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What to wear in spring: photo tips, image ideas, ready-made kits


Spring is just around the corner. And only burning colds and exhausting winter days leave the calendar, as fashionistas immediately feel that they need to first find out what to wear in the spring, and update their wardrobe with new stylish things.

The question of what to wear this spring will certainly arise in the minds of all women who follow not only fashion trends in clothes, but simply try to look attractive and interesting at any time of the year.

Undoubtedly, fashion trends will influence what beautiful spring clothes 2019-2020 will be. Without them, as you know, nowhere.

We decided to delve into the sea of ​​information and find the answer, what to wear this spring, and what fashionable spring clothes 2019-2020 will please beauties, transforming them and distinguishing them from others.

What to wear in spring: fashionable spring style ideas for women

You will not even believe that famous fashion brands offer to wear this spring. As it turned out, fashionable spring clothes are comfortable and practical suits and dresses in pajama style.

The laid-back and light spring clothes 2019-2020 will demonstrate the actual sports style, which will offer fashionable women new tunics, sports dresses, comfortable sweatshirts.

Fashion has a habit of repeating itself, so when asked what to wear this spring, she will answer with translucent dresses, clothes with bare shoulders, spring things, decorated with sequins, geometric patterns, ethnic ornaments, large floral prints.

In addition, spring clothes with floral and animal motifs will be relevant. Such subjects confidently moved from winter collections to fashionable spring bows. But carpet and tile patterns will surprise many, because such prints will also decorate spring fashion items 2019-2020.

If you do not know what to wear this spring, feel free to choose a strip. Fashionable spring clothes with a strip will make you interesting and creative, especially if you complement and emphasize the strip with plain elements.

Women should not worry about what to wear this spring, because fringed dresses, fashionable ruffles, frills and a net in clothes will not leave them without spring novelties. Multilayer fashion spring sets will also solve the problem of what to wear in spring.

It is impossible to fully tell what to wear in the spring, without mentioning the color palette in which the fashionable spring clothes 2019-2020 will be made.

Actual colors of spring are bright and saturated shades of red, blue, orange, green, gray, brown. In the spring you need to wear terracotta, khaki, purple and ultra fashionable metallic.

Also do not forget that in spring you need to wear pink, a shade of tea rose, saturated with apricot, peach, honey, yellow and sand.

Fashionable spring clothes 2019-2020 will return to peas again, fashionable spring dresses with a combination of black and white will appear, stylish bombers with pockets and embroidery will remain relevant.

Spring outerwear with an open shoulder line is popular. Fashionistas will also be pleased with the novelty from fashion designers - a silk, plain dress - a midi length shirt.

If you do not know what to wear in spring, be sure to pay attention to the fashionable cardigans 2019-2020, fashionable spring blouses and shirts, stylish short and long skirts, as well as midi length skirts. Without them, a fashionable spring wardrobe is simply impossible.

Feminine and romantic images are in fashion, so all spring clothes 2019-2020 in this style will be relevant and in demand for warm spring days.

Of particular importance in the issue of what to wear in the spring are accessories. It is they who can radically change and complement your fashionable spring look, striking and attracting the attention of everyone.

A light shawl in a fashionable color, a fashionable handbag, and a leather belt are all very necessary and beautiful things for a spring wardrobe.

Spring trousers of a straight and short cut will complement the new trousers in metallic color, trousers with cuffs, wide trousers and flares.

There are a lot of ideas what to wear in the spring of 2019-2020. We decided to show you examples of fashionable spring things that fashion designers offer women.

And what do you want to wear in spring? What spring clothes 2019-2020 will decorate your wardrobe. Do you want something new or will you wear last year’s clothes in the spring? Comment on.

What to wear in spring: photo tips for real fashionistas


Fashionable spring is already knocking on the door! What to wear in spring 2019

Spring 2019 clothing trends were revealed in the best collections of spring-summer seasonal shows, where the audience was fascinated by the creations of brands such as Alexis Mabille, Luisa Spagnoli, Valentino, Massimo Dutti, Markus Lupfer, Taranko, Trussardi, Sara Battaglia, Ulyana Sergeenko, Maison Ullens, Giorgio Armani Prive and other European, American and Asian fashion houses.

Spring bows were better shown in different styles, materials, ideas of combining colors and elements of the image, which aroused the imagination of those present, offering a clear definition of what to wear in spring 2019.

Spring 2019 clothing trends are very multifaceted and versatile, which makes it possible for every girl and woman to find her spring bow without departing from personal preferences and style vision.

Having examined the trends of clothing in spring 2019, we can safely conclude what to wear this spring, and how to dress in the spring is stylish and attractive.

What to wear in spring 2019: dresses, skirts, sundresses with a spring mood

In almost every fashion show of elite brands, spring dresses and skirts were presented with amazing beauty.

Designers offered women options on how to dress feminine and elegant in spring, while emphasizing the impeccability of the silhouette, but without focusing on sexuality.

Clothing trends that determine what to wear in the spring tell us about the advantage of straight-cut dresses, asymmetric models, wonderful styles of sheath and trapeze.

Designers offered chic evening dresses to the floor with voluminous skirts, a sophisticated cut, as well as classic and traditional styles of evening and cocktail dresses with original decoration and decor in the form of feathers, sequins, fringe, embroidery.

Among skirts and on, fashionable pencil skirts, leather and suede skirts, and midi-length skirts hold their positions.

It is typical that in the spring, women really like wrap skirts, original slit skirts, cute flared skirts made of weightless fabrics.

Although sundresses are more relevant for summer days, in the spring they can be seen on spectacular fashionistas in bright colors, or cute, funny and impressive prints, mainly with a floor length, combined with a light cardigan, jacket, jacket.

What to wear in spring 2019: fashionable styles and original spring bows

Today you will not surprise anyone with straight trousers, a traditional jacket, or a classic blouse.

Nevertheless, everything ingenious is simple, and answering the question of how to dress in spring, you should not look for complex solutions, it is enough to combine things wisely, combining them in a single tandem with a harmony of shades, textures, stylistics.

Stylish spring bows, which clearly trace the trends of the season, will help answer the question of what to wear this spring.

Firstly, pajama suits and models of suits of a free cut will be unusually fashionable, as if from a man’s shoulder.

Spring bows with jumpsuits, wide and shortened trousers, and leather clothes will attract the attention of women.

Long models of cardigans, coats, raincoats and trench coats, which have been repeatedly present in women's fashion, have returned to fashion.

Spring bows with animal, floral ornaments are relevant today. In addition, the cage, strip, contrast and photo print will be at a premium this season.

Designers relied on satin, silk, chiffon in more refined fabrics in spring, and did not miss the opportunity to replay knitwear, tweed, velor, velvet and denim and other spring and summer fabrics.

If we say that the creators of fashion decided to offer the original to creative fashionistas, it is indisputable that such trends as plastic, fringe, glitter in clothes can be presented.

Spring looks in elegant design look elegant and elegant, chic total bows and color blocking, multifaceted printing in clothes.

The best images of spring 2019: what to wear in the spring for every day

To the question of what to wear in the spring, each woman will have her own answer and will be right in this.

For those who like street fashion and casual, for many ladies, the most relevant is the feminine and elegant wardrobe.

And someone is ready to experiment in the process of choosing new looks, paying attention to non-standard clothing styles.

What category you belong to can be understood by how you prefer to dress in spring for every day, because it is everyday spring bows that fully characterize your style and sense of taste.

We offer you win-win spring bows with pants and trouser suits. Pay attention to the wonderful images of spring with skirts and dresses of a free cut.

Jeans and denim clothes are another right answer what to wear in the spring of 2019. Without cropped jeans, with turns, with a high waist, straight cut, etc. not a single modern girl will cost.

If you prefer skirts, dilute elegant blouses and shirts with T-shirts, tops and T-shirts with a pattern, pattern, print in a traditional or asymmetric cut.

Fashionable overview of examples of what to wear in spring 2019: ideas, tips, recommendations from famous designers

Of course, you can talk about what to wear in the spring for a long time, but we’d better show you what designers have proposed for the audience of fashionistas.

How to dress in spring wardrobe items and trends

1. Leather jacket. The versatility of this option of outerwear is that a leather jacket will help create images in almost any style, from sports to bold grunge.

A black biker jacket will work great with jeans, a sweater or a shirt, and rude men's style boots. And in a set for a dress or skirt and high-heeled boots, it is better to choose a feminine model of a jacket. The most fastidious fashionistas can afford a total look: a jacket can be supplemented with leather trousers or a skirt of a similar or completely contrasting shade.

2. Coat. If a few seasons ago, the main option for spring was the classic straight fit, but today the choice of different models is quite large: it can be a baggy coat as if from a man’s shoulder, a slightly flared down silhouette in the style of the 70s or oval figures that perfectly hide all the flaws figures.

A coat of pastel shades looks especially impressive during the spring season, allowing you to complete feminine and elegant looks.

3. Bomber. From season to season, designers more and more fall in love with sports style and today the choice of bombers is so great that you can easily find a suitable option for both the office and the festive event.

To walk around the city and meet friends, you can choose a free model in combination with skinny jeans, sneakers and a backpack. For the office, a tandem of a pencil skirt, shirt, a fitted monophonic bomber in calm shades and high-heeled shoes is perfect. And for a party, you can afford to not compromise and choose a bomber jacket of the most daring textures and colors.

4. Dress. In the season when severe frosts are left behind, and hot days are yet to come, it is sometimes quite difficult to choose the right dress model. In the spring, a shirt dress is especially relevant. This option allows you to create many different images both for the office and for every day.

A shirt dress can be the only part of the outfit, and can be combined with short shorts or a miniskirt. As for shoes, here you can choose almost any model from sneakers to pumps with heels.

5. Jeans. Jeans are still the most convenient and popular option for every day: these can be skinny jeans, boyfriends or slightly flared models.

Various options for jeans will help to create many images in both everyday and business style - only imagination serves as a limiter.

6. Prints. Spring season like no other suitable for printed items. You can support the time of flowering and the revival of nature with the help of a dress with large flower buds, overalls with ethnic motifs, trousers decorated with large cute peas or accessories made of snake skin.

Such wardrobe items will create spectacular images and look bright and attractive. Printed items can be combined with each other or diluted with neutral calm shades.

When choosing the right outfit for the spring season, the main rule is the lack of any rules. The time of changes and contrasts welcomes numerous experiments and a mixture of styles, which means that each girl will be able to create many suitable images for herself.