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How to learn to skate: instructions for children and adults


To get rid of insecurity, it’s important to know that you can master roller skating very quickly. For this, especially the first 2 days, it is necessary to load your legs to the maximum, as a result of which the pedestrian’s skills will “soften”, and the body will be rebuilt for a new type of movement. It is most effective to give the load 2 days in a row. It is very important to use protective equipment at the first stages of training, it will not only protect against injuries, but also add confidence.

The task on the first training day: periodically changing the following exercises, you need to bring the legs to the "state of not standing." On the next day of training, we repeat exactly everything and focus on what does not work out. If you give a strong load on your legs in the first two workouts, on the third day you will feel the result of classes, and it will become possible to learn to roller skate for fun, gradually mastering new elements.

To learn how to skate, you need to choose a site with a flat surface and a supply of space. Suitable car parking (empty) or flat area in front of the building. For beginners, the main difficulty will be braking, you must immediately decide how to do it. The best option is to bring a partner for insurance. If there is none, then to stop you can grab onto tall parapets, trees, railings or jump out onto the grass.

Be sure to set yourself the goal: to "drive" a certain distance on the rollers. Each time, you can change routes and complicate your task. You need to skate around all the small obstacles, cracks, pebbles, oil spots, candy wrappers. Not in order not to fall, but in order to further sharpen turns, maneuvers and balance. It’s also just fun.

Roller Skating

It may not be effective at first glance, but it’s easier to start moving, becoming the first time on the rollers. Just take a step and the forward movement will begin. No need to accelerate fast, the main thing is to catch the balance. Our task is to rearrange the legs, as with normal walking, trying to roll on each for as long as possible.

The difference from walking is that you need to push off not with the front of the foot, but with all the wheels at the same time.


This lesson is designed to get used to the clips. Legs are parallel, shoulder width apart. The left leg moves forward, the right leg back, and vice versa. Here, as in the previous exercise, all wheels touch the ground - unlike ordinary skiing. Moving your legs back and forth, after 10 minutes you will feel the effect - it will become easier to roll. This skill will help you learn to skate faster.

Do not shift the center of gravity by one leg, it should always be in the middle. Increase the distance gradually, moving one leg back harder and the other forward. The emphasis on speed is also gradually being made.


It is necessary to arrange objects, for example, disposable cups, in one line with a gap of 1.5 meters. Having slightly dispersed, try to go around them.

Your task is to gradually reduce the number of knocked-down cups to zero. Feet when doing first - at shoulder width, then the distance must be reduced. When mastering the exercise, the distance between the cups can be reduced.

The second modification of the exercise: the glasses are randomly on the site. The task is not to drive in a straight line, but to constantly maneuver, improving the “coolness” of turns.

All exercises must be alternated, variety will facilitate the development of technology and, most importantly, help to learn how to skate faster. In the future, with proper development, it will be possible to move on to more advanced exercises.

How to learn to ride: instructions

After you finish learning how to skate properly on instructional videos for children and adults, we recommend that you go to the printed materials, which describe in detail the technique of skating. You are already reading our article - it means that you are moving in the right direction. We offer you simple instructions by which children and adults can learn to skate on their own.

We get on the rollers

Put on a pair - tighten the locks well, fasten the Velcro fasteners, straighten up and try to catch the balance. Do the first stand next to the support to feel more confident.

Correct posture: the body is slightly inclined forward, the legs are bent at the knees, hands are freely lowered on the sides. If you know how to skate, your body will intuitively understand how to stand up properly so as not to fall.

You should learn two positions: the feet are parallel to each other or, when one leg is set behind the other, perpendicular to the first.

Wait a few minutes, listen to your feelings. By the way, this is the perfect moment to see if the videos are right for you. Before you learn how to roller skate, pay attention to the shoes - is it pushing, is it tightly laced, are the fasteners firmly fixed.

If you know how to skate, remember the step "Christmas tree" - it will come in handy for you with rollers:

  1. Take the right pose
  2. Turn the toe of the leg with which you plan to ride slightly outward,
  3. With the second leg, push off, transferring the body weight to the first leg,
  4. If everything is done right, you will roll forward,
  5. Next, put the second foot on the surface, also turn the toe out, and, pushing off with the first foot, transfer the body weight onto it,
  6. Next, alternate push and ride, changing legs.

If your videos left a mark on the track, you would see the outline of the Christmas tree - this is where the name of the step came from. Do not rush and do not strive to impress others with your grace - act slowly and carefully.

How to learn to slow down?

You cannot learn to skate correctly without mastering the braking skill. By the way, in this place, forget about your ability to skate - with rollers, everything is different. There are several ways to brake properly.

  1. Novice athletes are advised to use the brake - a small lever on the heel of the roller shoes. Just gently press on it with your second foot, and you will immediately begin to slow down,
  2. There are special braking techniques with which you will be able to learn how to stop without leverage.
  • Put both feet on the ground and roll forward, without pushing away - without jerks you will inevitably begin to lose speed,
  • If you need to brake faster, place both feet on the surface and bring the heels together while continuing to roll. This movement will stop the ride
  • Try to start a smooth turn,
  • Turn off the path onto the lawn and grab onto a tree, fence or bush,

How to learn to turn?

Explain to the teenager that learning to roller skate quickly is difficult, especially if he does not know how to turn. To learn how to turn on rollers, remember that this maneuver requires space. All turns are performed in a wide arc.

  1. Speed ​​up
  2. Put your feet at a distance of 30 cm (shoulder width) and put forward the leg in the direction of which you plan to turn,
  3. Squat lightly and tilt your torso towards a U-turn,
  4. Begin the maneuver by pushing the outer surface of the wheels strongly towards the turn.

How to learn to ride back forward?

Let's look at how you can learn to skate backwards - because it is so exciting and interesting!

  1. Remember, you should always look over your shoulder to see if the path is clear.
  2. Push your hand off the wall and roll back. Feel what it's like to ride forward with your back
  3. Now you have to make a movement that would leave the outline of an hourglass in the sand: push off with both feet, draw a ball on the ground and lower your feet again.
  4. Speed ​​arises precisely at the moment of pushing; try to make the main pressure at the same time on front wheels of rollers.
  5. Train long and hard - you will definitely be able to learn.

How to learn how to fall?

As you can see, it’s quite possible to teach an adult to skate, but he also needs to be able to fall correctly, because not a single athlete is safe from this. The main rule in the fall technique is grouping. Remember, the lower you are to the ground and the less your arms and legs stick out, the weaker you hit and the lower the risk of breaking something for yourself.

  • If you need to urgently stop (ahead of an obstacle, road, pit, etc.) or you feel that you have lost your balance and are about to fly forward, squat down, bend your back and grab your knees with your hands - so you will group up and not hit too much strong.
  • Never spread your arms to the sides and do not lift one leg off the ground - fractures happen,
  • Do not try to straighten your legs or back - as if you would fall from a height,
  • Do not cover your head with your hands - thereby you open the body, and a plastic helmet does not protect it.

If you are a beginner, never go on a track without protective tips and a helmet on your head. Your roller skate safety today is the foundation of a happy and long ride in the future.

What affects the technique of riding and how to prepare

Regardless of what you want to know - how to ride on the heel rollers (mounted on ordinary shoes on the heel) or on ordinary ones, first of all find the right track and buy reliable equipment.

  • Good rollers are comfortable, with high-quality fasteners, and lacing that carefully fix the legs,
  • Sportswear should not interfere with freedom of movement,
  • Put a helmet on your head, on the elbows and knees of the nozzle, on your hands gloves or special pads on the inside of the palms,
  • The first lessons are best done on a rubberized coating - on treadmills in sports parks,
  • The place should be not crowded, the road is flat and smooth.

Dear readers, learning to skate correctly is very important, and first of all, it is necessary for your safety. If you master the correct technique, then reduce the likelihood of serious injuries on the track.

Try to teach your child to ride roller skates both with his back and face forward, he must also be able to turn, brake and fall. If his technique is correct, he will learn very quickly and the process will soon begin to give pleasure. With proper movements, your muscles and joints will not hurt, and skating will be your favorite pastime on the street!

How to learn to skate: 2 comments

Good afternoon, please tell me how to learn how to skate well at home in winter, I want to feel confident in the street in spring! Reply ↓

Hello. At home, you will not be able to develop greater speed, due to limited space, so you can’t fully learn at home. But you can learn to stand on roller skates, as well as walk on them. Try to do the first push, holding on to the wall, master the technique of riding with your back forward. Wait for spring and go to the park - with basic skills you can easily master high-speed skiing. Reply ↓

How to learn from scratch

The technique of skiing itself is very simple. The following exercises should be performed:

Tear off the legs in turn from the asphalt, roll each of them as far as possible. To take a step so that the roller skates will roll you yourself, your task is to catch the balance. Keep your legs bent, body - leaning forward. Be repelled sequentially by each skate with all wheels.

To get used to roller skates as soon as possible, movement must be done in the “feet shoulder width” rack. Successively move each leg parallel to the second without tearing the rollers from the asphalt. Move back and forth, gradually accelerating, until you feel confident.

2 similar techniques: Labyrinth and Snake. In the first option, you need to place objects on the 1st line every 2-3 meters, in the second - after 1-1.5 meters, and try to go around them.

Feet should be kept shoulder width apart, and then try to bring them closer. Gradually increase speed, while working with the body, you can not ride with straight legs!

Complicate movements with jogging and jumping between legs, tearing them off the asphalt, bouncing from both legs. Push off with all the wheels, try to land in such a way that one leg is on the roller in front of the other.


Before you skate, you should master the braking technique:

  • A regular brake (most often the brake is on the right skate). You need to put forward the right leg, keeping the body straight. Avoid U-Turn.
  • By turning: turn around, approaching the stopping area. To do this, continue to ride with a support leg, put the second at a right angle to it, connect the heels.

If you have already mastered how to slow down, ride and turn - you can start learning the tricks on roller skates for beginners:

  • Skating with your back to the front. At the same time, you can gradually increase the speed as you gain experience. Proper body positioning is important: knees should be bent, shoulders should be maximally deployed to ensure sufficient visibility.
  • Riding synchronously with both legs, "writing out" two lines. At the same time, legs should be crossed in the first cone, in the second - to part, and then again to reduce.

  • Skating on one leg. First you need to learn how to accelerate using this trick. Then try to push off with the heel of the foot when moving forward, and with the toe - when moving backward.