an offering. But what can be presented to the cook himself or to the lover to spend long hours in the kitchen on a solemn date?

Basic selection tips

In order for a birthday present to a chef to really please him, the following points must be taken into account:

  • Reason for triumph. If the upcoming holiday does not carry any special significance, then the recipient can be given a symbolic souvenir or a not too expensive present. For a birthday, the surprise should be original and memorable.
  • The age of a person. The range of offerings for young people differs significantly from the preferences of older people.
  • Gender There are gifts that can be given only to a man or only to a woman. A representative of the stronger sex is unlikely to be satisfied with a set of skin care products, and the lady certainly will not be delighted with a fishing rod or tool kit.
  • Specialization, tastes, recipient hobbies. A person with certain established interests will be happy with the surprise associated with his hobbies.

Useful Cooking Presents Options

If a person works in the food industry or loves to cook, then gifts related to cooking are suitable for him:

  1. An electronic measuring spoon with which you can weigh many products in small quantities.
  2. Various devices for cutting vegetables, indispensable during the preparation of salads.
  3. Set of measuring cups measuring bulk products.
  4. A timer for the kitchen, which will remind you of the upcoming food on time.
  5. An original apron with the name of the recipient, his photograph or a unique inscription. Here are some great options:

An assortment of up-to-date surprises for a cooking fan

A gift for the cook can be selected from the following list:

  1. expensive cutlery set or crockery set,
  2. sushi machine
  3. manual coffee grinder or ultra-modern coffee brewing apparatus,
  4. convenient juicer
  5. electronic balance,
  6. molecular kitchen kit,
  7. samovar,
  8. cooler bag
  9. missing kitchen appliance
  10. A large illustrated cookbook is the best gift for a young cook.

Presentation packaging methods

Choosing a good surprise is not the most important thing. It is important to think about the original packaging, which can make your gift even more unusual and touching.

  • You can use standard wrapping paper and gift bags from the store. This option is suitable if the relationship between the donor and the birthday person is not very close.
  • Packaging is easy to do with your own hands. Such a solution will not only save, but also make the present unique, interesting. To do this, you can use cardboard, various improvised materials, paper, flowers, mesh, newspapers, all kinds of decorations, ribbons, fabric, old postcards and much more.

Gifts for cooking lovers will become individual if you attach an original tag made by yourself to them. On it, you can briefly apply friendly wishes or a small creative inscription.

On ordinary paper packaging, you can glue the small decorations available in the house - natural materials, beads, a beautiful applique.

Bows and ribbons do not need to be tied in the traditional way, it is better to show imagination. The main thing is to get a neat, attractive package as a result, so that the recipient appreciates the efforts of the donor, and does not think that they simply save on it.

A gift associated with cooking can very well be unusual, useful and memorable if you choose it correctly and pack it beautifully.

4. For lovers to receive guests: a Himalayan salt grill board

If someone likes to receive guests and treat everyone with meat and seafood, then he definitely needs to give a Himalayan salt grill board that gives the products a unique flavor. In addition, it can be cooled and served on it vegetables, fruits and cheese, which will be slightly salted. And the presentation will be unforgettable.

5. For an experimental cook: set for molecular cuisine

Set for molecular cuisine - a great gift for both a person who loves to cook and experiment, and for a lover of science and art. Thanks to him, you can learn how to split a dish and change its appearance. Guests will be amazed at the result.

7. For seasoning lovers: a gift set of salt

Each culinary specialist knows that salt is necessary for the full disclosure of the taste and aroma of any dish, so a set of unusual salt will be a great gift for a gourmet. The set includes sea salt, smoked sea salt and black peppercorns.

10. For the boss-dirty: arm ruffles

Although cookbooks will never go out of style, recipes are increasingly sought after on the Internet. In order not to take iPads, iPhones and other equipment with dirty hands, you need a special cover.

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