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The easiest way to maximize the memory of your MacBook.


The requirements for the work of the Mac are constantly growing. And sometimes situations arise when the computer can no longer cope with the tasks, since it does not have enough RAM. Therefore, it becomes necessary to perform an increase in RAM on a Mac. In our computer center you can purchase RAM modules of any size and type, and professional wizards will help you install it. To call the master directly to the house, call the phone number listed on the site.

Memory increase on Mac

RAM is a temporary memory that only works when the power is on. Its main purpose is a stable and full-fledged operation of all the programs and processes of iMac, Macbook, and Mac Mini computers. When you restart or shut down the computer, the RAM is completely erased (zeroed) and prepared for new work.

RAM is the most important element of any computer. She is responsible for performance. If your Mac stopped working normally, programs began to run for a long time, everything began to slow down and freeze, then it is likely that you need to increase the amount of RAM in your Mac. There are situations when a program is installed to perform your specific task, but when it starts, it becomes very hard to work. Mac lacks RAM, so it works very slowly. To solve this problem, you need to increase the amount of RAM on your Mac.

In RAM are all running programs, the speed of the simultaneously running programs and the stable operation of the entire system as a whole will depend on its volume. On modern Mac models (which have been on the market since 2017), DDR4 modules are installed. The bandwidth of such modules is about 17 Gb / s. If you compare it with the bandwidth of a standard Mac SSD, then it is almost 10 times more. It turns out, if the file is placed in RAM, then access to it is made instantly, without any delay. If the file is accessed from the hard drive, then the work starts to slow down, and the hard drive starts to make an appropriate crackle.

Before you increase memory, you need to find out how much memory and what type you can install on your Mac. To do this, you can disassemble it and see, but it will be easier just to click on the apple icon in the upper left and click "about this Mac". There we will see the number of empty and occupied slots for RAM, the volume of already installed modules and the type of memory DDR2 / 3/4. But only the specialist can see the brand and model of the modules themselves. On Macintosh, speed, memory latency and, oddly enough, the manufacturer and model of the modules themselves play an important role.

How much RAM do you need to install on a Mac?

There is never much memory. The more RAM installed on your Mac, the faster it will perform all the necessary tasks. It's also important to understand that each Mac device has its own limits for the maximum amount of memory that will be supported. Another unusual fact will be that most MacBook Air models cannot be equipped with additional memory - they do not have slots, the memory is soldered to the motherboard. Unlike Air, the Macbook pro has 2 slots for RAM (the same situation on the Mac Mini). On Aimak, as a rule, 4 slots.

The table below shows the main memory values ​​for a specific type of tasks and requirements for the Mac.

Specific tasksThe minimum amount of RAMRecommended RAM
Stable Mac OS, basic computer operations and work with documents.2 GB4 GB
Full-fledged work with documents and the Internet. Simple photo and audio processing.4 GB RAM8 GB RAM
Full-fledged work in graphic editors. Video and audio processing. Many open windows and tabs.8 GB RAM16 GB RAM
Professional 3D video processing and full-fledged work with large graphic files.16 GB RAMmore than 16 GB of RAM

Our computer center has various memory modules for Mac computers. We will help you complete the memory expansion procedure on a Mac. We employ qualified specialists who have undergone appropriate training. Our craftsmen can come directly to your home or office. For more information and to call the wizard, call us or write via the feedback form.

Future plans

I want to immediately note that the thought of adding memory does not mean that it is not enough - these are just plans for the future. For most users, 128 GB, of which 100 GB is available, is enough. After all, you can safely use external hard drives to store the music library, since USB 3.0 has two ports. And 100 GB programs still need to be managed to download buy.

The price difference between identical models with 128Gb SSD and 256 Gb SSD is significant for me: in the Russian Apple store - 8000 rubles, in the American - $ 200, which at the current rate is more than 7000 rubles. Therefore, I did not consider the modification with a 256 GB SSD.

After examining the issue of expanding memory on a MacBook, I highlighted two options:

  1. Complex - replacing an SSD.
  2. Simple - use the SDXC memory card slot (slot available on 13 '' model only).

SSD replacement

The first option is called "complicated" by convention - replacing the SSD is done in 10 minutes, there are a lot of videos about this]]> Youtube]]>. At prices, too, not everything is as expensive as the difference in trim levels when ordering a MacBook with a large volume of SSDs. If someone decides to choose this option, I recommend using]]> JetDrive ™ upgrade kit for MacBook]]>.

This is the complete kit with which you can make a stylish Apple-style external drive from an old SSD. And of course, Transcend manufacturing company inspires confidence.

Prices are not low, but, I think, reasonable.

  • 240 GB - $ 189.99
  • 480 GB - $ 349.99
  • 960 GB - $ 599.99

That is, buying a 240 GB SSD on a MacBook Air with 128 GB is cheaper than ordering a MacBook Air with an already installed 256 GB SSD, and in addition you will have an external 128 GB SSD. Transcend offers an interesting solution: replace the internal Apple SSD with a more capacious drive, and remove the standard solid-state drive from the MacBook in a thin case with USB 3.0, and use it as an external drive. Such a castling.

There are other less reliable companies, but their prices are not much lower - the risk is completely unjustified.

I want to note that at the time of this writing, I did not find my MacBook in the list of compatible JetDrive models. I think over time it will appear, or compatibility with MacBook Air 2013-2014 will be added to existing ones.

SDXC card slot

The second option is to use an SDXC card slot. But, in my negative experience, ordinary SDXC cards are not very suitable for this, sorry I didn’t know this, and I bought myself a 128 GB card, the sight was not the most pleasant:

Having studied the offers on the Internet, I found only three suitable cards:

1. PNY StorEDGE 128Gb priced at $ 180

2. Nifty MiniDrive + SanDisk microSD 128Gb - priced at $ 180

3. And again, in solving the memory problem for the MacBook, Transcend comes to our aid with its card]]> JetDrive Lite for MacBook]]>, at a price 79.99$ per model with 128 GB on board.

The choice with respect to the competitors is obvious, the savings regarding the price of the MacBook bundle too. I think the numbers are not needed. I decided to order in my favorite store]]> Bhphotov>]]>. It is very pleasant that this store constantly makes small gifts, it causes trust and loyalty on the part of the client, and if you take into account prices and service, then there is not even a desire to order somewhere else. In my case, the card reader was a gift.

As far as I understood from the experience of the first order in this store, the warehouse is located in New York. Using Google maps, I determined that New York is just a few hundred kilometers from the new warehouse parcels in Delaware. There I arranged delivery, and when ordering, the system showed the term for free delivery via UPS Ground in ONE day! That is, by the evening of the next day, after payment. I strongly recommend that everyone take this into account, for me it turned out to be a practically decisive factor. The first time my package went to Oregon for about 4,300 km, and the delivery took 9 days! There are no problems with paying with Russian bank cards in the Bhphotovideo store, I indicated the address of the Parcel in Delaware in shipping and billing addresses, there were no problems with payment either, the card is the simplest - the VISA Electron salary. Also, the store has the option of paying through PayPal, but you need to be careful - the store delivers the goods to the address specified in PayPal.

I want to note the very competent decision of the Parcel Box to open a new warehouse on the other side of the United States, now there is a choice to which warehouse to deliver, depending on the location of the store. There is no sense in describing the work of the Parcel itself; on the site this is enough. The purpose of my article is to analyze the possible options for upgrading the Macbook to increase the amount of memory and pay attention to the advantageous location of the new warehouse parcels in Delaware.