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Determine the IP address of the site


November 21, 2017. Published in sections: ABC of terms. 25308

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To better understand what the site address means, it can be compared with the book number in the library. By number, the librarian will find the right book for you. In the case of the site, the browser acts as a librarian. Having set the address of the site in the address bar, the browser will find and open it.

In order for the browser to find the required page, its address must be specified correctly. This situation is similar to sending a letter by mail. If you make a mistake in indicating the details of the mailing address (country of residence, city, street, house, apartment), then the letter will not reach the recipient.

How to check the IP address of a site

You can easily find out the IP address of a site using the free Saitreport online service. You may need to search and determine the IP address to obtain data about the domain, as well as to find out which hoster it belongs to. Based on this data, it is possible to carry out a manual analysis of access protocols to the server.

To use the Saitreport service and determine the IP address:

  • enter the address or URL of the site in the line on the site,
  • run the analysis
  • wait for the results.

Checking the IP address of the selected site and searching for domain information is performed instantly. Based on the results of the analysis, all the data found will be provided to you in an accessible form.

How to find out the web address of a site

The site address is also called URL (from the English. Uniform Resource Locator). An example site address looks like this:

The easiest way to find out the website address is to simply copy it from the address bar.

The URL has not only the page as a whole, but also its individual elements, in particular images. You can find out the address, for example, of a picture by right-clicking on it and selecting “Copy URL-Pictures” from the drop-down list.

In the same way, you can get the URL of the entire document by selecting the item “Copy link address” from the drop-down list by clicking on the link.

URL structure

Like a postal address, a URL has its own details. Consider its structure:

  1. Protocol - regulates the exchange of data between various resources. In particular, the http protocol points to a WWW resource, the ftp protocol points to an FTP resource, etc. In the address bar of the browser, the protocol is separated from the other details by the following construction:: //.
  2. Authorization
  3. Hosting - the number of the device (node) in the local or global network.
  4. Port - input channel number. If there are several such channels on the server, specify the one through which the information will be entered.
  5. Path - information about how to access.
  6. Parameters - information according to which the page will be structured.

What should be the address

The main part of the URL address is the domain name of the site, which will greatly affect its traffic. There are a number of criteria that should be followed when creating a site address:

  1. Brevity. It’s easier for the user to remember a couple of connected words than a long phrase or a combination of incoherent characters. The short name placed in the outdoor advertising or on the page of the print publication attracts attention and remains in the memory for a long time. This gives a good prerequisite for further visits to the resource.
  2. Presentability The domain name should advantageously represent the content of the resource. Most often they use either the name of the organization, or the type of its activity, or the name of the person mentioned on the site. This is an indirect element of the advertising campaign, which, with the right approach, will give good results.
  3. Beautiful name. It will make the resource more solid in the eyes of potential users. A long and incomprehensible domain name indicates that the owner of the resource was not generous with the purchase of a beautiful domain. This can scare potential customers.

How URL Affects SEO

A well-designed URL is one of the SEO tools. The correct structure of the address contributes to the rapid indexing of the website, which will help to raise its rank. To do this, you must follow a number of recommendations:

  1. You can use keywords in a diluted entry in a domain name. This will increase the position in the ranking system. However, you should not make up a domain from only keywords that exactly match the intended query. Google's ranking algorithm may exclude such a site from issuing.
  2. It is better to choose a domain zone, focusing on the location of the intended audience. So .ru zone will increase the flow of Russian traffic.
  3. The depth of the subdirectories in the domain name also increases the position of the resource in the ranking system. This is especially true for subdirectories named by keywords.
  4. Ideally, the URL should be human readable and understandable (CNC),

How to find the IP address of a site using the command line

The easiest way to find out the IP address of a site is to execute the PING command from the command line. To do this you need to open a command prompt. To do this, press the key combination Windows + R and in the window that appears, enter the CMD command.

After that, a team deadline should appear in front of you. Now you just need to enter the PING command and specify the name of the site, the IP address of which you want to find out, with a space. In this case, the name of the site must be entered without the prefix "http: //", as well as without the address of a specific page. In other words, you should enter only the domain itself.

After executing the PING command, information on the exchange of packets between your computer and the server hosting the site will appear on the screen. Among this information, the IP address of the site will also be indicated.

In addition to the PING command, you can use the TRACERT command. In this case, in addition to the IP address, you can find out the full path from your computer to the server.

How to find out the IP address of a site using online services

You can also find out the IP address of a site using online services. For example, you can use the site To use this site, simply follow the link and enter the site address in the search bar.

After clicking on the “Search” button, you will see a map on which the server’s location will be displayed, as well as the IP address of the site.

Also, information about the company that owns this IP address will be indicated there.

URL - what is it?

In the article we will consider what a url is. URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is what is displayed in the browser line when you visit a particular site. Not only websites have a URL, but also various files (documents, images, videos, etc.) uploaded to the Internet.

The site URL is as follows:

  • here http: // - data transfer protocol. In most cases, it is used http: //, but recently, the data transfer protocol has become increasingly popular https: // - secure data transfer protocol. How to understand what protocol your site has? - if you installed an SSL certificate on the site, then you can use the protocol https: //If you did not set SSL, then use http: //
  • - domain name. In this case, the domain with "www" is used, as it is selected as the main mirror for our site.

If you need to get the URL of the page, then just add the path to the website page to the URL of the site, for example:

You can also see the URL of the site in the browser: