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How to send an email


Every active Internet user always uses e-mail, because it is very convenient, fast and easy. In order to send e-mail, you need a mailbox from your Internet service provider (provider) or a registered mailbox at one of the popular free email services - mail, mail and gmail. How to get a mailbox is described in the article “How to get an email”. Accordingly, you need a computer and Internet access.

Let us consider how to send e-mail using the example of the Yandex. Post office". The algorithm for sending emails in other services is similar and differs only in the user interface.

  1. First of all, you need to enter your mailbox by entering the username and password. Provided that the username and password are entered correctly, you will see a page with the folder “Inbox"Where you can see the letters sent to you. Otherwise, the system will refuse access with a message about the wrong password or login.
  2. Find the "To write". In Yandex mail, it is presented in the form of an icon with a pencil on a blank sheet of paper. When you hover over the icon, the prompt “To write". Click on this button.
  3. After clicking on the “To write"A blank form of the sent letter opens with the fields"To», «Theme»And a large field below, in which the text of the letter is typed.
  4. Enter the recipient’s email address in the “To” field, for example [email protected]. If you need to send a letter of the same content, then type the addresses separated by commas. For example, [email protected], [email protected] etc. Type in the field "Theme»Subject of the mail to be sent.
  5. In the largest field below, write the text of the e-mail in which you can use formatting (change the text color, font size, etc.), insert emoticons using the icons above the text input field. When you hover over each icon, a hint about its purpose appears under it.
  6. After all the fields are completed, click on the button “Submit»Or press a key combination. Your letter will be delivered to the addressee within a couple of seconds. If you don’t click on the submit button, the email will remain in the “Drafts"Where you can always edit it and send it later.

Using e-mail, you can send not only text, but also files (audio and video, photos, text documents)

How to send a photo or document by e-mail

The e-mail from which the files are sent (photos, documents, etc.) is called an attachment letter. To send mail with an attachment, do the following:

  1. Follow steps 1-5 of the above instructions. You can not write anything in the text input field of the letter or write a small accompanying text.
  2. Click on the “Attach file"Depicted as an icon in the form of a paper clip.
  3. In the explorer window that opens, find and select the desired file, and then click on the "Open". The desired file is downloaded and displayed under the email field.
  4. Click the "Submit»To send an email with an attachment.

If you mistakenly downloaded the wrong file, you can delete it by clicking on the link “Delete"Located below the icon of the downloaded file.

How to write a letter

Consider the classic situation. We have an email address to write a letter to. It consists exclusively of English letters and / or numbers, the @ sign in the middle and the name of the mail site (, for example).

I spoke in more detail about the addresses of mailboxes on the Internet in the lesson “Email Address”.

The first thing you need to do to write a letter is to open your email account. That is, go to the mail site on which your address is located and open it.

But I talked about this in another lesson - "Mail on the Internet."

A personal account will open through which we receive letters.

Here's how it looks in Yandex mail:

On other sites, your personal account looks something like this: in the middle is a list of letters, on the left are departments with letters, and on top there are buttons for working.

We need a button called "Write." It can also be called "Write a letter." As a rule, such a button is located in the most visible place: either above, above letters, or to the left, above sections.

Here's how it looks in Yandex:

Like this in Gmail:

A form for submitting will open. On all mail sites it looks about the same. Here we are only interested in three fields: To, Subject, and most of the text input.

These are the fields in the Yandex mail:

And here they are in

So the parts we need look in Gmail:

Where to print the address

The part in which you need to print the email address is called "To."

Let's say we have an address to send a letter to. Here he is:

We left-click inside the “To” field and print it there. To type the @ icon on the keyboard, you need to press the Shift button and, without releasing it, press once on the keyboard key with the number 2 (above, above the letters).

Important: the address should be printed only in English letters, without spaces and without a dot at the end.

What to print in the subject line

After the address is printed, left-click inside the "Subject" field. Here you need to print from whom the letter is or what it is about.

Many underestimate the importance of this field and do not print anything into it. Others, on the contrary, print there what they want to write about in a letter, that is, they use it to print text. Both the first and second are wrong. Let's try to figure out what is the matter.

Suppose we did not print anything in the Subject field and sent a letter. A person will receive it in approximately the following form:

The first thing he sees: from whom the letter came. In my case, this is an email address. Immediately after it comes the topic and a small part of the text from the letter itself.

As you can see, according to these data it’s completely unclear from anyone, nor what is in it.

The problem is that many people will automatically find such a letter as an advertisement and will not even open it. And other users will be afraid that this is a virus and will immediately remove it.

It turns out that we run the risk that the sent letter will not be read. Moreover, we will not even know about it. For us, it will look as if the letter was ignored. And the recipient will be sure that nothing came to him.

Another slightly less common situation is when the text of the letter is printed in the Subject field. Here is an example of how the recipient sees it:

Not only does this look ridiculous, but also not all the text fits - some are cropped. If we compare this situation with ordinary paper mail, then, it turns out, we sent an empty envelope on which we wrote the text of the letter.

So what should be in the "Subject" field? Ideally, you need to write something in it that will push the person to open the letter. After reading the topic, he must understand that this is the message he is waiting for.

  • Recording a consultation
  • Work report
  • Test results

And it’s better, of course, to clarify what kind of consultation, report on what kind of work and what kind of test. That is, you need to make sure that on the topic a person understands what the letter is from or about.

An example of the correct "Theme":

  • Appointment for a consultation with a therapist
  • Report on the work on the project No. 325
  • The result of a test in physics Ivanov A.A.

An example of an incorrect "Theme":

Where to print text

The text of the letter, that is, its content, must be printed in the largest field of all. In any mail system, it is designed specifically for this.

We click on it with the left mouse button and print what we want to write in the letter. If this field does not seem large enough to you, do not worry, it will automatically expand when there is a lot of text.

How to send a letter

To send a letter you need to click on a special button. Usually it’s called “Send” - and it is either above, above the fields, or below, below them. And in many mail sites it is there and there.

The "Submit" button needs to be pressed only once! The more times you click on it, the more identical letters will arrive to the recipient.

The principle is as follows: they wrote a letter, moved the mouse to “Send”, left-clicked once and wait. As a rule, after a few seconds the mail site will write that the letter has been sent.

Write an Email

Imagine that you are writing to a friend whom you have not seen for several months. Briefly tell us how you are doing and what's new (one or two sentences are possible). Do not forget about the topic!

Within a minute after sending, an automatic reply will be sent to your mail, so to speak, confirmation that the letter has been received.

Attention: this is a training address on which automatic answers are configured. Do not expect letters from a real person.