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Belly dance for beginners: how to learn to dance Belly Dance at home


Dancing is not only the most romantic, but also a useful activity for girls. Thanks to them, you can achieve a flying gait, royal posture and smoothness in movements. Starting to dance, you will tighten the skin, make the body more elastic. In addition, with the help of dance classes you can even lose extra pounds. And all this with ease and pleasure! How to learn to dance belly dance? You will find the answer in this article.

Basic rules

How to learn to dance belly dance? Today, its subtleties can be studied in almost any fitness studio. Classes with a personal trainer will cost a little more than group lessons. But at the same time you will get maximum attention and learn the art of belly dancing much faster. However, there is an easier option for those girls who do not have the opportunity to regularly attend classes. So how to dance belly dance at home?

To make it easier for you, prepare several musical compositions in advance, under which you can relax and feel the rhythm. Of course, they should have an oriental character. Clothing should not constrain movements. The more comfortable the better. You can purchase a special suit for such activities.

How to dance belly dance? Start by exploring basic movements. Video tutorials for beginners will help you. Remember that hips, arms, legs and stomach move in the dance. All other parts of the body should remain motionless. This is how the effect of muscle strengthening is achieved.

To begin with, it is recommended to master the movement of the hips. It is basic. Put your hands on your waist or spread them apart. How to learn to dance belly dance? Everything is not as complicated as it might seem at first glance. Feet must be placed on the width of your shoulders. Knees can be bent a little. Raise and lower each of the hips in turn. Watch the stillness of the rest of the body. Listen to music and try to make movements to the beat of a given rhythm. Feet must not be torn off the floor. The shoulders remain motionless. Accelerate gradually. Movement should resemble rhythmic shaking of the hips. If you purchased a special belt or scarf decorated with coins, you will hear their easy ringing.

The second main movement is the writing out of the sign of infinity in the air. This is also done by the hips. How to learn to dance belly dance? It is enough to follow some recommendations. Try to connect the first two movements. This is the basis for the whole dance.

Nuances and subtleties

How to learn to dance belly dance? After all, movement is not all. Master the step step. It should be short, as if you are moving in place. In this case, the audience will have the impression that you are floating in the air during a dance.

Belly movements are the most complex. Do not immediately try to execute them at the speed of a wizard. To begin, pull the stomach in and try to relax the muscles gradually and downward. Repeat this in reverse order. Then you can speed up the pace. After a certain time after hard training, you can please your beloved man with an amazing oriental belly dance.

The benefits of oriental dancing

This trend in dancing, not only delights, seduces, entertains, but also heals. In the process of dance, blood circulation in the pelvic organs is accelerated, which contributes to the effect of renewal in the female body. In life, we often limit ourselves in movements, all this affects the genitals. After several regular exercises, many women report improvement in their health during the menstrual period, and the effect of stress on the body is reduced. And the back, joints become more flexible, the gait changes. Belly dance refers to the physical activities that are allowed for pregnant women, with its good development, of course.

Elements and movements in the dance contribute to getting rid of cellulite, excess weight, and tightening the skin on the body.

In general, there are no restrictions on classes, both age and health, the main thing is to perform the correct movements. I think the facts in favor of this direction have been given enough and move on to theory.

How to learn belly dancing on your own at home

Gaining popularity, this dance attracts more and more people who want to learn it; accordingly, special schools appear. But if for some reason you can’t study at schools, then it’s quite possible to learn the basics on your own. So, as before any physical actions, it is necessary to stretch and stretch. Actions for warming up:

  1. Legs shoulder-width apart, with smooth movements, stretch your chin to your chest, then up, right and left. Then make a semicircle with your head clockwise and back, after, a full circle,
  2. Spread your shoulders, straighten your arms to the side, bend at the elbows, make several movements - the mill. Then completely straight arms, and similarly with brushes,
  3. Flex the shoulder joint, arch your back and bend,
  4. Now legs together, scroll your knees, bending them. Alternately feet, pull the heels to the buttock,
  5. With straight legs, stretch down to the floor as far as your flexibility allows it,
  6. Pull the thigh to the side, pulling it, keep your back straight, as if resisting traction. Make a couple of rhythmic movements in different directions, then backward, forward.

It is recommended to practice at least twice a week, about an hour. Always start with simple actions and of course with a warm-up. As you feel that the muscles are warm and stretch well, you can move on to the elements of the dance. It is very important to learn to understand and feel your body, regular exercises are important for this. Watch your chest so that it does not move behind your hips.

Simple belly dance moves for beginners

If you decide to independently master the oriental dance, it is best to perform movements in front of a full-length mirror. This will allow you to consider the correct position of the whole body. So, the initial stage of learning dance:

  1. To distribute body weight, place your feet at a distance equal to the length of the foot, we place them parallel to each other. Try to stand completely on the entire foot, not just on toes,
  2. Remember, during all actions in the dance, the knees should be slightly bent, this protects against dislocations,
  3. There are no tensions in the body, hips are relaxed,
  4. Do not protrude the pelvis back, direct it slightly forward, this will reduce the load on the lower back. Violating this position, the natural blood flow to the abdominal organs changes,
  5. Pull the chest in different directions, the hips are fixed and do not repeat these movements. And the arms are straightened, in a proud position with a direct posture. Later, when you get comfortable, add smooth, slow waved hands, similar to a wave,
  6. Then make a circular motion only with the chest, first the body will resist, later it will come out more naturally,
  7. Now elements with lower body. The most delicious thing we have is the hips. We should not be embarrassed to show them, in dance this is the main element. Mentally draw an eight or infinity sign, and go along its contour with the sides of your hips, stretch first with one side, then smoothly with the other. This is the basic movement on the basis of which other elements are built,
  8. A very difficult action for a beginner is shaking. It all takes a different time for everyone to master it. The most difficult thing in it is to make the muscles relax and not resist yet with the usual actions of the legs. Everything happens with the help of the knees, with the buttocks fully relaxed, sharp movements of the knees forward back are performed. And due to them, there comes the very beautiful element of shaking, it can be done both on the buttocks and on the stomach. And having learned how to perform it competently, you can dance like this without a limited time, adding only flowing elements of your hands,
  9. Arms at chest level, elbows slightly bent and directed backward, not down. The movement of the hands is very important, it expresses the tenderness and submission of a woman, while the hips are passion, seduction. The hands should be an extension of the hand, the middle finger is extended like a string, and the remaining fingers are not spread out,
  10. And finally, always keep your head straight, as if you were carrying a jug of water, or a fruit basket.

History and origin of the destination

Belly dance is as ancient as our human world itself, dance art. He came to us from the temple ordinances of India and Egypt, dedicated to the female energies of the universe. In the East, this dance of life was usually performed at weddings, but exclusively in the female half of the house.

Today, this bright, graceful and sensual dance is not only a colorful stage performance, but also one of the types of fitness.

Here are some interesting facts from his story:

  1. Belly dance is not only female, but also male. This variety of it was known in the Ottoman Empire. It still exists both in Turkey and in Egypt.
  2. Stage belly dance appeared at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, when oriental dancers began to demonstrate their art on the stage of Europe and the USA.
  3. In the middle of the last century, Hollywood drew attention to belly dance, but its interpretation was seriously different from the original. However, professional dancers from the East supported the idea and included elements of Western style in their arsenal.