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Quest Walkthrough - Long Night


If you suddenly woke up at night, and before morning it was still far, avoid five things.

The basis of our life is a sound, healthy sleep. But millions of people suffer from sleep disorders, experience regular problems falling asleep, and most importantly, they can’t say what caused this condition. However, scientists have put forward several theories about what prevents a person from sleeping normally. According to them, insomnia is formed for a variety of reasons, from deterioration of well-being to the negative impact of the external environment. You can also improve sleep and ease falling asleep by following a few tips.

Here are the reasons why you may be chased by insomnia, and methods to deal with the situation.

After a sudden night awakening, you can not make sudden movements. An organism that remains at rest is easier to fall asleep again. And even more so, do not put the body in an upright position, sit on the bed. Falling asleep after that will be more difficult.

When we sit down, our heart rate automatically speeds up. After that, it will be harder to relax. The body will need time to calm down again and doze off.

You turn on the phone

Doctors have long established that gadgets have a bad effect on falling asleep and a person’s sleep. The human brain instinctively perceives illumination as daylight and a signal that it is time to move on to wakefulness.

Also, the use of a smartphone refers to the conscious part, activates thought processes. The brain is deprived of peace, so necessary for him to have a sound sleep.

You check how much time

The negative effect on sleep is explained by the same thing: many people today use a backlit watch or a phone. Light awakens the brain and affects sleep. But there is another reason not to look at the clock late at night.

Sudden awakening deprives a person of a sense of time. Therefore, he instinctively tries to find out what time it is. And then begins to calculate how much time is left before the rise.

You will be a partner

Some people try to wake a partner so as not to suffer from insomnia alone. But do not do this. Unless you have a good reason to raise your soulmate. For example, her snoring or breathing problems.

You are actively moving

We have already said that after a night awakening, sudden movements should be avoided. Although adhering to this rule is not easy: waking up, a person unconsciously starts tossing and turning, especially if he is uncomfortable. But such a feeling is caused by the fact that the body simply tests its ability to move. Do not follow the instincts, otherwise it will be difficult to fall asleep again.

Assembly in the royal palace

I never worry. Witch mutations, do you remember them?

Some time after the events of the previous mission, "Assault Dun Tynne"Geralt and Regis will arrive at the palace to report on their successes in the capture of Detlaff van der Eretayn. Let me remind you that in the end"The assault."Princess Anna-Henrietta, having heard that the Boklerskaya Bestia dared to threaten them with the destruction of the Tussent capital, ordered the witcher to do what he was actually hired to bring her the bloodsucker in the shortest possible time. As soon as old friends meet on the steps of the palace, they a dialogue will be held during which Geralt will say that in his opinion, Anarietta still has not calmed down and is unlikely to stop tearing and throwing in the near future.Regis admits that Detlaff’s behavior at the meeting with Sianna went beyond all permissible, as well as it’s certain oddities in the behavior of the witcher - it will seem to him from the side that Geralt is worried, and really, why shouldn’t he worry, given the potential to be on the scaffold? After all, if ordinary peasants can only send curses to the killer’s side for the failed order and selective curses, the rulers of the whole kingdom (in this case, the principality) do not disdain the death sentence.

Sianna will answer for her crimes, but there will be no lynching!

Meanwhile, on one of the balconies, the princess in full builds nobles and knights, puzzled by the situation. It’s noteworthy that if Geralt completed a side quest "Song of the Knight's Heart"and achieved a good ending to the story told in it, then among the courtiers you can see Guillaume de Lonfale and Vivienne de Tabris. And also Tayles from Dorndal, familiar to us from all the same, got into this company"Songs."game The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings and storybook "Last wish", which for the time being, will remain behind the scenes. Palmerin will try to gently inform Anarietta that the people, having learned about Sianna’s terrible crimes and how much blood was spilled through her fault, require punishment. As Geralt suggested, the ruler of Tussent has not yet managed to cool off after recent events, so she would hurry to put all those present in place with undisguised irritation.She would not deny that Sianna was guilty of many deaths and was obliged to be punished for her not the most rosy deeds, but at the same time, the cape remains Anna-Henrietta’s sister, so there can be no talk of peasant lynching. Palmerin will again express his opinion, fearing that the mob might rise and take the dungeon by storm, but even here the princess will find a weighty counterargument: Sianna is simply not there. Anarietta, the culprit of most of Tussent’s urgent troubles, was taken to a safe place where she will wait for a fair trial and where she will remain until the problem with Detluff is resolved.

I can see from your faces that you didn’t get rid of the vampire

Here Geralt and Regis will join the meeting. The bowl of princely patience has long been overflowed, so Anna-Henrietta “from the doorway” will demand to answer the question that interests her most: where is Detlaff? But the witcher, for obvious reasons, will not be able to satisfy the curiosity of the princess. Then Anarietta will tell the gray-haired about the occasional fox hunt. The great hunter lowers the dogs from the fold, they instantly take a trail and drive the beast for an hour. And Geralt had a week, the help of the knights, almost unlimited possibilities. and he achieved absolutely nothing. This will make the ruler of the southern duchy think that an ordinary cop would do better than an experienced professional. Considering that at the time of the additions, the title of the great trapper is still held by Amadis de Trastamara from the novel "Lady of the Lake", this statement is not far from the truth, but still there is a difference between the fox and the highest vampire. But something our investigators managed to establish: Sianna deceived Detlaff and forced the naive vampire to deal with not so noble knights who once accompanied her into exile.

Since Detlaff wants war, he will get it.

Maybe Regis would have managed to share some other important information with Anarietta, but the wounded knight who had hobbled into the palace would draw all his attention to himself. Unfortunately, the poor fellow brought terrible news - vampires attacked the city. Captain Damien de la Tour is trying to repel the bloodsuckers in the square near the marina, but many guards and civilians have already died from the fangs and claws of monsters. From this we can conclude that, contrary to her promise, Sianna did not come to Tesham Mutna and talk with Detlaff. And how would she do it if her sister locked her in a lock? The balcony offers a great view of the chaos taking place in Bokler, but on the other hand, it is not entirely clear why no one has noticed any signs of a massive massacre before. It remains only to complain about one of the canons of cinema, according to which if something is not in the frame, then it should not make any sounds or at least somehow give out its presence. Naturally, the panorama of the destroyed city of Anarietta will not like it and she will begin to give out orders: the Princess Geralta will send the guards to the city to help, and Palmerina de Lonfala. And she will not have time to send Palmerin de Lonfale, because the unexpected will happen.

Rest in peace, Tylles. Nobody liked you anyway

Vampires are already here in the palace. One particularly nimble brooks even managed to taste the poor Tayles' blood, but apparently did not get enough and now she wants to enjoy the contents of the witcher's veins. All the subtleties of the struggle with the transitional vampire, I previously described in completing the quest "Bestia from Tussent“but for better assimilation of information I’ll repeat the main points. Brooks is an enemy quite fragile, which is more than compensated by her ability to become invisible, as well as to replenish the health scale due to the blood drunk from Geralt. The Moon Dust bomb will help return her visible shape, temporarily blocking the ability of monsters to take other forms. And the Samum bomb will also be superfluous, which will stun Brooks for a few seconds and deprive her of mobility. As regards restoring health, it is recommended to take elixi on the chest "Black blood" - in this case, Brooks will not only not be treated after a bite, but will also receive damage for some time. If you didn’t have such a potion in your inventory, you will have to act as usual: tirelessly cut a vampire with a silver sword and hope that she no longer yells her fangs into Geralt’s neck. By the way, this process will be greatly simplified if you prematurely apply oil against vampires on the blade. In addition, keep in mind that a squad of guards will try to calm down brooks at the same time as you vyp they play the role of cannon fodder and cannot cause any harm to the monster, but they will present the White Wolf with a few moments to attack from the rear.

Sianna did not attend the meeting. And here you are, please

While Geralt will be occupied by Brooks, Regis will have time to take Anarietta to cover and return. It’s gone too far and Detlaff needs to be stopped, so the witcher will remember that in the mission "Echo"Emiel mentioned some way too dangerous to get the Bockler Beast to come to a meeting. However, Regis will offer to consider an alternative first. After all, the monster killer can still free Sianna and fulfill Detlaff’s request. Of course, after the unpleasant truth crawled out, the vampire fooled innocence He doesn’t believe his beloved, but the conversation will help him understand why the girl acted so.And let Geralt find it hard to believe, but according to Regis, Detlaff is not at all angry, just too impulsive All that is needed is to arrange a meeting with Sianna for him, when the fanged attack recedes from the city. The White Wolf will have many comments on his friend’s plan, including this: they don’t have a clue where Anarietta’s sister is being kept. Regis will see in words Geralt is just an excuse, because I’m sure that if the witcher really wants to, she will find Sianna without difficulty, and indeed, the idea to speak with Damien de la Tour, whom the princess always keeps with her, comes to the gray-haired head of the representative of the witch’s craft who probably knows something.

"Dangerously"? Sorry, I embellished too much what threatens you

And now back to that very “dangerous way”. As it turns out, one of the Hidden, the ancient powerful vampires, lives in Tussent. The most ancient and most powerful. Every vampire who is in the duchy is obliged to obey him. Consequently, one of his words is enough for Detluff to come to the indicated place. Despite the fact that Hidden is not in contact with the visitors, Regis just has one acquaintance, the highest vampire from Tussent, who can help the witcher and arrange a meeting. And who do you think this bloodsucker is? *drumroll* Oriana in person. I have repeatedly hinted at her true nature in completing the quest "Nobleman from Cintra", and you yourself could have guessed, because she didn’t really try to hide it at all somehow. However, Oriana’s membership in the highest vampires is not even the biggest secret of the mysterious aristocrat, but we’ll talk about this a little later. Now it’s time to decide: to fight the blackmailer in the person of Detlaff or to make concessions to him?

  • I'm going to free Sianna. Talk to Damien. After all, the witcher was never a cruel person and always tried to find a way to save as many lives as possible. The only way to do it now is to talk with Damien de la Tour and find out the location of Sianna. Further events will be described in the section. Ruth with the release of Sianna.
  • I am inclined to a forceful decision. Let's go to Oriana. Armed with the principle of “risk is a noble cause,” the monster killer decides to temporarily join forces with his potential enemy. But first, the Tussent Hidden must be found, so first of all Geralt will have to visit Oriana in her mansion. Further events will be described in the section. Ruth with the Hidden Search.
  • I dont know. I need to think more. So far, Geralt cannot give an exact answer and wants to think everything over carefully. Regis will say that he is forced to leave the witcher alone with his thoughts, as he intends to go to the city and try to reduce the number of victims. In parting, he will ask the birds to whisper a word when the White Wolf finds out something, after which he leaves.

Ruth with the release of Sianna

Where the witcher and I are going is a big, big secret! P.S: To Damien

So, Geralt from Rivia decided to follow the path of minimal bloodshed: to find Damien and ask him where to keep Sianna. If so, then congratulations - you are applying for good ending additions. Damien, along with his guardsmen, sat in the building of the Chianfanelli Bank and is defending himself from vampires, which means that we need to head to the town square at the barrel gates and help him. But first, discuss some of the nuances. The boker is drowning in blood, and at every step the witcher has to step over the corpses of civilians, guards and knights. An extremely depressing fact is connected with this - there’s no way to skimp on local merchants or create armor and weapons that require craftsman skill level up to the finale of the main storyline. On the other hand, albeit with a fight, but you can get out of the Tussent capital. Moreover, merchants outside of Bockler do not think that the massacre in the heart of the principality is a good reason to remove their goods from the shelves and hide in their homes. But remember that a quick move in the near future will be unavailable, that is, the more you move away from the capital, the longer it will take to return. For obvious reasons, leaving Tussent will not work at all. All of the above also applies to the power path.

From left to right: Garkain, Brooks, Alps and Fleder

Needless to say, the witcher’s path to Damien doesn’t seem like a jaunt, given the ghoul-infested city. Vampires of the lower class now and then will arise on the path of Geralt, giving you a choice: fight them, gain experience and get hold of rare ingredients or rush to the square in full steam. Diaspora of bloodsuckers is represented by the following samples:

  • Garcaine from Tussent are strikingly different from their fellows who were met by Geralt in the vicinity of Vizima during the events of the game The witcher. Previously, they were considered the weakest species of lower vampires, but now, judging by the records in the witch's bestiary, they surpass even relic demons in strength and promise the witch great trouble. If the monsters cannot reach you with their fangs, then these bloodsuckers will begin to mentally affect the witcher, stunning him for a few seconds. To avoid this, actively throw garkain with the Samum bomb, try to stay close to it and attack with a silver sword with oil against the vampires applied to the blade.
  • ABOUT brooks , it seems to me, I have already told enough, therefore, with your permission, I will not dwell on this point and proceed to the Alps.
  • Alps - extremely dexterous and hardy, even by the standards of vampires, monsters who borrowed some features of brooks. For example, the Alps emit a heart-rending cry, similar to the cry of their "older sisters", knocking Geralt off balance and making him vulnerable to fangs and claws for a short period of time. The arsenal of vampires migrated and the ability to restore health, glaring at the witcher in the neck with his sharp teeth. Unlike brooks, alps cannot become invisible, but with incredible grace they dodge the witch's sword. If you want to weaken the protection of the Alps and simplify your task, lure them into the trap set by the sign of Irden.
  • Flederov they are often compared with garkaines because of similarities in behavior, but the differences between these species are much greater than might seem at first glance. First of all, fleders are completely wild creatures, like beasts guided exclusively by blind rage and a feeling of hunger. Это их главное преимущество, но также и главная слабость, поскольку несмотря на то, что бьют они достаточно сильно, увернуться от их атак и контратаковать очень легко. Просто помните, что основная их атака - это наскок со средней дистанции, и то, что фледеры очень чувствительны к огню.

Тело рыцаря. Это Гильом. Бедный дурак.

В эту ужасную ночь вампиры забрали десятки, сотни человеческих жизней, без разбора убивая всех, кто попадался им на глаза. Но мимо одного бездыханного тела ведьмак пройти не сможет. If for some reason you didn’t complete the task "Song of the Knight's Heart"and at the beginning of the current quest it was counted as failed, then be prepared to stumble upon the dead Guillaume de Lonfale. Having chosen the path with the liberation of Sianna, the corpse of the poor knight can be found not far from the square, on the road leading to the barrel gate. In the case of the Tussent way A hidden, lifeless body spreads right at the front door of Oriana’s residence.Examining it, Geralt will notice numerous wounds to his claws, he has noticed the loss of a large amount of blood and that Guillaume was squeezed almost to dryness. this young guy was fighting, in the last battle the witcher did not have time to come to his aid in time.

I have a duty to this city, and I will not give up!

No matter how you try to avoid confrontations with vampires, you will have to defeat Fleder in front of Chianfanelli Bank anyway. And as soon as the monster falls from the witch’s blade, it will finally be possible to speak with Damien de la Tour personally. The captain of the guard by this time will have time to get a deep and very painful-looking wound from the claws of a vampire on his face, but the death of the fleder, who killed half of his squad, will be very happy. First, Damien will want to continue his attempts to repulse the vampire attack and even go on the offensive, but Geralt’s words, the appearance of the morally and physically suppressed guards and the body of his comrades lost in battle will force him to make some adjustments to his plan, ordering the soldiers to prepare for a retreat. The witcher will advise you to use only silver against vampires, order the alchemists to prepare as much oil as possible against the vampires and stock up on bombs with silver filings.

You really are worth the money the princess paid you

Well, now let's move on to why we all looked for Damien and ask him where Sianna is? During the dialogue, we will have to choose a replica twice, but do not be afraid to make a mistake, since all options will ultimately lead to the same outcome. Faithful to Princess Anariette, Tour doubts whether it is worth giving Geralt the whereabouts of the prisoner, but being fascinated by the gift of the witcher's eloquence, will yield to persuasion. He admits that the last time he saw Sylvia-Anna, Anna-Henrietta accompanied her to the orphanage in the palace. And there can be no mistake, since Damien has been serving at the court for many years and knows literally every corner. Geralt, with a typical irony for him, will make a joke about the fact that the princess imprisoned her sister in a dollhouse, but the details of the arrest to the captain of the guard are unknown. At this, the monster killer and Tour say goodbye and disperse.

Although I’m an adult, I wouldn’t refuse to ride a horse

On the railing near the bank a flock of crows is very successfully formed. Talk to them and order to tell Regis to wait for the witcher near the palace children's room. After which, in fact, go there yourself in the same way that you came - it’s safer and faster. Emiel will be waiting for us at the appointed place, next to the corpse of the ecimma, whom he killed. When Geralt tries to open the door, it will be closed, and here the friendly vampire will have to show the qualities that would serve him excellently for the second time, if he decides to become an attacker. Despite the assurances of Damien, no one will be found inside the children's room, but still he will not hurt to look around. In fact, the decoration of the room is a real paradise for the child. Here you will find a tea table, at which plush toys seated on chairs await refreshments, and a music box, constantly playing a beautiful melody, and a picture with a beautiful landscape of the port of Bokler. We need a picture. Approach it and take a closer look - the canvas hides behind itself a golden key, suitable for the keyhole of a locked cabinet.

Regis, you will kill me again and go to the corner

To understand what to do with this key, pick up the diary of Isabelle de Roquefort, the court governess, from the writing table and read the notes of the guardian Sianna and Anarietta, made at a time when the girls were still children. The notebook contains the following entries:

  • "Sianna gave me a home-made card" . with decapitated bloodied people. Isabelle asked the girl why she drew such a gloomy picture? Sianna replied that this was a scene of nightmares that she had been dreaming of since she remembered herself. This is followed by a personal observation of the guardian: in fact, Sianna wakes up screaming every night, unless she sleeps in the same bed as Anarietta. Geralt will note that some of the girls who fell under the curse of the Black Sun went crazy due to constant nightmares.
  • "Today the girls quarreled" The second entry tells us how Anarietta and Sianna got into a fight. Sister Anna-Henrietta was the first to hit, while Sylvia-Anna did not remain in debt. Before the governess managed to separate the girls, Anarietta managed to lose a pair of milk teeth and complain to her parents. Despite the words of Isabelle, who assured the prince and princess that the first beginning was precisely a sneak, Sianna was severely punished. Later, Anna-Henrietta tried to persuade her parents to soften the punishment, but they remained adamant.
  • "Today is the first time I have visited the Land of a Thousand Tales" This record tells that Isabelle spent half a day with the girls in a certain Country of a Thousand Tales. At first they played with Thumbelina, then with Rumtseis, who showed gallantry atypical for a robber. Regis will begin to suspect that the governess wrote the diary under the influence of hallucinogens like cannabis vulgaris, but Geralt will not see anything funny in this and will continue to read further. Literally the following line will put everything in its place: The Country of a Thousand Tales is a complex illusion created by Artorius Vigo. The girls told Isabelle that if she wants to get out to the Country alone, then she needs to open the book "Land of a Thousand Tales" and say the spell out loud - expecto ludum. It is noteworthy that from Latin this phrase can be roughly translated as "i expect fun".
  • "His princely mercy worries about daughters" Here we will talk about the burden that Sianna had to drag through her whole life. On that day, the girl was examined by sorcerers sent by the Captain of Mages and after talking with them the prince looked alarmed and worried. Apparently, it was then that Sianna was diagnosed with Black Sun Syndrome. When the guardian asked the lord what awaited the poor princess, he could not give an answer.
  • "The study of Nilfgaard is difficult" The last entry talks about successes in learning the Nilfgaard language. Sianna tried hard in the classroom, but new words were always given to her with difficulty, while Anarietta showed extraordinary abilities, but was prone to pranks and mischief. When the blonde sister thought that Isabelle could not hear her, she said "bloede hoel" to her guardian. In the sonorous dictionary of the not too friendly neighbors of the Northern Kingdoms, these words are a curse word and are not pronounced in a decent society.

As you can already understand, only the third record about the Land of a Thousand Tales has actual value. But it is worth noting that the rest of the governess’s notes bring some clarity to the history of the relationship between the two sisters, and also shed light on the childhood of the girl, doomed to suffering because of the label “cursed” on her.

Like in an old fairy tale

Realizing that this sounds implausible, Geralt will nevertheless share a strange thought with Regis: what if Anna Henrietta imprisoned Sianna in illusion? There she would be both safe and locked up. Using the golden key, unlock the cabinet to the right of the writing table. On one of the shelves will be the book we are looking for, "Country of a Thousand Tales." Take it out and, following the instructions, cast a spell - "expert ludum". And in a moment Geralt will be somewhere very far from the real world, in a place as fabulous as it is incredible. What will come of it? We learn in the continuation of the story, task "A long time ago"!

Ruth with the Hidden Search

Does being a witcher make you my enemy?

Now consider the alternative, "power" path. Getting to Oriana's estate is easier than to Damien, due to the fact that the number of lower vampires on the way is a little less. Once inside the vampiric estates, pay attention to the group of people to the left of the steps listening to the man’s sermon. He will broadcast that the attack of monsters on Bockler is a heavenly punishment sent by the gods for the reason that the inhabitants of Tussent departed from the canons of the Five Virtues, and the parishioners will only try to shut him up, since the cries of the preacher can attract the attention of monsters. Oriana will rush out of the house in a hurry, but the appearance of the witcher will make her linger. As it turns out, the massacre in the city of an aristocrat did not make any impression that would greatly confuse the killer of monsters. At the same time, Oriana herself would not hide that she had no doubt in Geralt’s abilities and knew that he would guess her real nature. However, she does not see the enemy in the witcher.

If you want to commit suicide, choose a simpler way.

Geralt will reveal to Oriana the reason for his arrival: he must meet with the Tussent Hidden and convince the archivist to stop Detlaff. And the girl, according to rumors, can help him with this task. The aristocrat will immediately understand which of her entourage blabbed, and promises to talk with the imprudent Regis. She will warn the witcher that the Hidden will tear him apart before the White Wolf manages to open his mouth and advises him to choose an easier suicide method. But this is the business of Geralt, fortunately for whom, Oriana agreed to help. But not for "thanks." She holds a shelter for children near Bokler, and given the situation in the city, she fears that misfortune happened there. All that is required of Geralt is to form a company and go with Oriana to this institution.

Help children. Unexpectedly noble act for a vampire

Upon arrival, Oriana admits that despite the expensive maintenance of the institution, she does not regret her investments, as she has a weakness for children. In general, the compassionate orphanage "Compassion" is within walking distance from Corvo Bianco, and there was nothing special before the start of the fanged invasion: a few guardians watching the playful children, wandering knights, periodically visiting the little one and amusing them with stories about their exploits, the owner of the institution Arno , conscientiously fulfilling his tasks of a steward and sometimes praying at the altar behind the house, laborers who make unambiguous allusions to young talents. Stop what? Although, now this is not so important, because the shelter has become a place of massacre and massacre. Seeing the bloodied body of a child, Oriana without hesitation will run inside the institution and begin to call that same Arno.

Ts-s. Ts-s. And then the h-monster will return!

And there the picture is even more bloody - only one boy survived, who asks Oriana not to make noise, because the monster can return. She will begin to ask the poor child questions, but under the impressions of what she sees, she will not be able to pronounce the words. Geralt will help to calm him, using the second-level Aksy sign, or directly Oriana due to mind control. Then the boy will tell that the bells woke up the children in the middle of the night. Then - only screams of horror in the distance and a strong knock on the roof. Arno ordered them to sit quietly and left, throwing them to certain doom. Some children managed to escape, and the boy and his sister Anya hid here in the room. When Anya began to cry, he closed her mouth with his hand and held her until she was quiet. In other words, the guy, without realizing it, strangled his own sister.

Moths are sleeping in the field, already curled up by the river.

Geralt and Oriana know enough, and the aristocrat will not like the information received. Not only did the people whom she paid for caring for children left them to eat a monster, but some kind of cattle dared to kill the kids! She will offer a deal - the witcher will bring the head of the monster, and in return Oriana will help him find the Hidden. In fact, the aristocrat herself would have punished the guilty of bloodshed, but she is afraid to leave the baby alone. The White Wolf will have no choice but to agree. In turn, Oriana will try to calm the baby by singing him a lullaby. "Lullaby of grief", familiar to us from the main menu. This story continues in Assignment "Call of blood".