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How to speed up torrent downloads in uTorrent


Here we will focus not on the speed itself, which is described in the tariff, but on the capabilities of the provider and the width of its channels. Some providers (more often - mobile operators and wireless Internet providers in private homes) limit (cut) torrent traffic, as this traffic clogs the network with requests and because of this, the Internet starts to slow down even for those who don’t download anything, but simply try to open at least Yandex or VKontakte page.

On the one hand, they’re doing the right thing, on the other hand, increase the capacity of the equipment, once you have scored hundreds of thousands of subscribers and take more than a thousand rubles per month for a limited tariff plan, but you don’t provide the services promised in advertising.

In general, uTorrent has an option called “traffic encryption”. Go to the client settings and go to the "BitTorrent" section. For the "protocol encryption" parameter, set the value to "enabled". Then the program will first try to download the torrent via an encrypted channel, and if it doesn’t work, then it will already try in the usual way.

Immediately make a reservation that the proposed method can both increase speed and decrease. And even increase, for example, during the day, and decrease at night. Or vice versa. So try, experiment, observe.

Tip 2 - for those who download everything

Unlimited Internet is a thrill. You can download tons of gigabytes from the Internet and not steam :) But this does not mean that you need to download everything and not watch.

Each file that is distributed on torrent trackers has statistics. This statistic shows how many file distributors (seeds) and how many rockers (peers). So, pay attentionso that there are at least more seeds 10. There are few sids, as a rule, with rare and old files, while new and popular ones have a lot of them.

You can download the same movie (for example) in the same quality from different sites. One will have 30 seeds on average during the day, and the other - 2. Choose the one who has more seeds.

Tip 3 - for those who want what is not

We do not want to offend anyone with such a headline, do not take it personally.

Most users do not know that the Internet speed is not measured in the same numbers that are displayed in the download statistics of the uTorrent program (thanks to the providers for this commercial trick). In tariff plans, the speed is indicated in bits, and in the torrent client, in bytes (it is in these units that the file size is displayed in the Windows, Mac OS and Linux operating systems). One byte consists of 8 bits, so if uTorrent says that the file downloads on average at a speed of 100 kilobytes per second, then this is about the same as the speed of 800 kilobits per second.

See what your rate is. For example, if the promised maximum network access speed is 5 Mbit / s, then the total download speed in the program of more than 625 KB / s (figure is rounded) cannot be squeezed out.

The reasons for the low download speed

To understand how to increase the download speed in Torrent, you need to understand the causes of poor communication and small speed indicators.

Torrent uses a different technology than conventional bootloaders. You are downloading files not from a server or tracker, but from exactly the same users as you. Therefore, the speed of the throughput channel between you and the user distributing the file will affect the speed.

It is also important to properly configure your client for downloads. If you have a port open, then users can connect to a PC without your knowledge.

Tip 4 - for those who like to customize

UTorrent has a setting - limiting the maximum download speed. By default, it is disabled and you do not need to enable it to solve our problem. But sometimes, users (or their children) climb into the settings, change something, and forget about it.

Therefore: open the uTorrent settings and check that there are no restrictions there, that the parameters are set in the same way as in the screenshot below.

15 effective ways to accelerate

First you need to deal with your Internet connection. If you have a tariff plan that does not allow you to reach speeds above 1-2 MB / s, then there’s nothing to think about downloading files on torrents. For you, this will turn into a long and painful process. Before starting the download, make sure that you have a good connection with the provider station and an acceptable tariff. Only after that it is worth wondering why you have low speed on the Internet.

Initially, in the client’s settings there is a certain figure responsible for max. file download speed. There is a restriction for your security, so that unscrupulous users do not abuse the resources of your computer.

What you need to do (using uTorrent as an example):

  1. go to the uTorrent client settings,
  2. go to the “Speed ​​Settings” tab,
  3. find the point of maximum download speed,
  4. set the value to greater than 999999999 (this will be enough).

Third-party programs for downloading take a significant amount of Internet resources of a computer and make downloading files slower. Before you start downloading from a torrent, turn off all programs and browsers that use Internet traffic in order not to wonder why the speed has dropped.

Also, do not download several files from a torrent at once if you urgently need a specific one. Here the scheme "Chasing Two Hares ..." works. That's why you should not download a large number of files at a time.

Before starting work with distribution, be sure to check the number of seeds and lychees.

Sides are those who share the distribution even after they download it themselves.

Lich - the one who downloads distribution at the moment.

Remember that the more siders “sitting” on the distribution, the faster the file download speed. Look for torrents with more seeds and fewer leechers.

To increase the speed performance, you need to change the number of open TCP ports. Standard on Windows is no more than 10. Because of this, the uTorrent client starts to work slowly and cannot connect to a large number of siders. This makes downloading files much slower.

Change the TCP settings allow special utilities. One such is the “Half Open Limit Fix”. It makes changes to the tcpip.sys file (a backup copy is created in the event of a utility failure).

Those who do not want to download third-party programs can change the TCP parameters through the settings:

  1. Launch the client.
  2. Go to the Options menu.
  3. Click the Settings tab, and then Advanced.
  4. Find the net.max_halfopen parameter and change its values.

Not only file downloaders use your Internet resources. There are many programs that somehow use the Internet connection (even in the background). Track where your traffic "leaks" (using programs or the task manager) and disable unnecessary utilities. This will save some amount of Internet resources.

Check if auto-updates of the operating system and other programs on the computer are disabled. Downloading updates may begin at the most inopportune moment for you and make your Internet work slowly.

P2P networks do not work well with Windows Defender enabled. As you work with the torrent client, you will experience crashes when downloading files. The firewall blocks most of the ports that he doesn't like.

Disabling the protector will increase the small download speed in uTorrnet, but do it at your own peril and risk. No wonder the firewall is called a “defender”.

Install a free firewall and add torrent to the exceptions so that the download port is open and you can use the program.

Very often, antivirus programs block torrent clients and enter them into the registry of “malicious programs”. There is a connection between Windows Defender and antiviruses (since they both work on the basis of P2P protocols). Plus, antivirus programs tend to update periodically (without notifying you about it). Disable antivirus to increase the speed performance of the torrent client.

However, we do not recommend disabling the antivirus for the sake of downloading speed from torrents. The consequences of surfing the internet without protection are unpredictable.

Let's see how to increase the download speed in torrent using the example of uTorrent. To do this, we need to configure the torrent client properly. There are many guides for fine-tuning the program on the Internet, but we will analyze only the main parameters:

  • maximum download speed should be 90-95 percent of the average bandwidth of your channel,
  • outgoing speed up to 80-90 percent,
  • Max. the number of peers is calculated by the formula 1.3 times the rate of return,
  • number of slots for one distribution (1+ (dividend speed divided by 6)). The resulting value must be rounded to the nearest integer,
  • turn on DHT. This will allow you to connect to a larger number of siders.

There are several more settings in the client which change will increase the speed:

  • apply restriction to uTP connections (speed tab),
  • Max. recoil speed - 1,
  • Max. number of feasts - 100,
  • number of connections - 200.

Also, do not forget to set the download priority to high during file upload (right-click on the distribution, and then the menu item "Speed ​​Priority").

If you are an advanced user, then it makes sense to delve into the port settings. The standard ports that are reserved for uTorrent are ports from the range from 6881 to 6889. Internet providers impose restrictions on them due to high traffic consumption.

You can outwit these restrictions and select ports from the range from 49160 to 65534. You can also set the choice of a random port when uTorrent is turned on.

Enable protocol encryption - this will help to avoid restrictions.

Like any other program requiring updates, the uTorrent client needs “updates”. Try to keep track of the release of new patches (if you do not have auto-update). This will allow you to use the latest version of the product and not worry that the outdated program will run slowly and the speed will drop for this reason.

You can update the program by downloading the new version on the official website or directly through your torrent client on the computer.

The creators of BitTorrent even considered this possibility. The system encourages customers who constantly distribute at maximum speed. There is nothing easier than just putting a few hands and leaving to go about your business. This will not take a lot of resources on your Internet, but it will pay off handsomely and increase your rating.

Do not forget to check the settings of your Internet equipment. Make sure that you have a working order:

  • router / router / modem and so on,
  • network card and the rest of the computer,
  • network cable.

Also make sure that the router from which you connect to the Internet is properly configured. In most cases, it is the omission of this point that leads to the fact that the Internet speed has dropped. This leads to a slow download speed from Torrent.

Tip 5 - to lovers of analogues

If on the computer, in addition to uTorrent, several more similar programs are installed (Zona, Mediaget, Bittorrent, etc.), then there is nothing wrong with that. But if one or more of these programs are running at the same time as the "mute", wait for the download speed to decrease. Even if nothing is downloaded there or downloads are paused.

Therefore, a tip: if you download via uTorrent, close the other bootloaders. This has nothing to do with browsers and instant messengers.

Tip 6 - to haters of wires

When I was making repairs in the apartment (in the new building), I asked my neighbor what category of twisted pair he was laying at the stage of rough work and where he bought it. The neighbor first rounded his eyes, then squinted busily, and said, “Why is it needed? I have a Wi-Fi router! And yet, they say, you can start up the Internet through an electrical outlet! ” Yes, it is possible, but it will not be as fast as the wire specially designed for this purpose. Plus, do not forget that the Wi-Fi signal loses power after every meter away from the router, especially if there are walls or doors on the way.

As a result, a neighbor complains that her daughter cannot watch cartoons online if she leaves the bedroom with a tablet, and the computer standing there can download a movie through a torrent no faster than in a day.

Therefore, a tip: try changing the way you connect to the router from wireless to wired! At least for the test.

How to increase the speed of an individual torrent from the "Downloads" tab

In the uTorrent settings, the parameter “maximum simultaneous downloads” is set to 5 by default. This means if you enable the download of 7 films and 10 games, 5 of them will start to be downloaded, and the rest will be on the waiting list. This logic is correct, but when you need one specific file faster than the others, it is not always convenient.

To increase the speed of an individual torrent to the maximum, pause all the others. And those that are loading, and those that are waiting in line. Select the boot with the mouse and click on the top panel the stop button. Do not worry, after resuming the download will start from the same place where it was interrupted.

An alternative is not to stop other downloads completely, but only to limit their incoming speed or change the priority. But firstly, first you need to calculate this speed, secondly, for each torrent, set the value separately through the context menu, thirdly, do not forget to cancel the changes after the download of the desired torrent, for which everything was started. In general, this is a longer and more hemorrhoid option than a stop method.

Video: 10 steps to increase torrent speed

Tip 1. You can install Internet speed optimizers, but do not think that this will give you a significant increase in the speed of downloading a torrent. These programs will not expand your Internet channel, but only add a little kilobits to your speed (if not a bit) by disabling some system processes and optimizing the system.

Tip 2. Do not use the forced start function. It increases the number of downloaded torrents in the setup and reduces the speed for each torrent separately (the channel width does not change, but the number of downloads has increased). It is intended more for distributors (to immediately put the distribution out of turn) than for those who want to download.