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How to make a soccer ball out of paper?


Olga Denisova
Master class "Volumetric soccer ball made of paper"

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And scream to everyone together: "Goal!".

Best game (Football)

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Many Olympic champions from a wide variety of sports come from here, including gymnastics, walking and so on.

Volume ball from paper will be a great decoration for the room of a young soccer player or soccer player. 'Cause he looks so real soccer ball. The admiration of friends is ensured.

It takes a little patience to make our ball. white paper(6 sheets) and 3 sheets of orange, you can take the second color another, PVA glue, pencil, ruler, cardboard for templates.

We cut out patterns from cardboard.

transfer to paperleaving 1 cm for bending on each side.

For our football The ball needs 20 hexagons and 12 pentagons. (the number of parts can be reduced, then the templates should be smaller in size)

When all the parts are made, we proceed to assemble our ball. You will need a little patience and time.

Our ball turned out like a real one, even the same size.

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Paper is a universal ornamental material. From it you can create not only flat applications, but also voluminous objects. It will be useful for those who are interested to learn how to make a soccer ball out of paper with their own hands.

Blank forming

White hexagons will need 20 pieces. To form one blank, it is necessary to perform several sequential manipulations. Then five sheets should be cut in two lengthwise to make 10 rectangles. Each of them needs to be bent in half in length and well smoothed. A distinct fold line should be formed. The rectangle must be straightened and laid with the front side away. The upper left corner of the paper should be folded to the center fold line. The remainder on the right side should be bent to the front of the resulting triangle.

The next step is to expand what happened and cut out two triangles. Three vertices of each triangle must be bent to the central part. Everything - the white hexagon is ready. You must do the same with all other rectangles.

Black pentagons will need 12 pieces. Rectangles will become the basic element for their manufacture. Black squares of paper should be cut into two rectangles. Each of them must be divided into three parts.

Next, each rectangle should be bent in half and dotted. On this line, you need to bend the parts so that a pocket forms in the center. It is necessary to direct the upper part of the base figure into it. The final step is to bend all the corners in turn and fold them in half.

Ball construction assembly

The assembly is assembled according to this principle: five white ones are attached to one black element. The latter should be interconnected. The exception is only the first and fifth modules, the edges of which remain free. They are used for fixing with the next black module. It should always be in the center. Following a clear sequence, you can collect the ball. To stabilize the structure, the elements must be attached to each other with glue.

An alternative to giving the ball greater reliability and stability is the use of adhesive tape. It must be fixed on the wrong side of the structure. This should be done with extreme caution so that clear dividing lines between white and black modules are preserved.