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How to wash clothes labeled Dry Clean Only


Dry washing is called the method of cleaning it from stains and other contaminants, using products that do not need to be dissolved in water. The advantage of this cleaning method is that the fabric will not be deformed, unlike conventional washing.

This cleaning method is suitable for:

  • natural and some types of artificial silk,
  • jerseys
  • natural wool, especially cashmere or angora,
  • fine linen or cotton
  • leather and suede,
  • velvet.

Even the delicate washing mode can damage things that have a complicated decor (embroidery with beads, rhinestones, manual). For them, it is preferable to use home dry cleaning. It is also recommended for anyone who wants to extend the life of their favorite thing. Its advantages include the fact that you do not need to remove items such as buttons, shoulder pads, etc.

How is

For dry washing you will need:

  1. A washing machine with clothes drying function. In it, things can be handled by air.
  2. A special set of tools, which, as a rule, includes a cover, wet wipes, stain remover.

On sale, you can also find kits that include a gel that dries quickly, after which the thing is enough just to shake to remove the stain.

As before any washing, things must be sorted. To do this, white is separated from color, and knitted from silk. This is necessary so that the colored thing does not fade to white, and the fibers of the wool do not get on other fabrics and you do not have to additionally clean them. In a bag designed for washing, it is recommended to put things in size and weight which are about the same.

If the item has severe pollution, then before placing it in the washing machine, such places need to be additionally treated with a proven product designed to remove stains. If you are using such a solution for the first time, then test on a small piece of fabric from the inside, on the seam tape, under the belt or in any other inconspicuous area, so as not to harm the product. To do this, using a small swab, the product is gently applied to the fabric and if nothing has happened after 5-10 minutes, you can safely apply it to the stain.

When dry washing things, follow some rules:

  1. Pre-sorted items, put in a bag. Leave some space in it, as things need access so that they can be completely treated with air.
  2. Put a few wet wipes with your clothes. During the washing process, moisture from them will evaporate, which will protect the clothes from drying out and help to straighten creases or folds on it.
  3. Set the "Drying" mode on your machine and turn it on. Air temperature and processing time should be minimal (no more than 30 minutes).
  4. So that the clothes do not lose their original shape, after washing it must be carefully hung on the shoulders.

Use of natural cleaning products

If your washing machine does not have the “Drying” function, then delicate fabrics can be cleaned using other methods. They can also be used for any clothes, if any of your family members are allergic to washing and detergents. To do this, you can use:

  1. Scotch. It will help eliminate any stains on the skin.
  2. Baking soda. It is a natural sorbent that is able to absorb dirt. In addition, this method of dry cleaning is very affordable.
  3. Starch. Absorbing dirt, this product is able to cope with most types of pollution.
  4. Brush. It can be an effective assistant when cleaning products made of suede and similar materials.
  5. Fine sand copes with fur contamination. To do this, it must be calcined in the oven and sprinkled with a fur thing. After gently shaking, no dirt will remain on the fur.
  6. Petrol. Due to the fact that this product has a pungent odor and can easily ignite, it is used when radical cleaning methods are needed. But, despite this, gasoline, which is an excellent solvent, effectively eliminates even large and old spots.
  7. Turpentine. Due to the fact that it is not as flammable as gasoline, it is used much more often. He showed his effectiveness in removing stains from oil paint or varnish. But for cleaning, only purified turpentine, in which there are no resins that could ruin your thing, is suitable.
  8. Hydrogen peroxide. It is an affordable and natural remedy that is a solvent. It will be most effective for snow-white and bright things.
  9. Ammonia is considered to be a universal stain remover. But before use, you need to mix it with water or use a solution of ammonia.
  10. Acetic acid is found in every hostess. Using it you can effectively refresh your clothes.

Special solutions for cleaning clothes

Today on sale you can find a huge number of special chemicals for dry washing. Among them are:

  1. Dry Spot Remover. It removes fat and traces of sweet drinks, which is why it is important for cafes and restaurants.
  2. Stain remover in the form of a minute gel. To use it, squeeze a small amount of gel from the tube onto the dirt and wait until it is completely dry. After that, you just have to remove the residues, which is easy to make with a soft cloth.
  3. Woolite Gel is perfect for wool, knitwear and other similar fabrics. The gel is completely free of aggressive substances, so it is suitable even for colored fabrics that are prone to shedding.
  4. Set "Hagerty. Dry Cleaner Kit. " Its composition includes active components that not only eliminate various impurities, but also perfectly refresh the fabric. This product can be used for dry washing in a washing machine. Clothes washed using this kit will retain their original shape and color. It can be used for products from silk, synthetics, linen, cotton and wool.
  5. K2r Spray is one of the few stain cleaners available as an aerosol. After spraying it onto a stain, the substance penetrates the tissue fibers and dissolves the substance ingrained in them. Suitable for all types of fabric.

Dry washing products at home is not difficult. If you decide to use special cleaners from the store, first read the instructions for their use. When choosing natural stain removers, tune in to the fact that it may take you a while and a little strength to clear the stain.