Useful Tips

How to disable a RAID controller


RAID support in BIOS is specific to various motherboards.

For specific BIOS settings, refer to the motherboard documentation and follow the instructions described in it.

Usually, to disable RAID, just select “IDE” or “AHCI” in the “Configure SATA as” section.

If the BIOS has a “RAID controller” item, then set it to “Disable”.

If there is an OnChip Serial ATA item, set this parameter to SATA.

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Instruction manual

1. You can disable the controller with support for the BIOS menu. In order to enter it, you must immediately press the Del key immediately after turning on the power on the computer. Also, depending on the model of your motherboard, a different key may be used to enter the BIOS. You can learn more detailed information about this in the instructions for your motherboard or on the manufacturer’s website. It is also allowed to try out a brute force method. If the Del key does not work, you can press the F keys one by one (the F5 key is often used, but on F2 laptops).

2. When you press the required key, the BIOS menu will open instead of the standard boot operating system. For control, you will be able to use only the keyboard, because mouse control will be unattainable.

3. Depending on the motherboard that is installed on your computer and the BIOS version, the function for disabling the RAID controller may be in different sections. If you want to disable the integrated controller, then you need to look in the integrated devices section. It is commonly referred to as Onboard configuration. This section may also be referred to as Configuration integral.

4. Find the RAID controller item in this section. Next, set it to Disable, that is, “Disabled”. You can also find the OnChip Serial ATA parameter. Then, to disable the controller, you need to set the value SATA for this parameter.

5. When you turn off the controller, exit the BIOS, be sure to save all the settings. Later, the computer will restart and start up more closely in typical mode.

6. If you were unable to find the option to turn off the controller, then it’s more fun to go to the developer's site of your motherboard and download a special manual that will contain a full summary of the board and all the necessary instructions for turning devices on or off.