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PC keyboard setup


Sometimes you may have some software that changes the way your keyboard works. Or maybe you added some custom keyboard shortcuts or keyboard shortcuts, and now you want to reset the keyboard to its original defaults. If your laptop’s keyboard keys do not work as they should, then it may be time to reset the keyboard keys to the default settings. This is something you could try on Windows 8.1 / 8 or Windows 10/7 and see if that helps.

Before continuing, you can first confirm that this is not a physical problem, but a hardware problem. So make sure you update your device driver to the latest available version, clean the keyboard, check the wires and physical connection, and maybe try a different keyboard, in the case of a desktop computer, and see if it solves the problem. Also check to see if Sticky Keys are included with Windows.

Reset Keyboard Settings

Open Control Panel> Language. Choose your default language. If you have multiple languages ​​included, move the other language to the top of the list to make it primary, and then move the existing preferred language back to the top of the list. This will reset the keyboard.

If you have one language, add another language. Create a new language, the main language, moving it to the top of the list. Once you do, move the old language back to the top of the list so that it becomes the main language. This will reset the default keyboard layout.

Let's look at an example to make it clear. I only have English (India) installed, and this is my main language. If I want to reset the keyboard defaults, I will have to add another language - say, English (USA) and move it to the top of the list using the link Move up . This will change my keyboard layout.

Then I will need to move English (India) up. This will change my keyboard layout to fit this language. Then I will remove English (USA).

This will reset the keyboard keys to the default settings.

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Standard Method for Configuring Keyboards on a Computer

First you need to make the most standard keyboard settings. This can be done with great ease. You must go to the start section and find the control panel. After that, open the keyboard section and select the keyboard properties. Then you can simply choose which settings are required in a particular case.

How to adjust keyboard speed

Each computer keyboard model is designed in such a way that when you click on its buttons with the image of various characters, they will be repeated several times. This will be repeated until the button is released by the user. However, today this parameter is being tuned. This is done in the Repeat section of the entered character.

In the Delay before starting a repeat section, you can make it so that the characters are reproduced at certain intervals. In the dialog box, which is located in the keyboard properties, there is a line for entering textual information. It can be used to verify applied settings.

In the Repeat speed section, you can set the delay time before the start of the introduction of a new character. In the item Flicker frequency, the cursor allows you to set the parameter at how fast the cursor will flicker on the monitor. The slider needs to be moved left or right, so that this setting subsequently has a given parameter. When everything is configured, you will need to click on Ok.

How to set input language

In a computer system, it is possible to set the default language. To do this, click on the right mouse button in the toolbar section with a designation of the input language. Go to the back panel and find the default input language section. There you need to install the desired language.

default input language

In the keyboard settings section, you need to make additional settings. You should determine which keys you can use to enable the Claps lock option. You can also specify which buttons to use to enable another language. In most cases, the Alt + Shift key combination is used.

To configure support for the most diverse languages ​​of the world, you can go to the control panel and select there to switch to the classic view. You need to choose a language and regional standards. After that, you need to go to the language section and configure as needed.

Customizing your keyboard is very easy. This must be done. After all, this is the determining factor for ensuring the convenience of using a computer device.