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Compote with strawberries and rhubarb


The harvesting season has begun. As soon as the sun bakes, an unusual plant appears on the shelves - rhubarb. This perennial plant has a sour taste and is used to make salads, soups and pies. From rhubarb are great compotes. Usually a compote has a completely unappetizing green color. Therefore, I recommend rolling rhubarb with bright berries that will enrich the drink with an additional aroma and give a beautiful color. The combination with strawberries that ripen in the same period will be ideal.

Strawberry compote with rhubarb for the winter is prepared very quickly without sterilization. Ware containers should be washed and sterilized. When choosing strawberries, pay attention to ripe berries with a bright color, preferably only picked. The recipe contains a minimum amount of sugar, it can be increased to your liking.

For added flavor, a little cinnamon or cloves can be added to the compote. I offer you a detailed step-by-step recipe with photos of tasty and healthy preparations.

Ingredients (per 1 liter jar):

  • strawberries - 200 grams,
  • rhubarb - 200 grams,
  • sugar - 50 grams.

How to make rhubarb and strawberry compote

Cut rhubarb into 10 cm sticks, rinse. Clean the skin.

Cut rhubarb stems into 3 mm thick plates.

Put the strawberries in a colander, rinse under a small pressure of water, and clear of sepals. Large berries should be cut in half. Transfer the berries to a sterilized jar.

Place rhubarb on top of the strawberries.

Pour jar of hot boiled water. Wrap and leave to cool.

Pour sugar into the bucket.

Drain the liquid from the can into the bucket and mix. Boil it for one minute.

Fill the workpiece, close the lid, check for leaks.

Cool ready-made compote and put into storage in a dark, dry place.

The drink has a sweet and sour taste and strawberry flavor. Stewed fruit can be served for dinner, use it to make jelly or soak biscuit.

Cooking in steps:

The recipe for this simple and tasty compote includes water, fresh strawberries (you can also frozen), rhubarb and granulated sugar. If you want to replace sugar with natural honey, add it to an already almost cooled and filtered drink (no more than 50 degrees).

Pour water into the pan and put it on the fire. Fresh rhubarb thoroughly washed under cold running water and cut into small pieces. Peeling is not necessary.

Wash the berries, we recline on a sieve to glass water, and tear off the tails.

To maximize the preservation of the beneficial substances contained in fresh berries and rhubarb, we put them in boiling water.

Bring to a boil again and add granulated sugar.

Cook the compote with an average boil for no more than 2-3 minutes. Turn off the fire, cover the pan with a lid and let it cool completely and insist.

When the strawberry compote with rhubarb has cooled, the berries will sink to the bottom.

Now it remains to strain the drink and you can treat your home.

Pour the berry compote into a carafe and store in the refrigerator. Although for a long time such tasty and aromatic drinks do not last long.

Be sure to prepare your favorite delicious and healthy strawberry compote with rhubarb. It is very fragrant, with a thin, pleasant acidity from rhubarb.