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Check-out time at the hotel


Situations when guests "accidentally" take away hotel property, unfortunately, are not uncommon. Moreover, some of the considerations of practicality will take disposable slippers and an unused cosmetic set, while others are trying to grab towels, light bulbs and even bedding. As a result, hotel staff are forced to control guests during eviction.

Features of the departure of guests from the hotel

All hotels have their own features of the eviction process, but very often they are similar. A tourist can get acquainted with the rules of residence at registration, often they are in the public domain.

In hotels, the staff strives for the eviction process to take place in a few minutes. Even during check-in, the client is informed about the check-out time set at the hotel - usually 12:00. There are internal standards for the delivery of a hotel room and its inspection by a maid or other employee. The administrator is required to verify the number and the planned end date of the stay in order to avoid any misunderstandings.

By 12 o’clock in the afternoon the guest should go down to the reception. In many hotels, it is customary to call the guests who are planning to leave the room and ask if the help of the porter is necessary for carrying out the suitcases. When guests approach the administrator, they can pay for accommodation if this has not been done before or when they used the minibar and other services. You can also issue reporting documents to the battle, if it did not happen buy hotel checks with a QR code.

During check-out, the maid quickly checks the room for damage, forgotten or missing items. Then she informs the administrator by telephone that everything is in order, after which the final calculation is carried out.

In large hotel complexes, a special department of employees can work - a room service that checks the filling of the minibar. Most often it operates in hotels with a capacity of 70 rooms. Small hotels often entrust this function to other employees.

Checking the number should not take more than 7 minutes. For 5-7 minutes, the maid manages to inspect the living room and bathroom, check the serviceability of the equipment, count the towels, make sure that the guest did not leave his belongings in the room. If the guest lived in a room with a pet, the employee checks the walls and carpet for damage from the teeth and claws of the animal. Since the guest risks being late for his flight because of the delay, the check is carried out as quickly as possible.

Hotel - by the day

Regardless of the number of stars, hotel complexes have internal rules established by the administration. The main provision of the rules is about checkout time: about the time of arrival, before which you should not check in, about the time of departure, by which you should leave the hotel room.

Many travelers do not know how the day of stay in the chosen hotel is considered, which affect the payment for the hotel. Any temporary trifle connected with check-in, check-out, stay at the hotel matters: what time did he check in, check out, how much he lived.

According to the rules on the checkout time (Law on uniform rules for the provision of services in hotels of the Russian Federation), this occurs at 12.00 of the current day. From this moment, the calculation of the accommodation fee is under way: check-in at noon of the current day, check-out at noon of the following. The law allows you to vary the position on the time of settlement-eviction. Taking the opportunity, hotels appoint their own version of the checkout time: maybe from 13.00 of the current day - check-in time, check-out time - from 12.00 of the next.

If a guest, having booked a room for a day, settles on September 5 at 13. 00, he needs to leave on September 6 at 12.00. A reservation for a longer period involves eviction at noon on the last day of your stay at the hotel.

Having found out how the day is calculated in the hotel in which you check in, listen to practical tips:

  • try to settle before the checkout time, so as not to pay for the hour, as for half a day or whole. At an early check-in, it is possible to check in for free when the hotel has available rooms of the corresponding category. In case of their absence, you will have to wait for the set hour,
  • upon early departure, the hotel complex does not guarantee the return of money,
  • It is important to check out of the hotel on time - at the scheduled time. If the guest is late with the eviction, they will charge an additional fee for each hour of stay in the hotel room.

There are hotels without a checkout time. In them, settlement usually starts at 8.00.

Thus, the knowledge of how to count the day in the selected hotel, eliminates many unpleasant surprises associated with the amount for the stay.

Plus an hour or two at the hotel: payment rules

There are times when a guest needs to stay in a hotel more than the prescribed time. This can happen for various reasons: delayed flight, inconvenient departure time of transport, business negotiations. Later (with a delay) eviction is regulated by internal hotel rules. Typically, payment is as follows:

  • for 1 hour stay - 10% of the daily price,
  • checkout time at the hotel chosen by the visitor in the range exceeding 2-12 hours - 50% of the daily price is paid,
  • a delay with eviction from 12 to 24 hours requires payment of the full cost of living in the hotel complex.

The above nuances must be considered before checking into a hotel.

Arrival late: payment details

Sometimes it doesn’t come to settle for a number of reasons at the checkout time at the hotel (late check-in). If you are late with check-in, a full daily payment of the room is established. There are situations when a guest needs to check out earlier than the estimated checkout time — for example, instead of 12.00 the next day, he leaves the room at 7.00. Accommodation is paid per day.

If a guest has booked a room for two days, and leaves earlier, then you have to pay per day. According to existing requirements, the guest is obliged to notify the hotel administration of a premature departure in 24 hours, no later than. Otherwise, a fine may apply.

For early arrivals and late departures, guests pay for accommodation in accordance with internal hotel rules. It is advisable to familiarize yourself with them in advance, warning in advance about the possibility of early check-in or late check-out (so as not to miss the room or to overpay for an extra stay). Provided that the hotel provides for an hourly rate for accommodation, late eviction is subject to an extra charge of:

  • deviations of less than 1 hour - free of charge,
  • from 1-6 hours. - hourly payment,
  • from 6-12 hours - for half a day,
  • from 12-24 hours - the full daily price (in the absence of an hourly rate at the hotel).

Cases of late check-in. If the reservation is not guaranteed (without payment for at least one night stay), it is valid until 18.00. In case of being late with check-in without warning, the room can be given to another guest. To prevent this from happening, make a guaranteed reservation (pay for the day, then the room will be waiting for the guest 24 hours) or warn in advance about being late.

Thus, in order not to overpay, it is worth knowing how the checkout time in hotels is calculated. The Klyuchevoy Element hotel provides favorable rates of accommodation in rooms on flexible terms: it is possible to pay per day, night, or hour. Early check in and late check out. Big discounts - on Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

Force majeure

Force majeure circumstances occur in which a guest who has paid the full period of stay at the hotel has to leave urgently. In this situation, the guest who has stayed in the room for half an hour is returned the full amount. The countdown starts from the moment the number threshold is crossed.

If more than half an hour has passed since the moment of check-in and the guest has urgently left the room, then the full amount will not be refunded. If possible, an hourly fee is charged for each actually used hour of stay in the room.

According to the rules of the checkout time at the hotel, the hotel complex has the right to receive money from the guest for extending their stay in the room, if he checked in on a paid day in the evening, and left after 12:00 the next day. It doesn’t matter that the guest actually stayed in the hotel for less than a day. The administration informs the guests in advance about the rules of settlement, eviction, payment.

Plan your actions and get acquainted in advance with the internal rules of the selected hotels. Have a good trip and relaxation!

Hotel check-in and check-out rules

If you are a beginner and traveling to overseas countries or to other cities of our country for you something unknown, then before you go, it is worth exploring the place where you plan to relax, get acquainted with the culture of the local people, with the rules of behavior in public places and hotel.

So that at the very beginning the vacation would not be spoiled by a conflict with the hotel administration, you should adhere to the generally accepted rules of check-in and check-out from the hotel.

Experienced tourists already know that check-in at a specific time occurs without exception. And even if you landed at 7-00 in the morning, then you still have to walk at least until noon. Very often, beginners allow themselves to demand the hotel administration to provide them with a free room for free. So, this is not worth doing for a number of reasons. You will still be asked to pay for your "desire." And this fact is often annoying even more than just not ready number.