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How to pack a gift in gift paper beautifully with your own hands: without a box, an envelope, in the form of candy


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All of us, no doubt, love to receive gifts. However, we experience even greater pleasure when we bring joy to loved ones and relatives. Eyes sparkling with happiness and a sincere smile of a dear person - what could be more beautiful!

Paper selection

The most common way to arrange a gift is gift paper.

It is of several types, each of which has its own differences:

  • Glossy sheet paper. At the same time, paper can be of various colors, both monophonic and multi-colored. The density of the sheets is minimal, which allows them to be used in various interesting wrapper options.

Most often, this type of paper is used to pack boxes in the shape of a square and a rectangle.

  • Kraft It is characterized by increased wear resistance and density. To the touch, kraft paper is much rougher than the previous version and has a ribbed surface with a cross section.

Great for gifts in retro or provence style, as well as large sizes. Such packaging requires additional decor on top.

  • Hush This type of packaging is a papyrus Whatman. Its thin airy structure allows you to give the gift an elegant and elegant look.

Silence is also used as a filler in a gift box. It is convenient to wrap objects of complex geometric shape in this paper, which gives them additional volume.

  • Polysilk. It is a stretching film on which a metallized shade is applied. It happens only in a monophonic version.

It is used for wrapping objects with sharp corners, as well as toys. The gift is placed in the middle of the packing list, and the edges rise up and are decorated with a bow from the same material.

  • Corrugated paper. For packaging gifts used material with large embossing. Often this look is complemented by polysilicon bows, which gives the packaging a sophisticated look.

You can wrap in such paper any objects: boxes, bottles, tubes.

  • Mulbury. A designer look of crumpled paper. Available in a variety of colors, and in some cases has an ornament or pattern.

It is used as a wrapper for objects of any shape. If necessary, the gift is complemented by a small decor on top.

Choice of colors

How to pack a gift in gift paper, as well as to give it sophistication and presentability, will help to study the features of using different shades of material.

The packaging and the item inside must be in harmony with each othersince color mismatch can ruin the overall impression of a surprise.

Primary colors:

  • Yellow. A sunny color resembling a ray of sunshine. Gift wrapper made in such a tone gives a warm and cozy shade. Ideal for giving the surprise childish spontaneity and playfulness. It is not recommended to mix with other colors. But you can complement the top with purple, brown, blue or green decor.
  • Orange. A hue that personifies violent positive emotions, as well as attunement. But it’s important not to overdo it, since it is this color that can both decorate a gift and spoil it. It is ideal to combine an orange wrapper with green, yellow, brown, violet, blue and red.

  • Pink. Great for gifts for women, as it causes touching and joyful emotions. It is best to combine it with all shades of red and purple, and additional decor of a white shade will help to effectively emphasize the tone.
  • Violet. This option is ideal for a mysterious and extraordinary gift, as it symbolizes secrecy, mystery and fantastic. It is best for gift wrapping to combine this tone with white, silver, yellow and pink.
  • Red. This packaging tone means fiery feelings and passion, and sometimes symbolizes irritation and anger. Therefore, giving preference to this color for gift wrapping, everything should be weighed, if we are not talking about surprises for the New Year, as the red tint is very relevant for this holiday.

It is ideal to combine red packaging with silver, gold, white, pink and gray tones.

  • Blue. It is recommended to use this tone for packing a gift to a man, as it is associated with success, nobility, fidelity. Dark blue color is in perfect harmony with blue, silver, white, yellow, and for lighter tones it is recommended to choose pale shades of yellow and pink.
  • White. This tone is universal, as it can be combined with any bright color. But do not give him preference as the main color for packaging, as it is cold and therefore the impression of the gift will be the same. It is best to use it for contrast, I use details in this shade, which will give the surprise a sense of celebration.
  • Green. It is considered a neutral shade, which is appropriate in any case. The variety of tones of this color allows you to choose the right option for packaging. The green tone symbolizes wealth and respect. It is recommended to combine dark shades with yellow, orange, white and gold, and light colors with brown, gray, yellow.

  • Gray. Used to pack a gift, symbolizing nobility and restraint. And to add sophistication, it should be combined with a red, pink and purple hue.
  • Brown and black. These tones are rarely used, although they are recommended for an official gift. But in order to dilute the tone, it is recommended to complement the wrapper with details in silver, purple or gold.
  • Silver, steel and gold. It is best to use these colors as a complement to the base color. But it should be borne in mind that steel and silver belong to cold tones, and therefore should shade the packaging made in the same palette.

But with details in a golden tone, it is better to decorate a gift made in warm colors. In addition, these colors are successfully combined with white and black.

In the case of choosing multi-colored gift paper, details should be made from the tone present in the package, but not dominant.

This will unobtrusively emphasize the gift and give it an elegant look.

Standard size box packing

How to pack a gift in a standard size gift paper: compliance with certain rules of the procedure will help. For the first time, you should train on the newspaper, and after working out the procedure, use the prepared material.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Measure the required amount of paper. To do this, put the box in the center face down and leave a margin of paper on the sides a few centimeters so that it is fully enough on all sides.
  2. Bend the vertical side of the paper 1 cm in size and stick double-sided tape to it, without removing the protective layer from the other side. Connect both sides so that they fit snugly against the box. After that, glue them according to the proven principle, so that the junction is exactly in the center. If everything is done correctly, the seam will be almost invisible.
  3. On the side, bend the top edge of the paper to fit the box. Then tighten the valves on the side. And stick tape on the edge (1 cm) of the lower side without removing the protective layer. Bend it and see that the seam turns out exactly in the center. Only after that stick.
  4. Turn the box upside down and make sure the package is snug.
  5. Decorate the box with a ribbon or bow, choosing them taking into account the characteristics of the main shade.

Square or rectangular

Most often, gifts already have their factory packaging in the form of a square or rectangular box, but in order to give the surprise a more sophisticated look, you need to wrap it in a beautiful gift paper.

How to wrap a gift square or rectangular:

  1. Spread the prepared material on the table with the back side up.
  2. Wrap the box with paper on all sides and leave an additional margin of 4-5 cm. After that, cut a piece from the roll.
  3. Along one of the long edges, make a 1 cm bend and stick double-sided tape on top of it, without removing the protective layer from above.
  4. Secure the second long edge with a small piece of duct tape 1.5 cm further from the center of the box.
  5. Put a prepared bend on top, but so that it passes exclusively in the center. After verifying this, remove the protective layer and stick it.
  6. To wrap the two remaining sides, you should initially bend the side flaps tightly.
  7. Then bend 1 cm along the edge of the bottom side of the paper, and glue the double-sided adhesive tape on top.
  8. Press the upper edge firmly against the box and fix it in the center with a small piece of adhesive tape.
  9. After that, put the prepared lower edge on top with a bend so that it runs exactly in the center of the side.
  10. If everything is the same, remove the protective layer of adhesive tape and stick it tightly.

As a result, the central seam can be hidden with a satin ribbon of the required color.

Long box

To give a present in a long box a presentable look, you must adhere to a certain procedure:

  • Measure the length and width of the box.
  • Cut a strip of paper according to the calculations, adding a margin of 3 cm.
  • Spread the prepared sheet with the wrong side up on a hard surface.
  • Center the box.
  • Make a 1 cm bend along the bottom edge and stick double-sided tape on top of it.
  • Fold the upper side along the edge of the box and secure with a small piece of adhesive tape.
  • Top with prepared bend and glue evenly.
  • On the remaining sides, you need to bend the side flaps inward to make a triangle.
  • Then tightly fix the top edge along the box.
  • On the bottom, make a bend of 1.5 cm and stick tape on top.
  • After that, fix it on top of the previous layer.

Round or oval

How to pack a gift in gift paper of a round or oval shape, these recommendations will help to understand, since in this case the procedure is carried out a little differently.

How to pack a gift in gift paper, if it is round: step by step instructions

Step by Step Actions:

  1. Measure the height and width of the box and, adding 3 cm to the results, cut off a strip of gift paper.
  2. Turn the box to the side, completely wrap it, leaving a margin of 1.5 cm above and below, but after removing the cover.
  3. Carefully wrap the remaining edges deep into and down the boxes, fixing them with tape.
  4. Cut a circle of gift paper, the diameter of which will be 0.5 cm smaller than the bottom side of the gift, and stick it.
  5. Make a similar circle in size of the lid, but at the same time, increasing its diameter by 1.5 cm, stick it, and bend the resulting stock down with decorated folds.
  6. Cut the strip 1 cm wider than the box lid, stick it on the side, and tuck the remaining supply in the middle and fix it with tape.

To pack a gift in a flat box, it is better to use the following best option:

  • Measure the height and width of the box.
  • Calculate the required size of a piece of paper by adding the length value and the double result of the gift width.

  • Place the gift across on the back of the paper.
  • Glue a small piece of adhesive tape to the bottom corner of the paper and fix it in the center of the box.
  • From above it is necessary to fix an opposite corner of paper according to the same principle.
  • Bend the ends on the side and make bends inward in 1.5-2 cm on the remaining sides.
  • Fix the 2 remaining sides alternately with adhesive tape in the center.
  • To mask the place of fixation with additional decor.

Custom size

Sometimes gifts have a non-standard shape, which slightly complicates their packaging process.

In this case, you can resort to such tricks:

  1. Cut out a base from thick cardboard, the size of which should be equal to the diameter of the gift.
  2. Using the same principle, cut off a strip of corrugated paper or polysilicon, adding a margin of 2 cm.
  3. On the side edge, make a 1 cm bend, and on top glue the double-sided tape without removing the protective layer from the upper side.
  4. Fix the lower edge of the paper from the bottom in the center of the prepared base with adhesive tape, creating decorated folds.
  5. Place the gift box inside, and glue the edges on the side, overlaying the prepared bend.
  6. Tie the upper part of the wrapper with a colored ribbon.

How to pack a great gift

Sometimes the size of the gift can significantly exceed the standards - just glue the factory packaging with your favorite material and decorate with a satin ribbon or bow on top.

In the case of the huge size of the gift, it is enough to wrap it with foil or cover it with gift paper, and decorate it with additional decor on top. Such packaging is easy to remove subsequently upon delivery of the gift.

If the gift is small

If the gift fits in a small box, then you should not burden it too much with a wrapper.

It is better to use the following packing option:

  • Cut a square from gift paper, the length of the sides of which should be 2 times the height and width of the gift.
  • Center the box across the paper.
  • Lift the ends of the material up by connecting them in the center.
  • Secure with a thin tape and gently straightening the edges.

A few more ideas on how to pack a small gift.

Packing without box

You can pack an original gift even if it does not have a box. In this case, you can make a special package out of gift paper that will give the surprise a special look.

How to wrap a gift:

  1. Cut a strip of gift paper based on the size of the gift, adding 5 cm in length and width.
  2. Make a bend on top of 2 cm, and on the side of 1 cm.
  3. Double-sided tape should be glued to the side bend and the edges should be joined.
  4. On the opposite side, hold your hand to form a uniform bend.
  5. At the bottom, wrap paper 3-5 cm, depending on the width of the gift.
  6. Spread the upper and lower sides, and turn the side flaps in the middle.
  7. On the bottom edge, make a 1 cm bend and stick on double-sided adhesive tape.
  8. Fix the edges with each other, laying the side with tape on top.
  9. Put your hand inside the bag, straightening the bottom and bending inwards the sides.
  10. From above, make holes for handles with a hole punch and twine them into them, fixing the knots at the ends.

How to pack an unusual and creative gift

How to pack a gift in gift paper in an unusual and creative way, the options below will help:

  • Packaging in the form of a shirt. This method will help to present a gift to your beloved man in a rather original package. The shape of the package resembles a man’s shirt made of wrapping paper.
  • In the form of candy. This packaging method is especially relevant when a gift should be packaged very quickly. But at the same time, an unusual form of packaging can give it an elegant look.
  • In the form of an envelope. This type of packaging is suitable for small gifts with a flat shape. If desired, the addressee of the future recipient can also be written on top of the envelope.

Shirt packing

This gift wrapping option is suitable for a small men's gift.

To use it, you must perform actions in a certain order:

  1. Cut a sheet of paper 2 times larger in width and length of the gift and add a margin of 2-3 cm.
  2. Turn the material upside down.
  3. Bend the sides so that they converge exactly in the center. This will be the front of the shirt.
  4. Turn the future shirt back and fold the upper edge of the paper toward you.
  5. Turn over the packaging with the front shelves and bend the corners, imitating the collar.
  6. Turn the bottom edges of the halves outward so that they protrude beyond the edges of the shirt.
  7. Bend the entire product in half, laying behind the formed collar.
  8. In this case, the edges turned outward will be on top and will be sleeves.

If desired, the packaging can be supplemented with small details.

In the form of candy

A great option for packing a gift without a box is the shape of a candy.

Even a child can perform this method:

  1. Take the necessary sheet of gift paper, the width of which is equal to the gift, adding a margin of 2 cm, and the length exceeds 1/3 of it.
  2. Wrap the gift, and tie the side tails with ribbon or twine.

Sometimes it’s enough to pack a surprise in a decorated envelope made of gift paper.

To do it, you need to perform several basic steps:

  1. Unfold the paper and fold it in half.
  2. Place a gift on top, but at the same time, a margin of 3 cm should remain on all sides.
  3. Cut according to the received parameters.
  4. Unfold the paper in one layer and lay face down.
  5. Bend the sides inward by 1 cm and the upper edge by 2 cm.
  6. Glue the sides, leaving the upper bend unchanged.
  7. Put a gift and make a hole in the hole from above on the side.
  8. Pass the ribbon and tie the envelope flap on the bow.

Box design

Упаковать подарок нужно не только в подарочную бумагу, но и следует его дополнить необычным дизайном. Но как это правильно сделать и что применить из подручных средств, требуется разобраться.

Наиболее оригинальные идеи украшения коробки:

  • Бирки. This add-on looks very stylish and, in addition, you can write your wish and the name of the recipient on it. To do this, cut the tags out of thick cardboard and make holes in them with a hole punch. You can attach to the box with a ribbon or twine.

  • Newspaper. In the absence of gift paper, you can create a unique design with the help of an old newspaper. This will help to make a gift in retro style.
  • Butterflies This decor will help to give the gift an unusual romantic look. At the same time, butterflies should be cut out of cardboard of different sizes. Bend their wings up and fix on the packaging with double-sided tape.
  • A ball of thread. A small box can be placed inside a multi-colored ball of thread. To do this, you need to wind up a gift and attach a tag on top with the necessary instructions and wishes.
  • Buttons The unusual packaging can be emphasized with the help of these accessories by gluing the box with them on one or several sides. To do this, you need to choose buttons of different sizes, but a suitable tone.

  • Pompons. Gifts in winter can be decorated in this way. This will emphasize warm feelings and give the box an original look. It is best to make pompons from woolen threads, choosing the optimal shade to the main tone of the box.
  • Pictures. You can give a gift a certain charm with the help of photographs. They should be glued on top of the box on the sides and on the lid.
  • Geometric figures. Place several types of shapes on the sheets, using paper of various shades. Cut them and stick them at a distance of 5-7 cm over the twine. Decorate the box by wrapping it with the thread along and across.
  • Natural flowers. This option is a great addition to the main gift. It is best to use flowers of small diameter, placing them in the form of a bouquet in the center of the box and bandaging them with a satin ribbon of a suitable tone.

  • Sprigs of needles. Complementing the gift with such a decor, you can give it an unusual original look. It is best to use freshly cut branches that produce a pleasant coniferous aroma, securing them with a gift ribbon.

The stated recommendations will help to master the principle of gift wrapping in gift paper. But everyone decides how to use them himself, since you should always use your own original ideas. Only in this case can a gift bring positive emotions and tune in a positive way.

Article design: Natalie Podolskaya


The easiest way to pack, suitable for a volumetric or flat rectangular gift (for example, something already sold packed in a box) - gift paper. For packaging, you will need a suitable-sized sheet of elegant paper with a print or strict craft paper, adhesive tape or glue.


Such a colored paper box is suitable to hide a small or medium-sized gift. The size of the chest can be different - if necessary, resize the pattern accordingly and take a larger sheet.
You will need: a sheet of thick colored paper, a ruler and a pencil, scissors, a breadboard knife.

In advance, draw and cut out two patterns from draft paper, one with a valve, the other with a slot for it. Draw a square on the sheet, circle the patterns, cut the blank and fold the box.


To make such a package is quite simple, while it is universal and can look either strictly or romanticly - depending on the choice of paper.

You will need: a sheet of colored paper or cardboard with or without a pattern, glue for paper, a pencil, ruler, protractor or any round object that can be used as a template, scissors, ribbon or lace for decoration.

Prepare cardboard or paper of the correct size. The length of the sheet will correspond to the length of the future packaging, the width of the sheet is twice the width of the box. Leave room for “seam allowances” on three sides.

On the back of the sheet, draw fold lines. To draw rounded lines, use a protractor (saucer or something suitable). Circle the blunt end of the scissors along the ruler and the template with the outer edges of the future packaging - it will be easier to fold.

Cut along the outer edge.

Fold the workpiece along the marked lines.

Glue the box along the side seam. After hiding the gift there, tie it with a ribbon or cord.


Such packaging is more suitable to give something to a girl, girl or woman - for example, in a video in one of the “pieces of cake” a ring is hidden in a case. But if your beloved or dad is a sweet tooth, you can hide a gift for him in such a “cake”. If you want to give presents to a whole family or company, you can hide one gift in each “piece”.

You will need: 12 sheets of thick colored paper of “chocolate” or other “confectionery” color, scissors, glue, white ribbon, flowers for decoration, paper towel or box for cake for serving.

To get started, download and print the packaging template.

Next, follow the steps shown in the video.


Wrap the gift with ribbon and tie a simple single knot. Turn the gift over with a knot down and rotate it 90 degrees, wrap it again with a ribbon to make a cross, tie a knot again. From the remaining ends of the ribbon, make a bow and tie.


This cute bow is also a classic and a great decoration for any gift. Choose the color and width of the ribbon - you can make a miniature monophonic bow or a large one from ribbons of different colors.

You will need: packing tape (such is used, for example, in flower shops), scissors, stapler and paper clips, glue.

Cut 6 pieces from the tape: 3 - more authentic, 2 - a little shorter, 1 - the smallest. Of the five segments, make the “eights”, as in the picture, and fasten with a stapler. Roll the smallest piece in a circle and also fasten.

Fasten the stapler into the blanks for the bow three large "eight" and two small. Then glue the remaining cylinder in the center of the small workpiece so as to hide the paper clips. Glue the resulting workpiece into the center of a large workpiece.

Wrap a gift ribbon. Glue the resulting bow to it.


If you give a bouquet, a “single” flower or a plant in a pot, you can also come up with such a gift for a package that adds a festive mood and makes it special.

The easiest option is to wrap the flower with a sheet of double-sided colored paper and bandage it with tape at the bottom.

A more rigorous option is to use kraft paper and coarse rope.

To pack flowers in this way, first tie the bouquet down, then lay it on the packing list with flowers to the corner, wrap the stems with the bottom of the sheet and tie the package with a cord, ribbon or rope.

For packaging, you can take two sheets of paper in different colors and decorate the bouquet with a small glued postcard.

Fabric can play the role of wrapping paper - for example, a rough canvas will emphasize the tenderness of colors.

Another option is a delicate smoky package of ordinary tracing paper.

To prevent the flowers from wilting, if you put them in a vase directly in the package, wrap the ends of the stems with a damp cloth and wrap with cling film on top before wrapping them in paper or cloth.

The gift wrapping can also be the flowers themselves, or rather leaves. For example, they can decorate large candles. Put stationery gum on each candle and season flowers or leaves under it. Then hide the mounting location by tying the candle with tape or cord.

If your gift is a plant in a pot, you can also make a package for it, for example, from fabric ...