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Grounds for reducing the amount of alimony by agreement and in court


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There are several options for action. Everything will depend on what order of payments you have now:
- If you have a notarized agreement with the child’s mother, you will have to draw up a new agreement. It will be possible to indicate in it the amount that will suit both parties. Then the new agreement will need to be certified by a notary. If someone disagrees with the new conditions, then you have to go to court.
- When applying to the court, you need to make a statement of claim. It is important to indicate the circumstances due to which you want to reduce the size of payments. You also need to register the current size of payments. The court will examine all circumstances and make a new decision.


- To reduce payments on alimony is real.
- If there was an agreement, you need to draw up a new one and certify it with a notary.
- To defend your claims, you can apply to the magistrate court with a statement of claim.
- After making the decision, you need to get a new writ of execution and give it to the bailiffs.
- During the trial, payments must be made in the amount specified in the earlier decision.
- If you shy away from paying, you may be prosecuted and even deprived of parental rights.

Questions and answers

I divorced my wife 6 years ago. We have a son from marriage, now he is 4 years old. My wife after a divorce went to court to oblige me to pay child support. The court found that I should give 1/4 of my salary. I’ve been crying all this time. After the divorce, after 2 years I got married again. We live together with a new wife now, a daughter was born with us. The new spouse says that it is possible to recover child support from me, too, even if we are married. Tell me, is this true? And if true, will child support payments for the first child decrease or not?

My husband and I recently had a baby. I do not work, bouguet completely contains me. The husband has 2 more children from another marriage, he pays alimony to them. It turns out a rather large amount from the family budget. Tell me, is it possible to somehow reduce the amount of child support for children from another marriage?

I have a difficult difficult situation. A year ago, had a casual relationship with a woman, she became pregnant. Recently there was a court in which I was recognized as a father, a DNA test confirmed. Now this woman has filed a lawsuit to recover child support from me. She wants me to pay her the amount of the cost of living in the region. I wrote in a statement that this size is 30 thousand rubles, although this is not true. I work as an individual entrepreneur, I have income of 10 thousand rubles per month in all tax returns. Tell me what should I do? How to reduce child support?

My wife and I lived together for 6 years, we have a daughter from marriage. When we got divorced, we made an agreement that I would voluntarily pay money to support my daughter. I was doing business at that time, the income was very good, so I decided that I would pay 40,000 rubles a month. I faithfully paid everything for 4 years. Recently, the business was sold, there are no incomes as before. He offered his wife to pay 10-15 thousand per child per month, she refuses, says that she will sue me for non-payment.

My ex-husband wants to reduce child support. Previously, he worked as a deputy director in a large company, then she went bankrupt and he was fired. He used to pay us with a child 30 thousand rubles a month, now he cannot even pay 10 thousand. Tell me, can it reduce the amount of payments or is it a violation of our rights?

My ex-wife went to court a year ago to pay child support for our son. The court said that I should pay 25% of my income. I have two jobs now. At the first, the salary is very high, I get about 300 thousand rubles a month. It turns out that I have to give 75 thousand a month for alimony. I don’t want to do this, a very large amount, I think the wife will spend this money on herself. I am ready to pay my child kindergarten, school, buy things, toys, pay for treatment and more. But I do not want my wife to spend all her money on jewelry, clothes, beauty salons, etc. At the second job, I have an official salary of only 20 thousand. Is it possible to have a second work book and show the income of exactly 20 thousand? And the rest is to buy a child as gifts.

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