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15 secrets of a happy relationship


Starting a romantic relationship is always exciting, but staying with each other and being happy for a long time is not so easy. During grinding in two people with different habits and character, sometimes violent disputes and serious disagreements arise. This is quite normal, and there is no need to worry about conflicts. Another thing is how a couple of them come out.

You can talk a lot about how to make the relationship lasting, but not to say the most important. And the main secret of a stable relationship is the ability to look through your fingers at the shortcomings of a partner. But at the same time, both the guy and the girl should keep inviolable the right to their personal space - you cannot dissolve in a partner, he will not appreciate this victim. It is more interesting for a person to be next to a bright personality that will help him move forward. Adoration does not last long, it gradually begins to annoy, because such a person cannot enrich his partner with anything. He sees in him a kind of perfect being whom one can admire, but this is not enough to build harmonious relations. Hence the well-known problem, which is called ingratitude.

That is why it is impossible to give a simple and understandable answer to the question of how to make the relationship lasting. You should learn to find an acceptable balance between your interests and desires of a loved one. As soon as disharmony arises, the pulling of the blanket to its side begins. And only the ability to distinguish when you need to insist on your own, and when you can give in, allows the couple to enjoy each other’s company for many years.

Appreciate the time spent together

Of course, over time, relationships enter a familiar rut, and feelings lose their sharpness. That habit is one of the most common reasons for the separation of men and women. At some point, they realize that they can’t give anything to each other and this is very sad. In fact, the problem here is much deeper than a bored partner.

If you are waiting for new experiences, not knowing how to give them, then a long relationship will be almost unattainable for you. The couple must make continuous efforts in order to bring joy to each other. It would seem that in a normal situation this happens without any effort: the fact that a loved one is nearby can not but give pleasure. However, gradually this feeling loses its sharpness: both the guy and the girl begin to unconsciously seem that their happiness will last forever, and therefore it somewhat loses value in their eyes. Any threat to the relationship at this stage is still able to open their eyes to what they are losing. At the same time, any sane person understands that you can not use jealousy or fear of separation as an excuse to bring a fresh stream to the relationship. And, despite this, he can provoke his partner to these feelings ...

In fact, everything is simpler. You need to understand how valuable every moment of our lives, youth, love - alas, they are so fleeting. But such an understanding usually comes too late ...

Communicate with each other

Over time, many couples stop talking to each other about very important things. They are silent about their secret desires, do not spread about their views and plans. Communication becomes purely utilitarian. If you start talking to your girlfriend only on business, you are building a wall between your two worlds. For the time being, it can still be demolished, but then it will divide you forever.

Therefore, talk to her about everything that worries and interests her. Talk about your hopes and aspirations, thoughts and experiences, otherwise you will seem to her a kind of creature that fulfills its mission, but does not affect it emotionally.

There should not be taboo topics between you. If you both thought about how to make the relationship lasting, you probably realized that silence in this case is by no means gold. Even if in the process of communication you realize that your contradictions are fatal in nature, when you part, you will not have a feeling of emptiness and loss. You will understand that you simply do not fit each other, and with a light heart begin a new life.

Don't stand still

No matter how good you are with your girlfriend here and now, you need to look forward and move on. An idyll will not last long unless you both develop. In order to keep the relationship fresh, it is worth periodically leaving the comfort zone. It is not necessary to engage in extreme sports, you can just go to the same gym, go hiking or run together in the morning. This brings together, gives a sense of community of interests and allows you to direct the energy of the couple in one direction.

Of course, you or your girlfriend may have interests that are completely foreign to the partner. Because of this, it is not necessary to limit him, and even more so to blackmail him with his departure. Revealing the identity of each of us is an indispensable condition for happiness, and we must accept our loved ones as they are.

Diversify your sex life

Having tried all the poses from the Kama Sutra, you can consider yourself an experienced macho, but this does not mean that your girlfriend will agree with you. And without a harmonious sex life you can’t count on a long relationship, so you should be sensitive and attentive to the desires of your partner. Women sometimes tend to cheat guys by imitating an orgasm, but you should not fall for this bait. It would be ridiculous to be offended too - she does it for the sake of your peace.

All that is required of you is to abandon selfish behavior in bed. When you know the reactions and preferences of your girlfriend, it will be easier for you to give her pleasure. But this should bring pleasure to you, first of all. You should not take a prelude, for example, as a mandatory onerous duty - any girl will feel your insincerity and will close.

The sensitivity of women to such things is very high, and you need to be extremely sincere with them in bed. Openness and a desire to bring joy will help you in any sphere of relations to be on top. But in sexual life, no one can do without these qualities.

1. Settle disputes peacefully

Even if you are very angry and want to tell your beloved everything you think about him, it is better to stop and cool down a bit. Otherwise, you can destroy the relationship with one taunting phrase, and in the future you will regret it, but nothing can be fixed. Not all people easily forgive insults.

It is in childhood that we can tell our friend “Take your words back” and in half an hour already play together, as if nothing had happened. In adulthood, everything is more complicated. It’s easier not to say phrases that offend your lover’s weaknesses than to seek forgiveness for a long time. During quarrels and disputes, you need to know the limit that can not be crossed in any case.

2. Spend time together interestingly and “qualitatively”

Always find time for each other, even with the most busy schedules and no holidays. Moreover, this moment is more important for couples than for lovers who try to be there every minute. But after several years of living together, all communication begins to come down to everyday issues: what to buy for dinner, and to which circle to give the child.

Of course, these issues are also important, but communicating only on everyday topics, the couple will very soon become uninteresting to each other. And even during a joint dinner, the couple can be near, and at the same time be infinitely far from each other. Do not forget about joint hobbies and hobbies. If there is no such activity yet, be sure to come up with it. Let your time once a week, only your time, when you can relax and enjoy each other. And ignoring a partner can hurt more than anger and annoyance.

3. Help each other grow

But you can grow not only in the profession. You can acquire various knowledge, with interest to engage in hobbies or volunteer activities. In the end, you can open your own business. In each of these areas, the support of a spouse or just a loved one can prove invaluable. It is so great when there is someone to share your joy, to celebrate together another victory. It is wonderful when your loved one is proud and inspires to adequately accept the next challenge.

4. Trust each other

An atmosphere of trust and security is one of the necessary conditions for a happy relationship. A reliable partner in life, a strong shoulder that you can rely on in a difficult situation - is this not every woman's dream? In turn, you need to organize coziness and provide comfort for your beloved man.

5. Be faithful and faithful.

True love and true friendship are inseparable. True love does not wane, even if people are separated by thousands of kilometers, and sometimes even becomes stronger. In a happy relationship, loyalty is a prerequisite, other options are simply not considered.

Surely you expect loyalty from your man. Means, and it is not necessary to flirt with acquaintances guys. If you love each other, representatives of the opposite sex simply cease to exist for you. Why do you need someone third if you feel good together so much that it’s even scary that this fairy tale will one day end?

6. Love and respect each other

No matter how trite it may sound, but it is love and respect that are the reliable foundation for a happy and lasting relationship. Moreover, respect is often forgotten, hoping that there is enough passionate love that will keep a man and a woman together, allowing you to create a happy family.

In fact, it is naive to expect that your passion in a year will be as bright as it was at the beginning of the relationship. And in this period, in the absence of deeper feelings, there is a big risk of scattering. It is also important to note the fact that if we do not love ourselves, then others are unlikely to love us.

7. Support each other in sorrow and in joy

Do not think that only weak people need support. Not true! Even the strongest person has moments when you need support like air and want to hear the words “You will succeed!” Even a successful businessman needs the approval of his soul mate, although he may not admit it to anything.

The world can be cruel, and sometimes only the support of loved ones and loved ones allows us to survive a period when everything does not go well, it does not turn out as we would like. It is very important to know that loved ones will be available not only when it is convenient for them, but also at a time when we really need it. Together in happiness and in sorrow - this is the credo of people loving each other. Listen to their wisdom.

8. Understand: all relationships are different

Some mistakes in relationships with previous guys can be taken into account in further relationships. However, not everything is clear here. After all, the characters of different men are very different, and what your ex-boyfriend liked will not always delight your current beloved. Typically female qualities - flexibility and the ability to adapt to a loved one, as well as intuition can be very useful.

9. Know how to listen and ... hear

Unfortunately, our loved ones cannot read our thoughts in order to understand what we feel at the moment, what we want and what we expect from them. Isn't it easier to say what you need? At the same time, it is important not to forget not only about your needs, but also about the needs of your loved one.

In the modern bustle, we can listen even close and dear to us people in half, being immersed in our own thoughts. Do not forget that you need to learn not only to listen, but also to hear your beloved.

How to keep the relationship? How to make relationships strong?

1. Do not take each other for granted. Appreciate relationships and love so as not to lose in one moment. What we have is not stored, but lost weeping.
2. Regular communication is the foundation of strong relationships. Talk to each other more, discuss exciting topics and just chat about anything.
3. Do not be afraid to try something new in bed, to show spontaneity and imagination in sex.
4. When you have a bad day, do not transfer it to your soul mate.
5. The distribution of responsibilities at home and in life helps to feel like one team, or rather a family.
6. Arrange pleasant surprises to each other and give gifts.
7. Have fun, be silly and open-hearted with each other.
8. Sometimes you do not need to prove your case. Just shut up.
9. Find common interests, hobbies and hobbies. Bicycles, board games or a gym. It unites.
10. Avoid saying hurtful words and doing hurtful things. This moment cannot be returned later.
11. Different temperaments? Anyone who wants less sex should go towards a more temperamental one. If you do not want to face cheating.
12. Try to make your half often smile and laugh, and cry very rarely.

13. Discuss issues, argue, and compromise rather than accumulate resentment.
14. Discuss your short and long term goals to come to an agreement.
15. Spend time with each other and let's take a break from each other.
16. Set the amount of the amount that you cannot spend without discussing with each other. Often the financial side of a relationship is ruined by love.
17. Do not compare yourself with other people. There is only you.
18. Have dates, travel together, vacation and other entertainment options together.
19. Do not give in to the advice of divorced acquaintances and people who poke their nose into their own business. Often advisers wish evil or are simply stupid.
20. Learn to forgive, accept weaknesses and move on.
21. As little as possible lies and lies. This destroys the relationship.
22. Treat as you want to be treated.
23. Do not keep track of who has done and invested.
24. Try to avoid temptations and not indulge in treason. This is a guaranteed way to parting.
25. Try to go to bed and fall asleep together. Although the idea with two blankets or beds makes some sense.
26. Do not try to test each other and be loyal to incitement.
27. Do you want to meet old age alone? Learn to endure in a relationship.

30. No one can read minds. If you want something, then tell me directly.
31. Strong relationships are not 50% to 50%. This is 100% to 100%.
32. Regular and varied sex. The Kama Sutra is too big to be bored in bed.
33. Declare your love, even if you have been together for a long time.

Life is too short to miss true love by stupidity.