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How to make well-groomed hands without varnish?


Many people eagerly pounce on products for nails, which promise in some completely magical way to make them long and strong just a few days after using these products. We spend huge amounts of money on them, but the result remains zero. The nails are still fragile, brittle, dry and lifeless. Have you ever wondered why these tools do not work? Because you can’t put all your hope in a tropical diva, you also need to take care of your health so that your nails acquire a healthy glow. From the nails you can always find out what state our body is in, so do not forget to pay attention to how they look. Foods rich in vitamin B complex, iron, vitamins A, D, C and calcium are simply indispensable for healthy nails. Include in your diet fresh vegetables, nuts, unprocessed cereals and herbs that nourish your nails with vitamins. You must also drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. Remember, healthy nails always shine!

Vaseline will help

Carry a small jar of artificial petroleum jelly with it and apply it in massage movements on your nails after each hand wash. This procedure will prevent moisture loss, so the nails will be shiny! If you do not want to bother with the purchase of any special means, petroleum jelly will also do a good job. Rub it into the nail plates especially after taking a bath or before going to bed. You can also resort to a colorless lip balm, it will surprise you with its effect on the nails.

Homemade baths for nails

Have you ever thought about using what is easy to find in the kitchen for nail care? It is quite simple and can be completed in seconds. Many products contain antioxidants that are essential for nail health. They strengthen the nail plate, making the nails become long and shiny. Try our recipes when you have a free minute:

  1. Olive oil is part of many cosmetics, it also perfectly treats damaged brittle nails. Heat the oil to make it warm, but not hot! Pour into a bowl and lower your fingertips there. If you are doing this procedure for toenails, you need to use a larger container. Wait 2 minutes and put on cotton gloves. You can leave gloves for the night, or for an hour, as you wish. Wash off the remaining oil with water and moisturize with a good hand and nail cream.
  2. If you do not have time or you do not want to bother with all of the above, do not worry. Pour in some milk into a deep bowl and dip your fingers there. Wait a few minutes so that the nails are saturated with beneficial substances from milk. Wash your hands and apply nail cream or even cold cream.
  3. If a avocado pulp knead and mix with rose water, then we get another nourishing bath for nails. Brittle and devoid of shine nails are nourished and moisturized if you regularly repeat this procedure, and enriched with useful substances they will shine!

On a note:

  • If you want your nails not to lose their shine, avoid acetone based nail polish remover. It will damage the nail plate and make it brittle.
  • Do your homework, such as washing dishes or doing laundry, with gloves, or your nails may begin to peel.
  • Adhere to a healthy diet and add biotin and zinc supplements to your diet, after consulting with your doctor. This approach works well and quickly.

Victoria Pedai

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Most likely it seems to you that she has no varnish. )
I also have such varnishes that do not paint over the nail, the coating does not shine very much, but gives the nails a healthy look (with a pink or beige shade).
As a result, we have a healthy natural look of nails.

I don’t use varnish, I don’t grow my nails, they are always with a small white stripe and if you have yellow ones, wait until they grow new, do not forget to cut them once a week, and you should always cut these cuticles on the skin of your hands, these recipes the internet is full!

1. Buy a polisher for nails (a piece in the form of a parallelepiped, on each side of the lining of different abrasiveness) - this aligns the nail, remove the upper yellowish layer, give shine.
2. You can try to buy a varnish against yellowed nails - it goes so slightly in purple, glows in the ultraviolet, but due to this effect - visually the nails are less yellow
3. Buy wax for nails and cuticles (Belweder - in my opinion the best) - there will be a well-groomed cuticle and nails. It is non-greasy and non-sticky - you rub it once a day.
4. And finally, maybe your teacher still has nail polish, but translucent, which are usually used for French? In any case - you can find a similar pink-natural translucent varnish and paint your nails - this is the effect of naturalness.

It’s better not to really paint anything now, just cut it short and smear them with something, in professional stores ask for nail creams or oils that moisturize the nail plate, wait for the results, probably in a month, not earlier, nothing happens in a week (

once a week baths: 1 tablespoon of sea salt (preferably without dyes and without perfumes), 1 cup of hot water, 3-4 drops of iodine - hold the tips of the fingers for 20 minutes, then cut off the swabs, smear the pens with hand cream, then SMART ENAMEL on nails with vitamin A and E, we complete the cuticle oil and the nails are very well-groomed smooth and strong, my legs have been stratified all my life and have been ugly cadaverous color, I have been doing all of the above pinkish nails for a month.

sorry, the nails exfoliated, not the legs)

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I have the same. this is not home care. unfortunately, I can’t remember what this procedure is called - Japanese technology, did the manicurist .. with a nail file the upper layer — the scales of the nail — rises, then special clay is driven into the nail, and wax is driven from above. procedure for healing nails, for strengthening, and of course for aesthetics. my nails were as if faceted and layered .. and now very well-groomed

eat mildronate and wait for new ones to grow

Thanks to everyone - there is definitely no teacher of varnish, I looked very closely. Nails do not shine.

eat mildronate and wait for new ones to grow

Most likely she never paints her nails at all. I somehow didn’t paint the year — I was sitting on maternity leave with a child — I simply looked after the cuticles and grew 1-2 mm. no more, and so, too, everyone asked me what I do with my nails, that they look so well-groomed in me. And as soon as I started to paint, the appearance immediately deteriorated, they began to spill, turn yellow, etc. In general, you just don’t have to paint them at all

I have a manicure - shellac with a shade designed for French (transparent pinkish), nails are short. They look as you describe - naturally, as if highlighted and well-groomed. It is also very convenient. Nails did not spoil.
But when I used varnishes, from them the nails really turn yellow.

of the varnish turned yellow, of course, you need to apply the foundation before the color varnish, and now go to the manicurist and ask to remove the varnish, cut off the nails as much as possible, shape and polish the irregularities and the ends of the nail with wax (in principle, the girls wrote all this above). good luck!

Do not paint your nails until they grow back. Apply oil and polish with a polishing file.

I grow my nails, they are beautiful, but very wide. Tell me please what to do?

You just need to do the Japanese-eco manicure procedure) they thoroughly clean the nail, then a small amount of paste is applied with a special soft buff and it is gently rubbed into the nail. this is where all the fun begins, the nail gains shine. then rub the powder with another puff. you can’t imagine how they shine beautifully, it’s even better if they are covered with transparent varnish and the nails are so smooth. all this shine lasts exactly 2 weeks, then you can also go and adjust the overgrown nail. the nails become stronger and it’s neither gel nor varnish, nor sealing. and notice the nails do NOT varnish, look like they are not made up. they are coated with oil, you sit with it for about 10 minutes, and then rub it into the skin. By the way, it can be used individually to restore nails.

For the first time I read about Japanese manicure on nails. Com, I generally like the information block (articles, video lessons) and you can buy a lot of interesting things.

All my life I had problematic nails, layered terribly, crumbled and did not grow. I charged natural base oils-almond, castor, jojoba, burdock + essential oils, dripped tea tree, rosemary, lemon, lavender (it’s not necessary to use all this together, but what’s possible, in general!) And every day I came to work in the morning I started the day with a procedure — smeared nails with this mixture and massaged each nail so that it would be nourished. And the night before bedtime smeared them with iodine (in the morning there are almost no traces left). And also be sure to clean the overgrown skin from under the nails with a toothpick (every day), to allow the nails to grow freely, well, and the view will certainly become decent immediately! For 1.5 months of such treatment, I grew my nails by a centimeter already! At the same time, they began to look transparent, healthy and do not break! Several times they even bent in half in the opposite direction upon impact, but I straightened them back and there was no damage, they became so elastic. I hope someone will help my recipes!)

I make a bath with olive oil and salt: in a hot bath two tablespoons of sea salt and two tablespoons of olive oil. I hold for 10 minutes. Then I take out one finger with a spatula and move the cuticle to the base of the nail. Then, using the sharp end of the scapula, I clean it from under the cuticle the remnants of the skin and if necessary, using tweezers I remove the notches. With tweezers you need to bite off the skin and not tear off, otherwise it will be cut. always neat manicure!

I also had such a problem, but to make them ideal you need:
-Cut your nails.
- Natural Lemon Juice.
It is necessary to move everything and then brush the nails with a brush and hold for 5 minutes and rinse under cold water (it is advisable to do this 2 times a week.)

I think that she still has a varnish, only transparent or a little pink. I also like clear varnishes. Now I use either Kiki (in Italy I bought it) or healing horsepower 3 in 1 (it strengthens nails well).

I grow my nails, they are beautiful, but very wide. Tell me please what to do? Paint your nails, skin color and nothing will be visible

I think, or rather I don’t think, I know that yellow nails may be a sign of some kind of pathogenic infection, or rather a fungus, I advise you not to mask them cosmetically, but it’s better to turn to specialists and eliminate the problem, it will be much more aesthetic than masking the infection visually and to rot the beauty from the inside not only appearances but first of all this health, first go to trichologists, dermatologists, or to mycologists and then to nai stylists

How to grow nails in a week? They are not very healthy, please tell me!

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Features of manicure without varnish

In order to have beautiful well-groomed nails and not hide them under a layer of varnish, it is necessary to follow some basic tips:

  1. More protein - stronger nails. Protein is the main building material of our body, therefore, it is simply necessary for the growth and strengthening of nails.
  2. Whiten your nails. To do this, you just need to briefly hold them in lemon juice and rub a little, for example with an old toothbrush. Lemon is an excellent tool for whitening nails.
  3. The ideal form of nails without varnish is oval or round. In this case, they will not cling to anything, no burrs will appear on them.
  4. The shorter the stronger. Long nails often break. Some women are not very comfortable with them, so the perfect manicure without varnish is a manicure for short nails.
  5. Avoid contact with water. Uncoated nails are more susceptible to external factors. From water, they become soft and brittle.
  6. Use oils to strengthen and care for your nails. For example, a bath of olive oil will saturate your nails with all the necessary vitamins and minerals.
  7. Use gentle means for manicure. For example, when grinding, try to take the softest nail file so as not to damage the nail plate.

Observing these simple rules, your nails, even without varnish, will always delight you, look well-groomed, healthy and beautiful.

Step 1. Removing the old coating (if any)

Before proceeding directly to the processing of nails, you must first get rid of the old coating.

If your nails are covered with gel polish, then removing them without special tools will not work. In this case, it is best to visit the master to remove the old coating.