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TOP 10 TVs with Full HD screens


Resolution TVs Full hd today are the most sought after. And if at first the TV models with such a resolution were quite expensive, today they are available to almost everyone. But how to choose from the variety the right TV with Full hd , what to look for? Look for answers to these questions in the article.

What is Full HD?

Term Full hd , or high definition standard, was first used by the company Sony ten years ago - in 2007. TV sets Full hd equipped with a matrix with a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels. This provides high image detail. That is, for example, to watch sports competitions without missing a single detail. Movie lovers also appreciated the format Full hd . The fact is that the aspect ratio of such TVs is 16: 9, like the movie screen. This means that when watching a movie, dark stripes do not form around the edges of the screen - this is common when watching movies on the screen with a 3: 4 aspect ratio.

However, the image quality is affected not only by the number of pixels, but also by scanning. Full hd allows you to use two types of scan - interlaced, denoted by the marking i (1080i), and progressive - p (1080p). Scan is a way to display a frame. When interlaced, it is displayed alternately in odd and even lines, and progressive allows you to display the entire picture at the same time. If you do not go into technical details, then we can say that progressive scan avoids many annoying moments when watching TV, for example, the “comb” effect around fast moving objects. This is especially important for watching satellite television.

People who first got the opportunity to compare TV Full hd with older models, they are primarily struck by high detail - Full hd TVs are five times higher than their predecessors ( HD ) This is especially noticeable when watching digital TV. What can we say about video games!

As for screen size, TVs Full hd can be of almost any size (although today it is difficult to persuade someone to buy a TV with a diagonal of less than 32 inches in the living room, we are very used to large screens). Actually, if you decide to purchase Full hd -TV, diagonal and should not be less, otherwise the quality difference between Full hd and just HD will not be so noticeable. When choosing a screen size, consider the distance between the TV and the audience - the diagonal is considered optimal, which is three times less than this distance. For example, if there is approximately three meters between your favorite sofa and a TV, buy a TV with a screen size of 42–47 inches.

TV cost Full hd with a diagonal of 32 inches is approximately 20-25 thousand rubles, with a diagonal of 40 inches - already 30-35 thousand rubles, and with an impressive 55 inches - 60-70 thousand rubles.

Compare LG, Samsung and Sony BRAVIA TVs with Full HD

Full hd TVs are produced by all manufacturers, but we will consider only three popular brands. All of them offer inexpensive models with a small screen, and luxury TVs with a large diagonal or even a curved screen.

LG 42LF562V

Budget model of excellent quality. A 42-inch screen, very bright saturated colors, good contrast and more than an acceptable price. The impression can spoil only the fact that this model does not have LAN - and WLAN -sockets as well Smart tv .

The cost is about 27,000 rubles.

LG 32LH609V

This model is even smaller than the previous one, only 32 inches. It is perfect for small rooms. Especially if the owner pays attention to design - LG 32LH609V framed by a thin silver frame and graceful legs support. There are no complaints about the picture, especially the additional smoothing of movements is especially pleasing. In addition, this model is a small but proud smart TV with all the corresponding functionality. The only negative is the not very convenient control panel.

Price - 21 000 rubles

LG 49LJ610V

49-inch screen gives you the opportunity to fully appreciate all the advantages Full hd . Virtual Surround Plus Technology Virtual Surround Plus gives powerful and surround sound. Connectors HDMI and USB make it possible to connect external drives and, judging by the reviews of customers, there are no problems with reading them.

The price is about 50,000 rubles.

Samsung UE40K5510AU

A true decoration of the interior, this TV is a modern "filling" in a retro image. Available in white, black and silver. It features good color reproduction and rich deep sound - thanks to a couple of ten-watt stereo speakers with support for DTS Studio Sound DTS Studio Sound . The diagonal is 40 inches.

The price is about 36,000 rubles.

Samsung UE40J5120AU

Equipped with a 40-inch screen, this TV provides good picture quality, the impression of which is enhanced by the noise reduction function - the viewer is less dependent on signal distortion. The sound is also pleasing, in addition, this model has a headphone output. The only drawback is the unsuccessful design: the TV has a fairly wide stand, which requires a large surface.

The price is about 25,000 rubles.

Samsung UE49M6500AU

A model with a diagonal of 49 inches and a curved screen is a real luxury for a reasonable price. The dissatisfaction of some buyers can only be attributed to the fact that for a curved screen the diagonal of the model is actually small and hardly suitable for family movie screenings. But one viewer, comfortably located exactly in front of the center of the screen, will be able to appreciate all its advantages. A good sound deserves special mention - two speakers installed in resonant cameras provide excellent bass sound.

The price is about 53,000 rubles.

Sony KDL-49WF80

Once this manufacturer introduced the concept Full hd , and today the choice of TVs that meet this standard, the brand is very wide. Sony KDL-49WF80 - One of the newest series to date. Opportunities Full hd expanded by technology X-Reality ™ PRO that increases the resolution of each pixel and provides the highest clarity. Innovative technology Motionflow ™ XR provides smoothness and excellent detailing even with high dynamic footage. The technology of highlighting each pixel is used. Edge led . 12 image modes, including "movie - professional." It is possible to connect to the Internet, Bluetooth , voice control. Screen size - 49 inches.

The price is about 58,000 rubles.

Sony KDL-43WF665, KDL-50WF665

Lightweight models have a sleek design that fits any interior. Underneath a sleek, minimalist chassis is a powerful processor that delivers crisp, sharp images. Televisions feature Motionflow ™ XR technology Motion flow xp and processors X-Reality ™ PRO . Sound quality is provided by ClearAudio + technology ClieAudio and clear phase ClayFase . Screen backlighting is slightly simpler than the above series: technology is used Direct led . There is an Internet connection function, a smartphone can be connected to TVs of this series through USB -connector. Screen size - 43 inches, 50 inches.

The price is about 38,000-48,000 rubles.

Sony KDL-43RF453

Model with a diagonal of 43 inches. This is a slim, lightweight, stylish and inexpensive option. When it was created, the manufacturer focused on the consumer who wants to have a TV with a high-quality image at home. By removing the function Wifi , managed to reduce the cost of the model compared to the above. Added the function of FM-radio, which is not on TVs with Internet connection. The screen is distinguished by brightness and contrast, so that even in a brightly lit room, the picture quality will remain at its best. X-Reality PRO Technology X Reality PRO and Motionflow ™ XR Motion flow xp provide a very realistic image.

The price is about 33,000 rubles.

Full hd became the “gold standard” of quality - such televisions are widespread, inexpensive, and at the same time provide a clear, bright and contrasting picture.

1st place - LG 43UJ634V

The best in its price category is the LG 43UJ634V TV, which is sold for 28 thousand rubles. The device is presented in all household appliances stores, has collected a lot of positive reviews. 8 out of 10 buyers are satisfied with the panel, which gives the right to put the model in 1 place.

Screen, matrix, resolution42 inches, IPS, 1920 × 1080
BacklightDirect LED (LEDs over the entire area, about the types of backlight read here)
Update frequency60 Hz
Smart tvYes, webOS
Brightness, contrast50 cd / m2, 1400: 1
Digital DVB-T2 Tunerthere is
Sound2 x 10 W speakers

The panel includes the necessary functionality for installation in the living room or hall. Based on customer reviews, we determine the main advantages and disadvantages.

  • Fast Smart TV (normal processor, enough RAM).
  • High-quality Wi-Fi module: the TV plays 12 GB movies on the Internet, the picture does not slow down.
  • Image quality is at a high level. Initially, the colors are dark, but after turning off the power saving mode, everything falls into place.
  • Great sound, no need to buy a subwoofer.
  • Convenient remote control with a button to activate IVI.
  • Thoughtfulness and functionality. For example, you can watch a movie on a flash drive, remove it and reinsert it - the movie will play from the moment it was installed.
  • Many settings to optimize the image, sound, but it is not required.
  • The all-plastic case is not credible.
  • The stand is flimsy - it’s better to hang the TV on the wall. If there is a cat in the house, he can easily knock over the panel.
  • Small remote.
  • IMPORTANT - the screen may display an afterimage, for example, from the menu. That is, you make the sound louder and then for some time you see a trace from the volume bar. This is not always manifested, therefore, when choosing in a store, this drawback is not always noticeable.

Conclusion: the panel is the best offer on the market for your money. For 28,000 rubles there is nothing cooler on the market, but the after-image is a stone in the LG garden, which spoils the impression of the product. The problem does not appear on all models, so be sure to pay attention to this when buying, and if you notice the problem already at home, then within 14 days you have the opportunity to replace the TV.

2nd place - Samsung UE43M5500AU

Samsung's worst rival is stepping on LG's heels. The popular UE43M5500AU panel collects positive reviews in 90% of cases, and sellers often make discounts on this model, offer it by installments, etc.

Screen, matrix, resolution43 inches, VA, 1920 × 1080
BacklightEdge LED (LEDs around the perimeter of the matrix)
Update frequency50 Hz
Smart tvYes, Tizen
Brightness, contrast
Digital DVB-T2 Tunerthere is
Sound2 x 10 W speakers

I could not find the brightness and contrast parameters, but from the reviews it becomes clear that everything is in order with this.

  • Good matrix with wide viewing angles.
  • Assembly without backlashes and creaks.
  • Quality sound.
  • Productive components that ensure the quick operation of Smart, channel switching.
  • Excellent quality playback of digital channels.
  • Ergonomics - The TV is thin and light.
  • Convenient remote control with a minimum of buttons.
  • 2nd place among 42-inch panels (details here).
  • There are complaints about the "wired" dimming technology, which reduces the brightness of the backlight when displaying dark scenes. This is done to increase the depth of black, but in fact interferes with comfortable viewing. That is, the light scene is on the screen - the backlight is normal, the transition to a dark scene entails a decrease in brightness by 50%, and the TV goes out before our eyes. Throughout the time, the brightness will “jump”, and this interferes. In LG TVs, dimming technology is disabled in the engineering settings, in Samsung UE43M5500AU there is no such functionality.

If the Dimming technology does not bother, then feel free to choose a panel - 8 out of 10 customers are satisfied, but there is a problem with the backlight - remember this.

3rd place - Samsung UE43M5513AU

Another representative from the Koreans with a screen diagonal of 43 inches and a classic resolution. There are a lot of reviews - mostly positive.

Screen, matrix, resolution43 inches, 1920 × 1080
BacklightEdge LED
Update frequency60 Hz
Smart tvYes, Tizen
Brightness, contrast
Digital DVB-T2 Tunerthere is
Sound2 × 10 W

Classic parameters for the panel for 30+ thousand rubles. Matrix information is missing. Most likely, the VA matrix is ​​used here.

  • Quality cleaning picture.
  • Easy setup and reception of digital terrestrial channels on T2.
  • Many functions that are initially incomprehensible - you have to deal with them for a long time.
  • Convenient remote control.
  • Slim body, stylish stand, ergonomics in general - at a high level.
  • Fast Smart.
  • Cool sound - no external acoustics needed.
  • 1st place in the ranking of the best TVs up to 30 thousand (full review here).
  • Not enough bass, but it's nitpicking.
  • Inconvenient virtual keyboard in the browser.
  • Great weight despite the slim body.
  • For wall mounting, special M8x45 bolts are needed - these do not come with brackets - they need to be bought separately.
  • No headphone output.
  • Uneven illumination is possible due to Edge LED technology, in which the LEDs are placed at the edges.

In general, a TV among Full HD panels - one of the best - we recommend.

4th place - LG 32LJ500V

Good budget solution from LG, which saves money. The panel without “Smart” and other “whistles”, which makes it available on the market.

Screen, matrix, resolution32 inches, VA-matrix, 1920 × 1080
BacklightDirect LED
Update frequency50 Hz
Smart tvnot
Brightness, contrast
Digital DVB-T2 Tunerthere is
Sound2 × 5 W

By tradition, we highlight the advantages and disadvantages.

  • High-quality picture - displays Full HD-content without any problems with the media.
  • Good compatibility with Xbox - you can comfortably play games without brakes.
  • Normally catches channels.
  • The sound is normal, but not perfect.
  • Turns on slowly.
  • Weak legs.
  • There are no control buttons on the case.
  • Antenna connectors on the back. If mounted on a wall, it is inconvenient to connect the cables.
  • The remote control is tight.
  • There is no Favorite listing.
  • There are complaints that the channel settings fly off and they have to be reinstalled.

Despite the shortcomings, the TV has gathered positive reviews.

5th place - Sony KDL-40WD653

Not without the Japanese brand Sony. The company offers a cool but expensive 40-inch TV.

Screen, matrix, resolution40 inches, 1920 × 1080
BacklightDirect LED
Update frequency50 Hz
Smart tvYes, Linux
Brightness, contrast350 cd / m2, 3500: 1
Digital DVB-T2 Tunerthere is
Sound2 × 5 watts.

7 out of 10 customers are satisfied with the device, it was not without drawbacks.

  • Bright picture with accurate colors.
  • Many built-in applications with free movies.
  • Cool assembly without backlash.
  • Strong matrix - withstood the blow with a wooden plank.
  • An excellent browser - it plays music from Vkontakte without any problems.
  • Angle vignetting (dimming the backlight) is not ruled out.
  • YouTube slows down and crashes.
  • Smart TV does not work well, and here the technology is just for show.
  • Inconvenient and ugly remote.

And although the panel is not perfect, they speak well of it. To watch Full HD-content, it will fit, but if Smart TV is fundamentally important, then it is better to find another model.

The rest of the TVs will be written to the list without giving details.

  • Sony KDL-40RE353 (27,000 rubles)
  • Samsung UE49M5510AU (36,000 rubles)
  • LG 43LJ610V (25500 rubles)
  • Sony KDL-43WE755 (49,000 rubles)
  • Samsung UE40J5200AF (26,000 rubles)

Review completed. We remind you that it is based on feedback.

Full HD TV Ratings - What Should I Choose?

Due to the large number of technical parameters, customers sometimes rely on the ratings of devices that are of most interest. They are automatically generated based on the most important sales data. This makes it much easier to identify market trends. Of course, TVs do not occupy positions in the ranking. This is affected by many components - first of all, the most important technical parameters, quality and price.

All this also draws attention to the opinion of real users who had the opportunity to use the interesting Full HD TV models. They often very accurately describe their experience and point out all the strengths and weaknesses of the devices. Thus, we will quickly find out which 50-inch Full HD TVs to choose, as well as which manufacturer should be trusted.

Recommended Full HD TVs:

Which Full HD TV to buy

Every year, manufacturers try to create new, better devices that can interest new groups of potential buyers. Therefore, in addition to the resolution, they pay attention to a number of other issues. We must also do this.

First of all, you need to check which display the TV of interest to us is equipped with. Currently, LED matrix models dominate the low and middle segments. They guarantee a decent quality of the generated image, which should be sufficient both for cable and satellite signals, and for watching the latest films and TV shows. What is important, we can find Edge LED TVs on the market, with backlighting only at the edges, as well as Full LED, which provides uniform illumination of the entire screen. Full LED models will be the best choice.

In the market, you can also find QLED TVs that provide realistic colors, as well as OLEDs, which are the best in terms of image quality (and in particular black). However, such devices are usually available in 4K resolutions.

Ещё одна очень важная проблема – Smart TV – устройства такого типа имеют операционные системы, которые позволяют устанавливать и использовать множество интересных приложений, в том числе потоковых. Они дают доступ к новым фильмам, сериалам, социальным сетям и многим другим онлайн-ресурсам. Так что если вы не хотите ограничивать себя кабельным или спутниковым телевидением, Smart TV может быть хорошим выбором.

На что ещё стоит обратить внимание при покупке телевизора Full HD? Размеры, безусловно, окажутся важной проблемой. The same applies to the diagonal of the screen (Full HD resolution is supported by both 32-inch, 43-inch, 50-inch and larger models), communication modules (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth), as well as installed ports and connectors (HDMI, USB and etc.).

To top it off, you should pay attention to the energy class, response time or input lag, which will be especially important when we plan to connect the game console to the TV.

An analysis of these types of questions will allow you to choose the TV that best suits our expectations. Ratings and customer reviews will be extremely helpful.

Should I buy a Full HD TV

Due to the aggressive marketing activities of manufacturers, many people currently only consider 4K TVs. They will turn out to be a good choice when we use streaming services, where there are many films and TV shows with this resolution, and also when we have a new game console.

In other cases, 4K models will be redundant, as there is little content supporting such a high resolution. All this makes Full HD TVs the optimal choice for those who want to limit themselves to digital and cable television.