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Anyone can hack a computer


Today, quite a lot is said about hacking other people's computers. However, according to many experts in this field, it would be more correct to say not "how to hack someone else's" computer ", but" how to gain unauthorized access to it. " In this case, there can be no talk of any destructive actions. Let's try to consider the simplest methods with which you can solve the problem of how to get into someone else's "computer".

This is not an instruction or motivation for action.

In general, when I created this blog, I did not pursue the idea of ​​writing posts on a similar topic, and all the more step by step, describing actions for hacking other people's computers.

Therefore, I said above what exactly I will describe , but I won’t give detailed instructions on how to do it step by step to get into someone else’s computer.

Someone might think "Here is such a bastard and boasts"No, it’s not so, turn it around."

IMPORTANT: For obvious reasons - I’ll tell you about a method that is already outdated, BUT Till now it can be used (oddly enough) and successfully crack other people's computers.

Post purpose: just convey to the reader, how easy and simple it was in the form of a story, precisely from my experience, but not with someone’s words.

Also, the phrase "Hack computer"In this post completely not appropriate! And you know why? And here is why.
In a nutshell: In my opinion, real hack remote system - this is when a person just sits down, takes a beer, pizza and starts to work. He begins to look for vulnerabilities in systems and, after they are discovered, writes Exploits and other destructive programs for them. This is really a real hack and it’s not easy - it’s very difficult and requires a lot of knowledge ...

Since I didn’t search for anything, I didn’t write exploits, I consider the phrase “Hack computer"Not appropriate. And just "Pampering", "Hooliganism" as you like best.

But, since it was the custom among the people, if I got into someone else's computer, then I hacked, and therefore gave such a heading to the post ...

It turns out i did not hack computersI just got unauthorized access to a remote system. In fact, it was mine home computers, in the role of “Remote victim”

And 90% of all work for me did other people who wrote programs with which I got access to other people's computers.
It was received, not hacked.

This is the SIMPLICITY of gaining access to a remote computer.
This is the whole joke. Everything is done, everything is written by really smart guys. Not only is there a lot of articles on the Internet on the Internet, there are also many completely free programs that are necessary for these matters.

What do you need? Not so complicated, just download the necessary programs and learn to use them and EVERYTHING. And learning to use them is easier than ever!

On the Internet, even a video course is "Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing"Completely free access.

How it was. Gain access.

Learning about what you need to do, and again - It's easy, because everything is in the internet, everything is in the public domain! You can go online, download a port scanner, for example, “vnc scanner gui”

Look for lists of ranges of IP addresses of all Russia and its regions, and it is also quite simple.

The hole was in the port4899"(I’ll say a few words about this later), you can take these lists of IP addresses, scanned to port 4899 and received an impressive number of IPs with open 4899 port.

Now the matter remained small. It was necessary to feed the received addresses after the scan to the program with such an interesting and meaningful name “Lamescan”

Well, the role of this program was to trivially select a password and login, which you could invent yourself or take on the Internet the most frequently used by users.

And if she found coincidences, and she always found them at all, then such a list could turn out.


As you already noticed, there’s nothing complicated, do you agree? Any child can do this.
Tip: Make sure that there is no running process “r_server.exe»If there is one, urgently kill it and delete the file (r_server.exe) from the “system32” folder (BUT! If you intentionally do not use the Radmin program).

Radmin - This program is for remote computer control. She is commercial!

The fact is that the craftsmen took the components from the original radmin, the server itself (r_server.exe) and a couple of DLLs necessary for work and assembled “Hidden Radmin”, it turned out that Radmin is sitting in the system and the user does not even guess before that!

There were many such infected computers, and some of them managed to pick up a password using "Lamescan"

The radmin server itself hung on port 4899, which is why it was necessary to scan to this port.

There were situations when people used Radmin for their own purposes, but I don’t remember exactly in version 2.0 or 2.2, on the server side of the program the password was 12345678 or 1234567 by default, many users simply did not change it and for this reason thousands of vulnerable computers have appeared.

It remained to scan the range of IP addresses and check each address with an open port 4899 whether the standard password is suitable or not. As a rule, standard passwords came up and very very often!

How does a hack pc work?

Monitor or computer device screen responsible for displaying pixels and selecting an input. It is also known as an on-screen display controller. Researchers have created their own path for the user to access and implement arbitrary code execution inside the screen or monitor of the PC machine itself. Regardless of this, you cannot count on the output of a computer device, because the machine screen actually changes the pixel values ​​on the computer monitor.

This way, a hacker can redirect a specific website, similar to a website that you can use for banking, the target person will not be able to see the same SSL lock on computer device browser. Exactly hacker screen monitoring will then compromise the monitor or computer screen of the target person, and then place the SSL lock on the screen.

This is what hackers do: what could be there?

computer hackers in fact they are able to violate the security of the user's computer computer, and in the future they manipulate information in accordance with their needs. They carry out activities such as install malware without the consent or knowledge of a particular person. Their experienced minds and infernal knowledge allow users to access information that the target user does not want to give to anyone. On the other hand, there are some types of PC hackers in the following.

White hat hackers

White hacker hackers have done the exact opposite of what black hackers do. They are also known as ethical hackers In addition, they use their mind and skills to correct already compromised computer security systems. They always get the consent of the victims to create solutions and eliminate loopholes that existed within the framework of security problems, and suggest ways to eliminate all losses caused malicious or black hat hackers.

Use TheOneSpy to spy on someone's computer screen legally

TheOneSpy it is a computer monitoring and espionage software that allows the user act like a white hacker, The user can use it to educate and track employees' computer monitors and monitors to find out what they actually do on company-owned machines during working hours.

Best for parenting

TOS window monitoring and MAC application allows parents to install parental control on the computer / monitor screen of children and adolescents. This will keep parents informed of all the actions that young children and teenagers perform on their windows and MAC computer monitors or screens. In short, the user can use spyware to monitor the computer and for employees to the fullest. Parents who are looking forward to finding out the hidden actions of their children and adolescents can use the on-demand computer screenshot tracking application to find out everything hidden actions on MAC and Windows PC.

How to hack one of them

Computer hacker software can remotely take screenshots of all the actions that teenagers performed on their computer devices. On the other hand, if parents find out that children and adolescents gain access to explicit sexual content online. They can use the application screen recording tool to monitor the computer and learn about events. In addition, they can use the website blocking tool of PC monitoring software and can insert website URLs into filters and can block relevant websites.

Ultimate for the corporate sector for employee tracking

Employers always seem busy because they have to deal with everyone in the business organization. They can do and be surprised at such a length to protect their business. Recent online attacks and employee incompetence may allow employers to work in the field. Over the years, many organizations have become victims of hacker hackers, and on the other hand, employers who spend time working at work can be very expensive.

They may lose intellectual property, business strategies, new product design, and some negative results, such as personal and confidential information, may be transmitted to competitors through incorrect employees. So don't let your business go to the ground and protect your business without hiring expert white hat hacker. They just need to bring computer spyware, which allows the user to fully monitor the actions of employees on the computer screen. They can protect company-owned personal data through a computer spyware application, which allows employers to back up data completely.

In case the user encounters online intruders having all the business data, they can get it back through the window monitoring software and MAC, gaining access to the online control panel of the computer tracking application. It has the ability to instantly synchronize all data in the online portal. Moreover, when it comes to employee monitoring during business hours, they can use the camera error in MAC spyware to know who is on the device to find out who is working correctly. The user can use the on-screen recording of the MAC Espionage application, which allows the user to record all actions on the screen in real time, and employers will find out what actions are performed by employees on the monitor or screen of the MAC device. In addition, the user may use screenshots to update about the actions of employees on the screen of the target machine.

In any case, the user has every opportunity to gain access to all the actions that the user of the target did in messages, emails and in text conversations. They can use a keylogger for windows to track keystrokes used on a computer device, and then password keystrokes, sent keystrokes, SMS keystrokeselectronic keystrokes, With all the keystrokes, the user can access the employee’s messenger and can view messages, and the keystrokes of the email allow users to access the email running on the screen of the target device. A short user will find out what employees really send and receive through instant messengers, emails and messages on a computer screen.


Parents can enjoy children and computer games for teens and prevent them from visiting inappropriate content on their devices. On the other hand, there is no need to hire cybersecurity experts to protect your business from online attacks and employee monitoring. Just bring computer spy tool this will work for parents to protect adolescents, and for employers as a cybersecurity expert to avoid cyberattacks and further allow the user to fully control the employee window and employee MAC screen.

Fictitious prejudices

Unfortunately, today, many users are beginning to show an increasing fear that their computer terminals may be hacked or hacked. Frankly, this is complete nonsense. Who do you need? It is also clear when confidential information is stored on computers or servers. Then yes. Many are not averse to profit from it.

Home computer systems are hacked mainly by hooligan amateurs who simply have nothing to do. Sometimes, however, there are also those who can steal access passwords to sites or bank card codes (provided that they are stored in the home terminal in unencrypted form). But this is a rarity.

Dealing with how to get into someone else's “computer”, one can say (oddly enough it sounds), even a child can do this if they have the appropriate utilities and the ability to use them. Consider the most primitive ways.

What is the basis for hacking a "computer"

In most cases, the simplest but most effective method is used. In principle, the problem itself, how to get into someone else's “computer”, comes down to only obtaining the IP address of the computer terminal and one of the victim's open ports. What is most interesting, in most cases, many amateurs do not choose someone specifically, but simply scan a predetermined range of IP addresses of vulnerable computer systems, just for the sake of interest or testing their abilities.

Therefore, for those who are too afraid for their data, it is better to take care of security in advance by installing the appropriate software.

Using Shared Resource Scanner

So, you wondered how to log into someone else's "computer". For starters, you can use one of the simplest methods, which consists in using the Shared Resource Scanner 6.2 utility.

Before starting work, in the command line (menu "Run"), for example, in Windows XP, you must enter the winipcfg command to find out your own IP address. A window with your address will appear. It must be remembered.

We open the program and in the upper field we enter our own IP with the last two digits changing to “1”. In the bottom field, we enter the same IP, only the last two digits are changed to 255. The line TimeOut (time out) must contain the value "80". It remains to press the scan start button.

At the end of the process, computers in different fonts will appear in the application window. Thin font - protected terminal, bold - weakly protected, bold red - without protection at all. It remains to select the computer marked in red bold and click the "Open" button. Oh pa! On the screen of your "computer" appeared disks and logical partitions of another computer.

Using Online Sniffer and XSpider

A somewhat more complex but more effective method is to use an online sniffer. To do this, you need to register on a particular site (for ethical reasons it is not indicated on which one), after which, for example, we upload some kind of picture. After that, a link is issued to the sniffer with the content of the redirect (redirect) to the downloaded image (here you must check the box “Write IP to the log”).

Now, either from the site or from an anonymous electronic mail box, send the victim a letter with the content such as “So-and-so has been sent to your e-mail. Click here to view. ”

Now the victim can only follow the link, and you will have the required IP in your hands.

In the XSpider 7.5 scanner, create a new profile and go to the “Port Scanner” tab. At the bottom next to the inscription “default.prt”, click another button on the right, and in the new window, click the “New” button. Below is the line "Add Ports." Here we add “4889” and “3389”.

Then, as described above, another profile is created. After that, the value "23" is added to the ports. Now enter the received IP of the victim and start scanning. If at least one of the ports is open, try to connect. If a password is requested, enter “12345678” by default. Everything on the victim’s computer can do everything. whatever you like.

For reference: 4889 - Radmin port, 3389 - Remote Desktop, 23 - Telnet.

Lamescan program

Now a few words about another method that allows you to learn how to get into someone else's "computer". First, the VNC-scanner GUI 1.2 program is used for the presence of IP addresses with an open port 4899 or 3389.

Now in the Lamescan application we enter the necessary addresses and select the password. Можно придумать самому, можно скачать список наиболее часто используемых паролей из Интернета. Как только находится совпадение, можно радоваться.