Useful Tips

Marry me


Every guy wants to hear a proposal from a girl. In his dreams, he imagines a black suit, a beautiful car and everything that symbolizes the most significant day in his life.
Well, this is clear to the hedgehog! However, fruitless dreams are not the way of the strong and courageous, you have to break her.

It’s a pity, of course, that you can’t get pregnant, because upon learning of your pregnancy, your beloved will certainly offer you a hand and a heart.
But there is still a lot of tricks! Do not look that they sometimes contradict each other: it is necessary. Just believe. This is such a way to confuse the girl’s head so that she no longer understands what she’s doing and doesn’t guard her virgin passport with such zeal.

Preparation for the marriage proposal

It may not be possible to fully prepare for this event, but some preparation still needs to be done.

Before making a proposal to a girl, it is better to take such actions:

  • pre-talk with your beloved about a possible marriage (see how she will react),
  • both halves must want one and go the same way,
  • ask for the permission of marriage from the parents of the beloved (and let this step seem old-fashioned, the girl will appreciate it),
  • you need to choose the ring yourself,
  • think through every detail.

You need to not just say: “Marry me.” It is important to do this in a suitable atmosphere, choosing the right moment. If nothing original comes to mind, then you can always contact a special agency.

It is important to choose an engagement ring without the participation of the bride. In order not to disappoint her expectations, you should first familiarize yourself with her tastes and preferences. You can also ask her sister or mother about this.

Equally important, choose the right time. Of course, a surprise is good, but you need to ask for hands and hearts on a special day.

5 best ways to make an offer

Such a thing should never be done in a hurry, without first having thought everything through. Your couple should remember this day no less than the wedding itself.

There are many ways to make a beautiful marriage proposal (from lyrical recognition in poetry to extreme dates on a mountain peak). But, of course, not all of them can fit into each individual case.

Method 1. Classic offer in a restaurant

A romantic mood in a good restaurant with flowers and beautiful music is guaranteed. The festive atmosphere is complemented by the elegance of the costume and dress that is usually worn in such establishments.

And if you still give a bunch of flowers and make recognition in poetry, then even the most sophisticated lady will think twice before refusing.

For a positive answer, a lot of time is not needed. Few women can resist the gallant gentleman who stands in front of you on one knee and swears eternal love. Only if your girlfriend really does not recognize this elegant style.

Method 2. Offer a house

You can make an offer to a girl at home. But only if she prefers home comfort and does not like ostentatious luxury. Otherwise, you may be accused of sparing money.

The event itself should take place in a quiet intimate atmosphere, where a couple in love will be only together. It’s better to do this in a man’s house, then he will have more opportunities to decorate everything and prepare a gala dinner himself.

No need to immediately offer the girl "Marry me." She needs to be led to this and, only after feeling that the right moment has arrived, make an offer of her hand and heart (it is possible in verse, but only to be sincere).

Method 3. Romantic proposal

Does your girlfriend love romance? Do you have favorite places where you often visit her? It’s a sin not to take advantage. You can just walk together in the park or along the deserted evening beach. If you make a proposal to your girlfriend truly sincerely, she will understand this and say “Yes.”

In this case, the guy does not even have to speak in verse (such words are rarely sincere). Lovers understand each other without words.

Method 4. Extreme offer

If your girlfriend does not mind experiencing the thrill, then you can try this option. There is plenty of room for imagination. For example, you can fly to the sky in a balloon and there to say these cherished words.

You can choose another original place for the offer. Say, the roof of the tallest building in the city, or jump together with a parachute and already on the ground offer her a ring.

If you are looking for another original place, then pick it up, here is a sea of ​​options.

Method 5. Video

If a girl loves movies, then you can make an unforgettable video for her. To do this, on camera you need to take your words about feelings for her, tell how dear you are to this relationship, how anxious you are about your love.

Now the recorded video must be given (by prior arrangement) to the cinema staff. You can enable the movie before watching the movie. After graduation, the young man will be able to make a marriage proposal to his girlfriend.

Teach her, torment!

To make you want to give your last name, it is important to be strange. Do not try to understand, just say: to make a woman marry you in a reasonable amount of time, you must categorically refuse to live with her before the engagement.
Her logical arguments about the possibility of better knowing each other empirically rejected, citing a mysterious masculine intuition. Even better is to pout your lips and tell them that mom didn’t tell you to kiss them before the wedding. Here it is likely to break.

If you’ve gotten pierced and before reading our tips you had the stupidity of joining her, you urgently need leave for a weekend with a friend, cancel Saturday dinner, pretending to be busy, talk less about their activities. All this should inspire a woman with anxiety and push her to the proposal.
And it’s wise: an anxious woman is the best reward of fate! And the dynamic partner is the most coveted catch ...

Roll up slyly

Find out her attitude to marriage with the help of leading questions after watching a movie where the relationship ended in a successful marriage. Ask how it relates to the fact that people decide on such an important step. The main thing is not to be intrusive.
Yes, the last tip is decisive! Not everyone will get the hang of constantly asking “what do you think of marriage” so that your partner doesn’t find out what you think intensively about marriage.

So don’t relax, unobtrusively-unobtrusively give her a book with a romantic plot, throw up articles, try to communicate more with happy married couples. She will understand that it is time for her to start a family.
If one of your friends, as luck would have it, got divorced, run away from him like from a plague. This plague will come to visit - and she will immediately become infected by the virus of not having a family!

We don’t know how to do this unobtrusively, but hint at your patrimonial plans where and as soon as you can. In moments of closeness, you sadly say that all your friends already have families, but your relationship has not changed for several years. Start a conversation about how good your current relationship is, and after the wedding they will become even better.
"Even better? What is really even better ?? Oh, is it really possible even better ?! ”she cried out in shock and ran, losing slippers, buying rings.

Soak up the most I can not

Neither day nor night Do not forget that in the future you are the ideal husband. For the beloved to understand this, get up earlier than her, cook her breakfast, wake her with a kiss and gentle words, set the table beautifully. Coziness and order should reign in the house so that she always wanted to come here. And do not forget about varied and passionate sex.
Just try to forget about him at least for a minute, but you risk staying with the old boy forever! For complete success, you can combine varied and passionate sex with a beautiful table setting.

It's hard, sympathize - but you're not alone! Here your main ally is your beloved mother. You have to show her that you are the perfect party for her daughter. In all agree with her, let you like everything that she likes. If you want to marry, you’ll not get so excited.

Interrogate, insist and jump off

Some women are such inveterate bachelors that they stubbornly do not give up even after such a siege. But this is not a reason to abandon the idea of ​​fix! Hit your forehead. In terms of, ask a woman about her intentions. Says “I have to think” - demand the exact time. And already if she says she’s not going to get married, accept this and don’t meet her again. Like this. Never. You never know what was between you, how good you are to each other - and what bad the institution of marriage did to her. The mission of a man - it’s not for you a sparrow sneezed!

And in no case do not let her persuade you to think that marriage is not important, “this is just a stamp”, that it’s important to just be together. If she does not want to get married, then she still wants to find someone else! Yes, you’re hit, brother ... She will never marry you, she’d better eat her passport before the registry office. Accept our condolences.

And then rise! After all, we promised to confuse you, because it will be easier for you to confuse her, and with women this gives a good result. And we will beat! Listen here. Stop telling yourself that the main thing in life is marriage. Switch to other things: go in for sports, career, etc. Then your beloved will see in you not a aching, spineless boy, but a bright, independent personality. This will make her sooner decide on marriage. If she doesn’t get it, she herself will happily go in for sports, career and other sublimation distracting attention ... Well, I'm sorry. This was clearly the wrong woman, and she makes the wrong honey, unable to make up the happiness of a true man.

As you can see, there are ways to become the husband of your beloved. To do this, you need to demonstrate yourself in the best possible way, to convince that she cannot find a better husband. But remember: you must remain as beautiful, warm-hearted, domovy and loving, as at the stage of seduction. Otherwise, she will regret her rash decision!

And whether you regret it yourself - this already, sorry, does not concern us. You have fulfilled your destiny on Earth - and now you just have to do nothing: worry about retirement, as if your wife would not get bored!