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How to become a confident person


The problems with self-esteem and self-confidence, it would seem, concern only women. But psychologists say that male insecurity is as common as that of the fair sex. The only difference is that men are not so critical of themselves, so it is more difficult for them to realize the problem of uncertainty. As soon as the stronger sex accepts a similar problem and is ready to work on it, it becomes the first step to solving life's troubles. How to become a confident man and overcome your fears? Only through work on yourself.

Who is so confident

To begin with, it is worth determining what exactly self-confidence is expressed in and why it is so important to overcome fears and anxieties. For example, a confident person always:

  • Opinion. Other people do not need to guess or solicit information from such a person,
  • Always telling the truth - it doesn’t matter if his opinion agrees with other people, he just says what he thinks,
  • A confident person is less likely to mention the pronoun "I" in his words. Such people are more focused on important matters, rather than on their own egocentrism,
  • Always appropriate facial expressions and gestures. Confident people do not care what they think about them, and they are also confident in their words and actions. That’s why they don’t worry how to present themselves to society, their gestures and facial expressions are calm and graceful,
  • A confident person knows his own worth and without hesitation can listen to compliments and praise. After all, it’s natural when they fairly evaluate the positive qualities of character,
  • Improvisation - Another quality of a confident person. Such people know that due to their ingenuity, they will be able to "get out" of any situation.

When a person lacks such abilities, this suggests that he lacks self-confidence. But don't be upset. After working on yourself, you can significantly improve your skills and qualities, as well as become a confident person with good self-esteem.

Work on self-esteem

In order for self-confidence to grow, you need to look at your self-esteem. Indeed, the state of mind is as important as the physical one for a fulfilling life. Raising self-esteem implies constant work on your perception of the world and your personality. So, how to become self-confident and increase self-esteem? To begin with, it is worth considering several important steps:

  • Release the negative from the past. Self-doubt just does not appear, most likely these are consequences of negative experience. This is especially true of childhood or adolescence. To embark on a path of change, it is worth letting go of the past, namely, forgiving all ill-wishers and trying to forget your grievances. To do this, there are many books and techniques, for example, “Technique of effective forgiveness” or “How to become confident in yourself” book,
  • Stop comparing. To follow a good example is a great idea. It can also be a powerful motivation. But comparing yourself to another person will only bring a new portion of disappointment. After all, no one knows where a person began his career, maybe he was just lucky, and not having achieved the same results, there is a chance of becoming depressed and giving up,
  • Self acceptance. In order not to compare yourself with someone, it is better to accept and improve your qualities. How to be confident? It’s worth highlighting your positive qualities and falling in love with them, but with negative traits of character - hard work,
  • Open the mind. This is how a person works so that he has to see new opportunities only through new knowledge. Therefore, the constant study of literature, new knowledge in business or just an interesting hobby - all this develops you and increases your intelligence. but also self-esteem. Therefore, the way to become more confident in yourself is to expand your interests.

As soon as self-esteem begins to grow up, the matter remains small - to increase self-confidence. There are separate tips for dealing with uncertainty. How to become a confident person? We read the article further.

Confident person is not afraid of new trials

Confident people will never give up new tasks or responsibilities just because of the fear not to cope with them. It is better to admit your mistake and defeat than to completely abandon new prospects. For confidence to grow, it’s worth collecting all the will into a fist and taking on a new business or responsibilities. How to become confident in your abilities? Overcome doubts and do what you have long wanted.

Confidence is not selfishness

Insecure people often ask themselves questions about how they were looked at, what others thought. Sometimes it comes to the point of absurdity and a person simply becomes an egoist who cares only about how he looks in the eyes of others. Confident people, usually good interlocutors! They know how to listen, their eyes burn with interest, and thoughts are only about how to help a person. Talking with them is pleasant and useful. How to become more confident? Learning to listen. The ability to conduct a dialogue will attract new acquaintances, which also increase self-esteem.

Confidence is beyond doubt

Being confident helps the right environment. If around a person there are constantly people who are crushing with their negativity, constantly questioning their abilities and strength, sooner or later, the person surrenders. You should not go about low and weak people, it is better to devote your time to communicating with positive people who will always support and help with advice.

Confidence doesn’t mean making mistakes

To become self-confident does not mean to stop making mistakes. People become stronger by gaining experience. And no matter, the experience was negative or positively affected life. Confident people, making a mistake, collect their thoughts and will, and again go forward. To give up and fall into long experiences is a sign of insecure and weak personalities.

Physical form is the key to confidence

Confident people will never be dismissive of their bodies. It is not necessary to be a master of sports or break records, but a fit and healthy body always indicates that a person is confident in himself and strong in spirit. In addition, sports activities generate positive emotions that increase mood, self-esteem, and help to be confident.

But still, the main rule of self-confident people is that they are not afraid! Fear and anxiety stop a person’s development: the doors to a successful career are being closed, personal life is collapsing due to fear of rejection, mental health is failing. With such a complex, a person is not comfortable in his body, and it also spoils the living conditions. As soon as the shackles of fear are thrown back, confidence and self-esteem will grow, and the person will gain harmony. How to become self-confident? Overcome doubts.