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DIY frog costume


Alina Budylskaya
Master class "Costume for the frog"

Spring mornings are approaching, and it took frog costume. I found only a green skirt, but this is clearly not enough for the image.

Found a green and white crepe satin. Made of foamed polyethylene (the lamps were packed into it) cut two circles

I cut two green and two white circles of fabric 1.5 cm larger than the inside

I drew a mockup of eyelashes on paper and cut eyelashes from black felt on it. instead of felt, you can try a tight lace, just do not make it too long.

She folded a white and green circle face inward, placed eyelashes between them (if you have eyelashes looking in different directions, watch how you stack them).

She placed the inside on top, circled and fixed with pins.

I asked for it leaving an entrance for the inside.

Turned out and inserted the inside.

The bottom was sewn up manually. For the rim, I took a piece of tape and made an insert from the gum (for better fixation on the head, I sewed my eyes.

I cut out pupils from felt and painted a gleam with paint on the fabric.

On paper wrapped around the handle of a child.

I made the outline of the foot.

Transferred to tissue in four copies, shifted with a syndipone for volume.

I sewed an elastic band and little bottles.

Such I got a frog.

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Parts of the head

There are several options for representing the frog's head. The first way: you need to take a bandage for the head and put a piece of foam in front of you. From this material we will cut out our future eyes, which we will cover with a large layer of white paint, highlighting the pupils with black circles, and then we will process the resulting material with glossy varnish. After your eyes dry, you can stick them to our blindfold.

The second way: we need instead of a bandage the hood of a jacket or sweatshirt. The eyes on your chosen clothes will be glued after the same procedure for their creation, as described above.

The third method: an ordinary baseball cap will act as the basis for fastening the eyes. They also stick to it, but they are all made using the same technology. Regardless of which way you choose, frog costumes will look spectacular and unusual.

Paw making

As you know, the paws of the toad have a webbed appearance. In order to recreate them, you need to take the cloth, on which we will cut the sketch of the paws along the contour, additionally cutting out a strip for the wrist, with which we will fix the resulting part of the costume on the child’s hand. After everything is cut out, it is necessary to stick Velcro to the strip, with which it will be attached. Another way to create frog paws: you need to take ordinary knitted gloves, which will be the basis of the future part, and between the fingers you need to glue small triangles, which will create the impression that these are paws. Costumes of frogs are very often created precisely with the help of such an element.

Frog costume base

As it has long become clear, the main element of the costume is basic clothing. As it can be used jeans, leggings, t-shirts. In order to achieve greater similarity with a real frog, it is necessary to spray white paint in the abdomen and dark on the back. In addition to tight-fitting clothes, you can also use a green dress that will look original, since frog costumes do not necessarily mean a rough basis. Also for basic clothes, night pajamas are suitable, which will most resemble a frog image.

After all the equipment is ready, you can add a twist to the image and apply makeup to your child, which emphasizes the features of the little "frog". The frog costumes will look very original at any holiday, and they are suitable for children as a dress for the matinee, and for adults as any role in the holiday. Creating such an image at home is very easy and inexpensive. It turns out to be very simple to surprise everyone and please your child.