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How to look stylish, attractive and sexy man? 20 men's style rules


Attractiveness is the ability to attract people

Attractiveness is primarily the ability to attract people, their attention and eyes, arouse interest in the opposite sex, the desire to meet again.

Also attractiveness is both the external beauty of a person and the internal (a set of personal qualities).

It is not synonymous with beauty and charm.

Attractiveness consists of:

  • good looks
  • personal care
  • self-sufficiency
  • self confidence
  • education
  • beauty of the soul
  • the ability to smile and support others.

Dissatisfied, gloomy, taciturn and untidy people are unattractive to others. To become attractive, you need to light a spark in yourself, glow yourself and light others.

What girls are considered attractive

The image of an attractive girl - what is he like? She is:

  • self-confident
  • can support almost any conversation, pleasant in communication,
  • mysterious
  • dresses well
  • has a nice perfume
  • beautiful in the soul
  • always smiling, able to cheer up at any moment.

At the same time, one should not lock into stereotypes. The image of an attractive girl can consist in kindness and mutual assistance, deep knowledge and at the same time spiritual beauty.

How to become more attractive to guys

This question is constantly interested in girls. And how to become one to attract just that one, and not all in a row. First of all, you need to start working daily.

  1. Follow the figure, go in for sports.

Extra pounds is an occasion to think about a lifestyle and your diet. It is important to monitor the diet, and at least 1-2 times a week to do gymnastics at home or go to the gym. The type of training is better to choose based on personal preferences and physical condition. This will not only improve the appearance, but also improve health. And to fix the result, a fat burning diet will help, which speeds up the metabolism and due to this the body decreases in volume. Girls with a toned body and a beautiful gait always become the object of male attention.

It is better to choose clothes according to a figure to emphasize advantages and to hide defects. Female bends always attracted guys. Do not dress vulgarly. If necessary, you can completely change the wardrobe and discover a new style. And you always need to remember, the male look has the property of an x-ray. He is able to make out a figure, even if the girl is in a “hoodie”.

It is necessary to improve oneself, broaden one's horizons. The ability to maintain a conversation, listen, understand clearly exalt the girl in the eyes of a guy. But just a little is needed. Cramming and studying textbooks on mythology, culture and history are few people need. It is enough to be comprehensively developed and a little psychologist.

Makeup can be selected by type of face, eye shape, skin color and so on. It is important to emphasize the eyes, highlight lips and eyebrows, hide skin imperfections. But at the same time, he should not be catchy, like an Indian. It should be more or less natural, emphasize facial features. Someone will use bright lipstick, and someone more calm tones. It is advisable to tint eyebrows to match the color of the hair to make it look more natural. If the wide arrows do not go, then you should not draw them. It immediately catches the eye. Also with shadows, and with a touch of foundation. In order to understand what exactly fits, you need to try all types of makeup and the options for applying it in a relaxed atmosphere at home in front of the mirror.

This is a powerful thing that can be confusing not only to the feet, but also to confusion. A correctly selected perfume will add zest to the image, complete it and turn the head around to the guys. It is important to remember that the same perfume is revealed on the skin of everyone in different ways. If you don’t like perfumes, you don’t need to take them just because they are at the peak of popularity and the friend’s young man likes them. The aroma can be chosen both everyday (office, study), and evening. Also, the choice of perfume depends on the age and purpose of leaving the house. It must be remembered that a good perfume is applied in small quantities. Overdose, on the contrary, will give the opposite effect.

  1. Inner mood, state of mind.

Sullen people do not attract anyone, right? Only repel. It is important to be in a good mood, in a clear mind and with positive thoughts. A smile is the key to success. If you liked the guy, just smile at him. In communication with already familiar guys shine without ceasing. Often, the future elect is in the circle of friends and acquaintances.

If you do not like something in your character, you can change it. The main thing is to want. Desired personal qualities can be acquired, developed, as well as good habits. At the same time, get rid of bad qualities of character, as well as bad habits.

Guys love funny girls who know how to make jokes, they can laugh at themselves and jokes. Optimism is the key that can open any door.

The ease and ease of communication are priceless. Guys love the girls' easy climb. No need to be nervous in a dialogue with a young man, to be afraid, to withdraw into yourself or to try to leave for real because of constraint. This immediately becomes noticeable. It is important to relax, take a deep breath, exhale, smile and start talking. Interrupt as a last resort. Listen, then comment if you have something to say. If you have doubts about adding a comment, then it is better to remain silent or translate the topic. Show flexibility in communication, directing the conversation in the direction necessary for the interlocutor.

Many girls think that guys do not really pay attention to their appearance, but especially to the condition of their hair. It is better to wash your head every two days so that your hair is fresh. If the hair is fluffy, half straight, it is best to do styling. Curling iron, curlers, papillots, ironing - now a great choice for styling. Having a daily hairstyle and volume at the roots will add charm and appeal.

Also, in order to diversify your image or create a new one, you can dye your hair, as usual dyeing, and apply balayazh, ombre, highlighting, bronding, etc. You can choose the right shade of hair based on your color type and personal preferences.

But if, for example, the blond does not fit, then you should not even think about him. He will not give the image of attractiveness, but only make it worse. Therefore, the choice of shade of hair should be approached carefully.

Your color type can be determined by the color of the skin, eyes and hair. On the Internet, now you can find a detailed description of each color type (autumn, winter, spring, summer). You can not only change the usual hair color, but also a haircut. The correct haircut will add brightness to the image, emphasize the face and the image as a whole.

Self-care is an integral part of every girl’s life. It is he who sets the condition of the skin of the face and body, hair, nails, hands, feet.

In order for the face to be in good condition, it is necessary to choose the right care that will suit this type of skin. In the arsenal, it is important to have a gel for washing, scrub, tonic or lotion, face cream (moisturizing, soothing, firming, nourishing, regenerating, brightening, etc.), masks (fabric and cream with the necessary effect), aromatic oils.

Aroma oils can be used for facial skin (add to cream and other products) and add to the bath, foot baths. They refresh, tone, soothe, moisturize, and relax. Each oil has its own properties. They can also be found in online resources.

Girl must remain feminine

For the body, you can buy shower gel, scrub, lotion, oil. They will make the skin smooth and moisturized.

Hair should be looked after no less. It is necessary to choose a shampoo and balm for your hair type, make hair masks. They can be bought in a store or made at home from products.

Nail care involves salt or iodine-salt baths (strengthen the nail plate), rubbing oils and creams to strengthen, permanent manicure.

Every day you need to smear your hands with a moisturizing or nourishing cream.

Foot care consists of a pedicure, baths, moisturization of the skin of the feet and its scrubbing, as well as removal of dead skin cells from the heels.

Lips should also be scrubbed and moisturized, do not forget to monitor the oral cavity.

Also, do not forget to drink courses of vitamins necessary for the beauty of the skin of the face, hair and nails.

  1. Purposefulness.

The presence of plans (study, work, career) play an important role, give seriousness, prudence and an objective attitude to life. A girl who does not know and does not plan where she will study or work, guards the guys.

Even with leadership qualities, the girl should remain feminine and show this feeling at any convenient occasion. A woman is a priori weaker than a man. It is important for a guy to know and understand that the girl has plans to create a family, raise children, that she is ready to become a wife and mother. Manifestation of tenderness and kindness towards a guy gives him a feeling of care and gratitude.

Women's wisdom over the centuries won the hearts of the most powerful men. Patience will help to avoid quarrels and conflicts. Finding a compromise and the ability to make concessions will preserve any relationship.

  1. Support for interests and aspirations.

For a guy it is very important if the girl shares his interests. He does not criticize the music that he listens to, understands the viewing of sports programs, supports the mood to watch a horror movie before going to bed. Even if the girl does not understand the topic of the conversation (auto parts, sports, his work, cars), you need to listen with understanding. However, at this point without fanaticism. No need to give up your own opinion or feel free to ask questions.

To be attractive does not mean to be beautiful. The concept of attractiveness is wider and deeper. Reflects the best that is in a person.

Tips for teenage girls to be visible to guys

It is in adolescence that girls want to be especially beautiful. To do this, they can create incredible hairstyles on their heads, use bright makeup and wear high heels. Although in order to become attractive to guys, this is not necessary at all. Rather, the opposite. Natural beauty, grace and femininity are valued more.

Suffering from their own imperfections, adolescent girls in most cases consider themselves ugly. The reason for this is the bright photos on the Internet of famous actresses and models. It is not necessary to align themselves with them and take them as a standard. It is better to take on yourself, believe in your own strengths and develop a line of behavior that will make attractiveness a daily companion.

They must be disposed of, if any. But in no case do not squeeze. It can only increase inflammation. Visit a beautician, use appropriate cosmetics, choose suitable acne products (face wash, lotion, toner, cream). Try not to eat fatty, spicy, salty. Often all problems with the gastrointestinal tract are visible on the face.

Must always be clean, combed, styled in a hairstyle.

In adolescence, a common occurrence. You need to brush your teeth twice a day (morning and evening), to enhance the effect, use an elixir for your mouth.

Complexes make you “shrink”. From this, the gait becomes ugly, the posture is incorrect. Follow posture and gait should be constantly.

At this age, the figure has not yet formed. Right now you can sign up for dancing, in a fitness club or gym. You can also train at home, choosing a home training program for yourself. Systematic training and proper nutrition can correct any figure, remove excess weight, tighten muscles. In adolescence, diets are contraindicated.

No need to do flashy manicure. It is enough that the nails are well-groomed and make a pleasant impression.

Clothing should be selected based on the characteristics of your figure. Small female tricks that you need to get used to as early as adolescence will allow you to choose clothes that will hide the imperfections of the figure and emphasize its merits.

A smile is the trump card of attractiveness. Good mood, openness to communication, optimism always attract attention. Boys appreciate girls' sense of humor. However, one should not confuse the sense of humor with ridicule. Unsuccessful ridicule must not be allowed on the guy.

It is very important to love yourself for who you are. You can work on yourself as much as you want, achieving perfection, but you must always love yourself. Each girl has a twist, her own dignity, her own beauty. Each one and only.

It is recommended that you read more magazines and books on psychology that will help you understand yourself, develop a calm, confident line of behavior in communicating with the boys. This will come in handy throughout your future life.

In case of unsuccessful attempts to practice attractiveness, you do not need to be upset, reproach yourself, and even more so stop and give up. Next time, it’s sure to work out. Moreover, there are no unambiguous recipes for attractiveness. And understanding yourself it is quite possible to improvise. For each guy, the concept of the attractiveness of a girl is different.

This article lists only the basic rules of behavior and communication in order to please the opposite sex. However, following all these tips, the girl will undoubtedly become the object of male attention. But most importantly, the girl will start to like herself. And as they say in a famous proverb, you will love yourself - others will love.

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