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How to sneak in Minecraft


To tame a horse, we need a saddle, carrot or apple. We spawn the horse, we approach it and when the "Ride" button appears, tap on it.

After you climbed the horse, another button will appear - “Open”, click on it. This window will open:

Now we select a saddle from the inventory and put it on the horse. You can also put on her armor, there are several types of it.

You can feed only a tamed horse, wait until a piece of heart appears. Further in the game, the appearance of the heart will speak of the desire for reproduction.

How to feed a horse

You can see detailed information about horse food in this table:

FoodHealth recoveryGrowth accelerationTaming IncreaseNote
Sugar1 (half heart)30 seconds+3%
Wheat2 (heart)1 minute+3%
Apple (red)3 (1.5 hearts)1 minute+3%
Apple (Golden)10 (5 hearts)4 minutes+10%promote reproduction
Carrot (Gold)4 (2 hearts)1 minute+5%promote reproduction
Hay20 (10 hearts)3 minutes

How to ride a horse

In order for the horse to allow you to ride it, you must first tame it. Your hands should be free. Then you need to click on the inscription "Ride" and by clicking on the "Open" button put on the saddle. After fastening the saddle on the horse, you can ride on it.

To get off the horse, press the sneak button.

Armor and saddle for a horse

Currently, only leather armor is available for crafting (the rest are in creative mode). It can be painted - it will look very beautiful.

To do this, pour water into the boiler, paint and press on the boiler with armor. A saddle can be found in a village, temple or forge.

Types of horses

In addition to ordinary horses, there are special species in the game, such as a skeleton horse and a zombie horse, they cannot be found in the ordinary world. You can only call them in the creative.

And with the help of a leash horses can now be tied to the posts, so as not to run away)