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How to delete Internet browsing history on a computer


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In this article, you'll learn how to delete a history on your computer that includes recently viewed files and search suggestions. You can clear your history on Windows and Mac OS X computers. To clear your browsing history, delete the history in your browser settings.

How to clear the history of visiting sites on the Internet on a computer

Each web browser, for example, such popular ones as Inernet Explorer, Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Yandex, is able to clear the history of visiting sites on a computer. To erase visits you must first find them. Make it easy. Just go to the settings menu.

All visits are presented in the menu. a separate section or, are part of the general settings, depending on which browser. Here the user is offered a number of options for deleting site history. Usually this is a period - for the current day, week, month or for the whole time, as well as actions: visits, downloads, cookies, passwords for sites, images and other files that are stored on the computer after visiting the Internet. Having chosen the necessary period, and having put ticks in those elements from which it is necessary to get rid, press the button - to "clear".

How to delete site browsing history from a computer

Each browser has its own way:

  1. Google chrome and the way to clean it. In the browser, click in the right corner “setup and control” and select “history”. A new tab opens showing the visited sites. On the left is the "Clear History" button. Click on it to display a window with options for cleaning visits. Here you need to select the period that you want to delete, and also in the options tick off what needs to be cleared: browsing history, downloads, or cookies, passwords. Maybe something else. In a word, select the option you want and click on the “Clear History” button.
  2. Browser Opera and resetting the history of visited sites in it. In the left corner, click on the browser icon and select the "history" button in the pop-up menu. A new tab opens with a list of visited sites, and in the upper right corner there is a clear button. The removal process itself is similar to Chrome. That is, select all the options necessary for cleaning and click on the button.
  3. Cleaning in Yandex browser. Here, the story is deleted in the same way as in the browsers described above. First click on the menu, find the "history" button, then "history manager". In the newly opened tab, all sites visited previously will appear, and on the side there is a clear button. Click on it and set the necessary cleaning parameters. Then, with one click, activate the removal process.
  4. Mozilla firefox - how to remove site visits from it. In this browser, the history of visits to sites is called the "journal". In the upper right corner, click on the menu and select “log”. Visited sites and teams for working with the magazine appear. Click “delete history”, select the desired period from the list that appears, select all the necessary items in the options and click on delete.
  5. Removing site visits in Internet explorer. How to get rid of traces of being on the Internet on this browser? Press the “Menu” button and select “Browser Properties”. A window with properties appears, click on "delete". A new window appears with options for deletion. Check the boxes where necessary and click “delete”.

You can also get to the tab and erase the data on visits from the computer using the "hot" browser control keys. By pressing the combination “Ctrl + H”, you can immediately open the desired tab. If you click the combination “Ctrl + Shift + Deleté”, a new tab will open and you will only have to select the necessary parameters to delete data from the computer.

If all these cleaning operations I don’t want to do site visits on the Internet every time, then you can set the settings in the browser so that the history is not saved. If there is no such option in the browser, then you can install the corresponding extension through the "extensions" menu. Another option is to use the Internet in private browsing mode. It is provided in any browser.. In this mode, no traces of what the computer user did on the network will remain, and at the end of visits to sites the browser can simply be closed.

Cleaning with optimizer programs

In addition to all of the above methods, there are also cleaner-optimizer programs. These programs have their own advantage. It consists inthat you can immediately delete the history in all browsers that the computer owner uses.

  • Glary utilities. Open the program, among the modules find "Delete History". It is necessary to mark the necessary cleaning parameters and click on the button “Erase traces”.
  • Ccleaner. In this popular cleaner, the first tab “cleaning” in the “applications” section displays all the browsers that are used on the computer and here you can mark everything that needs to be cleaned.
  • Ashampoo WinOptimizer. Among all the necessary functions that allow you to monitor the status of the system, this program has a utility for cleaning Internet visits. You need to go to the “Modules” tab and click “internet cleaner”. Just as in the above programs, set the parameters necessary for cleaning all browsers and click "Delete".
  • Wise care 365. This program, like all optimizers, has great functions for cleaning the operating system. And, of course, it has the ability to delete the history of all browsers that the user is working with. It is enough to go to the “cleaning” tab, select “quick cleaning” there, select the necessary parameters and click the “cleaning” button.

So if there is a need for one reason or another, get rid of the history of visits to Internet sites on the computer, there is a fairly rich assortment of ways to do this.

Take a look at this example on how to easily and quickly clear your browsing history from your computer.

How to clear history on a Windows computer

How to clear history on a Windows computer

Good afternoon, dear readers and guests of the portal, surely each of you was wondering how to clear the history on a Windows computer, of course, everyone understands that their own, someone’s, this is the history of visiting the browser, someone’s correspondence or open files , all this can be called as activities on the computer, we will clean and delete them with you.

Types of cleaning history on a computer

If you analyze this issue, and figure out what types you can share cleaning up activities on your computer, then there are two types:

  • Complete deletion of the entire history without the possibility of recovery, but with the safety of the operating system (an example when you want to cover your tracks or prepare your computer for sale)
  • This is a partial removal of certain activities to optimize the computer (speeding up the PC)

We clean the sysprep utility

This method is ideal for those people who want to sell their computer or laptop and do not want their visit history on a computer to be restored and read by third parties, but want to leave their operating system and ideally clean, as if it were installed right now.

For such purposes, Windows has a built-in sysprep utility. I told you what it is, but in a nutshell, this is a program to depersonalize Windows from the personal data of users. There the principle was simple, you start the audit mode there, as a result, the system reboots and the next time you log in using the built-in Administrator account, thanks to this you can now go to the Control Panel All the elements of the control panel System (or the properties of my computer), where you click Advanced system settings> the advanced tab> User profiles> Settings. You get a list of accounts that can and should be deleted.

Clearing the history of the PrivaZer utility

Of course, it’s possible to clear the history of visits on a computer using special programs created specifically for these things and one of them is called PrivaZer, I already made a detailed story about it to you and showed its capabilities, but only a small fraction of them:

  1. Clear Internet activity traces
  2. Clear remaining traces of old files
  3. Clear traces of using programs

In the extended mode PrivaZer, cleans the history of Messengers, Cookies. You can download the privazer program from the link on the left.

We continue to study the issue how to clear history on computer with Windows and the next utility we will have Ccleaner.

Clear history with Ccleaner

I also told you how to use the ccleaner program, I will only remind its capabilities in the context of our article topic, namely it can:

  • Clear browsing history of sites on the Internet (clear browsing history)
  • Recent Documents> What You Discovered
  • Cookies
  • Windows Event Logs
  • Pile of junk from other utilities
  • Saved browser passwords

Here is an example of cleaning

Clear history of Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities is a new thing for me, but it was very firmly and usefully included in my software bundle, supplementing the utilities described above, I’ll tell you more about it now, now we need the Disk Cleanup button.

As a result, you will see on the left side of the program what you can remove, here is an example of browsers.


Here I want to show a couple more chips how to clean something:

  • how to clear the history on Skype on the computer> Also told in a separate article, so it makes no sense to repeat
  • how to clear the history of visits to sites on the computer> it’s very simple if you do not want to use the utilities, then press CTRL + H in your browser, and depending on the browser, press the desired button, in Google Chrome it looks like this
  • Clear event log> using a convenient script that will delete all event logs in the system, thereby hiding your actions.

Zero Hard Drive

Above, I wrote to you, for paranoiacs, the option is one hundred percent deletion of data from the computer without the possibility of deletion, its meaning is that you replace the deleted data, write useless garbage, in the form of zeros, and the same Ccleaner will help us with this, in Tools> Erase disks, select the disks that you want to erase and the number of approaches, the more there are, the more reliable your erase disk is.

I think I managed to answer the question of how to clear the history on a Windows computer.