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How to Download Music on iPhone without iTunes (From Computer)


Of course, there is the opportunity to listen to various music for free online, but in this article we will talk specifically about downloading music for further listening without the Internet. So, in order to upload your favorite music to iphone you will need a wifi connection to your home or work network or a high-speed internet connection. Today there are 3 ways to download any music and one way how to get free music legally from Apple itself.

Music from VKontakte to iphone

The first method is various players based on the VKontakte music collection. An Appstore usually has one of two such apps in the top of free apps. They allow you to directly find and download tracks from the application to the device for further listening without accessing the Internet. The disadvantage of these applications is that they are usually raw and buggy, quickly fly out of the Appstore, and most importantly, you need to enter the username and password from your account on the social network and this raises the security issue, since in this case you are not safe from stealing this data.

Download music from cloud storage to iphone

The second way is programs that can download audio files from cloud storage. The scheme is simple: you upload files with music, say on DropBox, and then in the player you download them to your device. This procedure can be done anywhere in the world - there would be the Internet. Authorization in cloud storage, as a rule, does not imply storing the login and password in the program, so your data will remain safe, and music will always be with you.

Download music on iphone by wifi

The third way is downloading directly to the device via a wifi network. All that is needed is for the computer from which you want to download music and iphone to be connected to the same wifi network. The procedure is simple: the transfer mode is activated in the player program. You are informed of the address that you need to drive into the browser line on the computer. Now just drag and drop files into the browser window and they are transferred to your iphone.

There are a lot of free programs that implement the second and third methods in the AppStore. Among them are programs such as vlc or musicloud. There are also similar programs for listening to audio books, and the vlc program can play videos as well.

And finally, a free way to get legal music in iTunes. This method has been known for a long time, but not many use it. It's called podcasts! The fact is that many DJs and radio stations upload their mixes and radio broadcasts to podcasts for free and that is where you can download them and listen completely legally and completely free! The selection is quite large. Of the minuses, it’s practically a radio, you can’t control playback, put the next track in a mix, etc. all the songs in the podcast go in one big track.

How to Download Music on iPhone without iTunes

If you already had the experience of downloading music and downloading your favorite songs on iPhone, then, surely, each of you experienced any inconvenience while working with iTunes.

Everything should have been much simpler, without unnecessary synchronization, a long wait and a constant annoying reminder from iTunes. Each of us expected approximately the following sequence:

Connect iPhone to computer

Transfer music from computer to iPhone

Surely, every user of the iPhone instantly had the thought that it would be great if you could download music to iPhone in one click and without iTunes.

Well, we heard every user's thoughts and released an application that will be a good helper for downloading audio to iPhone.

WALTR is easy.

Our team did not limit itself to one option to download music to the iPhone, we decided to make support for all Apple devices, regardless of their version, and expand the ability to download media files.

WALTR works with any iPod, iPhone and iPad.

Since users not only listen to music on the iPhone, but also watch videos and movies, we added the ability to work not only with audio but also video files to WALTR.

WALTR benefits for downloading videos and movies for iPad, iPhone, iPod:

The program works with all popular and rare video formats: MKV, AVI, FLV, OGG, TTA, APE, FLAC, WMA and converts them on the fly.

The whole process of downloading movies and videos takes place without iTunes

You don’t need to worry now about the format of films and look for the necessary converter

All you need is to drag the desired movie into the WALTR window and enjoy the process.

If you downloaded WALTR, downloaded music or an entire album, movie or series on iPhone, iPad (how to download a movie on iPad) or iPod (how to download video on iPod), you probably noticed that WALTR does everything very quickly. Now you can really give up iTunes.

Download music to iPhone using iTools

This method has a peculiarity, and it consists in the fact that before you download music to your device, it must be downloaded to the local computer disk. You can download music to your computer from the Internet on special sites or with the help of certain plug-ins that allow you to drop music onto a mobile device from social networks, from YouTube.

But if you are a person who does everything the old fashioned way, then you are more likely to download music to your PC from CD / DVD-ROMs - do not worry, this is normal. As you understand, there is no difference in how exactly the music files got to your computer, even if they were downloaded via the Internet, brought to a USB flash drive by a friend and copied to your computer’s hard drive - no difference.

It is necessary that the computer has MP3 music files (or any other popular format, any iPhone, even 4s, 5s or modern brands, supports any audio format).

ITools is an alternative to iTunes (we will write more about this later), which allows you to download music from a PC to an iPhone device without any problems.

And if you are in search of information, how to transfer music from a computer to an iPhone? What will we do now. You will understand that the program is very simple and no specific skills are required to use it.

By the way, if suddenly you need to transfer music from an iPhone to a computer, then this software will also help you in this matter. Ready to learn how to download music to iPhone? Then let's go!

Music on iPhone using iTools - step-by-step instructions

The first thing, of course, is to download the itools program itself, you can do this from the link:

The installation of the program is intuitive, so we will not describe in detail each step. But the process with the transfer of music, we consider step by step.

In the music folder, you must select the files that you want to upload to your iPhone, to do this, select them one at a time, clicking “select” each time, or select several in the list, and then press “select”. It is convenient to prepare in advance on your computer a folder with the music that you want to download to your iPhone.

The method will work on almost all modern Apple devices, that is, regardless of whether you have an iPhone 6, an iPhone 7 plus or an iPad, the method described above will work fine.

Download music to iPhone over the Internet, without iTunes

You learned from the first part of the article how to drop music onto an iPhone from a computer, now consider the option of downloading audio files from the Internet without a computer. This method can be used by every owner of an iPhone or iPad with Jailbreak.

You won’t need any cords (we are talking about a USB cable). But note that some modern iPhone and iPad models with an updated operating system do not support jailbreak. If it is not installed on your device, then search the Internet for any Jailbreak on your operating system and install it.

There is an alternative way to download music to iPhone over the Internet without Jailbreak, but then you need another bootloader, for example, iDownload Pro (which is great for adding music to iPhone 4).

So, you have a device with the iOS operating system and Jailbreak is installed on it. And it is almost ready to record music on it via the Internet. Now the first thing you need to do is install on your device a tweak from Cydia - Bridge, it is officially available in the BigBoss repository (Cydia by default). Tweak supports all devices with iOS 5.x-7.1.x.

In order to start working with Bridge, you need to find a direct link to download a specific audio track, i.e. such a link so that on the page that opens when you click on it it is not necessary to enter captcha, logins or passwords, and immediately the file download is automatically activated. Using a regular browser, it’s easy to determine that the link is direct.

But since we are going to show a way to download music without a computer, all screenshots will be taken on a mobile device. Below we present you with visual instructions, so if you don’t understand anything now, then following all the points of our guide you will succeed - learn everything you need, and later you can independently download music to your iPhone via the Internet.

Then click go to activate the file download (the essence of the operation: we transfer the link previously saved in safari to the application for downloading music, press the button and download the file). If you do not understand something, then refer to the screenshots, which show all the steps that need to be performed.

If you need to solve the problem of “how to quickly download music to an iPhone”, then, of course, you are unlikely to paint metadata, but simply accumulate audio files on the device.

Now you know how to easily download music to an iPhone via the Internet.

Advantages and disadvantages of this method of downloading music to iPhone

The Bridge program works with modern devices, such as iPhone 7, but is not one of a kind, on the Internet you can find many alternatives to it, for example, MewSeek (but it is paid, although it has some of its advantages).

We can say that downloading music using Bridge is a more “dreary” way than the first, where we talked about how to drop music from a computer onto an iPhone, that is, you have to tinker with installing programs and finding a music file, however but you can get used to and quickly install music quickly enough, so he solves the problem of “how to add music to an iPhone?”

This is where we download our instructions, we hope everything was clear to you, if there were difficulties in “how to properly record music on an iPhone” - describe your problem in the comments to the article.


In this article, we examined two ways to download music to devices with the iOS operating system, which can be called pirated, but no one will punish you for them. We did not begin to describe how to download music to iPhone via iTunes, but we will do it in the second part of the article, in which you will learn how to download music directly from a computer via itunes and several other working methods.

Since there is a chance that you don’t like the above options for downloading audio files, or for some reason they don’t work for you, we therefore released a screenshot and then you will learn more ways to download music.