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How to edit video in YouTube?


Greetings, friends! In this article, we will learn how to edit a video on YouTube. I will show how to do anatations, subtitles and the rest. These are the necessary things to promote a business through your YouTube channel. And who wants to become a real pro in his computer, I recommend getting training in "computer tricks."

In previous articles, we examined:

  • How to download video from YouTube
  • How to upload a video to your channel on YouTube and change it.

Now we’ll look at how any beginner will be able to edit the video on YouTube. Let's start with the subtitles. We go to your channel. See the picture below.

Now we select any of our videos, open it. And after the video has opened, click on the "video manager" button at the bottom right. A similar picture opens before you:

Here we look what video we want to edit. We click on the black inverted triangle, as shown in the picture, and select the anatomy.

Here you need to choose to add anatomy and in the opened submenu, select the word "callout". You have a place for recording on the video. You can move it wherever you want. Just left-click, drag to the desired location and release.

Now you can increase the field for recording by clicking on one of the black squares around the perimeter and dragging to the side. Do as I show below:

Well, now you can start writing what you want to convey to your viewers. For example, I’ll write the address of my blog.

See where you need to write? On the right, under the word leader there is a field for writing. And under this field are the tools. You can change the font size, letter color and background color. Thus, you can safely edit your video recording on YouTube.

Now all that’s left is to set how much time your record will be displayed. Below you see red brackets, with which you can set the duration of the display of your subtitle. You just need to drag these brackets with the left mouse button and set in which place your entry will appear and in which to disappear.

You can set up multiple entries this way. For example, one disappears and another appears in another place on the screen, or the same one. Thus, you can better draw the attention of viewers to your inscription.

Many people ask how to set their picture on the video. Right here, where we are now, you see the inscription “information and settings”.

Now you have been thrown to the video editing location, where in YouTube you can change the image on the video, or put your icon. I show how to put an icon by selecting it on my computer.

You see, now we edited the video on YouTube and set the icon that we need on the video. Now we click “improve video” and now “auto-correction”. So you can improve the quality if you want.

Further on, there is a very important “blur” function. Click on it. Here you can either blur all faces, or blur the desired area in the video.

Now choose the area you want your viewers to not see. Select it and click on the "finish" button. Just pre-select the duration of the blur. This is done in the same way as we set the anatomy on the roller. Watch carefully as I show in the pictures.

Next, you have the opportunity to crop fragments in your video on YouTube. I show it to you on the screenshots from my screen. By the way, you can learn how to make screenshots in my article “How to make a screen”.

I would like to note a very interesting feature for video editing on YouTube. This is slowing down and speeding up playback. In the “improve video” tab in the editor, you see the words “slowdown” and “accelerated video” to the right of the image. And under them buttons how many times you are going to change the speed. Try these features right now. This is really interesting for you and your subscribers.

So in this way, if you edit the video on your YouTube channel, then they will be different from everyone else. You ask, what will it give you? Yes, it’s clear that it will be interesting on your channel!

You will attract more subscribers and more views. Your business will go uphill because you will become popular. But it will be necessary to use the tool, which I talk about in the article "YouTube cheat". So people will find out about you.

And if no one knows about your channel, how will your views appear? I repeat that this information must be combined with the information in my article on YouTube.

I also remind you that if you want to become a specialist, then go through the training “with a computer on you in 1 day”. Now you have complete information in your hands, use it necessarily and promote your identity and your business on the Internet.

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Separate Utilities

Consider several categories of programs for editing video material:

  • professional programs. Such software is ideal for processing the vast majority of videos on a personal computer.
  • Specialized services. Editors that provide the user with the ability to process video in a browser window. No special software installation is required, Internet is enough.
  • Applications Such software is designed for mobile devices. Applications are quite functional, and make it easy to create interesting videos.

Popular software

Today, many Internet programs are presented on the Internet, the main function of which is video optimization for YouTube. Of course, for beginners in this matter, it is better to use the standard options with a free license. There are advanced programs for professionals. You can also test the functionality of programs to the maximum by using a PC. Currently, the most popular are:

  • "Movavi Video Suite". The main advantage is multifunctionality. There is both a full version of the program and a trial one.

  • "Video Montage". One of the easiest software for editing video from "YouTube". The user can test the program for free for 10 days by downloading the demo version. The main advantages are the interface in Russian and a wide range of options.

  • "Adobe Premiere Pro." This program is a leader and is used to edit Hollywood films. Software has many formats and "chips" that are necessary in the processing process.

  • Sony Vegas Pro The main plus is a wide range of settings and an intuitive interface. The user has access to the best sound effects, video editing in 4K format and more.

  • "VSDC Free Video Editor." The program is free, and is among the 5 leaders. A sufficiently large set of various options is included that allow you to apply filters and make transitions. In addition, you can connect modules of other developers.

As for services, the following addresses can be distinguished:

  • Here the user can crop the video, crop it, apply various effects, etc.

  • The service is represented by a fairly wide range of settings, including mirroring, flipping, etc.

  • The service is not inferior in performance to the options listed above and is equipped with a similar interface.

General principles

Unfortunately, there are no developed tips regarding video processing for YouTube. But you can turn to general tips that will help to create interesting and high-quality content.

Since video editors for PCs have wider functionality and performance, they process clips more quickly and better, we recommend that you choose them.

Video processing process:

  • include the basic fragments of the video in the overall program,
  • download the appropriate effects and select background music,
  • arrange all the available fragments in the desired sequence,
  • apply the necessary effects
  • save the final result in the desired format.

In fact, the process of optimizing and editing video for YouTube is quite complicated and painstaking. Above is a simplified diagram according to which the processing of any video is carried out.

Editing video on YouTube is interesting and exciting. In addition to useful experience, the user receives a lot of positive emotions, seeing the finished result of his painstaking work. Also, high-quality processed and optimized material attracts new subscribers, which entails an increase in the channel’s popularity and revenue.